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White Christmas


In the Spirit of Christmas, I give you this. I know there's a Christmas contest, but this isn't written for that and I have not entered it, nor plan to.

The idea for this came out of a picture I saw while I was searching for a new Christmas-themed background (hint: it was a girl wearing the same outfit as described herein). This story also features the same characters as my first two stories, Beautiful Texas (1), and Something Fun (2), so it's recommended you go read those first. Don't worry, I'll wait.

You're back? Good!

Hope you enjoy, and happy holidays to all!


I followed Darcy down my apartment building's hallway, her hand tugging at mine as we walked, urging me to speed up. My eyes were glued to her gorgeous, gently swaying ass as she trotted along. She had on a formfitting coat that went down her knees, and her legs were bare past that. She must have been wearing a skirt beneath the coat. She hadn't taken it off since we'd been together today.

She picked me up after an exam I had earlier to go grab a bite to eat. As we were, Darcy said that she had an early Christmas present for me. I groaned when she mentioned the C-word. This was something of a sore subject for me this year.

"Babe, I love you, but I told you not to get me anything. I said I'd go to dinner at your parents' with you, but other than that, I'm trying to avoid Christmas as much as possible."

Being a Canadian boy born and raised, and having spent every Christmas either in my home city of Montreal or Calgary, where half my family lives, this was to be my first Christmas in a climate where it very seldom snowed. Darcy knew I wasn't happy about staying in Texas over the holidays, but I was determined to stick it out. I'd only been here for a few months, and while I was extremely happy, I missed snow and wanted to go home quite badly. But, I had told myself that I'd wait until the summer at least to go home. I was going to be here for a while, and I better get used to it now. Plus, I really did want to spend it here with Darcy and her family.

She groaned in exasperation and rolled her eyes, but said nothing. She knew I'd let her give it to me anyway (and truth be told, I had gotten her something, but I didn't mention this fact to her).

So there I was, being tugged toward my apartment by my Christmas-fuelled gorgeous girlfriend. I glanced up from her ass to the back of her head, and then back down again. Who could argue with such a perfect ass anyway?

Darcy unlocked my door with the key I'd given her, and pushed it wide open. I walked inside and I nearly fainted in a mixture of awe, shock and horror.

My entire living room floor was white, and it covered quite a bit of the furniture with a light dusting as well. I glanced around and then bent down to touch the floor. My fingers sunk into the whiteness about a half inch. I picked some of it up and looked at it.

"You...covered my whole apartment in fake snow?" I gasped out.

Darcy grinned at me but didn't say anything, and instead flicked on my flat screen and sound system. Suddenly there was a very realistic fire on the TV with the sound of it coming out of the speakers. I glanced at the fire and couldn't help but smile a bit. She had thought this out.

"You better clean all this crap up," I said, laughing softly and tossing a handful of it at her. She giggled as she shook what had landed on her out of her long auburn curls.

"Shut up and sit," she ordered with a playful smirk and pointed at the couch facing opposite from the TV. Still reeling from the insanity of the state of my apartment, I nodded dumbly and followed her orders. Darcy moved to stand in front of me and turned around to face away, bending over slightly so I couldn't see her head. I let my eyes drift to her ass and wondered briefly what she was up to.

I didn't have to wonder long, because she stood back up with a Santa hat on her head, her long reddish brown hair hanging down to her shoulders. With a bit of a shuffle, Darcy pulled apart the sash on her knee-length coat and shrugged her shoulders so the coat would slide down onto the floor. I gasped when the coat hit the floor.

Darcy was wearing a babydoll made of red velvet, and trimmed with the Santa-style fake-fur. It hugged her curves tightly as it went down her body, and then flared out at the hips to hang a bit more lose over her thighs. There were two white fluff balls like on the top of a Santa hat hanging from strings which appeared from under the babydoll. Her ass looked even more fantastic than usual in the piece of lingerie. In the few seconds she had her coat off, I had gone from soft to painfully erect. I wanted her so bad.

But if I had thought the back of Darcy's outfit was amazing, then the front was near-orgasmic. She turned to face me, a wide, sexy, satisfied grin stretched across her amazingly soft, full, bright pink lips. The front of the babydoll hugged her curves just as tightly as the rest, but the upper portion was a demi-cup, and if I wasn't mistaken, was sized smaller than her breast cup size because her normally amazing tits were spilling out even more than usual. At the centre of the cups was a bow tied with the same Santa balls as were hanging down her thighs. She looked so fucking hot.

"What do you think, lover?" Her grin switched to a smirk and she moved toward me, climbing slowly into my lap and settling her knees on either side of my thighs.

"I think you look so fucking hot, babe," I breathed softly as I let my hands slip under her babydoll, finding her panty-clad ass and squeezing softly as I leaned in for a kiss and moaned softly into her mouth.

Darcy relished the kiss for a moment, and briefly let her tongue slip against mine, but quickly pulled away and smiled at me. She reached between her breasts and gently tugged at one fluffy white ball, which undid the knot there and released the tension keeping her over-spilling breasts enclosed so tightly and pushed up. She slipped her hands into the top of her cups and squeezed her large breasts softly, moaning a little at what I assume was her playing with her own nipples, then pulled them out of the cups fully, letting them bounce free in all their glory.

I glued my eyes to her hands as she pulled them free of their enclosure. Darcy's tits were an easy D-cup, and probably even pushing at DD, but they didn't sag at all, sitting proudly on her chest with a perfect tear-drop shape to them. I'm an admitted ass man, but she nearly had me converted to tits.

She let her tongue slip from her lips and slowly licked them, making them glossy in the light of the room. Her bright, dark green eyes peered at me through her bangs, pressed against her forehead by the adorable Santa hat perched crookedly on her head. Darcy flashed a smirk and ordered, "Suck them."

I knew what she meant and complied immediately. I took one hand off her curvy backside and pushed it under her breast, tilting my head down and wrapping my lips around her nipple, sucking firmly, flicking at it in my mouth with my tongue. Darcy's moans were music to my ears, and I saw her lean back and slide a hand down between our bodies, slipping her hand under her babydoll and into her panties, rubbing slowly at herself. I loved watching her touch herself.

My hand kneaded insistently at her ass as I suckled softly, enjoying the feeling of the stiff nipple dragging against my tongue. Darcy's back arched into my mouth, pressing more of her tit flesh in and I opened wider to accommodate her, sucking at more of her voluminous breasts. I loved doing anything which made her moan. I could never deny her.

The hand not occupied with rubbing at her smooth pussy lips and clit was cupped behind my neck to pull me into her breast. After a few minutes, she tugged my face away from her breast and presented me with the other one, and I went to work. This time I took a slower approach, letting my tongue slowly wrap around the stiff nipple, flicking at it and circling with deliberation. And then I gently bit at Darcy's nipple, which elicited a gasp from her lips to mingle with her moans of pleasure at touching herself. Her hips rocked slowly against me and into her hand as I tugged her nipple softly.

"Mmm, baby," Darcy groaned out when I tugged, her voice low and urgent, "that feels so fucking good. Suck my nipple, Chris."

I wrapped my lips around the nipple again and sucked for all I was worth. Her fingers were working tirelessly at her pussy. I suspected by now they were urgently dipping in and out of her cunt lips, pressing against her g-spot eagerly. Darcy's hips were grinding hard against me and into her hand and her moans and cries of pleasure were getting louder and higher.

I gripped her ass hard and bit down on her nipple again. That sent her over the edge. Darcy's cries escalated and she pushed herself into me, hips grinding hungrily and tit pressed roughly into my mouth as she pulled on my neck, screaming as she came all over her fingers.

"Oh fuck, baby, I'm cumming," she managed to gasp out between high pitched cries of orgasm.

After a minute or two, she relaxed back and pulled her fingers from under her babydoll; they were sticky and shiny. Without a word, Darcy had slid them into my mouth with a smile. I accepted them graciously and sucked softly, my tongue wrapping around them slowly, and licking between them, moaning at the sweet, sexual taste of her pussy.

"Enough of that," she grinned and pulled her fingers from my lips and slid out of my lap and onto the floor on her knees in front of me. The motion caused a flurry of fake snow to fly everywhere. Darcy giggled at the effect and said, "I hope that doesn't get anywhere hard to reach."

I laughed and said, "So long as you're cleaning it up, I don't care where it ends up."

With a smirk, she reached into my lap and pulled apart my belt, unbuttoned my pants and pulled the zipper down. "Up," she said, and patted the side of my ass. I lifted my butt from the sofa in compliance and let her pull my jeans and boxers down, making my cock spring up and slap my belly softly as it freed itself. I pulled my shirt off and tossed it away with my pants.

"Oooh, someone's happy," Darcy cooed excitedly, reaching into my lap again and circling my throbbing hard cock with her small, soft, nimble hand, squeezing it experimentally. I knew she loved sucking my cock more than almost anything else in the world.

"With all that moaning, screaming, making me suck your tits, and grinding against my lap, what did you think was going to happen?" I laughed as Darcy handled me, jerking me slowly.

"Do you have any idea how much I love this cock?" she whispered softly as she sat up a bit straighter and looked into my eyes as her hand slid along my length. Darcy had worked her other hand between my legs and began fondling my balls softly, squeezing and rolling them between those nimble fingers of hers. I was already squirming at her touch.

"I can probably guess. But how about you show me, babe?" I asked, holding her gaze steadily. Darcy had such pretty green eyes. They mesmerized me.

"Show you? How?" Her eyes went wide in mock innocence. Darcy sometimes played this game to get me to talk dirty to her. Her hands never stopped working, slowly fondling my balls and stroking along my increasingly throbbing, leaking shaft. Her gaze never left mine.

"Suck it," I breathed. She made this hard on me every time.

"Suck what, Chris?" she pouted a bit as she asked, playing up the role. Her thumb brushed against my pre-cummy cockhead, rubbing it liberally around the spongy surface.

"I want you to suck my dick, Darcy," I groaned as she rubbed my head slowly. She was such a fucking tease, but I loved her all the more for it.

"But...but that's what sluts do!" she gasped in fake horror, but her hands only kept working. The dichotomy between her words, tone of voice and facial expressions, not to mention the ridiculous Santa hat hanging from her head, and the actions her hands were performing was almost too much. Darcy was way too good at this for her own good.

I reached forward and let my hand slide behind her neck and into her hair hanging from under the hat. My fist clenched and I drew nearer, pulling her face closer as well so I could whisper into her ear.

"But you are a slut, Darcy. You're my dirty, filthy, cocksucking slut. Now suck my fucking dick!" The last words were no louder than a whisper, but much higher intensity. I heard Darcy moan softly. I knew I had her and I leaned back to watch.

Darcy practically leapt at my dick with her mouth. She jerked the hand away from my shaft and buried more than half my length into her sweet, hot, suckling mouth immediately. Her hand fondled my balls even more intensely as her soft lips bobbed up and down quickly while she reburied her free hand under her babydoll. A few moments later, my suspicions were confirmed when she started moaning around my shaft. It wasn't long before she was smoothly and expertly taking every inch of my cock into her mouth. I could feel the head nudge against her throat each time, and she gagged a couple times, but that just made it even hotter.

"Oh fuck yes, baby, suck that big cock into your slutty little mouth. You're such a whore for me, aren't you?" I asked, and she just moaned in response, eyes closed and concentrating on the stiff shaft invading her mouth.

I shifted my hand from her hair to the back of her head, clutching it lightly and encouraging her down each time she ducked her head down and sucked my cock into her mouth. My eyes were shut and I was breathing heavily, groaning softly occasionally. Darcy did such a good job sucking my cock. Her tongue never stopped moving. It swirled around the shaft as she slid her lips up and down, twisting her head as she went up and down to create more friction, and then would stop and just suck on the tip slowly, sliding the tip of her tongue into my slit to lick up the pre-cum, before bobbing back down again and taking it into her throat.

"Fuck I love this cock. You taste so good, Chris," she moaned softly as she pulled her mouth off briefly, then dove back down to bob up and down once more.

Suddenly Darcy stood up, pulling her lips off my cock as she rose, sucking firmly until the very last moment. Her hand was still in her panties and working feverishly as she stepped closer to me. She used her outer calves to push my thighs wide open and she, glanced down at me, a lustful expression in her eyes.

"Pull these strings," Darcy said softly, inclining a hip at me to indicate the strings I'd been wondering about earlier.

I reached forward and gently pulled on both of them, and they came away easily. Then I saw her panties fall to the floor, the sides of them unknotted. I looked at Darcy's hand and she had three fingers fucking in and out of her glistening wet cunt lips.

She turned around and bent over, putting her free hand on the coffee table to balance herself as she pushed her ass high into the air, her fingers never stopping their movements in and out, and in and out. I could see Darcy's perfectly shaped, completely bare pussy lips being spread apart by her insistent fingers. She continued moaning as she put on a show for me.

When she pulled her fingers out of herself, very slowly, I could see a long strand of stickiness leading back to between her smooth, slippery folds. She was extremely wet. Darcy slid her hand from between her legs, and instead reached behind her over the top of her ass and slipped her sticky-wet middle finger between her ass cheeks. I knew what she was going do.

"Mmm, does my baby want to watch me finger my tight little asshole?" She moaned softly as she almost whispered the words. I couldn't see what she was doing because the babydoll still obscured my view, but whatever it was, Darcy was getting into it.

"You know I do, lover," I laughed. She knew damn well I loved anything anal, especially when it was her ass on the line.

"Then you need to help me out with something," she told me, almost purring the words out. She only sounded like that when she was especially turned on. Apparently whatever she had in mind was out of this world in hotness.

"Help you with wh..." but my voice trailed off, because at that moment, Darcy lifted the back of the babydoll to display her ass to me. The insides of her cheeks were shining, as if slightly wet. She had lubed her ass, apparently. But that wasn't all. Darcy had something there already.

"I want you to slide this butt plug I've had in my ass all day out, so that I can slide my fingers into it for you," Darcy purred out softly again. Her fingers touched the toy lightly to indicate it to me. As if I couldn't tell already, I thought to myself. She backed up slowly after that, still folded over with her ass pushed high in the air, keeping it level with my face.

With an act of balance that could have won her an Olympic gold, Darcy slowly reached back while bending over and grabbed both of her cheeks, squeezing them firmly so her fingers dug into the flesh, and pulled them apart slowly for me, giving me perfect access.

"This is so fucking hot," I breathed softly. I heard her gasp softly. She was now so close to me that my breathy words were felt against her cunt lips. With a slightly trembling hand, I reached up and grabbed the plug that was held in tightly by her outer muscles. I slowly tugged at it, and Darcy moaned in pleasure as she pushed out softly, clearly enjoying the feel of her anus stretching for the toy, distending her slightly.

It was a fairly standard medium-sized conical butt plug. It was narrow at the base so the anal muscles could hold it in easily, then flared quite a bit just above the base, and slowly tapered to a rounded nub at the end.

Darcy let out a breathy moan as it came free. She made to touch her asshole as I pulled it away, but then I pushed the toy back into her. Not forcefully, but insistently, sliding the entirety of it back into her. Darcy moaned loudly the whole time it slid in.

"Pull it out yourself, slut," I growled softly at her, wanting to see her pull the plug out for herself this time. Anal pleasure was my domain in our relationship, and after reeling from the initial shock of seeing her stuffed full of a butt plug, I regained my dominant footing in regards to her ass.

Darcy complied without hesitation. Her fingers gripped the base of the toy and pulled it out, a bit rougher than I had, gasping in slight pain and immense pleasure as she stretched wide for the intruder and then felt herself clench tight as the toy tapered out and was removed altogether.

"Now finger fuck your slutty ass for me, Darcy. Show me what an anal whore you are," I ordered fiercely. Darcy said nothing, instead choosing to take two of the fingers which had previously occupied her now dripping pussy and slip them deep into her ass without preamble and begin to fuck in and out. The toy had done its work and she had no trouble fucking herself while holding her ass open with her other hand.

"Tell me what you are, baby," I whispered softly, but with a slight menace in my voice. I was throbbing painfully now, but I refused to touch myself. I knew Darcy would take care of me and was content to wait and watch for now.

"I'm your anal slut, Chris. I'd do anything for you," she moaned out, breathing heavily now as she fucked herself. She was getting into it, and humping her ass back against her own fingers.

And then I smacked her ass firmly. Darcy gasped as the hand struck and it caught her by surprise, she nearly lost her balance, but recovered quickly and continued fucking her ass, even faster now. My hand print was left in a pale red on the ivory flesh of her ass. It was the perfect contrast.

"That's right, love, you are," I breathed softly, hand stroking the reddened ass cheek softly, soothing it, as I leaned in closer. My mouth was barely inches away from her pussy before, but now my nose pressed lightly against her perineum and I flicked my tongue out against her soaked pussy. Darcy moaned loud and pushed her fingers in deep as I teased her.

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