tagChain StoriesWhispers in the Dark Ch. 02

Whispers in the Dark Ch. 02


Kara shivered as she listened to the story of the girl next to her, the 23 year old brunette was unsure of herself in this unsettling situation... not even sure why she’d come. But listening to the girl next to her reveal this dirty and debauched fantasy had her hot between her legs, yearning to run her hands over her 34D breasts and finger her smooth shaved mound... crossing her legs under her knee length skirt she bit her lip as she listened...


"Then there's the other option," A sharp pain filled my stomach as he bit the tender flesh there, a bruise immediately formed and I knew there where teeth marks left there.

"So how do you want it?"


Suddenly the girl’s voice cut off, her breathing was heavy and it seemed as if it was too much for her to go on for the moment... that deep ominous voice behind the girls said, “Alright... you may have some time to compose yourself, we will move on for the moment.” Kara jumped, even though she’d almost been expecting the hand on her shoulder, “You will begin.”

Straightening her back, she tossed her brown curls over her shoulder, trying to think of where to begin.

“Mine’s not exactly a fantasy,” she said shyly, and then began trying to put some more confidence into her voice, “You see it started last week...


I was at an audition, standing alone in a room while these sleazy director leered at me from behind his desk. Bored, I was tapping my foot impatiently, unimpressed with the austere and elegant surroundings of the office, blue and cream walls did nothing to relax me as I waited to hear the verdict.

“There’s just one last part to the audition,” his eyes were on my chest where my shirt was clinging tightly to my breasts. I almost yawned, shocker, another director that wants his leading actress to sleep with him. “We’re going to go into that room,” he said, nodding his head to the only other door in the office that didn’t lead to the exit, “And in that room I expect to see you enjoying everything that happens, begging for it in fact.” I nodded, bored, his greasy black hair and dark eyes didn’t exactly do anything to turn me on, but at least he wasn’t fat and balding like the last guy.

All of my casualness left me when we walked into the room, and I gasped in shock at everything that was there. Not a room made for comfort the walls were bright red, angry red, shocking to the eye after the coolness of the cream and blue in the office; along the walls were lined whips, crops, chains, all sorts of things on shelves.

“Remember,” he purred in my ear as he stood behind me, hands slipping around my waist to begin pulling my shirt up over my large breasts, “You act like you love everything in here, I want to hear you begging for it... convince me you want nothing more than to be here and I’ll be convinced that you’re good enough for the part.”

A part of me wanted to run away out the door... but the money offered for the movie was too good, and it would be my first leading part as well.

So I faked it, “Oh yeah baby,” as I held my arms over my head so that he could slide my shirt off more easily, my breasts bounced slightly as they pulled free of my shirt. I wasn’t wearing a bra of course - it’s always easier to get parts with my nipples poking through my shirts - and he cupped my big boobs and squeezed hard, making me wince a little. I could smell his cheap cologne as he squeezed my boobs, pretending to moan as his hands rubbed my chest all over, I pressed my asscheeks back against his hard on. Dammit, I was going to get this part even if I had to act like a kinky slut to get it... I needed the money badly.

My eyes going over the room I could see that he had quite an elaborate set up, and I wondered how many other girls had been in here with this creep. His hands traveled away from my breasts, leaving them a little sore and pinkish, and down my slim stomach where he began pushing down my skirt, rolling my panties down with it. Groaning as his fingers ran over my smooth mound and my skirt and underwear hit the floor, I bent over slightly so that his dick could really grind between my ass cheeks.

“Come on,” he pushed me a little towards the center of the room where he strung my arms up over my head, putting my wrists into leather cuffs that were hanging from the ceiling. I was up almost on my tiptoes as I hung there, my body stretched out and my breasts bobbling slightly as I tried to get in a comfortable position. As I wiggled a little, he strapped my ankles to a kind of bar, keeping my ankles about two feet apart, then he began to strip in front of me. Not an impressive body, but at least he kept himself fairly well in shape, just a hint of flab on his stomach and a little bit of pudge giving him slight love handles.

“Oh yeah baby,” I purred, trying not to look at his hard dick which was already leaking pre-cum. It was 7" long, not a bad length and thick enough, but I hate pubic hair and he didn’t look like he’d ever shaved or trimmed in his life. “Tie me up and fuck me hard.” He grinned at me as I said that, which I didn’t really understand, until he went over to the wall and grabbed a riding crop. My heart sank a little as I realized that he wanted to crop me before fucking me. This was going to hurt... act like you like it, I reminded myself.

The first stroke whistled through the air, hitting my back... the crop was so long that the end of it whipped around my body and biting pain hit my breast where it impacted on the soft flesh. I cried out in pain and shock, and then bit my lip before faking a passionate moan, “That’s hot baby, beat me, beat me please!”

His face was alight as if he actually believed what I was saying (which was all to the good as far as I was concerned), and his eyes glinted as he walked around me, strokes hitting across my stomach, back, breasts and ass. I began moving my hips as he hit me, biting my lip against the pain and pouting my mouth at him, I wriggled so that my breasts bobbled deliciously - easy targets which he took advantage of. But the strangest thing of all... as I moved and begged him to beat me, I really did start to get into it... it kinda started to feel good when the pain hit my body... and... and I realized I was starting to get wet.

I was really moaning now, hanging there with my whole body burning. There were stripes across my upper thighs, front and back, my stomach, my ass, my back, and especially across my breasts. My nipples were completely erect and burning as he flicked the end of the crop against each of them, pulsing pain shooting to my pussy. He stood behind me and a stroke whistled up through my legs, and I shrieked as pain spread all along my pussy lips, most of it in my clit where the end of the crop had landed. Again and again he hit me, five times in all on my tender pussy... and each time the crop came away wetter and wetter.

Standing behind me as I sobbed, the pain and pleasure causing a confusion mix in my head and pussy, he grasped my poor striped breasts in his hands and pulled them as he leveraged his dick up into my abused cunt. It hurt, so much, when his dick speared me, the pain from the beating making him seem huge in my body as he thrust. He was squeezing my breasts hard, my soft fleshing spilling out between his fingers and he made my body bounce he was moving so fast.

Pulling out suddenly, I realized that my pussy felt incredibly empty and I moaned with the loss of contact... then suddenly he was thrusting up into my ass and it burned as he pressed in without stopping. I wriggled and gasped as he pushed up into my dry hole, lubricated only with my pussy juices. There haven’t been that many guys in my ass that I was completely used to it, and the force of his push took my breath away.

Lustfully he used my breasts as leverage to pound my ass, my head hanging back with my mouth open as I panted. He was growling low in his throat behind me, thrusting wildly, we were completely oblivious to everything but each other, we were so caught up in our savage act of lust. Mauling my breasts with just one hand, his other slid down and pressed two fingers into my sore pussy, rubbing painfully against my abused lips as the heel of his palm pressed firmly against my poor abused clit and began a circular motion.

“OH YOU FUCKER!!!!!!!!!” I was screaming, shaking as my orgasm swept over me, completely engulfed in the ecstacy and savagery of the act, “YOU’RE FUCKING MAKING ME CUM WHILE YOU RAPE MY ASS!!!!!!!!! OH FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!” I was wailing hard as my ass clenched down on him and my pussy convulsed around his fingers, leaking juices all over his hand as I came. Completely lost in my own pleasure, I barely noticed as he jerked hard and his dick began twitching as he shot cum up into my dark hole, filling my ass with his white stickiness.

Panting, exhausted, I hung there until he pulled me down.


Kara twitched in her seat, her pussy aching with need as she told her story... it was hard to keep her hands from reaching down and rubbing her little cunt, from pressing against her clit. Instead she just squirmed in her seat - both in arousal and embarrassment - as she told her story.

“And the worst of it is,” she whispered, pussy leaking copiously as her thighs pressed together, “Every guy I’ve been with since pales in comparison... All I can think about is going back there into that damn room and having him beat me again... It gets me so hot I can barely stand it.”

She felt relief, of one kind at least, as the man behind her moved away. But her pussy was still burning with need.

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