{Now don't go panic, I am a guy. And yep, this really IS about a couple of lesbiens. Well, and me. I used this catagory because no other seemed to fit. The fact is, this one doesn't fit, either.}

Anybody who has ever had the chance to play up on stage in a band will probably understand when I say very often we get to take our pick of what is available.

Not that I was any fucking star or anything, I had my guitar and the obligatory long flowing hair, and I was very good at pretending to play the thing when the rest of the guys took off on some tune I didn't know.

Oh, I could play some, I had maybe 15 or 20 tunes down pat and I could get right around the neck of the old thing.

But most of the time I sat on a bar stool up there by myself when performing, and sang while adding a bit of noise to the background.

I had been asked to fill in for one of the regulars that came down with some kind of creeping crud, guess he was really sick too. They had hoses stuck in him at the hospital so I got a few week's work.

The band called themselves Expansion, loud rock, I was a Country style, so you get the idea. In the town I was from there were probably only a half dozen other guitars, and they were in closets getting dusty.

Yep, the job was mine.

Being barely 25, I was having fun, getting laid regular as clockwork and never by the same gal twice.

There was this one gal that came in from time to time, she was a bit of a fox. I put the hit on her and got shot down so fast I just tucked my tail and went back to work.

Confused a little but what the fuck. I even went into the john and blew in a cup, sniffing deep. Naw, wasn't that. I did put a spot of Old Spice under my armpits just in case.

We were halfway through the next set, banging out a barroom version of "Evil Ways" when I saw the older lady come in. She had a severe crewcut and was wearing jeans and a levi shirt.

Sure enough, she plopped down right next to the dark haired little fox at the bar.

"No fucking wonder!" I thought, and promptly forgot all about them.

I did glance over there once in awhile, the two of them simply sat and talked, not a thing out of the ordinary. They left holding hands.

It was about a week later, I was buying some odds and ends for my little apartment when I looked up and here was the younger gal.

Still a complete fox, no shit about that. I smiled, she looked at me oddly, then recognition came over her face.

"You are in the band at Tommy's bar, aren't you?"

"Yea, I am on guitar."

"You guys are really good!"

I blushed, thinking of my best hot licks on my instrument were when the sound was shut off.

"Thanks." I presented my side, trying to slip away.

Hell, I heard rumors about women like her, her boyfri..I mean girlfriend was likely to cut me up and hide the pieces.

She was having none of that.

"I'm Karen." she held out her hand.

"Dan." I shook her hand and then let go, she hung on for a second longer than I liked.

I finally got loose from her after a bit more small talk, and headed home.

That night I looked up and sure enough, there was Karen sitting on the bar stool closest to the stage. Every time I looked over at her she would smile or wave her hand like she fucking knew me or something.

Terry, our Bass player even mentioned it to me. I whispered in his ear, he gave me a funny look and then grinned.

Just then the older woman showed up, and they both ignored me for the rest of the night.

It was a full week before I saw them again, they came in together and sat at one of the tables off to the side. We finished our set and took a break, I nodded at them as I walked by.

"Enjoying the music, ladies?" I asked politely.

"Yes, it's really good!" Kathy said.

I started to walk past.

"Dan, this is Marti, my roommate. Marti, this is Dan."

I nodded but she stuck out her hand so I shook it. She had a strong grip.

"Join us?" she asked.

I didn't want to, but I sat down. Tommy always said to be nice to the customers, it was good for business. Sylvia, the cocktail waitress came by and handed me a beer, I caught a bit of a smirk on her face as she turned away.

I made a mental note to stick my cock in her mouth next time I was over at her place.

Marti was blunt and to the point, the first words out of her mouth damn near knocked my off my chair.

"You aren't like the rest of the men around here. So we have a proposition for you."

"Hell, I am exactly like the rest of the men around here." I thought.

"We want....Karen needs..we want.. to have a baby."

"A what?"

"Baby, you know."

"What does that have to do with me?"

"We would like you to be the one."

The one?

"Uhhhh. you mean?"


Karen was blushing. Hell, I was blushing.

"You mean...? I don't think that is a very good...."

"In a cup. Then I can..." Her voice trailed off.

A vision of me jacking off into a cup while they waited patiently had my cock doing it's best to suck right back up inside and hide, let me tell you.

"Hey, don't they have Doctors who can do that?"

"Yes, but it's expensive and we already tried that once."

The idea of becoming a father to a kid that started out as dumped in a coffee cup just didn't do it for me, frankly.

"I don't think...."

"We can pay a little?"

That wasn't going to do it either.

"Hey, look, best of luck and all of that but I just couldn't do that." I slid my chair back and got up.

Karen glanced up at me and then away, even Marti seemed a bit uncomfortable.

"Well, think about it? ...Please?"


I walked up to the bar to get a fresh beer, man. What a request! I looked back, Marti was leaned in close whispering something to Karen who was shaking her head furiously. I took a pull on my beer and watched as Marti became more insistant. Then Karen looked up at me, I saw her shoulders slump, she nodded.

I wondered what the hell THAT was all about?

Then the band started up, I went back to work.

I ran into Karen at the store just two days later, she gave me a bright smile and a hi. We chatted a bit about ordinary crap, finally I got loose from her. Marti was sitting behind the wheel of a big white Ford truck as I walked out.

"Hi, Dan!" she called out. I nodded and walked on by.

The next Tuesday they showed up at the bar, I had a feeling they would. Karen looked like a million bucks, she was dressed to the tits in a nice dress, open at the throat. She had enough skin showing that my eyes kept being drawn to her, try as I might to avoid that.

Sure enough, Marti waved me over as we began our first break. I couldn't be rude, I stopped and said hello.

"Please sit down, Dan."

I pulled the chair back, Sylvia was there in seconds with a beer for me.

"You have the look we want, and you are nice and have talent." Marti got right to the point like always.

"Hey, I understand.", I lied through my teeth, "But I just don't think..."

"We were thinking maybe if you did it...the regular way?"

Regular way?

I looked at Karen, she was looking down, fiddling with the straw in her drink, face red as a beet.

I hesitated.

I think Marti thought she had me with that one.

Now so no one gets me wrong, I am not the least bit adverse to a piece of ass, when and where I can get it. Add in that Karen was simply a stone fox and I won't say I wasn't interested.

But the idea of doing it just to get her pregnant was plugging up my thoughts. I sure as hell wasn't going to whack off in a cup, but the "regular" way?

"Maybe." I mumbled.

That seemed to do it, Marti whipped out a little notebook that was filled with numbers and dates.

Christ, she seemed to have everything all set, planned out to the day.

"Next Wednesday?" She was looking at Karen, not at me. Karen nodded, not looking up. Then she wrote an address on a piece of paper, handed it to me.

"Please don't drink that day."

I put the paper in my pocket, went back to work. They were both gone before I picked up my guitar.

I decided to not show up, then I changed my mind, then changed it again over the next week. I was completely uncomfortable, not really knowing what to expect.

I thought that they would come into the club but Wednesday arrived and no sign. I hadn't seen either one of them at the store, either.

It was 2:30 AM when I knocked on their door, thinking I must be completely out of my mind. The whole idea had gotten me messed up, I hadn't been laid all week, either.

Marti answered the door, smiled.

"Oh, good! You did come." She stepped aside to let me in.

"Karen! Honey! Dan is here!"

"OK. I will be right out." I heard Karen's voice from the other room.

Karen came out wearing a white bathrobe pulled up snugly around her. She smiled.

"Ready?" she asked pointedly.

I wasn't but I was thinking probably. I was also completely unsure, I had no idea what to do or say.

Hell, I wanted to run.

"Come on." Karen turned and walked into the room she just came out of.

I followed along meekly, avoiding Marti's gaze.

Karen just dropped the robe, she wore a short white tanktop and nothing else. She sat on the bed and leaned back. There was enough light in the room I could see her, see the swell of her hips, the neatly trimmed hair on her loins.

If my dick was any limper it would have slid inside my socks.

I popped the snaps on my shirt, unbuckled my belt. I hooked my thumbs in my briefs, sliding them down over my shoes. A flip of my toe and my shoes were off, all I had on were my socks. I decided to leave them.

I sat on the bed beside her, my cock showed no signs of life, none at all.

"What's the matter?" Karen asked.

"I don't know, I just...I need stimulation, I think."

Normally a bare pussy within 30 miles would have had me up and roaring. I had a vision in my head of Marti with her ear to the door, it didn't help at all that Karen was sitting there leaned back on her elbows just waiting.

"Do you need me to..maybe rub it or something?"

"Yea, that should help."

Karen reached over and touched my limp dick, picked up the end and looked at it. Then she closed her hand around it and just sat there.

I tried to concentrate, I even reached out and put my hand on her waist. She didn't tense or anything, but she still just sat there with her hand wrapped around me.

My mind was going, "Kiss me, hug me, snuggle up, do something!"

Nothing, no reaction.

"Have you ever...? With a man?" I asked her, trying to get something going.


"Can I?" I pointed at her crotch.

"OK. Sure." Then she opened her legs.

I reached down and touched her, she was warm and soft, and she felt good. I didn't find any of the wetness I normally found.

Then I decided, fuck it. I rolled over and pushed her back, pressing my lips between her legs, tongueing the rubbery soft outer lips.

She had let go of me at that, and let out a simple "Oomph." sound. No squirming or thrusting, she just lay there. I began to get determined, I wet my tongue and slid the flat of it up her entire length.

She trembled a little, success.

I kept it up, forgetting I was supposed to be hard and inside her, then I realized my body was responding. I reached up and slid the tanktop up over her breasts, God they were beautiful. She didn't resist as I licked them, sucked one nipple gently into my mouth as I rolled the other with the tips of my fingers.

I reached down to her groin again, she opened her legs wider to help me, I felt the beginnings of wetness.

Then I slid up into position, pressed her lips apart with my fingers and pressed. There was resistance at first, then she took a deep breath and relaxed. I began to thrust away, being careful to let my pubic bone make contact each time. I wanted to give her an orgasm, I wanted her to know what it was like.

She let out a grunt but that was all. I held on as long as I could, finally I felt myself peak and blast off a full week's worth of cum deep inside her. I lay there for a few seconds, she reached up with her hands and pressed on my shoulders.

"Time to get off.", I thought.

I stood and looked at her, laying there in the dim light. I could see the dampness, a tiny dribble of my sperm at her opening.

I dressed, Karen never said a word. Marti was sitting in a chair as I came out.

She looked at me with a completely blank expression as I headed towards the door.

"Thank you, Dan." was all I heard as I closed the door behind me.

I saw Karen just one time after that, she was pushing a shopping cart, her swollen belly heavy with child. She saw me but never said a word.

It was over 3 years later before I ended up back in that town, the road and music called. I was driving down the street, there was Marti coming out of a clothing store, she had a little boy in tow.

I tapped my horn and waved as she looked up. She just nodded, and they walked on down the street.

My phone rang the other night, 37 years later. A somehow familiar voice spoke to me. It was Karen. Marti had passed several years before, and she told me my son was looking for me.

He had looked for a long time. Karen had kept track of me, not hard to do. I got better at my trade, some of my recordings sold quite well.

Karen had finally told our son the truth. I was surprised at the name, well, pleased is a better word.

As I write this I am waiting to go meet the airplane. I am waiting for my son to meet his two sisters, his mother-in-law.

I am wondering what kind of son I have.

They tell me no one can change nature.

I am not real sure of that.

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by Anonymous10/30/17

His Step-Mother

Not his mother-in-law and half sisters.

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