tagInterracial LoveWhite Girl Has a College Awakening Ch. 03

White Girl Has a College Awakening Ch. 03


I now had one mission. I was going to get my pussy stretched to the point where Bone could fuck me. I had purchased a set of three dildos of varying sizes. My goal was to start with a 6-inch normal sized dildo, then work my way up to the 8-inch with the ultimate goal of taking the large Bone sized dildo. If I could take that one without pain, I figured I could take Bone's fleshy 10 inches and give him the thing he wanted most.

The same day I purchased the training kit, I tried the smaller dildo. The thought of using it made me very wet and it slid in rather easily. I pumped it in me quickly and played with my little clit. It didn't take long for me to cum. As I did, my pussy contracted hard and squirted the dildo out onto the floor. It made me laugh. I just couldn't believe how bad my pussy wanted to resist penile penetration. Seeing as the first one was comfortable to use, I took out the 8-inch and attempted to slip it in. This one was a lot tougher to put inside me. At first, I could only get the tip in. I stopped for a moment and tried to relax. I reached over and pulled out the instructions from the box. It recommended that the dildo be placed on a hard surface with the tip pointing straight up. It said that I should straddle the dildo and slowly slide my body down the shaft. The directions showed a model demonstrating the technique. It said to take about an inch, then pull up and relax, then do it again a bit further until I reached the base.

I went into the bathroom and suction cupped the toy to the floor. I did as the instructions directed. Slowly, I began to ride my new friend. Inch by inch it began to penetrate me. When it was in about three inches it rubbed against my G-spot. My body shuttered. No penis had ever put that much pressure on that spot. It felt amazing. In fact, so amazing I began to ride it with zeal. At one point, I looked up and saw myself in the mirror on the door. It was quite a sight. My tiny body being invaded by a large dark brown cock. I was mesmerized. I reached up and began to play with my tits. It was the trigger I needed to get off again. As I orgasmed, I drove the cock as deeply as it would go. The rubber balls of the dildo pressed firmly against my asshole. I had never been this full. I was in heaven. This made me want his cock even more. If 8 inches felt this good, what would 10 inches feel like? I desperately wanted to find out.

Once Bone returned from class I ran down to his room. I knocked on the door and when it opened I burst in and kissed him. I immediately took control of the situation. Bone was told to sit in a chair by the bed and to remain there no matter what happened. He complied. I quickly took off my clothes and hoped onto the bed. Bone seemed intrigued. Soon, I revealed the 8-inch dildo I had brought in my backpack. He just stared at my new toy. I looked into his eyes and told him that I wanted to show him what he was going to do to me one day. I got on my knees, and began to insert the dark brown toy into my wet slot. Just like earlier, it went in slowly but soon found its mark. Bone just sat and smiled as he watched. His hand started rubbing the growing bulge in his pants.

I began to ride my dildo with conviction. As I did, I told Bone that soon this would be his cock and that I would ride him to orgasm. Soon his cum would be flowing into my tight pussy. The more I talked the harder he rubbed. Then he reached a point of total arousal and whipped his massive manhood out of his pants and began to stroke wildly. I continued to tease and taunt him. He stood up and approached me. I told him to sit back down. He told me to be quiet and to cum on "his" cock. I responded by saying I was close to cumming on his cock. I asked him if that's what he wanted and he told me yes. He again told me to cum. I told him to cum. His hand was stroking so fast I thought he might set his cock on fire with friction. The sight of his very hard cock so close to me brought me to the edge. I told him I was about to cum. He told me to do it right now. I felt my pussy tighten as the electricity of my orgasm passed through my entire body. My eyes closed as I tucked my chin to my chest. I was deep into my third and hardest orgasm of the day when I felt streams of warm cum all over me.

I open my eyes just in time to see a huge stream of cum shot straight into my face. Bone scooted right up against me and continued to shower me with his seed. As his orgasm subsided, he took the head of his cock and rubbed his sperm into my chest. I reached down and took his cock into my mouth and sucked the remaining cum into my mouth. He looked down at me and told me that I was the freakiest women he had ever been with. I asked him if that was bad. He responded by shaking his head quickly and saying that is was a very good thing. In fact, he told me that I was the first woman he had ever seen using a dildo. He told me that it really got him excited and he wanted me to do it again for him. I promised I would. He pulled me tight and kissed me with passion.

For the next few weeks, I rode my 8-inch friend to orgasm in front of Bone. Each time we would end the session with him covering every inch of my body in his warm seed. My pussy was now very comfortable with the 8-inch dildo and I was anxious to move on to the Bone sized unit. One night after class we went back to his place to have some fun. We started with the typical foreplay then fell into his bed. I told him to get up and sit in his chair for his show. He did as he was asked and pulled his growing cock out of his pants and prepared to play with himself as I put on my show.

I reached into my back pack and pulled out my dildo, my Bone sized dildo. He gasped and asked me what the hell that thing was. I told him that it was him. He said he wasn't nearly that big. I leaned over and grabbed his cock and placed the dildo next to his member. It was an almost exact copy. He was shocked. He knew he was big but had never seen his cock in that frame of reference. He smiled slyly and marveled at the size. I giggled at his reaction and held up the dildo and told him that this is why women cry when you fuck them. He told me he was sorry, he never realized. I told him to be quiet and watch the show.

I was very wet but I still lubed the tool up. I wanted this to happen without a problem. Bone needed to see me take this thing and enjoy it. I rubbed some lube on my pussy too and got way up on my knees and placed it on my labia. I told Bone to tell me he wanted to fuck me. He did. The sound of his voice saying that made me very wet. Slowly, I began to lower my body down. The tip began to enter my pussy. Surprisingly, it didn't hurt, in fact it actually felt nice. About two inches had entered me before my pussy started to resist. I stopped and lifted my body back up. I looked at Bone. He was mesmerized. He looked like he was in a trance. His eyes were glued on the pole between my legs.

I lowered myself back down. This time it went about three inches deep. At about this point, it slid across my g-spot. A shiver rolled across my body like a wave. Bone smiled. He loved watching me being "freaky". Again, I pulled up and then proceeded to drop back onto my dildo. This time, my pussy swallowed about eight inches all at once. I gasped. Strangely, it felt incredible. It didn't hurt at all. My pussy was actually tingling. It was like electricity was flowing through me. I wanted more. I began to ride the dildo like I was riding my lover. This made my pussy tingle more. I had never felt anything like this before. I began to shiver and shake and fell unto my back on the bed.

I grabbed the toy with both hands and began to pump my hole furiously. The harder I pumped the better it felt. I was out of control. I wanted this in me, I wanted it deep inside me. Faster and faster I pounded. My pussy had relaxed to the point where I the tip of the dildo bottomed out in my pussy. Again, I gasped. My mind was swimming. Then it hit me. I didn't want a dildo, I wanted Bone!

I turned to him and screamed that I wanted him in me right now. Bone jumped off the seat and stripped naked. His cock stood straight out, hard as a rock. I pulled the dildo out and threw it on the bed. Fuck me, I demanded. Bone spread my legs wide and put his cock onto my labia. He looked at me and told me that I was fucking amazing and pushed his cock deep inside me. His massive manhood parted my lips and slid easily in about three inches. Again, my pussy tried to resist. He pulled out a bit and pushed with a bit more force. Bones cock felt incredible, much better than the dildo. It conformed to my pussy's every curve. He then reached the very depths of my womb. He stopped pushing and looked me in the eyes and asked me if I was ready to be fucked hard. I breathlessly said yes.

Bone then started to thrust his cock back and forth. Each thrust sent shocks through my body. Shocks that I had never felt before. I wrapped my legs around his body and locked my ankles tightly together. I wanted him in me, I wanted him deep in me and I was not going to let him get away. Bone began to speed up his pace. It seemed like he was going to blow at any moment. I did not want that to happen. I wanted this to last. I told him to stop for a moment. He looked concerned. My lips then touched his softly and I kissed him passionately. Then I whispered to him that I wanted him to go slow and to make it last. He smiled and kissed me again. Bone then began to take long slow strokes. Shivers coursed through my body. His girth made me pussy very sensitive. The slow strokes prolonged the sensation.

Bone was an amazing lover. He made me feel small in his arms, yet protected. The feel of his hard cock inside me made me feel one with him in both body and mind. Fuck, I wanted him. I wanted him inside me. I wanted him to pump me full of his amazing cum. After a few minutes of slow strokes, my pussy nearly ready to set off on an incredible orgasm. I wanted him to orgasm with me at the same time. I knew I could make it happen. I told Bone it was time for him to take me over the edge, I wanted him to fuck me hard. He shifted gear quickly and began to ride me hard. His cock felt hard as a rock inside me.

I was within moments of going over the edge, when I felt Bones body begin to stiffen up. I slipped my hand off of his butt and placed my finger on his butthole. He yelled OH FUCK, jammed his cock completely into me and began to cum. I slipped off with him into orgasmic bliss. My pussy contracted and gripped his exploding cock in what seemed like a death grip. I could feel his cum filling my womb. His cum was creating and warm sensation in my belly. Bone's cock shot many long streams of hot sperm inside me while my pussy held it tightly.

After what seemed like a full minute of orgasming we both began to come back to earth. We kissed each other as if we had been lovers forever. I kept my legs wrapped around him as I didn't want him to pull out. Luckily for me, he wanted to stay inside me too. He rolled off of me but we continued to remain linked together. We kissed and touched each other for what seemed like hours. All the while, he remained inside me. His massive cock held the warmth deep inside me. It felt so damn good. I didn't want it to end. However, nature began to take its course. Slowly, Bones cock began to relax and slip from grateful vagina.

His manhood finally flopped onto the bed with a thud as it exited my hole. Within seconds, Bones warm seed began to flow from the depths of my womb. I slapped my thighs together in a vain attempt to hold it inside me. His gift gushed unabated and covered his bed. I was astonished at how much cum he had deposited inside me. He seemed embarrassed at the sight of the mess we made. I assured him that everything was fine and that I was so incredibly happy.

I had done it. I had given Bone the thing he had always wanted. The ability to not only love someone but to make love to someone without hurting them. He had done it. I was totally in love with him. I wanted to make him the happiest man on earth. This was becoming more than a college hook up, it was the beginning of a deep and loving relationship.

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Very good

Nice story of romance & road to love. More please!

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by SoleBrotherJeff10/13/18

Best B & W Story I have ever read !!

Thank you for your beautiful story. Yes it was a B&W story at the beginning, but because of your great detailed character development, it became a beautiful romance love story.

Please write more !!!

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Lovely story.

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