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White And Wet


Julie had just finished her work out and looked at the clock. Shit, the handy man coming to fix the leak in the back yard would be there in just less than an hour. Still, she thought she could get showered and ready for her day in time.

She striped down and looked at herself in the full length mirror. Although Julie was "forty something ;)," she took great care of her body with a regiment of running, going to the gym and doing yoga. She was never completely happy with her body, however her husband loved her petite frame and sexy legs and always lusted after her. Of course he isn't the only one who lusts after her. In fact, Julie and her hubby have both experimented with their desires over the years and have had some really erotic times.

It started with a healthy dose of porn! One of Julie's favorite types of porn has always been interracial. Something about white wives sucking and fucking black men really get her juices flowing. The contrast is sexy, as well as the taboo from growing up being taught it was wrong makes it that much more hot. She was thinking about a movie that her hubby sent her the night before and realized she was getting turned on. Julie shook the thought and jumped in the shower.

The doorbell rang about 50 minutes later and Julie headed for the door. When she opened the door she was surprised to see a young black man with a great build wearing a tool belt. "Hello ma'am, my name is Greg and I'm here to look at, a leak is it?" "Hi Greg, I'm Julie and glad you're here. Let me show you what's going on. It's just out back." Julie let him and as he followed her she couldn't help to think that he was watching her ass in her yoga pants. Wow she thought, I'm getting turned on! She was expecting and old plumber type, and instead here was a hot black guy who couldn't be older then about 30. She felt that familiar tingle between her legs and knew her pussy was plumping up like it does around black cock. She started to flush as well.

As Julie had suspected, Greg was indeed taking in the hot wife in front of him and her sexy ass. When they got out back she pointed to a leak. "There it is, can you fix it?" Greg said it was an easy fix and he had all the tools he needed. Julie blurted out "I bet you do!" "Oh my God I'm sorry, I can't believe I just said that." Greg smiled, "That's ok Julie, I'll be right back." After he went out to the truck, Julie couldn't believe she had said that. Greg on the other hand, had plans for Julie after he fixed the leak.

The whole time he was working on the leak, she couldn't stop thinking about his big muscled body up against hers. She was definitely going to take care of herself right after he left. Julie was in the kitchen when Greg came back in and announced he was done. He came over by her as she got out her check book to pay him. "What do I own you?" she said. He was standing really close and he smelled so good, she started to tingle again. Greg said, "Well Julie, I'm thinking about working a discount deal with you." "What kind of discount?" She said as she was leaning over the counter getting ready to write the check. He came right up behind her and pressed against her as he grabbed hold of her waist on both sides. "Let's call it the black dick discount, you obviously need one right?" Julie's pussy was dripping wet now, feeling his hardness through his pants pressing on her ass.

"How would you know what I need" she said in a whisper. "All black men know when a white woman is hot for them. You started letting off pheromones went I walked in and it started making me hard." He said as he reached around the front of her and started to touch her clit through her bottoms. "I bet this white pussy is just dripping wet, right?"

"Yes" she said and felt wonderful as he touched her.

"What does that pussy need?"

"Black cock." Julie said.

"Turn around and get on your knees and take out my cock. You need to get it good and ready for your pretty little white pussy." She did as he said and was soon sucking on his big black cock. He was getting fully hard now and wanted to fuck that pussy. "There you go Julie, you get that cock ready for what it was made for. You know what that is? Filling up married white pussy." She was so turned on now she couldn't wait to have it in her. She got her wish.

"Ok, stand up and turn back around Julie." She did. "Now pull down your pants and bend over."

She did so and felt him begin to press his cock in her very wet pussy. He started to pump her tight white pussy slowly. She reached down and began to rub her clit.

"Yeah girl, you like this dick don't you?"

"Yes! Give me that black dick!"

"What does that pussy need girl?"

"I need your black cock to fill me. Give me that seeeeed." She said as she vigorously rubbed her clit to orgasm. The thought of him filling her pussy was what did it. He was soon about to do just that. He started pumping faster and she could tell that he was about to erupt as he was getting even harder!

"I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna fill this white pussy! Oh Shit!" He pushed balls deep and filled her up. She would be leaking for days.

"Wow that was incredible!" said Greg.

"So how deep is that discount, Greg?" She said, with a wink.

"I'll tell you what. I won't charge you a thing as long as I can come back and fill that pussy again."

Julie said, "That is a deal, next time though, you have to do it on web cam for my husband to watch."

"No problem." Said Greg as he pulled up his pants grabbed his stuff and left.

Julie couldn't wait to tell her husband how she spent the afternoon.

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