tagLoving WivesWhile on Vacation...

While on Vacation...


We had been married for 11 years. During those years, there have been times when we both wanted to punch each other in the head :)

Looking back on the time when we were first falling in love or had fallen in love with others before we even knew each other, I remember that feeling of "we are different" and would not endure the type of heartache experienced in our past or what we heard about from our married friends and their marriages.

Over time we learned we were not invincible to the same growing pains other couples experienced. The difference with Ryan & I is those difficult times made me appreciate "us" more--verses seeing those situations as a fault and therefore a reason to leave. We grew through those moments. I truly learned to respect him more than I had ever before--because we made it through very difficult times and he was still there, still my best friend. I genuinely regarded him as a "man" more than I ever had anyone else because of this. He became sexier to me because he had character and stamina.

Over the years we built a trust between us that with each passing day I appreciated and cherished more.

Through that trust we started to share fantasies that were more than just fantasies--but something we truly desired.

On our eleventh anniversary, we went to Playa to celebrate. We took a long weekend which we knew would be a nice reprieve from our jobs and simply the daily grind.

The day we arrived it couldn't have been more picturesque. Beautiful hotel, white beach, gorgeous, clear blue water and an incredibly sexy bar not to mention our amazing room and incredible view of the ocean.

We checked in, went to our room and unpacked for the next three nights.

Afterwards, we took a short nap, which doesn't sound sexy, but was incredibly appealing given our day to day grind and now, finally, an escape from work, kids, and other every day stress. We freshened up and decided on the evening plans. Ryan was ready before me so we agreed to meet in the bar.

After Ryan left, I decided to make myself a cocktail and take my time getting ready. After my shower, I slipped into a sexy, black lacy thong and sheer black bra which gave me just enough support.

I slipped on a black pencil skirt and very sheer white blouse. The bra I was wearing was very thin...you could easily see my nipples through my sheer bra & blouse.

I unbuttoned my blouse one too many to show off my cleavage which I was quite proud of, slipped on my fuck-off Christian Louboutin red patten heels and let my black, lacy bra show through my beautiful, sheer white blouse.

I have to admit...I looked hot. I had smokey eyes and lined my puffy lips with the perfect understated shade of pink to not override my dramatic eyes.

I left my red, long thick hair down as it always made me feel sexy and confident.

I headed downstairs to meet my incredibly sexy husband. I wanted him to know I could still bring it and wanted to bring it for him.

As I walked in, I could feel eyes in every direction redirect their gaze towards me. Ryan noticed too. He was not a jealous man...in fact I realized he liked that other men were looking at me with desire. A slight grin spread across his face as he watched others watch me.

I met him at the bar and shortly after a gentleman staying at the hotel joined us at the bar. He ordered a drink and I could hear he had an accent but not sure from what region.

I couldn't help but continue to steal glimpses over my shoulder to look at him. He had dark, a bit too long hair, dark eyes, and a little bit of gruff on his sexy face.

He was confident and clearly used to women checking him out as they all were in the bar.

Ryan caught me looking at him. He wasn't upset. Instead he told me how incredibly sexy I looked and he wanted to watch me work it...for myself and him. I was surprised to hear him say this but also incredibly turned on.

I felt sexy and had the perfect Belvedere Buzz working. I turned to the sexy stranger sitting to the left of me, feeling particularly bold, and introduced myself. I introduced Ryan as my long-time friend and we were catching up while I was in town. What I forgot to do was slip off my wedding ring. Another Belevedere martini & some touchy flirting later, Alex, our new friend, asked about my husband. I looked at Ryan & then back at Alex feeling a mixture of embarrassment and caught off guard I just said it: "Ryan is actually my husband," I confessed blushingly. I told Alex we had been married for over a decade and I was just playing around to spice it up. Alex looked at both of us surprised, sat back for a moment, and then sat up again and said, "So you were saying, you & Ryan have been friends for a long time and just catching up? How nice...and it's nice to meet you both."

He was in! I really wasn't expecting that and wasn't sure what Ryan was thinking but our new sexy friend was clearly up for whatever.

Shortly after 3 vodka martinis and no food, I boldly suggested we go upstairs and have a cocktail from our room--because the view was breathtaking. Shockingly, Ryan was first to say "great idea!"

We closed out and headed up to our room on the elevator. A bit of panic kicked in with me. What was Ryan thinking? We had NEVER been down this road--or anything similar--other than just fantasy talk during sex. I turned to Ryan in the elevator and noticed a look in his eyes I had never seen before. I mouthed quietly "are you ok with this?" Ryan just stared at me across the rather large elevator and said nothing but I could see Alex watching all this unfold in the mirrors. Without saying a word, Ryan walked over to me, very commanding, slightly grabbed the back of my head and gently pulled my hair before giving me the slowest, hottest, sexiest kiss I had ever felt in my life. I was already charged but after seeing a side of this man I had been married to more than a decade behave like this--it was over the top. My pussy was so wet--in that moment, I wanted to fuck Ryan more than Alex. Ryan had suddenly taken control of the moment. I hoped he would thank Alex for playing along, dismiss him, then take me back to our room and fuck me with no mercy. But that's not what happened.

Instead, while grabbing my hair and kissing me, Ryan told me "I expect you to be a good girl tonight. You belong to Alex. Don't be rude. Show him what a good girl you can be." I had never seen or heard Ryan speak like this. I literally felt as if I could cum right then and there.

The elevator doors opened and then we all walked to our room. Ryan & Alex stepped outside on our balcony for a bit while I freshened up & had sobered up. I was having second thoughts...freaking out a bit. I walked out of the bathroom and they were both in the room. Without saying a word, hot, sexy Alex gently grabbed me and starting kissing me. I was turned on in a way I had never been and could not believe this was happening.

Ryan made himself a cocktail and then quietly say down in a chair at the foot of the bed so he could comfortably watch his own wife get fucked by another man. The fact I had never done this and clearly my head was spinning turned on Ryan even more. I looked at him for guidance while Alex was kissing my neck. Ryan said to me in a whisper, "remember what I told you...be a good girl for our guest."

Fuck! I was insanely turned on to the point that even though I thought there was a huge chance this would be a bad decision, my wet pussy overrode my mind and all I wanted was Alex's hard cock, which I could feel pressed up against my stomach, inside my tight pussy stretching it out.

Right then, Alex pulled back a little and said, "get down on your knees." He was so demanding, dominating. Without saying I word I did as I was told. He then sat on the bed, reached down, and took off my blouse and bra. Next he said "suck my cock sweet girl." There was nothing more that I wanted than to please Alex in that moment.

I unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his massive cock which nearly sprung out of his pants. He was huge! Long and incredibly thick. He literally could have been a porn star. I just stared at it in shock. He slightly smiled and said "don't be afraid. Open your mouth like a good girl and suck my cock." Which I did. I slid my tongue up and down his massive cock feeling every ridge. I was so turned on that in all honesty, I forgot Ryan was in the room. The taste and feel of Alex's cock was like nothing I had ever experienced. He gently grabbed my hair as I tried to wrap my entire hand around his cock but was unable to. So instead, I reached down to just underneath his balls with one hand and stroked his cock with my mouth and other hand at the same time. The sound of him moaning was so fucking good.

For one moment, I glanced over at Ryan who was watching me with a slight grin on his face. He was not angry or jealous...he was enjoying this. His wife of 11 years, 2 kids, stresses and struggle over money and life in general, simply did not matter. Right now I was his dirty wife on her knees sucking another man's cock and clearly enjoying it.

At that moment, Alex grabbed the back of my head and forced me down on his delicious cock as he came in my mouth, moaning. I just made another man cum with my mouth while my sweet husband sat by and watched.

Alex got up and put his pants back on. He grabbed his jacket and the only thing he said on the way out was "my god your wife can suck a cock, lucky man," and then shut the door behind him.

I just looked up at Ryan, still on my knees and Alex's cum on my lips. Ryan walked over, leaned down, and kissed me tasting my desire for Alex and Alex's cum. Then while I was still down on my knees, Ryan, standing, unbuckled his pants, sat down on the bed and said "suck my cock like a good girl..."

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