tagLetters & TranscriptsWhile He's Away

While He's Away


TRAVLINMAN: Oh, good, glad I caught you on.

HONEY: I was hoping you'd be on tonight. I was waiting.

TRAVLINMAN: It's past your bedtime.

HONEY: I missed you. Couldn't sleep.

TRAVLINMAN: I miss you too. How was your day?

HONEY: Good. Work was boring, but that's a good thing sometimes.

TRAVLINMAN: I bet. Anything new?

HONEY: No. How was your day?

TRAVLINMAN: Meetings, meetings, and more meetings. Sucked. Kept thinking about you instead of listening. Made it a little better.

HONEY: Really? What did you think about?

TRAVLINMAN: About coming home to you. Only three more days. Can't wait!

HONEY: Neither can I.

TRAVLINMAN: Will you be happy to see me?

HONEY: Hell yeah!

TRAVLINMAN: What will you do???

HONEY: Kiss you.

TRAVLINMAN: That's all?

HONEY: What do you want me to do?

TRAVLINMAN: I want you to grab me and hug me tight.

HONEY: That's easy.

TRAVLINMAN: I want you to press your lips against mine.

HONEY: And your tongue and mine meet.

TRAVLINMAN: Yes! Our tongues meet and my hands touch you everywhere.

HONEY: You touch my breast through my shirt. My nipples are hard because I'm so excited to see you.

TRAVLINMAN: Your nips are so hard it isn't enough to touch them. I want to suck them. You take off your shirt.

HONEY: And my bra. You lick and suck my nipples, one then the other.

TRAVLINMAN: I press your tits together so I can lick and suck them at almost the same time. God, I love your tits.

HONEY: They're small.

TRAVLINMAN: They're perfect. Your nips are just the right size, and are so hard in my mouth. You moan.

HONEY: I'm getting wet!

TRAVLINMAN: While I suck your tits, or for real?

HONEY: For real. It's been too long since you touched me.

TRAVLINMAN: It's only been five days.

HONEY: Yeah, but that's too long. So you're sucking my tits?

TRAVLINMAN: Yep, and what are you doing?

HONEY: I'm sliding my hands under your shirt. Touching the bare skin on your back and chest. I want you to take off your shirt.

TRAVLINMAN: I take it off and pull you against me so we can feel our skin against each other.

HONEY: I reach down and touch your cock. It's so hard through your pants. So big!

TRAVLINMAN: Take it out. I want to feel your hand on my cock.

HONEY: I unzip your pants and push them down. Your cock springs free. I wrap my hand around it.

TRAVLINMAN: You fuck my cock with your hand. God, it feels good!

HONEY: I want to taste it.

TRAVLINMAN: Then do it. Take my hard, thick cock in your mouth. Suck it!

HONEY: I suck just the tip of your cock. Suck it hard.

TRAVLINMAN: Oh, baby, stop teasing! I wanna feel your mouth on my whole cock!

HONEY: I like teasing you.

TRAVLINMAN: Better watch out. Never know what I might do if u tease too much.

HONEY: Oh, yeah? What are you gonna do?

TRAVLINMAN: I'm gonna fuck your mouth. I push my cock into your mouth.

HONEY: I take it as deep as I can and suck. I love how you taste in my mouth.

TRAVLINMAN: Do you taste my precum?

HONEY: Yes, and it tastes so good!

TRAVLINMAN: How wet are you now?

HONEY: I'm so wet! I want you to touch me!

TRAVLINMAN: Take off your pants. I want to see you naked.

HONEY: Why don't you take them off, then?

TRAVLINMAN: Because it's so sexy watching you undress.


HONEY: I take off my pants, slide them slowly down over my hips. My pussy is wet and waiting for your touch.

TRAVLINMAN: I touch you, finger your clit until you moan, put my fingers inside you.

TRAVLINMAN: I'm getting so hard talking like this. I'm gonna play with myself.

HONEY: Do it. I love knowing I make you so horny you have to jerk off.

TRAVLINMAN: I'm playing with my cock. Are you touching yourself?

HONEY: Uh huh. My hand is in my pants. I'm touching my clit and pretending it's you touching me.

TRAVLINMAN: I wish I was touching you! I wish I was kneeling in front of you, tasting how wet you are.

HONEY: Mmm, I love it when you lick me while I'm standing in front of you. Makes me want to scream!

TRAVLINMAN: I love hearing you scream. I love making you cum!

HONEY: When you lick me, it makes me cum so hard!

TRAVLINMAN: I lick u and feel u tensing up. You're gonna cum.

HONEY: I cum hard, screaming your name.


TRAVLINMAN: I bend you over the couch and slide my cock into your soaking wet pussy.

HONEY: Oh, god! Your cock is so big! I love feeling it inside me!

TRAVLINMAN: Are you still touching yourself?

HONEY: Yes. Are you?

TRAVLINMAN: Fuck yes. I'm typing one handed. Just thinking about your sweet, tight pussy makes me want to cum!

HONEY: Then cum! Think about fucking me while you get yourself off!

TRAVLINMAN: Keep touching yourself. Think about my hard cock fucking you.

HONEY: Oh, god!

TRAVLINMAN: Are you gonna cum?


TRAVLINMAN: Cum for me. Cum while you imagine my cock in you!

HONEY: I want you to cum too!

TRAVLINMAN: I am, baby. I'm cumming for you!

HONEY: Oh, fuck! That was so good... but not as good as if you were here. Did you cum?

TRAVLINMAN: Yep. Gonna need a few tissues to clean up.

TRAVLINMAN: Only three more days, baby. Then we can do this for real.

HONEY: I know.

TRAVLINMAN: Gotta go. I love you.

HONEY: I love you too. Think about me during your meetings tomorrow.

TRAVLINMAN: Hell, yes! Night, sexy.

HONEY: Night.

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