tagBDSMWhile You Were Away

While You Were Away


Master went away on a trip.

Before he left, he said, "You've been behaving, pet. You may have a present. This weekend, you may come once. If you choose not to, that's fine, but I may not give you a present like this again. If you do come, you must tell me how you did it and exactly what you thought about when you did. If you come and don't tell me, or if I think you're lying, you will not be allowed to sleep in the bed for a week. Understood?"

I nodded quietly, already thinking of what I might do.



When Master returned, he asked if I had used his gift. I told him I had. "What did you do, slave?"

And I handed him this letter:

Dear Master,

while you were gone I tried very hard to be good. I even thought about not using your present, and telling you I didn't deserve it. But I got so hot thinking about you, and what we'd been doing the week before you left.

You remember last Monday night, when you gave me my first enema? God, it made me feel weird and squishy and disgusting and horny all at the same time. I'll never forget the look on your face when you sat me down on the toilet and told me to let it out, and I begged you to wait outside the door. I was so embarrassed! But it was silly of me to ask. Like you said, Master, all of me is filth. What's a little proof now and then? And it felt so good when I let it out that I was ashamed, and then you filled me up with water again! I thought I'd die while you made me wait and fingered my cunt.

And then when you said I could only let it out if I came, and I did and whimpered in pleasure while my ass made those awful squelching noises... I felt so dirty. But then you picked me up and put me in the shower and fucked my ass so slowly and lovingly, and made me come again.

Well, you see, Master, it really turned me on. I'm sure you remember, but afterwards it was really distracting. I kept thinking about it, and not just the next day when I sat down, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I should probably get to the point. This weekend, I set out everything to prepare for Saturday night. I took the big purple dildo and my vibrator and the lube into the bedroom first, and I lubed up the dildo and stuffed it into my cunt. I started thrusting, and it felt amazing, but I didn't want to come yet. Then, I turned the vibrator on and put it on my clit. I let the dildo slip out and then I started lubing up my ass real good with my fingers.

Then I went into the shower, thinking about how nice it was when you fucked my ass there. You remember how we only got that big sillicone cock up my ass that one time? Well, I managed it again, with the hot water streaming down on me and the vibrator busy in my cunt and on my clit. It took a really long time and a lot of lube, but it finally fit. Then I lay on the floor of the shower and turned it and pushed it and rocked on it. It felt like it took forever to come, and it was almost painful when I did, because the orgasm was so strong I sat right up holding the vibrator to my clit and that made the dildo go the farthest up my ass yet! I felt split in two, and it was so amazing.

Not as amazing as if you were there, though. And you wanted to know what I was thinking about when I was doing it. Well, I fantasized about the next time you might, you know. Give me an enema. You know how you did it twice last week? I thought about how you might do it just once to clean me out a little but not enough, and then you might start fucking my still-dirty butt, telling me what a filthy whore you knew I was inside, and how you had seen it before and how you'd see it again.

I imagined you talking so mean to me, Master, so dirty, I'm almost afraid to tell you. But I want to sleep on the bed, and I love you and obey you. So. I thought about you telling me how filthy your little slut was, with a dirty mouth and a cunt so dirty and used that even a shitty ass was cleaner. And then, in my fantasy, you got closer to coming, and you told me what you were going to do. You told me you would do me a real favor and fill up my ass with your jism, and then you'd put the big butt plug in so none would get out, and eventually you'd clean me out that way, like a disgusting filthy piece of gutter trash ought to be. (Told you it was dirty!)

And then you did. But in my head, you didn't stop there. I had only just fit the dildo up my ass in the shower, you see, and I was getting really turned on by the idea of you keeping your cum inside me, that I didn't deserve something so good and clean and so purely you to clean me out because I was such filthy trash. While I worked the dildo in me all slowly, sometimes pulling out for even more lube, I thought about what you might do next.

Master. Oh, god. This is really making me hot writing this but I'm so scared you'll make me do what I thought about. You--- you made me suck your cock, Master. Just after you came inside me. You had washed me out the one time, so it wasn't dirty, but it had still just been inside my butt! And I didn't want to, even in my fantasy, but you wiped your cock on my cheek and told me again how my ass was cleaner than my other holes because I've been such a wanton whore, and that I should suck it clean like the slut I was, not even a whore because whores get paid and I wasn't worth it.

In my head, I did it, Master. I don't know if I could outside of my head, but I thought about it, if your dick would be sticky with cum, if it would taste like my ass, how long you would make me suck it... But then I thought about what you might do after I sucked you and you got hard again, and I got all distracted. Because I imagined you fucking my ass again, Master. Pulling out the butt plug with me on my hands and knees and ramming your cock right in in one thrust because you knew I was fucked and full of your cum, and you pushed so deep inside me, and then you grabbed my hair and weren't gentle at all, you RAMMED me and told me I was a bitch, a foul little bitch who needed to be cleaned, and then you ordered me to hold my asscheeks apart so you could fuck me deeper, and then you shot another hot load into me!

In the shower, I was starting to get close, and I let my fantasy go full-stop. Oh, I'm so ashamed to write this down.

I thought about you staying inside me for a long time, and making me keep my cheeks wide apart so you'd stay real far inside my butt. And that you said, without warning or explaining, "You're welcome, slut," and then I felt warm stingy filling-up feelings, and that I realized you were pissing up my ass! I yelped and begged you to stop, but you told me that this was a gift, and if I didn't want it, you wouldn't put the butt plug in and I'd have to run to the toilet squirting your piss and cum from my filthy asshole because I was an ungrateful little twat.

And then I came. I was embarrassed and hot and my ass was fucked so deep by the purple dildo and I was so turned on thinking about you treating me like that... that I came.

Thank you for your present, Master.


Your slave

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