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White Boy Black Girl


A couple years ago while I was still in college I got a kidney stone. It was easily the worst pain I have ever been in during my 24 years. Most people seem to think that all the pain comes from the rock passing through the penis, (which does hurt mind you) but the majority of the pain comes from the rock moving through your system. In a manner of speaking, pain is a good thing. That means that the stone is moving and will soon be out of your body. Mine had been causing me pain off and on for about 3 months. I had been to the doctor twice and both times he just gave me some pain killers and sent me back home.

The university I was attending at the time kept about 4 doctors on call, and whichever one of them happened to be there that day is who treated you. Well on this particular day I took the last 3 Vicodin in the bottle and went to the doctor's office on campus. After about a 20 minute or so wait, a nurse led me back into a small waiting room with a curtained off area. The nurse asked me if I was still in pain and if I had taken anything, I was truthful when I said I was still in pain, I lied and said I had only taken 1 Vicodin.

She said she would give me a shot for the pain. When she walked in I had my sleeve rolled up ready for the shot. She smiled and said "drop your pants honey." So I did, she nodded at my boxers and said them too. My face flushed a little but I dropped those too trying not to seem nervous. Pants around my ankles I turned and did a sort of bunny hop back toward the bed, bent over and took a needle of some sort of drug into my right ass cheek. They never told me what it was, but most of the pain quickly went away and I felt almost tipsy.

With my pants back around my waist, I continued to sit and wait for the doctor. Then she walked in. I thought, a female doctor? I didn't even know they had one of those. I told her about the pain in my side, how my stomach was bulging out some what, and how my penis was acting like a scared little turtle. She didn't check my side or my stomach... she instantly said "oh? Drop your pants and let me check it out." Sure why not I thought.

She grabbed and pulled and twisted and turned. Lifted it this way and rolled it that. She grabbed my balls and moved them around. She stretched it out and pushed it back toward my body. It hurt a little, but the entire time I was just pleading with my penis not to get an erection. The doctor wasn't attractive by any means, but sometimes it just has a mind of its own. After her examination she concluded that there was nothing wrong with my penis, she thought it "looked" fine, but she wanted to send me to the hospital to get a CT scan just in case the stone was stuck somewhere it didn't need to be.

Well I get to the hospital and they take me into a CT room. If you've never had one, it looks like a big round coffin. Well the CT Tech walks in and she looks at the chart my doctor from school gave her for a second, then she tells me to strip for the scan. By this time I'm wondering if all these women seeing me pants less is really that needed, but I drop my shorts again. It was about that time that I noticed there were 2 other women and a man in the room beside me looking through a big glass window getting ready to take the scans.

I laid my bare ass on the table and the Tech lady laid a wash cloth over my cock, she messed around with something on the scanner then turned back to me. I guess she noticed the bulge in the wash cloth and must have thought it was just the cloth bunching up or something. She tried to smooth it out with her hand... I later told my friend in the waiting room that I think I was sexually harassed or something, but didn't really mind it.

After we got back to school, I was still a little tipsy from the needle/ Vicodin drug combo, and was getting really horny from fantasies of medical people playing and viewing my wang all day. The more I thought about it, the more I decided I had to get laid. I feel bad about it now, and she has left me since then, but my girlfriend was out of town and I decided I needed some ass and would take pretty much the first one I seen. Well, I'm white, my girlfriend was white and I will more than likely end up getting married to a white woman... but it just so happened the first panty dropper I seen that day was a big ass'd average titty black chick.

It was my first taste of dark meat, and thanks to her I now have a craving for some Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, and Arab... Hell, I wanna try it all. But anyway, like I said, I was doped up on some medical drugs and ready to go. I started walking around campus and came across this girl, honestly I couldn't even tell you her name. I didn't ask, she didn't tell.

I'd guess she wore about a 32C bra under her Star Trek is for virgins t-shirt. (I'm a big Star Trek fan by the way.) She had on a pair of men's boxers- in my opinion the sexiest thing on Earth a woman can wear, and a pair of jeans. Her hair was up in a pony tail, brown with a lighter brown as highlights. Her eyes looked like she had a little bit of Asian in her, and were slightly slanted. Her skin was a light brown, dark enough to know she wasn't white, but not dark enough to lose her at night.

I used a line about being white and having good credit or something and somehow got her back to my room. She told me how she had never been with a white boy so she was looking forward to trying me out. She said how all her friends joked around about never being with a white boy because they "aint packing like the brothers." The interesting thing being that none of her friends actually had been with a white guy, and had no idea what they were missing.

Now I'm not claiming to be some white freak of nature with a 13 inch cock, but here is a little secret, neither are they... Hardly anybody is. An average dick is around 5 ½ to 6 inches whether its dangling between white legs or black.

I made sure and left the lights on, I wanted to see everything that was going on. Lucky for me, so did she. A big turn on for me is to have a girl treating my dick like a science project. Laying there and having her down there getting a good close up of my cock and balls almost makes me nut myself. Well she was down there getting a good look at her first soft white dick when I felt it starting to grow just from her holding it in her hands and looking it over. She must have felt it starting to expand because she quickly stuffed it in her mouth.

She said she wanted to see what it felt like getting hard in her mouth and had pulled it back out after I had reached my hardest. She continued to look it over now as a raging boner instead of a limp noodle. She ran her finger tips along the edges of my perfectly shaped mushroom head. It's a sort of tanned white color with a very light hint of a purple tint. The edges are slightly turned upward. The shaft is a little lighter color than the head with small veins running all up and down it and two large ones, one on the top and one down the ride side. Its almost perfectly straight with two average sized balls hanging loosely underneath. I don't actually shave, but do keep it trimmed up. It's a little above average in length, but you can imagine me as whatever turns you on.

While we were laying there she jacked it off a little and watched the skin going up and down, seeing where I had been circumcised at birth and watched as a small amount of pre-cum coming from the tip of my penis all with an almost look of glee on her face. My guess is that she had never gotten to look this closely at a black cock either. I finally decided it was my turn, and told her to ride my face. It was both a mixture of me wanting to see what chocolate tasted like... smelled like... and looked like.

I remember friends joking about how it probably taste like a mixture of KFC and a watermelon, but I would describe it more like a peach in its on juices maybe with a little hint of a salty after taste. Her pussy was shaved and the lips were several shades darker than the skin around them. Her clit was exposed and just as ready for stimulation as my cock was.

My tongue began licking in a slow waving motion up and down the lips and especially around the clit. I could feel her starting to get wet so I laid her down her legs up on my shoulders and with two hands grabbing handfuls of my hair, I continued my licking while sticking my two middle fingers into her pussy. Think of how your finger looks if you motion for someone to come here, well I did that with both middle fingers still inside her. I didn't pull in and out, just left them in.

It wasn't long before she reached her first orgasm. As all the tense muscles in her body relaxed and she collapsed on my bed I all sneaky like, cleaned her juices off my face with the bed sheet and slid up toward her and started kissing her and telling her how great she tasted and slipped my hand back toward her pussy and started rubbing it lightly. Her hips moved and rocked in unison with my fingertips as she continued to stick her tongue in my mouth. Her tongue slowly rubbed back and forth across the backs of my top row of teeth. Kind of weird I know, but I really wasn't that focused on the kiss.

My real goal was to time it just right getting my cock into her tight little pussy. Its all about the timing guys, stick it in too early or too late and its game over. A good pussy is a picky little bastard that if you don't take the time to understand will ruin your night. This position is perfect, not only can you feel what's going on with the pussy with your hand, you have a perfect view of her face. Watch for things like her lips swelling and turning a brighter red, her eyes rolling back, her ears or neck turning red... every girl is different so pay attention.

Then, there it was, the perfect moment. Her eyes were shut, her head tilted to the left, her nails dug into my back and she whispered fuck me now. (That's the most obvious hint that she's ready) I stuck my cock head into her waiting pussy. I went with the inch by inch method. You stick it into the girl slowly 6 or 7 times, each time going in about an inch further than the last. Then you start a pattern, two times all the way in and almost all the way out fast, once all the way in and almost all the way out slow, and then repeat.

Of course that only lasted for a few cycles because then it was on. This girl pushed me back and was on top of me faster than any white girl I've ever been with. She was bucking, screaming and clawing my chest all at the same time. I couldn't do anything but lay there and enjoy how great a fuck she was while admiring her tits with dark brown nipples bouncing back and forth.

At an early age I found my PC muscle. If you flex it you can make your dick dance around. My cock sticks straight out from my body, and when I move my PC muscle I can make my dick move up and back down, in all moving around 1 maybe 2 inches. The perfect time to use this skill is when your dick is lodged deep in a tight young pussy. You have to be careful though, this technique makes it extremely hard to stay focused and if you're not careful you will blow your load way before your ready.

I could tell from her moans and her steady pace that she was nearing her next orgasm, so I made my dick dance. She screamed loud enough that I'm sure half the campus heard her just before she collapsed onto my chest my cock still spewing inside her. We fell asleep with my dick still in her but when I woke up in the morning she was gone, no note.. no phone call.. nothing.

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YOU are a shaved pussy!

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Hairy pussies rule

I hate shaved pussies!

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