tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWhile He Watches

While He Watches


I was so excited. This was our very first cruise. My husband surprised me and gave me this cruise for our twentieth wedding anniversary. It was a ten day Caribbean cruise with stops in Cozumel, Belieze, Panama Canal, Costa Rica, and Grand Cayman. We had been at sea for two days and had docked at our first port of Cozumel. We planned to take some time to explore the island, lay on the beach and just relax. It was about 7:00 am and our ship had just docked at the pier.

I was still in bed. My husband had just left to go work out at the gym. We are both in our early forties, I am 42 and Jerry is 43. He is 6'4", 200 pounds, dark hair, brown eyes, hairy chest, athletic build and a great lover. He owns his own landscape management company and often times works outside, giving his body this gorgeous tan. He works out at our health club at home five to six times a week and has a very muscular and toned body. We were college sweethearts and I can still say after twenty years of marriage, Jerry still turns me on.

I am about 5'10" tall, with blue eyes, blond hair, and a fairly nice body. I also work out at the health club, but I'm not as addicted as Jerry. My weight is usually around 145, give or take five pounds either way. I've got a 36B bust size and Jerry tells me I'm sexy, even though I've given birth to three children. I usually wear a one piece swimsuit at home, but for this trip I decided to bring along a new bikini. Jerry even suggested we might find a secluded nude beach and I could get an overall tan. I don't know if I'm brave enough for that yet, but I might consider it.

I decided to get up and take a shower before getting ready for breakfast. I had been sleeping nude and I got up to go to the bathroom. After I finished peeing, I came back to the bed and decided to open the curtain to see what kind of a day it was outside. I flung open the curtain and stood naked in front of the window. Since we had been at sea, I wasn't worried about anyone looking in our cabin window. However, I forgot we had already docked in Cozumel. There, directly across from me about 20 feet away, on the other side of a long cement pier, was another cruise ship that was also docked.

My initial reaction was to immediately close the curtain, but something in the back of my mind said no. I have always been the conservative, straight-laced moral woman, who always did things the proper way. This time I decided "What the hell? I'm here in a foreign country and there's no one around that I know. So I'm going to stand here naked in front of this window, no matter what." So I left the curtain open.

Actually, I moved over closer to the window to look out. I looked down on the pier walkway that separated our ship from the other one. Passengers were making their way from both ships to shore for daily excursions. I then looked across at the other cruise ship to see if any one might be looking at me. There were some people walking around on the top deck and some in what appeared to be the workout area just below. I nervously scanned the lower deck levels. The ship was built much like ours with about six or seven lower decks, where the cabins were located. The two decks above that is where the restaurants and exercise areas were. The top two decks housed the swimming pool, sun decks, and jogging track.

I shifted my eyes from the upper decks and started scanning the lower decks. The first two decks had small porthole windows. Decks three through eight had larger windows just like the one on our cabin, about 4' X 6' in size. Our cabin was on deck six, so there were some rooms above my level and some below. I was looking at people in their cabins, not really doing much of anything.

I was about ready to leave the window and take my shower, when suddenly directly across from me a man appeared wearing only his boxers. He appeared to be about 35 to 40 years old with dark wavy hair, dark eyes, muscular body, hairy chest and a nice golden brown tan. He looked right at me and smiled. I panicked and jumped to the side of my window.

All sorts of strange thoughts were racing through my mind. How much of me did he see? Was he repulsed by what he saw? Suppose he was a pervert and decided to rush over here and rape me? I wonder if he liked my body?

I was all set to slowly pull my curtain closed, when I thought what the heck why not make this into an exciting adventure. I've always done things the safe right way. Besides, I reasoned there's no way he could get on our ship. You need a ship's pass with your picture on it in order to get on. Ok, I was going to do something for the first time in my life that was wild and crazy. Instead of pulling the curtain, I moved over in front of it and stood there proudly on display.

He looked at me once again and smiled. Then he waved at me. I got real bold and smiled and waved back. I knew this was wrong and I shouldn't be doing this, but I was actually starting to get slightly aroused. I tried to move away from the window, but I was fascinated by this total stranger watching me.

I looked his body over. He looked like a god. I'm sure he worked out. He had broad shoulders. The hair on his chest was thick and curly. It thinned out and formed a nice V just above his boxers. I looked lower and noticed a distinctive bulge in his shorts. His legs were also tan and muscular. I looked back at his face his eyes were brown and he had the cutest lips. I just wanted to run over to his ship and attack him.

I was totally unprepared for what his did next. He dropped his arms down to his side and hooked his fingers into his boxers and slipped them completely off. Now he was standing there in all his naked glory as well. My eyes went right to his crotch and found his semi hard cock. He reached down and grabbed hold of it and it jumped and started getting harder. He slowly started to stroke it.

I was now definitely aroused. My nipples began to harden and my pussy was getting wet. My crotch was starting to get that familiar tingling sensation, that I always get when I'm starting to get turned on. I didn't know how much longer I could take looking at him. He was still slowly stroking his cock, which had grown to a full erection of about eight inches. It was the most beautiful cock that I'd ever seen. I wanted to drop down on my bed and masturbate myself. God was I turned on.

I glanced from his cock up to his eyes. I noticed he was mouthing something to me, but I couldn't make out what it was. Involuntarily, I mouthed back "What?" He mouthed the words again, paused, and then again.

"Play with yourself," was what I finally figured out he was saying. I really didn't need any encouragement. My body was on fire.

I slowly moved my fingers up to my breasts and cupped them. Oh, that felt so good. I squeezed them and slowly started drawing little circles around my areola. Then I went straight for my nipples. I was amazed how hard the were. I pinched and pulled them, which in turn sent little shock waves directly to my pussy, which was now soaked. I realized it needed some attention too. I continued pinching and rubbing my nipples with my left hand and slowly moved my right hand down over my stomach. I lowered my right hand down through my little landing strip of dark pubic hair to the top of my slit. I wanted to tease myself. I brought it back up to my navel and drew little circles around it with my index finger. Then back down to the top of my slit again, this time brushing past it and caressing my upper thigh. I started inching my way back up my thigh and as I got to within a couple of inches of my pussy, I found my juices running down my leg.

I stared back at my new found friend to see what he was doing. He was staring very intently at my body and what I was doing. His stroking tempo had increased and he was cupping his balls. I noticed a few drops of pre-cum oozing out of the tip of his cock. He brought his hand down and smeared it around the head of his penis. He was as turned on watching me as I was watching him. Whoever said that women are not turned on by visual stimulation, was definitely wrong. I've never been so excited in my life.

I couldn't stand it any longer, my pussy needed attention and needed it now. I moved my hand over and ran my finger the entire length of my slit. My lips were actually dripping as I pulled my fingers through my soaked slit. I looked down at my fingers and they were glistening with my juices. I looked over to make sure my Greek god was watching and brought my fingers up to my mouth and licked my juices off. I don't remember my juices ever tasting so good. I was so turned on and getting weak in the knees.

I wanted to lay down on my bed and continue the caressing of my body, but I knew he couldn't see me then and that was all part of the excitement. I looked around the room for a solution. Just a couple feet away was the desk chair. I pulled it over and turned it around, so the back was towards me. I wedged it against the bed so it wouldn't slide and then leaned against the back. It was quite as nice as lying down, but it served its purpose. I leaned back against it and kind of half sat on the back and continued my rubbing.

The man across the way was now fully erect. His cock was a good eight inches and about two inches in diameter. He had increased his stroking tempo and his long slow strokes had turned into a faster rhythm. The large purple head of his penis was truly glistening with his pre-cum. I was mesmerized by his masturbation and oh, so turned on.

I went directly to my clit and started rubbing it with slow circular motions. I couldn't believe how wet I was. It was like someone had poured a whole bottle of sexual lubricant between my legs. I continued rubbing my clit with my index finder and slowly inserted my middle and index fingers of my other hand into my pussy. I rubbed my G-spot, which sent me into a sexual frenzy. Looking at my new found friend, I pulled my fingers out of my pussy and smeared the juices on my clit. That just intensified my sensations. It feels so much better when masturbating a wet clit.

I was getting very close to cumming and I hoped my voyeur partner was too. He hand was now literally flying up and down his cock. His face had an utterly pure look of both lust and ecstasy. I could see beads of sweat on his forehead and upper lip. His body was flushed and I knew he was getting close.

As if magically connected sensually to him, my fingers were now flying over my clit as well. My cunt was soaked and on fire. I stuck a finger in my sloppy wet hole, then two, then three. My hand was just a blur. I was moaning and panting like a dog in heat. I could feel the explosion building deep within my gut.

I looked at my jacking off god and saw his back arch, his body go rigid and flush pink. His massive cock then erupted. His first splat of white cum arched high and landed on the top of the window, his second spurt about eight inches below that on the window, followed by a third spurt that hit the middle of the window, then a fourth spurt that barely hit the window. His face was contorted in pure sexual joy and his muscles were completely taught.

That's all it took to send me over the edge. As soon as his first spurt hit the window my orgasm completely overtook my body. It started somewhere deep within my soul and I literally went into convulsions. My back arched and my hips started thrusting forward and my cunt started contracting. These were not mild contractions either. These were gut wrenching, intense, deep contractions. When the first one hit me, it was like someone had punched me in the stomach from the inside out. With my first contraction, I actually squirted cum and continued squirting with each of my next four or five contractions. It squirted on my hand completely drenching it and squirted out from the sides of my hand and soaked my legs and the carpet below. This was a first for me. I've oozed cum before and maybe had a slight gush, but never a squirt, let alone four or five of them. I was thrashing my head from side to side and my moans had now become screams. I hoped there was no one in any of the adjoining rooms or hallway to hear my cries of enjoyment. My knees buckled and I almost collapsed on the floor. My body was completely flushed bright crimson and I'm sure my face was beet red. (It always does that when I have an orgasm.) I completely lost track of my contractions, but I know it was more than ten. If there was a Richter scale for orgasms, I know it would have been over ten.

I looked at my orgasming friend. His cock was spurting less vigorously now with his last contractions were oozing small globs of cum that were running down his fingers and hand. He finally open his eyes, which had been shut during the height of his orgasm, and looked at me. He smiled a sly, satisfied smile as he slowly came down from his bliss. His cock was still semi hard and his spurts and contractions had pretty much subsided. He looked down at his cum covered hand and slowly brought it up to his lips. He stuck out his tongue and licked a big glob of thick, white cum off his finger. He wiggled his tongue back and forth a couple of times and the closed his mouth and swallowed it.

My cunt was still contracting and when I saw him do that and extra large contraction kind of jumped inside me. I looked down below me. My three fingers were still stuck up inside my pussy. I could still feel the last of my contractions twitching on my fingers. My hand was completely dripping with juice. Not to be outdone, I pulled my fingers from my cunt as they mad a slurping sound. I brought them up to my lips and actually started licking the juice off each one of them. I usually don't like the taste of my juices and have never let anyone see me tasting myself, but it just seemed so right at this moment. I was amazed at how good my juices tasted. It was kind of a turn on and an act of being slutty at the same time. When I finished licking the fingers on my left hand, I scraped some of the juices off my thighs with my right hand and licked it clean as well.

I looked over to my friend and he gave me this heart melting smile and a thumbs up sign. I smiled back and mouthed him a kiss. I now was regaining my senses and realized that my husband would be back soon and I should start cleaning up. The room reeked of pussy smell. I didn't know what I was going to tell Jerry. I'm sure he'd be able to smell it. I took one final look at my orgasmic soul mate and moved towards the window. I waved at him and he waved back. Then I blew him a kiss. I don't for th life of me know what made me do this, but I turned my back to him, bent over, and completely pulled by butt cheeks apart, giving him a full view of my asshole and still soaked pussy. Then I calmly, stood up and went over and closed the curtain.

I went into the bathroom and started the shower. I was soaping my body and heard the door to the bathroom open.

"Hey honey, I'm back," Jerry called out, sticking his head in the door. "You don't mind if I join you do you," Jerry said as he slipped into the shower and wrapped me in his arms.

"Did you get enough sleep?" he asked me.

"Yea, plenty. Why?" I replied.

"'Cause I kinda feel like I've been neglecting you lately," Jerry said giving me a kiss. "So when we get done in here, I'm going to take you out on that bed in the other room and give you a mind blowing orgasm. OK."

"Yes, dear. Whatever you say," I said and smiled.

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