tagGroup SexWhile John is Away Ch. 01

While John is Away Ch. 01


Damn it's quiet.

It's only been a 4 days since my husband, John left on a four-week trip to Kuala Lumpur for business. I'm already feeling depressed, not so much because he has been gone less than a week, but more because I am thinking about the next three weeks, stuck here alone. And, I'm missing him terribly as I sit here waiting for him to call. With a ten-hour time-zone difference, I know he is calling me at noon there, and it's 10:00pm my time here in Dallas. He calls me or we Skype every day about this time but it's not the same as having him here next to me at night.

My name is Tabatha, Tabby or Tab to my friends and I am not only feeling lonely, I am getting really horny. Although my toys are getting a workout, it isn't the same. I want to feel John's body next to me. I miss the feel of his hard cock pressed into the crack of my ass when he snuggles up behind me and most of all I miss him ravishing my pussy on a regular basis. That's why I'm sitting here naked, on my bed, running my fingers in slow circles around my clit and tugging on my hardening nipples while I wait.

What makes it even worse is that about 3 weeks before he left on this trip, we turned a whole new corner in our sex life. The result was us fucking like teenagers, morning, noon and night since then. Now I am stuck with my battery operated boyfriends and they just aren't getting the job done.

John has always liked me to show off my body. At 5' 5" tall, a nice tight waist and ass and big, natural 34D boobs with nipples that can poke through steel, I get lots of attention from men and a lot of women.

I admit, I like the attention. I always like the response I get when I walk into a room and see the guys checking me out; it makes me feel good about myself. I used to get upset with the looks from some of the women, like I was some kind of slut. John tells me, and I have started to believe, they are just jealous. They would all like to get that kind of attention. He calls them the high-school cheerleaders that put on 50lbs. and stopped giving their husbands blow-jobs as soon as they got married.

I like to wear skirts and dresses or sheer blouses and high heels and I am not averse to showing lots of cleavage; not that I can hide it with the size of my boobs. John likes the way I dress and he loves it when he knows some stranger just got a flash of my panties or even my bare pussy when getting out of a car or sliding off a bar stool. He thinks it is hilarious when men trip over themselves watching my hard nipples poke through my blouses.

What really changed things for us is when I lost a football bet and had to play hostess to his poker buddies, serving drinks and snacks in the skimpiest costumes they could come up with. It started out as just me showing a lot of butt and boobs to our neighbors but it turned into my husband sharing me with them. By sharing, I mean he let them fuck me in every conceivable position and orifice, every Friday night for 3 weeks.

There were a lot of firsts over those three weeks including sucking and fucking the biggest cock I had ever seen. It just happens to belong to our next-door neighbor and the husband of my best friend.

It also was my first time for anal. One time in college, I had two men at once, one in my mouth and one in my pussy, and then again the first Friday night that I became John's hot-wife. But anal opened the door for three men at a time, all with their big cocks filling me up completely. Air-tight they called it.

The third week, it also included a woman. Another first for me. She was the wife of one of the guys and she literally opened my eyes and my legs to a whole new set of possibilities.

The one part that I am still struggling with happened on the second week. One of the guys, Mike, was someone that I had met but really didn't know. While the other guys were all very sweet and gentle and made me feel sexy and desirable, Mike was different. He treated me like a slut. He called me a slut, and he made me beg him to fuck me in the ass if front of all the other guys including my husband.

When he treated me that way, I didn't know how to react. He pinched and twisted and bit my nipples so hard I thought they were going to come off my body. He called me a cunt and a cum-slut and smacked my ass so hard if I didn't do whatever he said or respond fast enough, that it hurt to sit down the next day.

All the while, my husband and his friends just sat back and watched while this guy abused and humiliated me, fucking my cunt and then my virgin ass so hard I was sore for three days.

The part that I am struggling with is that I had one of the biggest orgasms of my life while he was treating me that way and calling me a slut. It started when he had me bent over a chair, fucking my sopping wet pussy and made me beg loud enough for all the other guys to hear, for him to fuck my slutty virgin ass. He used the word cunt, a word that I never use and don't like..... except when he said it. The language and the way he treated me alone made me cum but he also knew how to use his thick, rock-hard cock and my orgasms just kept building and building and never seemed to stop until he was finished with me.

It's the number one thing I have fantasized about over the last week. It isn't the only thing, but it is the one that I wake up to with my fingers jammed in my sopping wet pussy. Now I find myself craving the burning sensation in my nipples that he created while he slapped my big hanging tits and pulled and twisted my nipples so hard that they were swollen, red and bruised.

Thinking back, I am pretty sure he somehow knew from the moment he saw me that I would be a willing and grateful slut that he could do anything to and that I would beg for more. I never experienced anything like that before and I can't stop thinking about it. It is scary and exciting at the same time, like riding a roller coaster wearing a blindfold.

My mind is once again drifting back to that night and I am pulling and twisting my hard nipples. I can feel I am starting to get wet.

My computer lights up indicating a Skype call coming in.

Connecting and turning on my camera, I see my husband sitting outside at a table. There are people walking past and he seems to be sitting at an outdoor café. I however am sitting here on our bed completely naked. I am so happy to see him that I don't think about the fact that someone walking past his table could look at his screen and seen me topless.

John is happy to see me as well. "Hi Tab, it's great to see you like this," he says with a big smile.

"Hi Sweetie," I respond. "Maybe I should put something on, seeing that you seem to be in a public place."

"Don't get dressed on my account," he quips. "That's my favorite outfit."

"Ha, ha." If he's OK with it, why not give the random passer-bye a little thrill. "I miss you and I want you to come home," I pout.

John got a sad look on his face. "About that Babe, I am going to have to stay a little longer than I planned."

"How much longer?"

"A few more weeks. I'm sorry sweetheart but things are moving quickly and I can finish this whole thing in one trip if I stay."

This call isn't going how I planned. I want him to see me naked, talk dirty to me and make me play with my pussy while he watches and I want to do the same to him. Now I feel stupid for being naked and I start to cry. "I miss you so much."

"I know Tab but it's just two more weeks and then I'll be home and won't have to come back here again until next year," he reasons.

"It's not just two more weeks, you'll be gone for five more weeks!" I am pouting and I make a last ditch effort to lure him back with sex. "I need that big, hard cock of yours to fill me up, I'm so horny without you."

"I know Tab; I have been thinking about that. I want to propose something."


"Well, I want to give you a pass."

"What are you talking about?"

"You know, a hall-pass, to have sex with somebody else."

I don't know what to say, my head is reeling. "I don't understand."

"Tab, you know I love you and I know you love me. I just want you to be happy. I want you to be free to have sex while I am away."

"But John, I just need you here. You are all I ever need; I won't cheat on you."

"Tab, I know you wouldn't cheat on me but this wouldn't be cheating. This is my idea and I am giving you permission. I can't stop thinking about watching you with James and Avery and the other guys at the poker games. Tab, I want you to do this."

"John, I don't know," I mewed, although I have been fantasizing lately about Avery's huge cock filling my tight pussy.

"Look Tab, it's already done. The only thing I ask is that it has to be one of the guys from our poker game. I trust those guys. I don't want to have to worry about someone hurting you, so nobody I don't know and you have to tell me everything that happens."

I don't know what to say so I just say "OK." Then I think, "What do you mean it's already done?"

"Tab, I sent an email to Avery, James and Chris and asked them to check on you once in a while and take care of whatever you need, and I emphasized the whatever."

"You mean you...."

"I'm sorry Babe but I have to get going, I have a meeting, I will call you again tomorrow," and with that he blows me a kiss and is gone.

Now I am really sad and mad that he is extending his trip but my mind is already wandering toward what my hall-pass could mean. I reach for my biggest toy, the one I ordered because I thought it would match Avery's 10" monster. It's close but Avery is even thicker than this thing. Still, it is a good substitute when I can't get the real thing. I just wish I could figure out a way to have it pound me from behind like Avery can.

It takes me about ten minutes to get over being mad at John and I start sliding the big lifelike plastic cock along my slit and over my slowly swelling clit. I just wish this thing was nice and warm like the real thing but I can trade the heat for the vibrations that the 4 D cell batteries will put out. Before long, I have that thing pumping in an out of my sopping wet pussy with the vibrations set on high and I am cumming.

I need more and although I have to turn the intense vibrations down a notch on the big fake cock in my pussy while my orgasm eases, I am thinking about what else I need. I grab my soft pink vibe and the lube from the nightstand and put a nice big drop of it on my fingers. I slowly rub my lubed fingers over my pink star, slowly working the lube inside my tight little asshole. As my finger starts to poke through my sphincter, I use my other hand to turn up the vibrations in my pussy again.

With another drop of lube, I am able to work first one and then two fingers into my tight ass, slowly stretching my anus until both fingers are buried to the third knuckle. Now it is time for my trusty pink vibe. I spread lube onto the smooth latex and then easily slide it all the way into my ass. It fills me up good and I can feel the vibrations from the giant in my pussy through the thin wall between my pussy and my ass. Twisting the base of my pink vibe, I get a jolt as my ass starts buzzing.

Sitting on my bed with my legs spread wide and my knees pulled up to my chest, I rock forward slightly to hold the vibrator in my ass in place against the mattress. Then slowly start to pump the big plastic cock in my pussy, twisting it as I slide it in an out. Fuck this feels good.

I am holding myself up with my left arm and using my right hand to pump my pussy with the big vibrating cock which I slide against my clit with each stroke. It is only about 2 minutes before the vibrations and the twisting, pumping cock that is filling my pussy has me cumming again. It is so intense that I am shaking and I have to turn the vibration on the big cock off and let the smaller vibe in my ass slide out. I collapse on the bed and just lie there until my head stops spinning.

There is a huge wet spot on my sheets but I am too tired to change them tonight so I slide to the other side of the king-size bed, pull the covers over me and fall sound asleep.


I wake up sweating, two fingers lodged in my pussy. I have been dreaming about being bent over the back of our sofa with a cock pounding me from behind and me begging the faceless man to fuck my slutty pussy. I imagine the sting of his hand slapping my ass. My nipples are red and swollen from my own fingers torturing them.

I am a wanton slut, insatiable and needing to be fucked by as many men as possible. I reach down with my other hand and pinch my swollen clit hard and it brings me to a roaring climax. I can't focus as the walls of my pussy quiver against my fingers. I feel almost like I am going to pass out.

Pinching my own clit this hard is painful, it really hurts. How could such pain in my nipples and on my clit bring me to such an intense orgasm? That only happened one other time; when I was Mike's slut and he was using and abusing my tits and pussy. I can't get the thought out of my head. I need to think this through more, but first I need to calm down and get out of bed.

It is already 9:00am and after a cup of coffee and a nice long shower, I am starting to feel normal again. I am still mad at John but beginning to rationalize that I would rather have him stay longer than have to go back any time soon.

Standing in my kitchen, I hear a knock on our back door and my neighbor and best friend Lisa walks in. She is also the wife of my big cock fantasies, Avery. Lisa is barely 5' tall and weighs about 100lbs. Compared to her husband who is 6' 4" and 250lbs. she always looks like a little kid. She is wearing yoga pants and a crop top that shows a thin strip of her flat tummy. She has nice perky 32B tits that look good under her tight top.

Lisa always gives me a hug and it is a bit of a joke that she likes to bury her nose between my boobs. She isn't so short that she fits there unless I am wearing heels but she has been known to bend down a bit to get snuggled in. She also is not shy about touching my boobs, even squishing them together. She has always been fascinated by them. She says each one is as big as her head. They are not quite that big but they are close.

"How's it going Tabby? Are you missing John. You have been awful quiet lately."

"I am depressed and yes, I am missing John."

"Well buck-up Tabby because me and the girls are taking you out on Saturday night. Avery gave me a kitchen pass and we are going out!"

I laughed to myself thinking that her kitchen pass is probably not the same as my hall pass. Going out with the girls could be fun. "OK, I'm in. I could use some time with my BFFs."

"I'm going for a run, want to come with?" Lisa asked.

"OK, let me change and get my shoes on." I run up the stairs and throw on my running clothes including an extra heavy-duty sports bra to keep me from getting two black-eyes. As I am putting my shoes on, I notice Lisa looking at the ceiling in my kitchen where one of the lights had burned out.

"I am going to send Avery over to change that light for you when he gets home."

I tell her that it's no big deal and she doesn't have to do that but she just waves me off.

"What the hell good is having a giant for a husband if you can't use him to change a lightbulb once in a while?"

I laugh at that but I was thinking there are a lot of things I could think of to do with that giant, at least with parts of him.

Forty-five minutes later we are back at my house, sweaty and tired. My boobs hurt from bouncing around, even in my heavy duty sports bra. Without thinking, I pull my top and bra off to release them. I am lightly massaging them when I look over at Lisa and see her staring wide-eyed. She has seen me naked a bunch of times but I think the fact that I was rubbing them had her mesmerized.

"Holy shit, those are so big. I wish mine were bigger," sighed Lisa.

"Well, it isn't all that great when they are bouncing around your chest like a couple of bowling balls while you are running," I say as I continue to massage them. I notice that she is still staring and biting her bottom lip. In my head, I want her to come and massage them for me but I can't see her being into that.

After a few more moments, she awkwardly turns and starts for the door. She looks back as she steps over the threshold and says that Avery should be home at about 5:30 and she will send him over to fix the light. And then she is gone.

I am still massaging my sore hooters and day-dreaming that Lisa is rubbing them, then kissing and licking them and sucking and biting........... crap. I need to take a shower.

Right at 5:30, I am folding laundry, naked, in my bedroom. I hadn't put clothes back on after my shower and did all of my chores naked. I hear a knock at the door. I forgot that Lisa was sending Avery over to fix my kitchen light. I stick my head out of the bedroom door and yell "It's open!". I throw on a pair of tight little jean shorts and a white tank top.

By the time I get my hair back and tied into a ponytail, Avery has already gotten the ladder out of the garage. He starts to ask me where the spare bulbs are when he stops mid-sentence.

I look down and see that my white tank-top was pretty much incapable of hiding my hardening nipples. I can clearly see my dark nipple showing through the thin material. Not wanting to let on that anything was wrong, I tell him the spare bulbs are in the cupboard in the laundry room.

When he comes back into the kitchen, his eyes go right back to my boobs. I don't have to look. I know that my nipples are hard as rocks and without a bra on, they are poking out a good ½ inch or more at this point. The poor guy is tongue-tied and I am afraid for him to get up on the ladder.

"Ok, quit looking at my tits and fix my light." I say.

He jerks out of his stupor and smiles and then says, "I can't help it, they're hypnotic," and he moves his head around as if he were in a trance.

We both crack up laughing and he starts to climb the ladder. As his waist gets about head-high, I notice a pretty sizeable bulge in his pants. As he unscrews the old bulb and is holding the new one in the other, I reach between the rungs of the ladder and run my fingers along the outline of his cock.

He jumps at my touch and almost falls off the ladder. "Hey, no fair! Are you trying to kill me?" He says.

"No, I'm just thinking about how much I miss John and remembering how good this big cock feels in my mouth and how it fills up my pussy."

"Jesus Tabby, at least let me finish this before I really do fall."

I reach up and slowly pull down his zipper while he finishes changing the light. I need to see and taste that big cock.

As he climbs down the ladder and stands on the floor, I am already on my knees and trying to wrestle that huge snake out of the zipper but it is too big. I have to unbuckle his belt and open his pants. His cock is hard and getting harder and it almost hits me on the forehead when I pull down his boxers.

"Tabby please, let's get out of the kitchen in case Lisa comes to the back door."

I have both hands around his thick shaft as I lick the tip. I don't want to let go but the tile is hard on my knees so I reluctantly agree.

Avery pulls his pants back up and we make our way into the living room. While he sits down in one of our leather chairs, I check to make sure the front and the back door are locked just in case Lisa does decide to come over.

I pull my top off and unbutton my shorts, letting them fall down to the floor as I move in front of him, completely naked. His pants are around his ankles and I get back on my knees. I notice that he is completely hard now and his cock is bobbing up against his stomach. Grabbing his shaft with both hands again, I still have 3 inches or more to wrap my mouth around but first I want to feel all eleven inches along my tongue.

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