The café was my favorite spot to hang out at. The coffee was good and the net access free. I had been coming here now for about three months, every other week at different times. I loved to sit and write my little stories here while having a cup of my favorite flavored brew and eating a doughnut. Like most days it was busy at times, slow at others. I really didn't pay too much attention to what was happening with the other customers, especially when my fingers were busy running with a good train of thought.

A voice in the distance pulled me from my world of imagination. It was sweet and filled with confidence. I looked up toward the sound and I froze in my seat. The woman, young; the hair, a rich dark brown; the skin, alabaster and flawless; the body, slim with gentle curves; the face, elegant with high cheek bones, full lips, perfectly straight nose; the eyes, brilliantly brown and looking straight at me.

Oh-my-god! I looked away and blushed. She saw me looking, staring at her. Well with looks like hers who wouldn't stare.

I kept my head down and my eyes on my computer screen. I dared not look her way again for fear of her catching me gawking at her. I tried to focus on typing my story, but all I could see was her face, the image of her that was burned into my memory.

My mind began to wander away from my writing and to her. What was her name? How old was she? What was her life like? Married, single? Straight, gay or bisexual? What did she smell like, her perfume? What did she taste like? What was it like to kiss her?

She came over and asked if she could join me. She was intrigued and flattered that I was looking at her. My heart was thumping hard in my chest. This had never happened to me before. Girls that look like her didn't look at girls who looked like me.

I am tall and slightly heavier than I should be. My hips are wide and curvy, the 'child bearing' kind and my breasts are lovely, the perfect handful. Curly, raven colored hair and big brown eyes. A good nose, full face and nice lips. I also have that coffee with cream kind of complexion that many found attractive.

We sat and talked for hours. Her name was Jenifer; she was twenty six and a lesbian. She was single and hadn't yet found the right woman to be with. We had so much in common; books, movies, current events, food and so much more.

She asked if I would like to have dinner with her, I boldly stated that we should skip dinner and go straight to a hotel. It was totally out of character for me but being with her made me feel a confidence I had never known.

I smiled when she laughed and agreed. I packed up my computer and followed her out to her car. Once inside, she suggested we forgo the hotel and just go to her place. I whole heartedly agreed.

Our clothes were off as soon as the door was closed. We were on each other, kissing, touching, groping. Her body was beautiful, her breasts, smallish with huge nipples that I was drawn to. I licked, sucked and nibbled them repeatedly. She begged me to do everything harder so I did. I was squeezing her left nipple while biting on her right when it happened.

Her body stiffened and a high pitched wail came from her lips. I knew the signs of a body in orgasm and she had them all. An orgasm from just me playing with her nipples; I could just imagine what would happen if I nibbled her clit and found the g-spot.

I dove right into her pussy, that lovely picture of womanly glory. Her inner lips were large and well pronounced. I had a ball pulling each into my mouth and sucking on them. Her clit was like her nipples—large. It peeked out almost like a tease and I was happy to coax it out all the way. I sucked and lashed it with my tongue. Jen was in heaven, her hips bucking so wildly that I had to hold on.

I slowed and brought her from the brink of her orgasm. She was shouting for me to take her over not dial her back. I smiled and entered her with two fingers. I wiggled them around searching, searching for that golden spot that would do such marvelous things to her.

At the first touch her body jerked. She called out a string of obscenities at me. I grinned and brushed the spot again. Tears formed in her eyes from the sheer strength of the sensations. If her nipples were any kind of indication, then she was super sensitive and it wouldn't take much for her to blow. A few more passes with my finger and she exploded.

I had never been with a squirter before and was pleasantly surprised to learn that she was. Her juices flew straight at my head, drenching my hair, soaking my face; I loved every minute of it.

Jen was tired but tugged at me to crawl up her body. We paused for a kiss and then she pulled me to sit on her face. Her tongue was long, strong and an expert in the art of pleasuring a woman. She worked it inside of me, fucked me to orgasm with it. Then she worked my clit with it and to another shattering orgasm. I rode her face vigorously and she luxuriated in it, pulling me to her mouth tightly, lapping up my spending eagerly.

For the third orgasm, I felt her insert a finger into my anus. By now I was beyond caring what she did as I rode the blissful high she had provided. I fell to the bed exhausted but satisfied beyond words.

"Excuse me," came a voice next to me. I looked up to see a café server looking at me.

Shit, it was all a day dream.

"Yes?" I answered in a slightly annoyed tone.

"Sorry to disturb you but this is from the lady over there," the server said as she handed me another cup of coffee, a slip of paper and her head nodded in the direction of my brown eyed beauty.

This is an original story, copyright by Dru_Druthers. No use without written permission by the author, Dru_Druthers.

Dru_Druthers expresses her sincere thanks to her beta reader who wishes to remain anonymous.

And lastly, a special thank you to two wonderful ladies who also supported me and my work.

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