tagChain StoriesWhispers in the Dark Ch. 05

Whispers in the Dark Ch. 05


David was nervous. It wasn't that he minded sharing his story, it was just that he hadn't expected to have to go first at the second meeting. He'd thought that someone would probably go before him, but the hand was on him first. Oh well, might as well just get it over with.


I met this girl about a year ago, her name was Teresa... she was so cute and innocent looking, I knew that I was just going to have to have her. I like them innocent, I like to take them down the walkways and show them everything, when they're innocent you can talk them into everything and anything... So when I met her, and her innocent blue eyes, I knew that I was going to have to have her. She had blonde hair, silky blonde like corn silk almost, I kinda thought that she looked liked a little doll. Her body was perfect, young and supple looking, at first I thought I was screwed because she didn't look a day over 16, but I made her show me her driver's license... 19 years old. Later she told me that a lot of guys didn't want to date her because it looked like they were cradle-robbing, she was thrilled that someone 28 wanted to see her. I didn't mind that she looked so young though, I'm not into them young but it really went along with the whole innocent look.

For days, weeks I chased her. Took her to dinner, movies, flowers, romancing all the way... and I couldn't even get to second base. A chaste kiss was no problem, sometimes I could even get her to stand and kiss awhile; but she never invited me in and she never let me go any farther. I was aching for her, impatiently. I loved that she made me wait and chase harder, it would just make the prize that much more worth it. And it showed me how truly innocent she was, that I would really be able to show her the ropes since she gave no indication that any guy had ever gotten very far with her. I was spell-bound, completely obsessed.

And strangely enough, I stopped thinking about the sex all the time and also started to enjoy her company. She was so quirky and cute, so much fun to just be around. And even though I wanted her body, and I wanted to corrupt her, I also wanted to actually date her. It had been awhile since that had happened, but I figured what the hell; I was already invested. And besides, the more innocent they are when you first get them, the more they'll be willing to do once you get them started. My mind was thinking of so many devilish things to do with her body...

Then I introduced her to my friends. They all seemed to like her well enough, but after she'd left to go home I stayed to talk to them; I could tell that they'd been talking about her and I wanted to know what they were talking about. That's when my friend Karl sat me down and showed me the movie. It was a tape of her, my innocent sweet-faced prudish Teresa, a home-made porn where she was repeatedly fucked by 4 different guys. It wasn't really too much of a gang-bang, she refused to blow any of them or have anal sex, she never let them go at her more than one at a time. But it was time after time after time; they all fucked her, just taking turns. It seemed to go on forever, all of them getting themselves hard over and over while they fucked her and she screamed nasty words at them while she came. The entire time she just kept screaming about how she wanted them to fuck her, use her, do dirty things to her... even though all she would let them do is fuck her missionary. By the end of it her thighs and pretty shaved pussy were coated in cum.

I was shocked. And hurt. I felt pretty betrayed... I couldn't even get to second base and she'd done a movie like this? And who knew what else. It afforded me some comfort that even during a gang-bang she'd been pretty prudish.

Then I started to get angry. I was there with five of my friends - Karl, Martin, Nick, and Paul; they all agreed that she was a cock tease who deserved some retribution. Now, normally I would never think of doing anything like that, everything is a woman's choice. Dressing sexy doesn't mean that she deserves to get raped - but dressing sexy, teasing me, waving her delicious ass around in front of me, all the while having a pretty hardcore dirty porn video out on the internet? Not to mention that she'd even been a tease to the guys in the video, I bet they were all panting to get her pretty pink lips wrapped around their dicks.

We decided that Teresa needed to make a REAL gang-bang movie, one where her little innocent pose wouldn't be able to last at all. Really, my lust was broken, she'd out and out lied to me when she told me that she was a true innocent... not only my lust, but my heart a little too. Sure, I'd wanted her when I thought she was innocent, but even now, finding out that she really wasn't in a lot of ways, I still wanted to just be with her. And that betrayal hurt the most of all.

Shaking my friend's hands, we agreed. Tomorrow night at my house they would lie in wait while she and I went out, I'd bring her back to my place to watch a movie that I'd rented and thought she would love. Of course, when we walked in, the movie would already be playing and it would be the porno. The guys would hook my computer up to the TV. Then we'd use the computer's web cam to make our own home-made porn with her, and all the while she'd be able to watch it on screen.


Everything went exactly as planned. I thought she was going to die of shock after our romantic date - in which I'd done an awful lot of cajoling and pleading just to get her to come back to my house afterwards - when she walked in and saw her porno playing on the screen. She didn't say a word, just stood there staring with her mouth open and all the while all I could look at was the was her dress clung to her curves and how low-cut the neckline was. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the other guys moving in, they were looking at how good she looked too.

For a moment I felt possessive, but then my eye caught the screen where she was being royally pounded by the second guy in line. Fuck it, my temper was up again.

Teresa screamed when Nick grabbed her from behind, immediately the rest of us were on her like animals, ripping the clothes from her body. Finally she was bared naked to me, absolutely perfect in every way. Small high breasts with their pert pink nipples, her pretty pussy lips peeking out from between her legs, and the soft curves of her hips. Moaning, I ran my hands over her, along with the hands of all the other guys - but I was the first to latch my mouth onto her nipple. She pleaded with us, even though she was moaning, as we touched her; putting our mouths and hands all over her.

When Paul clicked the movie off the screen and switched it over to the camera I knew it was time.

I stood in front of her kneeling body, watching as my friend's molested her, and unzipped my pants. Whipping out my 7 incher I whipped her across the face with it.

"Suck it you dirty whore," I sneered at her, "You teased me long enough, now suck it."

Wide-eyed, slightly tearful she looked up at me, trying to keep her composure despite the hands that were roaming over her body, "I don't do that."

I nodded to Paul and Martin who were playing with her breasts; immediately they pinched her nipples hard. As soon as she opened her mouth to shriek I shoved my dick in. Now, didn't that look good... my dick was practically lodged down her throat and she started gagging as I began thrusting back and forth. It was pretty obvious that this was something she really didn't do, she had no technique at all, but I didn't really need any. Here was somewhere she was definitely innocent and I was taking that from her. Sure, I would have liked it if it had been more seduction, but at that point I was happy to take what I could get. And she was starting to respond which really got me going, she was actually trying to suck even though she didn't really seem to know what to do. I just put my hands onto her head, weaving my fingers through that blonde hair and started fucking her face.

"Hey David, she's wet!" Karl told me, his fingers had found their way down inside that pretty pink pussy, "I guess she's enjoying sucking you off more than she thought she would!" The guys all laughed as they continued to play with her tits and ass; Teresa was definitely blushing as she continued to take my dick in her mouth. I smiled down at her, encouraging like and she redoubled her efforts... really she was starting to get a hang of the whole thing. Below her I could see Karl lying on the floor and forcing her legs apart; as soon as he could he started eating her out - it was one of his favorite things to do. Her moans of pleasure made my whole dick vibrate, and I started really skull-fucking her, shoving my dick farther and farther down her throat. I could feel the muscles tightening around me because she was trying not to gag.

I managed to push myself all the way in, so that her lips were pressed up against my crotch. She was kinda panicking but I ignored it, she wasn't going to die for 30 seconds lack of air. I unloaded myself straight down her throat, feeling her swallowing muscles move around me. At the last minute I pulled out and sprayed the last jet across her face, watching as it dripped around her mouth and cheeks.

"Now you look more beautiful than ever." I told her. As Martin took his place in front of her, I watched as she half-heartedly took him into her mouth. She didn't really start trying to suck him until she realized that I was still watching her. It looked like she was trying to smile at me around his dick, and I could feel myself getting hard again. Obviously she was starting to like what was happening to her, and she seemed to want to please me. That in and of itself was pretty hot.

After a few minutes I was ready to go again, and Martin was already bellowing as she swallowed his load. Getting onto the floor I had the boys lift her onto me, making her lower her body onto mine. She sank down and starting pumping enthusiastically, riding me like a bronco. I was shocked at how tight her pussy was, it was almost like fucking a virgin... I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Even though she was soaking wet I felt like my dick was going to be squeezed off, she really had to work to wedge me into her. As soon as she was secured and starting to fuck, Karl took his place at her mouth. Martin was off to the side, just watching, and the other two were still playing with her tits. Really I couldn't blame them. I let me hands run over body, up and down as she fucked me. It felt fantastic, I couldn't believe that she'd taken so many other guys before. It must have been a long time since she'd last been done.

Karl and I came at almost the exact same time, as soon as we pulled out Paul and Nick took their places. Martin, Karl and I watched from the sidelines as she began to heave and buck like a pro. Then Karl whispered in my ear, and Teresa watched us from the corner of her eye as she sucked and fucked. It was a real treat to watch her pert little tits jiggle around while she rode Nick. While Karl left the room I got up and went over to start playing with her tits, tugging on her nipples like I was milking them. She started squealing around Paul's dick.

I lowered my mouth to her bouncing tit and starting sucking on her nipples like I was a starving baby, moving back and forth, using my hands to grope her. As she rode Nick she started to shake and I realized that she was cumming... well about time! I figured she had just needed awhile since she had been so surprised, but I was glad that she was starting to really get into the spirit of things. I would've probably felt bad if she'd really hated everything that was happening to her. Of course I wished that she was cumming while it was my dick in her, but hey, you can't have everything.

Nick came first of course, and then Paul took his place in her pussy. I stood in front of her so that she could try to reinvigorate my flagging dick. Not that it would have taken too much longer on my own, but if I could get some pleasure from her body while it was happening then that's good too! She seemed especially happy to suck on my dick, even though it was only half-hard. Nick came in her pussy and then got out from underneath her so that he could watch as she cleaned all the juices from my crotch.

While the guys were watching our little oral show - accompanied by happy murmurs from her and low moans from me - Karl came back in with a very large cucumber. Getting behind Teresa he started pressing it up into her crack, going at her from behind with it in doggy-style. She seemed a little surprised at first, but then started to get into it, moving her ass back and forth as he slowly worked it into her tightness. It was so big that even after taking five of us in her pussy it was a bit of a tight fit. By now I was rock hard again, and even though I was enjoying her mouth there was one more perversion we wanted to initiate her in.

So I turned her around and she started sucking Karl's half-mast back to life. The girl's stomach was probably filled with sex juices by now. I played with the cucumber a little, enjoying the way its greenness split open her pink lips. It really was a tight fit, even now. Out of her sight, Martin handed me a bottle of KY jelly; I lubed up my dick - making sure to get plenty onto it. As soon as I was ready I pulled the cucumber from her opening.

Innocent in some ways; she made a happy noise and waggled her ass at me, inviting me into her pussy. Unfortunately for her that wasn't where I was headed. Quickly I pressed the head of my dick against her tiny asshole and plunged in. She squealed, her back arching in pain as half of my dick found its way into her depths; I moaned at the exquisite tightness of her backdoor, even more gripping than the front. Teresa's body jerked and convulsed as I worked the first half of my weapon in and out of her body - Karl was moaning like a madman at her groans and yelps of pain, they must have really been massaging his dick - and then she screamed again as I plugged her up with the rest of it.

Resting fully inside her for a few moments I made a little circular motion with my hips, so that she shuddered and clenched around me. It was absolutely heavenly. Reaching around I massaged her tits, rubbing the little nipples between my fingers. After a few moments she started moaning again, and this time it didn't sound so painfilled. Carefully I began to work my way back out of her ass, before roughly plunging back in. A few strokes and she started pushing back at me encouragingly, and I really let loose on her ass. It was just too tight to enjoy for very long, so I just gripped her tits tightly in my hands and fucked hard. Karl came and filled her belly with another load, and then it was just the two of us as I deflowered her ass in front of my friends.

Her head hung down towards the carpet and she was completely supported on her forearms as her ass was pushed high in the air. I was brutal and tender at the same; mostly doing everything to enjoy myself, but also trying to make sure that I wasn't actually hurting her, even if I wasn't really involved in making things pleasant for her. To my utter shock, when I pushed hard for the last time and started to spew in her ass, she actually came with me.

The rest of the evening was like that, we all fucked her - a couple times three of us at once - in all her holes over and over again. We fucked her again with the cucumber in her pussy and later in her ass, when we couldn't get it up quick enough we'd fuck her with the cucumber or one of us would eat her out while the rest of us played with the rest of her body. By the end of it she was covered in cum and her pussy and ass were raw and gaping.

The rest of the guys left finally, and I took her up to the shower, washing her gently before carrying her to my bed. I was sated, my anger totally gone, and all I wanted to do was hold her through the night.

Then she said the most shocking thing to me, she told me, "By the way, let me introduce you to my twin sister Tara sometime... I'm sure she'll be glad to know how much you liked her video."


David looked up at the darkened room, unable to make out the expression on anyone's face, "Yeah, she really was a total innocent... a complete virgin. Thankfully she'd always had fantasies of someone just taking her and not taking no for an answer... they'd never really included a guy and his friends, but she was sweet enough to forgive me. After I made it up to her of course, but that's another story."

Pausing, he smiled wistfully at the flickering candles, "We just got engaged last week."

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