tagMatureWhite Girls Who Love Black Men

White Girls Who Love Black Men


Harold Saint Preux is the name and sexual adventure is the nature of my game. I'm a big and tall black man of Haitian descent living in the city of Boston. I attend Northeastern University on an academic scholarship. I am twenty two years old. I'm currently in my third academic year at this school, studying business administration. Someday soon, I'll have my bachelors degree and then take on the corporate world while working on the fast-track MBA. This is the tale of what I've done to get certain urges out of my system. College life can be so stressful. I need to get down once in a while, you know?

If there is one thing I know, it's that the black bitches in the hood are dangerous. They're so slutty, and conniving. A brother has to watch out because them black bitches got no conscience and they use men more than men use them. Black bitches specialty is ensnaring a brother by getting pregnant and then hustling him for money. Often, these black bitches spend the brother's hard-earned money on themselves rather than the brother's son or daughter. And the system protects them from what they got coming to them. These black chicks laugh at the plight of the black male they exploit so readily. That's a black chick for you. Hispanic, Asian and white chicks do the same thing sometimes. Like I said, females in general can't be trusted. Black chicks just happen to have a special hatred for black males, that's all.

Which is why I don't deal with them. Yes, black bitches are alluring. They're fine-looking, with their big tits and big butts. And they've got big lips seemingly made for sucking a brother's dick. Word up. However, they are way too dramatic. And violent. And controlling. And vicious. Black bitches call a brother's phone every five minutes, acting all paranoid and shit. They just want to control the brother. They want his time and money. They could care less if he's banging some other ho. The only problem is that if he's got some other ho to give him pussy, then he won't need their skanky asses. So they try to get him to only sleep with them, and only when they feel like it. Nothing hates a black man like a black chick can. White cops come close, but they can't quite match black chicks natural affinity for hating and mistreating black males. It's simply eerie. See how them black bitches be trying to control a brother through their motherfucking pussy? Yeah, that's how they all are. Big tits. Big butts. Big lips. No brains. The ability to manipulate does not make them intelligent. There's no correlation between it and IQ. Trust me on that one.

For my sexual needs, I chose to deal with a forty-something white widow named Janine O'Shea. She's around five-foot-eleven, thick, with big tits, wide hips and the biggest butt I've seen on a white female in ages. However, she was anything but a ho. Janine O'Shea had her own business. She's the executive director of O'Shea Trucking, a trucking company which dealt with companies all over New England. She lived in a townhouse in the pricy Back Bay area of Boston. Her son James O'Shea was a freshman at Boston College. Her daughter Emily O'Shea was a senior at Wellesley College. Her husband Larry died four years ago in a car accident. She was a classy lady with a strong mind who knew what she wanted.

We first met at the Boston Public Library. She was giving a speech while promoting her new book, which encouraged women and minority small business owners to stick together in the age of super corporations. The room was packed with well-dressed men and women who had come to pay homage to one of America's best known nonfiction authors. Janine was the center of attention and I could tell she liked it. Truth be told, I was drawn to her aura. The woman was smart, gorgeous and she commanded respect and admiration wherever she went. She didn't carry herself like a millionaire. She carried herself like a modern-day queen. And she wasn't pretentious or anything, just a smart woman with a regal bearing. I was attracted to her. After she got done speaking at the podium and was signing books, I stuck around. She signed my book. Our eyes met. And that's all it took. Long after all the other fans left, I stuck around. I asked Janine to a coffee date. I wanted to pick her brain. This gorgeous lady was smart and as a business major, I very much wanted to hear what she had to say.

I took Janine to the nearby Starbucks, and we sat down and chatted. To tell you the truth, my fascination with this lady was just beginning. She was as smart as she was pretty. I was drawn to her and the attraction was mutual. That day, we sort of took the first steps toward becoming a couple. A lot of people think when black men date white women, it's only about sex or it's their way of defying social norms to get attention. Or maybe they're doing it for reasons other than attraction or mutual interests. It wasn't that way with us. I wasn't a big black butt to her and she wasn't a walking, talking sugar mama to me. We were two people who felt a powerful connection to each other. We shared many interests. Like me, Janine was a College Football and Ice Hockey fan. She also followed Business Week and various other business-oriented magazines religiously, the way other women devoured gossip magazines. Yes, we had a connection. I introduced her to my friends and she introduced me to hers. We became a couple. An ordinary couple, with all that implies. We had our ups and downs. Sometimes, my friends found it odd that I was dating a wealthy older white woman. And her friends found it odd that she was dating a younger black man. We ignored the naysayers and focused instead on what matters. Our relationship to one another.

Ours was a passionate liaison. I recalled how we did it one time in the ladies room located near the Food Court inside Copley Mall in downtown Boston. Janine had me lean against the bathroom wall, and she knelt before me. Unzipping my pants, she freed my cock from my underwear. Out came my dick. Eight inches long, somewhat thick and uncircumcised. Most Haitian parents in the islands of the Caribbean don't believe in butchering their sons to please the dogs of religion and culture. If it ain't broke, they don't fix it. Without hesitation, Janine took my manhood in her mouth. She began sucking me off with an expertise no other woman could match.

She sucked my cock and licked my balls. When I came, she drank my seed. Afterwards, I propped her up on the bathroom counter and spread her plump thighs. I breathed in the smell of her pussy. Nice. I went muff diving. Gently, I probed her pussy lips with my fingers and tongue. Janine squealed in delight and begged me for more. I fingered and licked her snatch until she came. Afterwards, I thrust my cock into her hot pussy. She wrapped her arms around me and urged me to fuck her hard. I pumped my dick into her hot pussy. Yeah, that's how I like to get down.

After I pumped it into her for a good twenty minutes, we tried something new. I put Janine on all fours and spread her plump ass cheeks wide open. I pressed my cock against her backdoor, and pushed. With a swift thrust, I penetrated her. Janine's asshole felt warm and tight around my dick. I put my hands on her hips and began pumping my big black dick into her tight asshole. Janine grasped each of her big butt cheeks and spread them wide apart, driving me deeper inside her. Yeah, she was as into butt fucking as I was. That's why she's my kind of woman.

I fucked her good for another twenty minutes before I came, flooding her asshole with my cum. Afterwards, we readjusted our clothes and exited the men's room. Guys who saw us leaving together smirked and gave me a high-five. I grinned, and winked at them. Yeah, it looks like I hit the jackpot. The new woman in my life is quite sexy, very wealthy, extremely generous, very affectionate, and sexually adventurous. What more could a man want?

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