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Whipping Girl


Tina didn't know what had put her husband into such a bad mood that day. It happened every so often, and she had learned not to ask. It only irritated him more. So she bit her lip and tried her best not to struggle as he worked out his anger, her petite little body shaking as he pounded her.

It wasn't the fact that he was using her like that. Tina actually liked having her asshole filled with her husband's long, thick cock. It made her feel dirty in such a mind-blowing way. It was the contrast between having to be such a respectable role model for her students at school during the day, then coming home and getting bent over a table in the evening and treated like a street corner whore that sparked her excitement. She would often slide a finger between her legs and work her pussy as he took her ass, making herself come multiple times before he was ready to unleash his load. Sometimes he'd come inside her, sometimes on her. She loved it both ways.

On most occasions, when she'd let him do with her whatever he wanted, she would first suck his cock which she also enjoyed very much. Once he was hard, he'd take her pussy... fucking her nice and long and hard before moving on to that last, normally forbidden hole. He'd first work her with his finger, giving her a chance to open up a little before forcing that monster cock into her tight hole. The feeling of being stretched open as he entered her would set her mind and body reeling and he'd often wait for a minute before pushing himself in further.

But that's not how it was tonight. No, Steve had come home and said barely a word, pouring himself a scotch and quickly downing it. He poured another, and silently looked her over across the top of the glass as he drank.

She sensed he was irritated, so she waited quietly for him. She had learned the hard way that it was the best thing for her to do when he was like this... not that it would make things a whole lot easier tonight. She knew what he was going to do with her, and not because she was letting him have his way. No, not tonight. Tonight, he was going to use her with or without her permission.

When he had finished his second drink, he put down the glass and moved towards her. Without a word, he unbuttoned her blouse starting at the top and working his way down. He did it in a slow, deliberate way, never looking up at her. His eyes focused only on his work.

When he finished, he slowly slid it back until it slid off her shoulders revealing her nice tits still covered by her bra. He paused a moment, taking in the sight, then slid it the rest of the way off her arms. Without a pause, he then reached behind her and undid her bra. Again, he let it slowly slide down, his eyes glued to her tits as the became completely exposed to his view. With a quick tug, he pulled it the rest of the way off and threw it to the side. She stood before him with her tits exposed, thrust out, and heaving a little as she breathed nervously.

He took a moment to squeeze them, roughly... not gently. With both hands, he pinched her nipples and rolled them between his thumbs and forefingers. He still didn't look her in the eyes, his head was tilted down and focused only on her exposed tits. Tina's head spun from the sudden stimulation. She felt a little unsteady and swayed slightly towards him, pressing her tits into his strong hands, wanting him to keep doing exactly what he was doing.

It didn't last long, though. "Turn around," he commanded her in a low, steady voice. She felt the power in it and it made her feel even more weak. She didn't think to do anything except obey him, so she turned to face the counter with her back to him. She didn't turn her head to look back. She knew she was supposed to look straight ahead... he had taught her that before...

"Now, take off that skirt," he said in the same rough voice. Tina reached behind and slowly slid down the zipper, then shimmied her way out. It was a very tight skirt and she had to work a little to get it off. She sensed his eyes on her ass as she did, enjoying the little show she was giving him. When she was done, she was standing there still facing the counter wearing only a very skimpy g-string and her spiked heels.

"The panties," he said. "I want you completely naked."

Tina hooked her fingers in the string around her waist and slid them down. She was a natural tease. Without thinking or even realizing what she was doing, she kept her legs straight and bent over at the waist as she took them off, giving him a sexy view of her now exposed pussy and asshole.

She stood back up, still not turning around to look at him. She heard him move towards her, then a moment later felt his hot breath next to her ear. "Lean forward, slut," he whispered to her. "Put your hands on that counter and don't take them off."

Tina again obeyed. She bent forward and grabbed the edge of the cold marble. With those heels on, she knew that her ass was now sticking up very nicely for his view. She also knew that it put her at just the right height, making herself completely available for her much taller husband to take her from behind.

Aside from when he had taken off her shirt and bra minutes before, the next time he touched her was the slap on her ass. This was not a playful slap. It was sudden and hard. She had probably known it was coming, but it still took her by surprise. An involuntary, "AAAHH!" escaped from deep inside her.

She felt his hand still resting on her where he had spanked her. Her skin burned in that spot, but she also felt the heat rise in her face. It shamed her to be treated like this. But, even more, it shamed her to like this punishment as much as she did. She didn't understand exactly why he did it, but she knew that it involved taking out on her whatever anger he had brought home. She responded by sticking her ass out a little more, inviting him to vent all his frustrations on her.

Steve grabbed her ass with his fingers and roughly squeezed her flesh, pulling her open as he did. She knew that his eyes were focused on her tight asshole and pussy that he exposed to his view. She felt both dominated and vulnerable. He could easily do with her anything he wanted.

The sound of him unbuckling his belt, then unzipping his pants was the next thing she heard. He did it with one hand, keeping the other in the same place on her ass. It was as if he was giving her a strong reminder to do as she had been told and not move. Tina understood and remembered. She didn't move or turn around, even though she had a nearly irresistible urge to see her husband's hard cock as he slid off his pants.

"Now remember, don't take your hands off that counter. Do you understand?" he asked her. Tina nodded her head... but that wasn't a good enough answer. Another hard slap landed in nearly the same spot on her ass, making it burn even hotter. "I couldn't hear you!" he almost growled. "Do you understand?"

"Yes!" she said in a trembling, breathless voice. "I understand." Her unsteady voice revealed to both of them just how excited she had become. Her heart was pounding and she could feel the juices from her pussy start to run down along the inside of her thigh. Her nipples were rock hard, partly from the rough treatment they had received a short time earlier, but mostly from her own excitement building inside of her. She wanted to reach up and touch them herself, knowing how good it would feel, but she fought off the urge and kept her hands where she had been told to keep them.

"Now, spread open those legs, slut," he demanded. Tina did, spreading herself open for him. Another hard slap to her ass told her that she hadn't done it right, though. "WIDER!" he said in a louder voice. "Spread those legs wider for me!" He landed another spank to emphasize his point.

Tina obeyed, pushing her legs far apart and stretching herself open. She felt the cool air on her ass and pussy and knew that she was now fully exposed for him to see...ready to take his hard cock whenever he wanted to give it to her. She bent her arms a little more, bending forward until her nipples barely grazed the counter, and arched her back a little further. She knew what he wanted to see and she shamelessly made sure to display herself for him the best that she could.

It was at times like this when she was right in the middle of her kitchen, completely naked except for the heels that she wore and spread wide open and exposed to the man standing behind her that she reveled in behaving like such a slut. Once in a while (today being one of them), her mind would temporarily wander back to those teenage boys at her high school and it would make her excitement grow to new heights as she imagined how they'd react if they could see their senior English teacher in this position. Or, on other occasions, she'd think how Principal Teller loved to sneak glances down her shirt and wondered what he'd do if he found her in this position in his office. All of them would probably be very surprised at what a slut she had turned into... or maybe they already suspected the truth... but what she knew for sure was that they'd all be eager to fuck her.

Another hard slap to her ass was followed quickly by her husband grabbing her by the hair. It instantly drove all other thoughts from her mind. He used her hair to pull her head up and back, then leaning in to whisper to her. This time, as he did, she felt his rock hard cock slide up against her ass. "Now, I'm going to fuck you just exactly how I want, do you understand me, slut?"

This time, Tina answered properly even though she would have loved to have her ass spanked again. It stung so nicely. "Yes," she said in a strained voice. "Do it however you want."

He let go of her hair and instead grabbed her ass with both hands, spreading her wider open. A moment later, she felt him lean forward and heard him spit onto her asshole. He rubbed it around with his finger, then spit again to make sure she was nice and wet. If there had been any doubt left about what he was going to do, that was all gone now. Tina prepared herself, trying to relax so that she would be ready for his cock.

A moment later, she felt it press against her puckered opening. In a very natural reaction, she squeezed herself closed tighter, instinctively trying to prevent that object from entering her there. A moment later, and she knew that it was a mistake. Another slap landed on her upturned ass. "Don't you fight me," he ordered her. "I told you I was going to take you just how I liked. Now, give me your asshole."

Tina loosened her muscles as he once again pushed into her. It was much harder to take it this way without any other foreplay or sex to prepare her, but she knew there was no use resisting. As the head of his cock entered her, she let out a loud squeal of pain. "Oooh! OOOOHH! OOOOOOHHHH!" It hurt at first, like a searing iron had been rammed inside of her, but the pain passed fairly quickly as she adjusted to the object that invaded her.

She was rewarded with the first kind words of the night. "That's it," he whispered to her, holding his cock in that same position without trying to push in deeper. "Take that cock up that tight ass. Let it in. Let me fuck your dirty little asshole. Such a good little whore."

Tina's body had tensed up all over from that initial push inside, but now started to relax again. She felt the muscles around the ring of her asshole loosen up ever so slightly as her body accepted the feeling of being filled from behind.

Then, it all hit her again as he grabbed onto her hips and started pushing himself deeper inside. He had probably only gone a couple inches more before her body again responded on it's own. Her ass muscles clenched down, preventing him from going any further.

"Slap!" This time, the effect of the spanking she received made her instantly unclench her muscles and, as a result, she felt him shove his cock even deeper inside her. This cycle repeated several more times, Tina getting spanked for not letting him push deeper then loosening herself which resulted in getting her ass filled with a little more of that relentless cock... then getting spanked again when she misbehaved and didn't take it all at once.

It didn't take that much longer, though, until she finally felt his stomach and legs press into her and she knew that she'd taken all of him. "OH fuck, YES!" she groaned, feeling like she had achieved a great goal by letting him fill her so fully.

Her husband held himself there for a moment, then once again leaned forward. "Beg for it," he whispered to her. "Beg me to fuck you."

It took no more urging for Tina. She willingly responded. "Yes, please do it. Please! I want it so bad. I want it nice and hard!"

"Do what?" he asked her, tauntingly. "What do you want, little slut?"

Now Tina disregarded her earlier instructions and turned her head to look back, but not into her husband's eyes. She didn't want to see him... she wanted to take in the sight of her tight ass filled up by that hard, fucking cock. "I want fucked," she said forcefully. "I want you to fuck my ass with that big hard cock!"

She kept watching as her husband slowly slid himself out, then pushed back in again. She still felt how he had to force himself. She hadn't loosened up all the way quite yet. "Yes, that's what I want," she groaned. "That's it. Keep doing it. I'm not your wife anymore. I'm just a dirty little whore! Now fuck me the way I deserve to get fucked."

Tina felt his hands grab tighter onto her hips, pushing her forward and away from him as he slid out then pulling her back onto him as he rammed himself back inside. "Like that?" he asked as he fucked her, going a little faster and harder with each thrust until he reached a nice steady rhythm. "Is that what you want, you fucking little bitch? You want my hard cock fucking you in the ass? You're such a dirty little girl. So nasty. You like it when a man rams your tight little asshole?"

And now, Tina broke another of the rules. She couldn't resist moving one hand off of the counter and sliding it between her legs. Her pussy hadn't been touched tonight, and she wanted to play with her clit so badly that it ached. She found it, just as her husband noticed what she was doing. The stimulation was so exciting that she immediately got goose bumps all over her body. She trembled, bit her lip, and gave herself completely over to the sexual depravity that had taken over her mind and body.

He spanked her as he fucked her, telling her what a dirty girl she was. "It's not enough that you like taking it in the ass? You also need to play with your pussy while getting fucked, trying to get yourself off? You dirty little slut. I'm going to make sure that you pay for behaving so badly!"

Similar to the way that his cock probed a dark, forbidden place deep inside her body, the sting of his hand spanking her ass stimulated a place deep inside her head. She was no longer a wife... no longer being treated with any kind of respect. Instead, she was just a naughty little whore, getting spanked while having a thick cock rammed up her tight, willing ass. She loved it... and that's what made her realize just how badly she was behaving. Only the dirtiest of sluts would like it this way.... but she was one of them. She knew that she deserved exactly what she was getting.

He pulled her away from the counter now and, without pulling out of her, pushed her forward... down onto the floor. He straddled and squatted over her, putting a hand on the back of her neck to push her face against the floor. Then, grabbing her by the hips, he pulled her ass up high in the air to give him the best angle to pound his cock straight down into her. "Now stay just like that. Stay like that and don't move," he warned her. "I'm going to fuck that tight little asshole until I come all over you!"

Tina heard him, but only barely. She still had her hand between her legs and she was rubbing her clit just right so that she knew she was ready to come very soon. The combination of the fullness she felt in her ass, the submissive position she was in, and the stimulation to her clit swirled wildly in her head.

With her face pressed sideways to the cool floor while getting pounded, Tina closed her eyes now and felt her orgasm begin to approach, like a rising tide that would soon wash over her. She pulled her knees in a little closer, shoved her ass a little higher into the air. Panting, squealing, and moaning, she rubbed herself faster and faster. Her mind became completely blank, able to focus only on a tension building to a crescendo that now burst out like an explosion. With one last squeal of delight, she spiraled over the edge in an incredible, wild, orgasm.

Clamping her legs closed tightly over her hand as she came, she pressed her fingers into her clit as if it were a button that she never wanted to release. Her hips jerked and bucked, her body acting completely on its own, and, as it did, she impaled herself back onto the cock that still pounded into her ass.

Tina's orgasm was the trigger for Steve's as well. He felt his balls start to tense up and as they did he pounded into her harder than ever, trying to force himself just a little deeper inside. His balls tightened more and his cock swelled even larger. From deep down, he felt a spasm as the climactic release that he wanted so badly began pumping out of his rock hard cock.

Tina sensed it was time and, in a growl more than a voice, she urged him on. "Yes! Yes, do it. Fuck it. Fuck it hard! DON'T STOP! SHOOT YOUR COME INSIDE THAT TIGHT ASSHOOOOLLLLE!!!!!!"

With one last thrust that hammered Tina even harder into the floor, he buried himself to the hilt, a giant load of come erupting from his cock and flooding her ass. "OOOHHH FUUUCKKKK YEEEESSSSS!" he growled as he came. He kept himself buried deep inside at first then pulled out a little and rammed back into her several more times, shooting more of his hot seed inside her with each thrust. Tina's body shook as he pounded into her, grunts of delight and approval forced from her mouth as he rammed down into her.

When he was finally finished, both of them collapsed to the floor. Steve kept his cock inside her as they both drifted to far away places. Their panting eventually slowed and as it did, they returned back to reality. Steve was now gentle, caressing his wife's hair and body, relishing the feel of her flesh. Tina, for her part, simply pressed herself back into her husband's body. It felt so good to feel him next to her.

After a bit, Steve pulled out of his wife. His cock was not soft, but not fully hard anymore either. He stood up and, as he did, Tina turned towards him and kissed his cock. She looked up at him and smiled as she did. "Did that make you feel better?" she asked.

Steve nodded. "Oh yes," he assured her. "Much better. That was exactly what I needed."

Tina kissed his cock again, then opened her mouth ever so slightly. She leaned forward just enough to let the still bulging head into her mouth, the sensitive underside sliding gently over her wet tongue while her teeth scraped ever so lightly over the top. She bobbed up and down in very small motions, looking up at him as she did, making sure that he was watching her gently suck his cock.

Pulling herself free, Tina smiled. "Is that really all you needed?" she asked with a devious little smile, his cock nearly brushing her lips as she spoke. "There's nothing else that you might want to do?" She again took only the tip of his cock in her mouth, still looking up at him as she did. She felt how he was growing harder by the second. As she lightly sucked on him, her hand slid down between her legs, once again rubbing her wet, sensitive clit.

The happier look that had come over him instantly disappeared. She saw his eyes darken into the same look that he'd had earlier. A moment later, Tina felt his hands on the back of her head pulling her down onto him. His cock pushed deeply into her mouth until it finally hit the back of her throat. When it did, Tina's eyes opened wide and she gagged.

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