tagLoving WivesWhite Ch. 03

White Ch. 03


Note: Mixed reviews from the first two chapters. Some of you want it to slow down while others want it to speed up. Some are upset about the friction between the couples but hey swinging with others will more than likely cause issues. There is a definite conflict of emotions. That said the couples are progressing into the yellow (soft swing) bracelets. Read "White Chapters 1 and 2" to get up to date. Enjoy. All rights reserved.



Manni sat quietly in the rear seat as Frank pulled away from the police station. At first she wanted to get back at her husband for allowing Ellie to give him oral satisfaction. But when she turned and glanced back at the cold dark building she couldn't leave him there.

"STOP! I can't do this," Manni said as she leaned forward to touch Frank's shoulder. "Take me back."

"You sure?" Jeannie asked. She was hoping to get Manni into a threesome with Frank and her back home.

"Yes. I can't leave him there."

Frank turned the car around and as soon as he stopped she jumped from the car and ran inside. Thirty minutes later she walked out holding Joe's hand. "I'm sorry," he said softly.

"Me too," she said forcing a smile. "We have a lot to talk about when we get home."

"I know."

They picked up Joe's car and headed home.


As soon as they entered the house Jeannie called. "Are you going to be alright?"

"Yes," Manni answered as she looked over at Joe who was sitting on the sofa with his head back on the cushion. "We'll be fine." She hung up the phone and sat next to him.

Neither said anything for a few minutes. Finally Manni spoke. "If we are going to do this we have to get over the jealously."

"I know," he said again. "Do we really want to do this?"

Manni sighed. "Our sex life has sucked for a while and I've missed it." She took his hand. "Now that we have started this...I know this sounds bad...but I want to now go all the way."

Joe had been thinking the same. "Me too but this scares the hell out of me."

"We can't do it in the same room," she said factually not responding to his fears.

He sat up. "So do you want to go straight to red?"

"I'm not sure and probably won't be until we've tried yellow."

"OK but I don't want to be involved with Frank and Jeannie."

Manni remembered that she paid back Jeannie's oral sex. "I agree. But, I want it to be with no restrictions. If you want to mess around with Ellie I'm fine with it."

"Same with Tom," he grinned. "If we have no restrictions except Jeannie and Frank we shouldn't have any problems."

"True," Manni smiled. She glanced at the clock and saw that it was almost 2AM. "Do you want to go to sleep or something else?"

He leaned over and lightly brushed his fingertips over her right breast. "Something else."

She let him touch her for a few seconds before reaching over and unzipping him. After freeing his shaft she lowered her opened lips onto it. She thought about Ellie's mouth being on it a few hours before but it didn't stop her from giving him everything she had. Two minutes and exactly 15 seconds later he moaned and filled her mouth with his pleasure juices. "Now me," she giggled.


Manni called Jeannie the next morning and went to her house when she found out that Frank was not at home. She was shocked to see Jeannie naked behind the door when she walked in.

"Whoa! That's not why I'm here," Manni said holding out her hand to keep Jeannie back.

"Don't you like?" Jeannie asked while reaching over to pull off Manni's shirt.

"Yes, but Joe and I have agreed that we have to stop all sex with you two."

"I thought you liked it," Jeannie said releasing the shirt.

"I do....I mean I did but we want to stay your friends."

"You're right I guess," Jeannie frowned. She turned and grabbed her robe off the small hall table and wrapped it around her.

"But you are still going to the bracelet parties."

"Yes, we agreed on yellow with no restrictions except for you guys."

"We are going to yellow too," Jeannie said as she led Manni into the den. "I want to go red but Frank wants to go in stages."

"Really? Are you ready to let another man fuck you?"

"More than ready," Jeannie smiled. "I think you are too. Tell me you haven't thought about big Tom fucking you."

Manni grinned and leaned back. "More than twice." She hesitated. "A day."

"Maybe you should go orange?" Jeannie laughed.


"Yellow and then red. Mixed together they create orange."

"You're impossible," Manni smiled. "Just yellow."

"So if we go orange and I have a chance for Tom you won't mind?"

"Nope it's all yours," Manni answered.


Manni held her hands apart about twelve inches.

"No way!"

"It seems that big but I haven't had it out of his pants yet."

"Yellow means that you can have it out," Jeannie smiled.

"Maybe I'll get it nice and hard for you for when you go red?"

"A team approach huh?"

Manni gave her a high five.


The next few weeks went fairly quickly and before they knew it they were dressing for the next party. "Why even bother?" Joe asked Manni as she pulled up the tiny black triangle to cover her shaved lips.

"A mini-shield in case something wants to get in that I don't want to get in."

"Good idea," he grinned. "No bra?"

"Might as well make them easy to get to," she laughed and watched as he pulled up his black micro-fiber slacks over his bare cock. "No undies?"

"Might as well make it easy to get to," he chuckled.


The teenagers Greg and Cassie sat in their car watching as the couples walked into the mansion. "Are you sure you want to stay at green?" Greg asked.

"Yes but maybe if things work out we can upgrade," she said watching Maggie and Steve get out of their car. "There they are. Let's go in with them."

"Hey wait for us," Greg said as they hurried to catch up to the couple they had exchanged some foreplay with at the last party.

"We were hoping you two would come back," Maggie smiled. Messing around with the teenagers provided them lots of good memories and wet dreams. She turned and hugged Cassie and then pulled Greg into her arms. Steve did the same to Cassie and while standing in the driveway the two couples moved their mouths together for the night's first french kiss.

After about thirty seconds Maggie moved back and pulled Steve away from Cassie. "Are you two going green?"

"Yes," Greg said knowing his hard-on was on display.

"We are too," Maggie smiled.


Jeannie and Frank were already on the dance floor with Bobby and Amy all wearing yellow bracelets. Their bodies rubbed while their lips pressed and mixed. "Ready for the yellow room?" She whispered to Bobby.

Bobby glanced over at Amy whose eyes were closed as Frank's tongue fucked her mouth. "It's kind of early." He was not sure if he could watch a naked man touching and kissing his wife's naked body.

"We have time," Jeannie said looking around the room. She spotted Tom standing with Ellie and when the song ended she moved from Bobby.

"Care to dance" Jeannie asked Tom with no shyness.

"Sure," he grinned holding up his arm showing the red bracelet.

Jeannie melted into his arms and soon felt what Manni had described to her. "Is tonight your first red night?"

"Yes," he answered while his hand moved down to the rise of her cute butt. He couldn't feel any panties. "Where are your panties?"

"At home," she giggled. "I can be out of this dress and naked in two seconds."

"That I would like to see," he whispered. He froze when he saw Manni walk in wearing a slinky black dress.

Jeannie turned to look what distracted him and saw Manni. "She wants to fuck you."


"Manni. She wants to fuck you."

"Have you two been talking?" He grinned. He saw Manni look his way and smile at him. "But she is wearing yellow and her husband doesn't like me."

"Bad news and good news. Which one do you want first?"


"They have decided to only do yellow tonight."

"That's bad. What's the good news?"

"Joe said she could mess around with you as much as she wants tonight."

"That's good," he smiled. Jeannie's thigh was now pressing hard into his manhood.

"I have some more good news," she whispered.

"Oh yeah. Tell me." He turned her away from the others and completely cupped her ass.

"I'm fairly sure I'm going red later tonight and when I do I want you to be the first one to welcome me."

Tom was getting too close and had to move his weapon back. "You mean fuck you."

"Yes," she whispered as she imagined this thick and rigid shaft pushing deep into her moist depths. As the song ended Jeannie felt someone tap her shoulder.

"Care if I cut in?" Manni smiled.


The hostess Amy glanced around the house and noticed that everyone of this group wore at least yellow bracelets except for the teenage couple Greg and Cassie and the heavy couple Maggie and Steve. It gave her an idea.

Greg was standing at the bar next to Steve when Amy moved up next to him. "How are you doing?"

"Good," he smiled noticing most of her pink tits spilling out the top of her loose dress.

"I noticed that Cassie and you changed to green last month."

"Uh yeah....we you know....with Steve and Maggie."

"I know," Amy smiled. The guests did not know that she was secretly making videos of all of the action even in the parking areas. "I don't know if you've noticed but there are only two couples here tonight wearing green and no one is wearing white."

"We've noticed," Steve said overhearing the conversation. He held up his green bracelet.

"Do you guys like to watch?"

Greg and Steve smiled. "Sure."

"Well, in the past when everyone is at the party wearing at least yellow we make the whole house yellow but keep red in the big room upstairs."

Steve's eyes lit up. "So you are saying that if we change to yellow we can just watch if we want to and not actually have to undress or do the yellow things."

"Exactly," Amy said reaching back for a glass of wine. "Even when you wear yellow you don't have to undress or even touch bare private areas or have oral sex."

"We uh will have to talk to our girls," Greg said showing excitement.

"Good idea," Amy giggled as she leaned forward enough for them to look down at her naked breasts with silver nipple rings. "You go yellow and I'll let you look at these all night."

"Shit," Steve said as she moved away. "Where are the girls?"

"Outside I think," Greg answered. They finished their drinks and rushed out the patio door. They put on their brakes when they saw their girls in a tight embrace. "DAM!"

Cassie pulled her lips from Maggie's and giggled. "We thought we should try it since we've seen other women doing it."

"Do it again," Steve begged. He had always wanted to watch two women go at it and to have one as his wife was an even bigger turn on.

Cassie turned her head back and moved her open mouth back to Maggie's lips. Their tongues again explored and tasted while their hands moved up and down the soft backs. Maggie pulled her lips away and whispered. "Let's touch each other's breasts."

Cassie's trembling fingers moved up between their bodies until they found and pressed into Maggie's huge mounds. She felt so tiny now as the large women did the same to her tiny morsels.

"Oh my God," Greg gasped. He had not planned on Cassie being with another woman and it was about to rip out his pants.

"Stop!" Steve said loudly.

"Stop?" Greg repeated. "Are you nuts?"

"Yes......no," Steve laughed. "We want to keep watching but we all have to make a quick decision."

"What would that be?" Maggie asked suspiciously.

"Amy just asked if we wanted to go to yellow. She said that if we all go yellow then the whole house would be at least yellow."

Maggie glared. "We said we didn't want to undress." She had told him about her shyness especially with her extra weight.

"We said the same," Cassie growled.

"That's the good part," Greg injected. "We can wear yellow and don't have to undress or even.....even do the yellow stuff if we don't want to. We can basically just watch."

"Watch. Just watch?" Cassie said raising her eye brows. She wanted more experience and to be able to watch worked for her. "Count me in."

They all looked at Maggie.

"I don't like this but I'll do it." She moved by the men and headed to the bracelet basket. The others followed.


Amy sat up when the four came back from the hallway wearing yellow bracelets. "ATTENTION EVERYONE! PLEASE COME INTO THE BAR AREA!"


Jeannie smiled as she stood by Maggie and Tom. "Does that mean we can remove our clothes here and now?" Amy didn't answer with words. They all watched as she pulled the loose dress straps from her shoulders and released them. The dress fell quickly at her feet leaving behind her perfectly formed naked body along with her pierced nipples, navel and even her clitty.

"I think that answers my question," Jeannie giggled. Seconds later she too had her dress on the floor and stood proudly naked.

Another woman named Marge wearing a red bracelet stripped and then Amy's husband Jeff who displayed the first bare hard cock.

"Take off your dress," Jeannie whispered to Manni who was frozen as Ellie pulled off her dress and stood in only her tiny golden thong.

Manni was about to say 'not yet', but she glanced over at Joe who was standing next to Ellie. She watched as Ellie helped him remove his shirt and then his pants. Since he was not wearing underwear his hard cock sprang outward at them. "Why not?"

Tom smiled as Manni pulled her dress down over her wonderful pink mounds and hard tips. He peeked down at her nearly bare ass as she bent forward to pick the dress up from the floor. She turned to him. "Well?'

"Yes well?" Jeannie repeated. She wanted to see what had been rubbing against her all night.

"Sure," Tom grinned as he took his time pulling off his shirt. "Do you two want to help me?"

Jeannie didn't hesitate before she pulled open his slacks and pushed them down over his bare and huge cock. Her fingers held the slacks at his knees when his long dong appeared. "OH MY GOD!"

Everyone in the room stopped and turned to look at Tom. The women gasped and the men looked with envy. Suddenly Joe realized that maybe it wasn't such a good idea to allow his wife no restrictions except fucking. He moved over by Manni and pulled her aside and whispered, "Maybe this isn't a good idea."

"Stop," she said pulling her arm from him. "We said yellow and yellow it is." She moved over to ask Tom to dance but Jeannie had already scooped him up. Someone tapped her on her shoulder and she turned to see a naked Frank with his five inch hard-on pointing up at her.

"Want to dance?"

Manni looked over at Joe who was moving towards Ellie. "Sure but just dance." They moved into the darker dancing room and moved their bodies together. Only her tiny thong prevented them from being totally nude.

"Ummm," Frank moaned feeling her soft mounds and hard tips.

"Ummm," Manni repeated as she rubbed her belly against the hard moist cockhead. She felt his hands drop but reached back to pull them back up. "Just dancing."

Frank did as she said and was happy until he looked into the dark corner and saw both of his wife's hands around Tom's tall prick. "Shit."

Manni turned to look and was jealous. "Double shit."


Cassie and Maggie stood and stared while most of the others completely disrobed. Their eyes roamed from bare penis to bare penis realizing that they all didn't look alike and that they were not all created equal. Most of the couples headed into the dancing room so they grabbed their men and followed so they wouldn't miss the show.

Steve pulled the young girl into his body as he peeked at the many bare breasts and pussies in the room. Most of the women had shaved their privates and the others had trimmed them so much that nothing was really hidden. Hands moved to touch and fondle while others stroked and pumped in and out.

"Oh God," Cassie gasped.

"What?" Steve asked while turning to see the big man Tom leaning back against the wall while Jeannie was on her knees giving him a blowjob. As he looked he felt Cassie's hand move down to find and squeeze his covered hard-on. "Oh Cassie," he groaned.

"We're yellow right?" Cassie whispered while exploring up and down his covered six inch length.

"Yes," Steve groaned. "Why?"

"Then I can do this," the girl giggled. She moved her left hand up to his waistband and pulled it out while jamming her right hand down underneath his pants and boxers. She found his throbbing hot penis waiting and didn't disappoint it.

"Oh man...that feels so....oh Fuck!" Steve moaned while reaching his hand up to the top of her vee neck blouse and then down into it. He slid under her bra cup and cupped her whole left titty. Neither of them missed their spouses who had moved outside again on the empty patio.


"What are they doing?" Greg whispered behind Maggie as she peeked into the dance room.

"Everything except..." She hesitated. "Everything except fucking." She felt his hardness pressing into her large ass and reached back to pull her dress up over her round buttocks.

"You're not wearing any panties," Greg whispered looking at the smooth cheeks.

Maggie giggled. "Take it out and put it in the cheeks." She knew that it was one of Steve's favorite things.

"But we can't...you know."

"I'm not asking you to fuck my ass," she laughed. "Just my cheeks."

Greg quickly unzipped and pulled his hard-on out into his fist. He aimed it into the deep pink valley and slid it upward until it lay lengthwise. "OH GOD!"

Maggie laughed as she lifted and lowered her hips. "You like my big ass don't you?" As he pushed in she squeezed.



Amy and Jeff stood aside watching the multiple couples touching and sucking. They had managed to do a yellow house before but it was only a few couples now there were about twelve couples most of them naked messing around.

"Maybe we should pull out the glory wall?" Jeff whispered.

"Wow, I forgot all about it. Let's get it." Amy and Jeff headed towards the storage room behind the garage.

A few minutes later they pushed the black wooden wall on wheels into the huge library off the dancing area. "Do you want to make the announcement or do you want me to?" Amy giggled.

"I will," Jeff said.


Manni danced with Frank for a few dances to get her breath and to watch the others. That was until young Amy cut in leaving her standing alone. It seems so weird being almost naked around the others but after about fifteen minutes it seems so natural. Tom was still busy with Jeannie so when she turned to head to the bar she bumped into a man she didn't know.

"Do you want to dance?" The man asked.

Manni tried not to be obvious but her eyes dropped to see the uncircumcised penis pushing out from the dark and grey pubic hairs. It was the first she had ever seen uncut. "Uh..sure."

Again it felt weird mainly because her naked breasts pressed into a man who she didn't even know his name. Down below the man's cock rubbed against her belly. She felt his hands moving up and down her bare back and then lower to brush lightly over her bare buttocks. She wished that she was not wearing the thong.

Dan Jacobs had watched the cute dark haired woman with the marvelous breasts since her arrival. Since his wife and he had missed the past three parties he had not met this woman which now made it more exciting. At 60 years old Dan's Viagra, diet and exercise had given him a fine libido which was now hungry for this woman's pussy. The problem was the yellow bracelet she was wearing. As they dance and rubbed he felt her moist lips pecking on this neck.

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