tagLoving WivesWhile Hubby's Away

While Hubby's Away


I sat in my car pretending to be dozing. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the front door of the two-story house down the street open. A man in a suit and tie was leaving the house. He was carrying a suitcase. He got into his car in the driveway and drove off. I waited a few minutes then got out of my car, shut the door, and walked to the house. I knocked and entered.

Melanie was standing in the foyer. She was wearing a short, black negligee which barely covered her crotch and high-heeled black pumps. Her long dark hair fell to her shoulders, half hiding the spaghetti straps that held up her negligee. Her beautiful dark eyes followed my every move. As soon as the door was shut, she hugged me and reached up to kiss my throat. "Oh baby," she moaned.

I backed away. "Take that thing off," I hissed.

Melanie quickly pulled the negligee off and dropped it to the floor. I surveyed her lush nudeness, her soft, ripe tits, her sensuous thighs, the bush of hair that was partly wetted. I walked up to her and stuck a finger into her cunt. I pulled it out and looked at it. "He fucked you?"

"Yes. Yes, Derek. Just before he left. I want to make you happy."

"What do you mean, bitch?"

"I remembered what you like."

"What's that?"

"Oh. You deprave me. You make me talk like those sluts of yours."

"You got it, bitch," I snarled. "Now tell me what I like."

"A freshly fucked cunt."

I smiled and rubbed my cum-covered finger on Melanie's nipple. Her fingers began pulling down my zipper. "What are you doing?"

"Getting this. Oh, yes. Your cock." She pulled it free from my pants and rubbed it with the hollow of her fist.

"What do you want me to do with it?"

"Fuck me. Fuck me now, Derek."

"Fuck what? This?" I rubbed my knuckles on her oozing slit.
"Yes. Oh, yes. Oh, Derek. Fuck my cunt. Stick your prick in me. Make me cum, darling. Make me cum."

I laughed and pulled away from Melanie. "Oh we're gonna fuck all right, cunt. Nice and slow. Do you know, why?"

"You want me to say things. Dirty, nasty things. And you want me to do things," she groaned.

"Yes, that's right," I said. "Your gonna do lots of things. I will have you fucked while I watch. In fact, the man will pay me."

"Oh god. You're going to make me a whore. I'll be a prostitute." Melanie stood there, legs apart, both her hands trying to bury themselves inside her wet pussy.

I walked up to her. I gabbed handfuls of tit flesh. Squeezing and pinching. "You want that, don't you, Melanie. You want to cum on a stranger's prick while another is waiting to fuck you."

"Yes, yesss, YES! Oh I'm cumming. Oh Derek, you can do whatever you like with me. I want to be your whore. I am your whore."

She dropped to her knees. Her mouth engulfed my prick. I held onto her wild hair as she slurped on her favorite lollipop. "What a fuckin' cocksucker you are bitch. What am I going to do with you."

She stopped for a moment and looked up at me. Lust filled her eyes. "Anything you want. I am yours, baby. Totally." She wanted to go back down on me, but I yanked her up by her hair.

"I want you to take me to his bedroom. Pretend you're a whore and I'm one of your customers. How would you take me to your fuck palace?"

She put one of my hands on her firm, round ass and another on her tit, and began leading me up the stairs. I squeezed all that firm young flesh as we went upstairs. She was cooing, "Oh baby, wait till we get to my room. You won't regret choosing me. Madame says I'm the best. A big strong guy like you really turns me on."

In her bedroom, Melanie lay face down on the bed. She put a pillow under her crotch so her ass stuck up. She slowly parted her luscious thighs and her cunt gaped at me. I lit a cigarette and began to undress. When I was naked, I bent over Melanie's alluring ass. I lowered my head so my tongue could reach her inflamed cunt lips. I moved my tongue up and down her cunt. Every now and then, I flicked the tip of my tongue into her steamy and oh so moist, cum-filled pussy. Melanie moaned with delight.
I sat on the edge of the bed. While smoking my cigarette, one of my fingers ran up and down her slit. I got one of her lips between my thumb and index finger and pulled on it; rubbed the lip up and down; teased it. She was moaning and groaning. I put out my smoke and used my free fingers on her other lip. I pulled her lips together and then apart.

"Christ, Derek," Melanie screamed, "Fuck me. Now. I need your cock, baby. I need your cock up me. Deep inside me. Please. Oh please." She was almost whimpering.

I kneeled behind her and guided my stiff dick to her glistening, red, extended lips. I got the head of my prick into her gaping hole. I supported my weight on her shoulders and buried my prick into her wanting cunt. Melanie shuddered with her orgasm. "Oh my beautiful fucker," she wailed. "God yes, yes, YES! I'm cumming. Ooh ram it in me, lover. I love your cock. I love your cock in my cunt."

I chuckled as I moved in and out of her well-lubricated love tunnel. "You love any cock, slut. Don't you. Admit it. You just like to fuck."

"I know. It's awful. But you're the best Derek. I love your cock the most."

"Bull shit. You say that to whoever is fucking you at the time. You're a fucking whore. That's all you are. Slut. Whore. Cocksucker. You should be punished for being so bad."

"Oh, Derek. Do you punish whores?"

"When they are naughty like you Melanie," I spat out. my cock still slowly moving in and out of her cunt.

"Oh! Oh! God damn, I'm coming again. Derek, you make me keep coming. Show me baby. show me how you punish those naughty bitches. punish your baby girl."

"What for Melanie? Tell me what you did wrong."

"I'm one of your whores Derek. You caught me letting two men have me for the price of one. You caught me having my cunt fucked under my ass while I was bent over sucking another man's cock," Melanie sobbed. Then, drunk with lust, she softly screamed, "And their spunk burst together - one in my mouth and the other in my cunt! My hot, insatiable, horny CUNT! So beat me! Beat your whore!!"

I got off her. My cock was rigid, the knob blood red almost purple. I went to my pants and unleashed my leather belt. I doubled the belt and folded it over the buckle to get a better grip. Melanie kneeled on the bed, face down into a pillow, her ass raised high.

I bought the belt down, softly at first, down across her buttocks. Then again and again, not quickly, but harder. Then again, a very hard WHACK. I paused to admire the rosy stripe bloom across the middle of her soft white cheeks. Melanie was making noise between a sigh and a sob into the pillow. She arched her back so that her ass was raised even more to meet the heavier strokes of my relentless belt. "More," she hissed, and suddenly jerked her thighs as wide apart as she could

I now lay the belt strokes toward the cleft of her buttocks; then on the tender flesh of her inner thighs. Again, Again, and the again until the tip of the belt nicked the lips of her cunt. I flicked at her cunt. Her whole body jerked. I flicked at it again. "More! Oh MORE!" and suddenly Melanie thrust her legs straight, rigidly straight, as her orgasm convulsed her.

When she had calmed down some, I told her to get up. I lay on the bed, my rigid dick standing like a flagpole. "Straddle me bitch. No the other way, facing my feet. I want to watch my cock move in and out."

Melanie did as I said. She bent forward some to rest her hands on the bed as she humped up and down my cock. I watch, Fascinated, as she lowered herself - engulfing my prick and then moved up until just my knob was ensconced in her velvety slit, then down again. I began slapping her ass cheeks with my hand. Melanie moaned softly, her head turned from side to side as she rode my prick and I continued hand spanking her ass.

When I was close, I pushed her off me; rolled her on her back; savagely thrust my dick into her pussy. My shoulders caught the crooks of her knee and I rolled her into a ball. One knee either side of her face. Her nails dug into my back; clawing; scraping my skin. Our mouths met, teeth tearing at each others lips. Screaming. Shouting. We were animals lost in a lust-filled rage. "AAAARRGHHH!!!" I screamed as my cock detonated.

- - - - - - -

Showered and dressed, Melanie brought me coffee in the den. She brought a cigarette and lit it with submissive tenderness. Then she sat on the couch next to me. Waiting.

"Show me your cunt," I ordered.

She raised enough to draw her dress up and push her pants down, and then sat open legged. I looked at her. Melanie was using her fingers to spread her pink pussy open for me. "No, stand up and bend over. I want to check the marks."

Melanie seemed eager as she rose, turned her back, and bent her torso down, right down, so that the full length of her cunt was totally displayed to me; the marks of the leather belt showed as reddish-purple bruises. "Have I been bad again, Daddy? Do I need another spanking," she said sounding almost sarcastic.

"Yes. Yes you have," I said. "I need something. I don't want to use my hand."

Melanie straightened and, holding her skirt high around her waist in lewd invitation, went to the bathroom and returned quickly with a silver hairbrush. She handed it to me with sexual docility. With her skirt bunched up around her waist, Melanie kneeled over my lap. I squeezed one of her tits through her dress material as I whacked and whacked her ass with the back of the brush.

"More! Oh More!" Melanie whispered when I stopped. "On my cunt again, please."

I pushed her off me, unzipped my pants, and let my cock out of its confines. Melanie quickly straddled me, facing away. My hands kneaded into the raw flesh on her ass as she humped up and down my cock. "I'm coming again! Oh god in heaven, I'M COMING!" she screamed out.

As her convulsions subsided, I pushed her off me. She fell to the floor and I stood up. Melanie clasped my legs, kissed my shoes, and whispered, "I'm yours! Oh, I'll do whatever you want with me." Then she knelt and slid her hands up my legs to my cock, and adoringly sucked it.

Legs straddled, my fists on my hips, I looked down at Melanie as she sucked and tongued my prick, then I said, "Till Saturday I'm putting you in a whorehouse. But first I'm going to have you fucked while I watch - ever had a 13 inch cock up your cunt?" Melanie shook her head, her mouth full of cock.

"Well you're going to phone my friend Bull now, to come over here. Ask him how he wants it, and you'll give it to him good. He will pay me for the pleasure, and if you're good, really good I mean, I might give you some of the money. Then I'll take you to the whorehouse and the madam will let you suck her cunt after she's had some fun with her little whip. Then she'll put you to work, fucking work!"

Melanie's body had started jerking, and she held my cock that she was sucking with one hand, as the other was busily moving at her twat. I hissed, "You hear all that you cuntwhore?" Melanie shook her head as she continued sucking.

I put my hand on the back of her head and jerked my cock out of her mouth. "I'm gonna come, cunt. It's coming you fucking slut. AAARGHH!" I sprayed her face and she eagerly tried to catch each drop in her mouth.

- - - - - - -

After my friend Bull, left. I threw fifty on the bed and put the other 250 dollars in my wallet. Melanie took a shower. When she came out I had a pair of her high, spiked, heels and a fur coat ready. "That's all you need, just a coat. You'll be too busy being fucked to bother about clothes."

Saturday I brought her home. I parked in the same place that I had on the previous Monday. As Melanie got out of the car she let the fur slide apart over a thigh, to reveal her cunt. I had only seen her once since Monday.

Inside the foyer, she moved her shoulders so that the heavy fur coat slid to the floor. She stood there nude, her glowing well-proportioned body, with those luscious breasts and enticing thighs offered in case I wanted to fuck her. As I opened my pants she leaned against the hall table and parted her thighs, but I took her by the upper arm and turned her around. I buried my stiff cock as Melanie lay sprawled over the edge of the table.

As I slowly fucked her I said, "This cunt was fucked this afternoon wasn't it whore?"

"Yes, oh yes - your cock always makes me start to come so quickly. Yes we were busy. I was fucked a total of six times."

"So I'm fucking a fucked cunt again, eh? Whore!!"

"Yes! Yes I'm coming again. Yes, a well fucked cunt. It's been fucked and fucked. Yes! Oh yes! Fuck me! I'm coming!"

I took a grip on Melanie's haunches and began to violently ram my prick into her oozing, steamy, wet, cunt. The juices rolled down her thigh as I rammed my enlarged cock into her hole. Until I shot a load of cum in her already cum filled cunt.

At the door Melanie murmured softly, "Can I phone you when he goes away again? Please!"

I paused and looked at her. "Sure."

She closed the door as I walked to my car. I got in and lit up a cigarette. After about 10 minutes a car passed me and turned into Melanie's driveway. A man in a suit got out of the car, walked to the door, and entered the house.

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