tagLoving WivesWhispering Without A Word

Whispering Without A Word


An excited atmosphere filled the arrival lounge as so many of the passengers who had recently arrived via plane less then thirty minutes before finally appeared.

As he glanced upon each he noticed how rejuvenated and tanned so many looked, as if they never wished to return from their vacations. As each of the passengers passed laden with luggage walked past him he wondered if her short vacation had been as wonderfully relaxing as she had hoped. He knew her trip would have been long, so he had booked into the only hotel at the airport which was the Hilton, he knew perhaps by instinct that she would adore the chance of relaxing and unwinding without having to travel for hours by train towards home.

As the endless stream of passengers continued within moments his eyes had found her, he slowly moved towards the front of the waiting crowd and gestured so she might notice him. A smile came across her lips as she moved towards him, and as they approached one another they greeted each other with a long cuddle. With her luggage in his hands they walked away from the arrivals area, and he enquired into how her trip had been, her smiled and was about to reply but only seductively winked which only added to the mystery.

Within minutes they were walking along the corridor towards the hotel room, and she a little taken back and yet so truly pleased with the thought of relaxing after her long flight, she naturally realised that if it was anyone else she would have been in completely surprise, but knew that her caring cuckold would have been thinking of this since the moment she had left.

Once in the privacy of the room, she caressed his head and softly kiss his cheek and whispered into his ear how she had missed him, how even under the hot Spanish sun, and the sexy Spanish moon something in her life, something she needed was missing when he wasn't there to take care of her in his loving attentive way as her cuckold.

He looked into her eyes and she smiled once more, bringing him close to her breast, the scent of passion delight and sex still lingered upon her clothes. As the moments passed she slowly unbuttoned his shirt, and together with his help he soon was naked before her. She stepped back and smiled whispering that he was exactly the way she remembered him. She had seen so much of her lovers' bodies over the last week, and seeing her cuckold nude before her allowed her to compare and add a little something extra to the memory of her holiday.

Slowly she sat and gestured him closer and proceeded to unbutton her blouse whilst reaching toward him to draw his head softly towards her breast. The gentle feeling of his softly shaved cheeks tasting and soon the sensation of licking her skin brought back fond memories of the many times he had been with her. As he licked a mixture of tastes greeted his tongue, the hot taste of her sweat mixed with the foreign yet natural taste of sperm that centred on the tips of her nipples.

As he tasted and recognised the sensation, he felt so pleased and content knowing her vacation must have been truly wonderful, although he had never expected or dreamed that she might of enjoyed a final intense passionate fuck maybe hours before her flight home.

As he continued he softly licked every inch of her breasts which were now fully exposed from her blouse, his tongue softly reaching towards her arms which held him close to her. Her hands stroked his hair as she encouraged his lips to continue delicately tasting her body which he had so missed, licking the sweat of sexual fever which she had so enjoyed releasing only hours before.

As his tongue danced across her skin his balls soon found their way into her hand and softly rested in her palm, she always felt such a warm feeling of content as she gently grasped them, massing and rolling them in her hands, as if it were a loving way of showing how she cared for him. Often she might tease him, dancing and guiding them between her fingers in time with his tongue that danced against her skin.

Whilst those balls gently danced in her palm, she could feeling their every response, their shape and smallness in comparison to her many of her lovers, and how they tighten to her touch whilst softly released. As she touched him in that close sensual way, they cuddled, enjoying the moment, and loving the affection which was given so meaningfully and naturally without a hint of it being tainted by sexual desire.

She found true comfort in knowing him truly so well, the bond they shared which allowed him to become her cuckold let her to truly know him in ways she found she couldn't always connect with other men. As with each time they were together she softly took his hand in hers and placed it at this point upon his cock, keeping him close his soft skin against hers….encouraging him to softly stroke himself, in time with her hand. She wanted it to last, to make it so meaningful to make up for all the time she was away, and yet equally she knew she needed to help him release everydrop from the balls she caressed, knowing only once totally empty would he be ready to truly bond with her as her cuckold in such a deep way by taking him the juice of her sex, and making them part of him.

Within minutes the speed of her hand increased as the pressure of her hand on her balls, from a soft stroke to an intense passionate tug. Her palm wet and lubricated with moisture from her mouth softly yet intensely began to squeeze on his sac, adding weight with her hand to intensify the feeling and stimulation.

Moments later the hand on his cock began to move with feverish speed….the other hand now releasing his balls reached towards a nearby tissue, lovingly wrapping it around his cock whilst the other furiously wanked him towards complety release.

As the moment arrived she cuddled him close and looked lovingly into his eyes and whispered "yes my sweet, that is it, you can do it…you can get every bit of it out for me, do it for me…."

The encouragement only added to her loving cuckolds excitement the first of his sperm shooting innocently into the tissue with the majority dribbling out watery. This, she knew, was to be expected and was something she enjoyed, she passionately loved the way her lovers could release and shoot such think creamy spunk, yet experiencing the opposite from her loving cuckold was a enriching and rewarding experience as his five inches released everything he had.

For most men she knew well that they would be quickly spent after release, and her gentle cuckold was no different, but her hand did not stop its constant stroke against him. That was why she so loved the affection they shared , since at this moment when her cuckolds instinct was to truly only to stop and rest to recover, she knew they could lovingly continue to empty every drop from him, and for both of them to know it was truly an act of meaningful affection.

Once content that he was truly spent and empty, her hand reached towards his cheek to caress him gently whilst her other hand deposited the moist tissue with his spent seed which had been held against his cock directly into the nearby wastepaper bin. She held him to her, knowing how out of breath and vulnerable he was at that moment, and how she now could return his strength and make him complete by sharing with him the beauty of her sex.

As the afternoon quickly turned to evening she laid nude across on the bed, feeling the warm summers breeze gently blow across her skin whilst staring at the evening sky, twilight drew ever closer, the stars softly glowed in the summers sky, and she loved the moon on a cloudless night.

The bed she now laid nude upon was truly a delight, so large and spacious with long poles at each side, which only added a special historic feeling to such a cultured and luxurious room. As the soft breeze continued her nipples stood at end whilst the soft body of her loving cuckold knelt at the foot of the bed, stroking and caressing her inner thighs.

His tongue softly circled against each of her inner thighs, his eyes shut and being guided only by her warmth and the taste of her sex as his tongued caressed against each her skin. A slow dance soon followed centred against the soft outer wet lips of her cunt, each tender movement circling guiding over ever fold and curve of them. The soreness of her cunt truly added to his happiness as his eyes opened and glanced upon the soft skin he licked, knowing that she had truly had a passionate time on her vacation.

As the minutes passed the soft and shaved outer lips of her cunt moist with the wetness of his adoring tongue. Her clitoris throbbed as his hands reached towards her, fingertips instinctively moving towards her, to part those outer lips which now glistening in both the moisture of his tongue as well as the soft candlelight which bathed the room.

The lips of her cunt willingly opened, the passion and hunger of his tongue was soon greeted by the lust and heat of her moist inner cunt, which once opened exposed the her feminine essence,

A tingle of delight shot through her spine, and her body instantly responded by arching the clef of her back whilst releasing a soft pleasurable audible moan from her lips. He smiled as his lips reached close to her skin, feeling both so wonderful and yet so honoured to have brought such pleasure to her. His eyes returned to the moistness and heat of her inner cunt, and his tongue softly caressed her moist inner lips.

Those lips so often hidden now were gently between his lips and softly being sucked upon. His tongue purposely did not instantaneously reach towards her clitoris which by this point throbbed and openly showed its need for sexual attention, he knew this was a special and meaningful ritual and pleasure for them to share, a true celebration of her sexuality and pleasure, which made an essential part of the lifestyle they share..

Her cunt which was initially so sore when he began to carress it was now coated in a bed of soothing warm moisture from his lips, which felt so wonderfully cool as the breeze slipped upon it.

Once the soft inner lips of her moist cunt had been gently and deeply sucked he placed his lips over the true moist opening of her cunt, the heat guiding him towards it and once there her cuckolds lips instinctively sealed his lips around her moist opening until the seal was truly air tight.

Once achieved his tongue began to circle and spiral its way within. The walls of her hot inner cunt greeted him as her juices flowed ever downwards, the potent taste of warm sperm once more slipped to his mouth, this time in a greater intensity…as his tongue continued its dance. As she laid, eyes shut her muscles naturally releaxed.and the rich taste of sperm mixed with her own juices flowed naturally into his mouth and down the throat which he now kept open.

The juices of sex which she released from deep within her never say the light of day as they flowed seamlessly from the hot inner depths of her pussy, into the warm comfort of his soft plump tummy. There they found a soft moist place to mingle inside him, so the magic of the sex she had enjoyed earlier that morning before her flight could continue...As the sperm of her lover mixed ever more readily into her own juice inside her cuckold.

Minutes later his lips began to release from her and her well sucked cunt, and he began to lick in a truly different manner, she could only recognize it as in the same way a cat drinks milk or perhaps how the cat licks the bowl clean of cream. As she lay there feeling so wonderful her body and cunt throbbed and glowed. She opened her eyes feeling sure that the moment had arrived where her cuckold would now reach towards her clitoris but a smile curled her lips as she realised how loving and attentive her cuckold truly was as she felt his tongue reached towards her anus.

His tongue softly began probe her bottom to ensure it was free of the juices of sex which so often found their way deep into her bottom during anal sex.

She knew today she had not enjoyed anal sex, yet the feeling of his tongue delicately skirting along her anal rim only added to the pleasure she knew was about to arrive.

And that moment soon arrived, as she knew the feeling of his lips as they began to softly seal to her clitoris and draw it deeply into his waiting mouth. If this was not enough she soon felt the wonderful sensation of his tongue flicking feverishly against her clitoris which was deep inside his mouth being sucked like a nipple. Wave upon wave of pleasure slipped across her body in ever increasing magnitude causing her body to move unconsciously in unison to the dance of his tongue.

Orgasm upon orgasm greeted her body whilst the intensity of his feverish licking only hightened. An uncontrollable fit of passion filled her as her thighs grasped at his head as she moved from side to side as the final orgasm rose from her spine to her nipples…whilst leaving her toes curled and tingling.

They lay there for sometime, the soft body of her cuckold gently caressing her legs as they breathed in unison. She soon gestured him to lay beside her and once there stroked his soft receding hairline, whilst staring into his eyes. Her hand slipped so one gently across his skin and caressed one of his nipples whilst cupping one of his small breasts, before rolling down to softly stroke and squeeze his plump tummy. Her other hand returned to its original destination, cupping his balls which now hanged low and almost lifeless in her hand. She smiled loving the thought of knowing she had truly emptied and found herself almost giggling as she kissed his cheeks smelling herself and her lover on his breath…knowing the balls she held were so empty of sperm, yet the tummy she held was so full of the juices of her sex and the sperm of her lover.

She looked into his eyes softly kissed his cheek lovingly knowing this was a special moment…and soon whispered the last words of the evening

"Thank you my sweet darling cuckold," before cuddling close to him to sleep the night away.

(The end)

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