tagErotic HorrorWhile She Slept

While She Slept


I watched as you came home from a long shift at work. She greeted you at the door with a kiss, which you returned - albeit reluctantly. I saw the look in your eyes, resigned to yet another dreary day of keeping her occupied and happy. You looked so sad. I wanted to come to you right then and take you away with me. But I had to wait until the time was right. I needed you willing and ready. As you slept I kept watch over you, wanting with every breath to creep in and carry you off to my world. I watched her sleep beside you. So innocent to your feelings. So secure in her world that she never would have known the thoughts that raced through you, wishing she weren't there so you could reach out for the forbidden love I could offer you. The things I could give you that she could not. Just the thought of being with me drove you wild with desire, but all you knew was but a whisper in your ear. You could hear me, feel me, smell me, but you could not touch me. I was but a phantom to you. A dream you could not name. But I waited and bid my time, just holding out until the time was right. And yet still, every time you slept I watched you through the window, whispering the desires in to your mind, the wants in to your loins, and the beats in to your heart.

Day after day, night after night, I watched you struggle with the desires you could only taste but not quench. I watched as you gave to her what I wanted so badly, what I knew you gave only to keep the pain of lust at bay. What you needed to do to keep from going mad. And every time I breathed my longing into your mind you shivered with anticipation. I watched the emotions cross your sleeping features. And it drove me wild beyond my imagination; I burned to touch you. I ached to press my lips against the throbbing pulse of your neck. I hungered to taste the sweat upon your warm soft skin. And every time you touched her to ease the desires that rocked your body I died a little inside. When you looked into her eyes my heart stopped beating a little. My blood ran cold. And all I wanted was to take you, please you, have you as my own.

I walked up to you in the coffee shop. I smiled into your mind. I breathed my name on the wind. You looked up from your book and saw me gazing across the room at you. You smiled in absent recognition. You knew me. But you didn't know how. You felt a wave of longing that threw you. I saw the uncertainty in you. You were afraid. As you gazed around the room I could see you waver. She waited at home, cooking your meals, doing your laundry, cleaning your home, cramping your world. You wanted, and needed, escape. If only for a short while. I whispered your name into the air. And ruffled your hair with the breeze of my breath. And I left it at that. I got up and left. And felt your eyes on me as I passed through the door. And it felt good to leave you hanging with unresolved desire. Burning inside with anticipation of me.

You returned day after day to the same coffee shop. I watched as you looked around the room with each visit, hoping to catch a glimpse of the woman who had tempted you with her gaze. I watched you leave in resignation and walk home with a heavy heart, and a deepening melancholy in your mind. You thought of me with every breath, with every step, with every movement. You dreamt of me. Felt my desire in your soul, smelled my breath with every sip of drink or bite of food, felt the feather touch of me every time I caressed your mind with mine. And I waited until I knew you could stand it no longer. If you didn't find me you would surely rip the skin from your body. And every time she touched you you cringed knowing that she was no longer the one would could quench the raging heat of your needs.

You parked your car outside your house. I sat across the street and watched as you dragged yourself home. Knowing that the time had come. My mind raced with want and need. My skin itched with the longing to touch you. To finally take for myself what I had hungered for for so long. You felt my gaze on your back and you turned to look at me. But you could not see me. It was a phantom touch. But you knew I was there. Felt the blood coursing through my veins. Wanting to feel it course through yours.

I sat just inside your door, crouched in the shadows the corners offered. I whispered your name. Hypnotized you with words meant to make both of you drowsy. Her with sleep. You with need. And I waited until you both went to bed and heard the soft rhythmic breathing of humans in sleep. Then I crept into your bed. Looked over your face as you slumbered. Breathed my name in your ear. And watched as your face softened in recognition. And smiled as you opened your eyes and finally looked right into mine.

You started to speak, but I put my fingers over your lips to shush you. You stirred, and I put my hands on your shoulders to still you. You looked at her beside you and I shook my head and quietly told you that she would not awaken. It was like a spell had been cast upon her that would allow her to sleep innocently beside us. Never knowing the betrayal we both were about to perform. But she continued to slumber peacefully. And you gave yourself up to me in your mind. And I knew I had won.

I touched your lips with mine. I caressed your ears with my teeth and my tongue. I ran my fingers down your neck to the throbbing pulse that beat at its base. And I knew that I you were mine. Even if for just a short time. I took my teeth and bit into the heat of your artery, and drank in the taste of your fiery blood. You throbbed with need and shuddered with desire.

Your body ran hot and fast. I felt you harden. But I could not release you from your want just yet. The time was near. I ran my fingers through the hair on your chest, working my way down to the center of your desire. You reached for me, but I pressed you down. This was my game, you were just to lie there and be played. You lay back and sighed, closed your eyes, and gave into the pleasures that I was performing.

When you thought you could handle it no longer I straddled you and guided you inside me. You gasped at the heat and tightness of me. Thrusting up into me I pushed down on you. You reached for my breasts with your mouth and your hands. And I let you take them to you and suckle as a babe to its mother. And I put my mouth on yours to stifle the moans that threatened to escape.

And as you came close to shuddering fulfillment I made my final move. The move I'd been dreaming of and wanting for for so many weeks. You arched your neck at the exact moment my hunger peaked. As I bit my fangs down into your neck and drank of your life's blood you pumped your life's seed into me. An action of bonding older than time itself.

And as your breath and heart slowed I licked the drops of blood from your neck, savouring the taste of your spent desire. I watched as the life drained from you, and as she slept beside us innocent of time passing. And just as you raggedly exhaled the vapours of your being I leaned over your mouth to return your life's essence to you. And as I watched your breathing return to normal I knew you'd awaken with the taste of me on your tongue, and the memory of what we did. While She Slept.

And the anticipation of when I'd return to you. Sleep well...

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