tagBDSMWhips and Chains

Whips and Chains


"I really hope you like leather dear. I'm going to start gentle; slow. I'm going to make it painful at first."

Chris slowly made his way over to Anna and cut open her shirt with a knife; exposing the smooth skin of her breasts and stomach. The tense sweat glistening in the sun light that crept through large bay windows in the penthouse apartment that overlooked the city.

"Now why would you do something like that Chris? Why would you torture me like that?"

"Because it's what you want."

He slowly leaned in and began to nibble on her ear; casually making his way down to the nape of her neck. He kissed gently across her collar bone while raking his nails lightly over the skin on her back. Just enough to leave marks...but not enough to draw blood. That would come later.

He reached to the sheath on his hip and slowly takes the knife from its' confining home. Softly he ran the tip of the blade across her breasts, reveling in the soft moan that escaped Anna's throat. Quickly and cautiously he slid the knife between her ample breasts and cut the front of her bra, freeing two of the most perfect breasts in the world. Anna's nipples stood abruptly at attention in the combination of the excitement and the chill of the AC.

He began to nibble at each nipple, not hard enough to hurt, but with just enough pressure to send tingles up and down her spine; enough to make her squirm against the leather straps that bound her. He used his free hand to work his way down the front of her stomach; down the front of pants; into her panties to find a nicely swollen clit with his fingers. He began to roll her clit between his fingers, softly at first, then with slightly increasing pressure. At the same time, he bit into her nipples and ran his nails down her back leaving welts that would burn later. He knew he would hear about it too.

After a few moments, Anna began shaking and moaning. Chris let this go on for a few minutes knowing that she was close to her first orgasm. Just before the start of her release; he stopped, knowing that it would just make things that much better when he started again.

"You are such an asshole Chris. I can't believe you would do something like that."

With a smirk on his face he brought the knife back out and teasingly ran it across her stomach. He used it to cut down the seams of her pants. The knife ripped through the denim of her jeans with ease. Like cutting butter with a hot knife. When he finished; she was left standing there in all of her beauty, tied up in only a lacey black thong.

He dropped to his knees and began to nibble at her inner thighs...the whole time he could smell the sweet juices that were building up within her. 'That right there is the scent of heaven' he thought to himself as he worked his way closer to her magnificent pussy.

Distracted with the biting on her inner thighs, she didn't even notice when Chris used the knife to cut away her thong with two swift strokes.

There it was. With juices glistening in the sun that fell through the curtains of the French doors. The doors that led out to the roof of the Manhattan apartment building where their apartment was.

He bit his way up her thigh to what was until just moments ago, her panty line. He kissed and licked back and forth across that line for a few seconds before working his way over her swollen clit. He licked his lips with anticipation just before he took her whole clit into his mouth. He sucked on it, gently at first, then a little bit harder as the moments passed. Sucking on it and rolling it across the stainless steel barbell in his tongue.

He worked the top ball of his tongue ring under her hood and slowly raked his teeth across the top of her swollen clit. He then worked his tongue down between her full glistening pussy lips; lapping up every drop, taking care not to miss any; indulging in the heavenly taste and aroma of her juices.

Her moans grew more frequent and closer together. Her body writhed with pleasure making it hard for Chris to taste her.

Moments quickly turned to minutes. His jaw began getting sore, but he didn't care. He was after one thing. Make her cum. To feel the sweet warm juices run down the back of his throat, to taste all of her. With the way she was shaking it wouldn't be too long. To help her along he took one of his hands and reached as far up her back as he could. He buried his fingernails as far into her back as he could get them and slowly drug them down.

She arched her back and bucked her hips. He had to use his other hand to hold her in place so that he didn't lose that beautiful pussy for a moment of time. All at once he took her clit back into his mouth and sucked it firmly.

That's all it took. The combination of his nails in her back and her clit in his mouth was enough to send her into an intense orgasm. He struggled to keep her clit in his mouth. He wanted to taste it all but she just wouldn't hold still. So he had to improvise; he took two fingers of his left hand and buried them deep into her pussy to help keep her in place.

After a few moments the orgasm stopped and her body went limp; hanging there from the straps in the door way. She was shaking, and weak, and breathed heavily...but she had never been more satisfied in an orgasm.

"Well now that it's done...now I'm going to take you somewhere and fuck you senseless. I'm tired of being nice. This is going to be rough."

Through heavy gasps all she could say was,"It's about time that you fucked me baby."

He bent down and began to untie her ankle straps from the doorway, then rose to untie her wrist straps from the doorway. He grabbed her wrist straps in one hand and led her into the back bedroom.

The room looked like all it had ever been used for is sex. There were dildos, chains, leather straps and whips everywhere you looked. Chris led Anna over to what looked to be a very comfortable bed and threw her on to it. Chris proceeded to tie her up once more, one strap to each corner of the bed.

He made sure to make it tight this time. He didn't need her squirming around this time.

He stood at the edge of the bed and began to remove his clothes. First his shirt, revealing a cut, swimmer like build. Then his pants, he wasn't wearing underwear that day. He dropped his pants to reveal 7 inches of hard cock.

Anna wanted every inch of it inside of her and she wanted it right then. She wanted him to bury his cock balls deep and she wanted it to be rough. Anna wanted him to fuck her senseless

Chris climbed onto the bed and settled himself between her legs. His cock brushed up against her pussy lips. He waited a few moments to let the anticipation and the yearning build as he slowly slid the tip of his cock up and down her throbbing pussy lips.

Anna couldn't take it anymore. If Chris hadn't tied her down she would have raped him right there on the spot. But she was helpless, all she could do is moan and beg.

"Please stop teasing me Chris, I can't take it anymore. Just fuck me. NOW!"

He only smirked. The moment she dropped her head is when he began. Just like he had said, it wasn't nice and it definitely not gentle. He lined up and buried himself balls deep into her pussy without warning. She gasped with a mixture of surprise and pleasure. It's just what she had wanted.

He picked up an incredible rhythm from the start. Hard and fast, just like he had said. So hard that the slapping noises of skin on skin could be heard throughout the penthouse apartment. He slammed hard and deep into her time after time, pulling back so that just the tip is inside and then rammed it home, stretching the back wall of her pussy each time.

After only a few moments of this intense pace they both began sweating, Chris from the incredible pace; and Anna from the sheer amount of pleasure that she was feeling. Their bodies were put off an incredible amount of heat in just a short time. So much that even in the spring weather, with the A/C on, the bedroom windows began to fog up.

The screams that escaped Anna's lips were like fuel for him. Chris went wide eyed and determination set in. He fucked her with everything he had. Over and over again he slammed into the back of her pussy. He was going at it so hard he couldn't count how many times she came; he just knew that she did.

All at once he stopped. Just pulled out, climbed out of bed and grabbed a towel to wipe himself off.

He started to untie the straps. All four of them, then he rolled her onto her stomach and tied her back down. Giving just enough slack for her to be on her hands and knees. Chris crawled up behind Anna and admired everything from a new perspective. The nice round ass, the beautiful pussy lips that had turned red from the abuse they had taken; just admiring everything that god had given her.

He was suddenly struck with an idea. He untied just Anna's right hand. On his way back to the bed he grabbed something off the table before returning to his position behind her.

Ann couldn't see what he was doing or what it was he had in his hands, but she knew he was setting something up. All at once Chris slid back into her pussy. But it wasn't rough that time. It confused her. Then she felt a short, thick object pushed into her ass. There was a click and then it began to hum and vibrate. Now she had what she assumed to be a vibrating egg in her ass...and his thick hard cock in her pussy.

He started back up slow, like he was getting used to the new sensation. After a few strokes he resumed his same breakneck tempo he had used before. Even in that position he was big enough to hit the back of her pussy.

She didn't know whether to scream or whimper. It was unlike anything she had ever felt; his cock in her pussy and a vibrator in her ass. Chris continued to mercilessly pound away at her pussy; non-stop. For what seemed to be an eternity; he was behind her abusing her pussy. Even there she came; once, maybe twice, she couldn't tell anymore, neither of them could.

Once again he stopped...just pulled out, but that vibrator was still inside her. For now anyway; then there was a click, and she could feel the egg being pulled out. He did it slow to, so that she felt every little bit come out; asshole.

He cast it aside and she heard it hit the floor somewhere. Then she was filled again. This time his cock was in her. Chris stuffed her asshole to the brim with his cock. Anna's one free hand clutched her breasts; then she slid it down to her clit and began to rub.

Chris had figured that her having one free hand would let him concentrate on the task at hand instead of having to play with her clit and fuck her at the same time.

Anna started shaking again. Even in her ass Chris could feel her pussy clenching as the combination of his cock and her hand had her coming again.

Now Chris was getting to the point where he could take it no longer. He didn't want to come yet, but he had no choice. He just didn't know what to do with the mess that was about to happen. He had his choices....on her, in her, on the sheets...he just couldn't choose. So he made her do it.

"Where do you want it? In you, or on you?"

"I want in my ass...deep in my ass."

That was all he needed to hear. One last ditch effort at a reckless pace and it happened. He exploded inside of her asshole, the tightness milking every last drop from his cock. Chris's eyes rolled back and he had trouble staying on his knees. When he had finished; they collapsed together on the bed and just lay there for a moment, exhausted.

He kissed at the back of her neck for a few minutes, and then sank his teeth hard into the nape of her neck to get one last gasp...just another day at work.

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