tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersWhile You Were Away Ch. 02

While You Were Away Ch. 02


I felt like a pig shat in my head. A bastard of a big who stole the moisture from my mouth while he was at it.

My body slowly, groggily, reminded me that this was a hangover. For a moment I hadn't a clue where I was - I had planned to go home last night.

I rolled over to check the time, and it was the jabbing in my ass that reminded me.

Mortified I pulled the plug out of my ass and looked down at my silk covered body - I got instantly hard.

Sam was nowhere to be seen - had he gone to training? Had he woken up and realised what we had done, what I had done and decided to piss off?

I stood up and necked two ibuprofen that were lying on Becky's nightstand. I had a plan. Get dressed, act like nothing happened - Sam would be freaked enough to do that too and I could get out, go home, and die in a hole.

Where the fuck were my clothes?

I was sure I left them on the floor, in front of the mirror. That was where I put the dress on. Shit!

I tried to open Becky's wardrobe but it wouldn't budge - and there was a padlock on the cupboard. Shite. Was he trying to humiliate me, make me ask him for my clothes in this dress, beg him, like a sissy?

Maybe that's what I was.

I tentatively stepped out onto the landing and called his name - no answer. I pushed on his bedroom door and it was locked too.

I traipsed downstairs slowly, where I saw a note blutacked to the front door.

'Gone to training. I've left your clothes in the bathroom - tidy up while I'm gone. Back around four if you're still around. Sam'

Relief washed over me, I could just get my clothes, tidy up the mess and go. It was only noon, I wouldn't have to see him at all.

So I went to the bathroom and looked around and my heart went right back to beating crazy. There were no clothes of mine here - only a black maids outfit hung on the door. It had a white apron, and knee high white stockings hung with it.

Bastard! I scoured the other rooms but couldn't find any trace of my clothes. Not of any men's clothes to leave in - his room and his parent's were both locked.

I still had time to find them. But I knew a way to calm myself down first. I slid Becky's nightie off, and with trembling hands pulled the white stockings up my legs. I pulled on the dress, and zipped it up to the top - it closed with a click.

A click? That was odd. I suspected, but I thought it couldn't be. I tried to unzip it and sure enough the dress was locked on. Backing to the mirror I saw I had accidentally clicked a tiny gold padlock in the shape of a heart closed on the zip.

'Tidy up while I'm gone...'

Maybe this wasn't him being a dick. Maybe he wanted more. Maybe I did. I sat and put my hand on my penis, using the other to rub the material of the maid outfit - and to try to pull the zip down, reminding myself that I was locked in it. Somehow, that was really sexy.

After I came I smiled, knowing that now it was beyond my control I could really enjoy it. And maybe after having used the plug, he could really enjoy me too.

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