tagInterracial LoveWhite Guy in Vietnam Ch. 02

White Guy in Vietnam Ch. 02


Acknowledgements: Sexyvibe, editor


I hop on the motorbike behind my Vietnamese host, Jericho. The sun has started to set behind the waterfall we'd just conquered. If we were in Canada right now, I wouldn't feel comfortable driving. I feel intoxicated, not just from the beer we'd drunk, but also from the events of the day.

I'm holding onto my slender Vietnamese host's hips as we peel away on the dirt road. As we drive in silence, I start to worry that he may harbor some resentment for being humiliated in front of me, but he seems in good spirits as we pull up to the house.

As the motorbike comes to a stop, I immediately notice the heat. Without the breeze from the motorbike, the air feels hot, humid, and oppressive.

"Holy shit, man, it's hot," I say to my counterpart.

"Ya, man. Fuck," he laughs as he shakes his head.

As he opens up the door to his house, I'm hit with a blast of muggy air. I can't believe how much hotter it is now than it was just yesterday.

"You sit down, man, we cool down a bit before bed," Jericho says as he grabs a fan and sets it up in front of his living room sofa. It appears as though the rest of Jericho's family has already gone to bed.

I grab a seat on the red, fabric couch as Jericho runs to the kitchen. He returns with a tray of glasses, ice, and beer. He pours beer into a glass with ice, something I would have found sacrilege in Canada, but which I'm thankful for today.

After serving me a beer, he pulls off his shirt. He starts to unbutton his pants but stops to turn to me.

"Do you mind, man?" He asks.

I let out a laugh, "Jericho, buddy, after the waterfall, I don't think we have any shame. Here, I'll join you."

We both strip down to our boxers. After losing my clothes and starting on my iced beer, I'm already feeling miles better.

We sit and shoot the shit for a while. We've gone through quite a bit of beer when Jericho finally addresses the elephant in the room.

"You have fun at the waterfall, man?" He asks.

"That was crazy wasn't it?" I respond.

There's a bit of a pause before I interject, "Hey, Jericho, I hope it doesn't feel like I was trying to embarrass you out there."

"You worry about that, hey?" Jericho lets out a knowing laugh. "No way, man, Layla make fun of my cock every day, nothing new."

"Doesn't that bother you?"

Jericho laughs again, harder this time, "No, man, I like it."

I look at him quizzically, trying to decide whether or not he's serious.

"Anyway, man, I get to see her naked. I don't mind she tease me, if she get naked."

He raises his glass to mine. We clink glasses and put back some more beer.

Once again, Jericho breaks the silence, "You know I get married when I'm 16?"

I didn't know that.

Jericho continues, "Lynn, she from a poor family. My parents know her parents. They want us to get married. That why she so beautiful and I'm so average."

Once again, Jericho has put me in a situation I don't know how to respond to. Fortunately, he continues speaking.

"But I'm not good to her. She too boring." Jericho looks right at me, "When we at the waterfall, and Layla naked, I wish that my wife. I wish my wife crazy like that."

I start to imagine innocent Lynn swimming naked in front of four guys. Having her homemaker hands on my cock, her pretty lips around my cock. While Layla was sexy, Lynn is the forbidden fruit. I start to feel aroused and cross my legs to avoid embarrassing myself in front of my host.

"Anyways, man, time for scotch," Jericho stands up and grabs a bottle of Johnny Walker Red Label and a pair of whisky glasses.

I've already got quite a buzz on; I'm thinking this guy is crazy.

We spend the next hour blabbing on about the differences between Canada and Vietnam, particularly the differences between their women. We've put away more than half the bottle when we decide it's time to crash.

We walk towards my bedroom, forgetting our clothes in the living room. As we open the door to my room, I'm reminded of the heat.

My room doesn't have any windows or fans. It feels like a furnace in there.

"Oh shit, man," Jericho slurs. "No way you sleep there. Too fucking hot. Come with me."

Jericho leads me to his room and opens the door. This room feels much better, with windows on two walls and a ceiling fan running.

It's not the temperature I'm paying attention to though. Jericho's wife is splayed out on the bed, with the sheets only going to her waist. With the ambient light coming in from the window, I can make out the contours of her body. Through the shadows, I can make out the outline of her dark nipples against her well rounded chest. Her tummy is flat and firm. The peaks of her hips support the light sheet which covers the rest of her body.

Jericho breaks my trance when he unrolls what resembles a bamboo yoga mat.

"What the hell is that?" I whisper to him.

"That a bed," He responds.

The thought of sleeping on bamboo reeds half a centimetre thick sounds worse than sleeping through the heat.

"Jericho, it's ok. I'll sleep in my room," I say back to him. I'm trying to keep a hushed tone but the alcohol was making it hard.

"No, man, this bed for me. You sleep up there," Jericho points to his bed.

I just stare at him, perplexed, unresponsive.

"What you waiting for?" He says and, just then, he pulls off his underwear.

For the second time in one day, I'm staring at my housemate in the nude. If the light was a bit brighter, or my new friend had a slightly bigger cock, I'd notice his arousal. But for the time being, I didn't.

"Jericho," I plead. "This is a nice offer and everything, but seriously, man, I can't get in bed with your wife."

"Matt," Jericho responds, using my first name, which he rarely does. "Your room too hot, you don't like to sleep on bamboo, so I think you go into the bed now please."

Jericho steps forward and pulls down my underwear. I'm not sure what did it, maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was Jericho's newfound confidence, or maybe it was the shock of having my underwear pulled down, but I obediently got into bed, in the nude, with Jericho's wife.

As I did, Lynn stirred. While still asleep, she turned to my side, put her arm over my chest and her leg on top of mine, clearly believing I was her husband. I felt her breast against the side of my chest and the heat of her legs on mine. I was terrified to move, for fear of waking her, but I felt my cock move all the same. Before falling asleep, I turned to see Jericho staring at us.

I wake up, not because of my throbbing head, not because of my dry throat, but because I hear a man and a woman yelling at each other in Vietnamese. Jericho is standing to my left, fully in the nude, trying to explain something to his wife. Lynn is on my right sitting with all the blankets gathered around her. I'm in the middle of these two, lying down naked and exposed in their bed.

I'm trying to piece together what happened last night, but my mind is foggy. I sit up and grab my underwear off the floor. I want to get myself out of this situation as soon as possible. I pull on my underwear and leave the room while the two of them continue their argument, paying me no attention.

An hour later, I'm dressed and sitting in the living room. Lynn and Jericho stopped fighting some time ago. Jericho joins me on the sofa. I can tell by his dour expression that conversation is not on the table. Shortly afterward, Lynn comes in carrying a bowl of rice soup. I know I'm supposed to act reticently given the tenseness of the situation, but instead I stare at her chest and recall how beautiful she looked topless in the moonlight the previous night.

I grab a bowl of soup. Jericho reaches towards the soup ladle to serve himself. Smack! Lynn hits him on the wrist. He hastily retreats and watches us eat. Lynn stares at me while we eat, as though her husband did not exist. I'm squirming in my seat, looking back-and-forth between the intense Lynn and the cowering Jericho.

After we finish, Lynn clears the table, except for the nearly empty serving bowl. After his wife has departed, Jericho picks up the serving bowl and drinks from it. I escape to the front patio where I drink some coffee and spend the remainder of the day.

The sun is setting when Jericho joins me outside.

"Hey, man, come on, we going to karaoke now," he explains as though everything was normal.

"Are you sure, Jericho?" I question, "Is everything alright?"

"You no worry about that," he replies while handing me a helmet.

We pull up to a four-story building with a neon pink 'Karaoke' sign hanging down the entire length of the building. We're not big on karaoke in Canada. I can tell it's a big deal here as we walk in. The lobby is a slick modern design with grey and black accents and plush red furniture.

We're greeted by a hostess in a school girl uniform with the top buttons opened to expose her white bra. After an exchange with Jericho, she leads us up the stairs. I follow her, getting a great view of her white cotton panties as I do. Jericho pinches me and smiles as he catches me gawking.

We reach our room, which features a large red and white sectional set-up in front of a big screen TV, with speakers all around the room. In the room are our three friends from the waterfall. All three are dressed better than the first time I met them, but still have a punk edginess.

Rocky and Luke are sitting on one side of the sectional; it's Layla my eyes are drawn to though. Today she's decided to wear a bleached blonde shoulder length wig with straight bangs. It contrasts strikingly with her Vietnamese features. To go with it, she has on a tight black zip-up dress which hugs her petite frame.

"There are my favorite toys," Layla says, as she approaches us, cupping both our cocks.

Jericho leans in and gives her a peck on one cheek while giving a squeeze of the other. I'm still shell shocked from our encounter at the waterfall, so I politely make my way to the couch giving a hand shake to the other two gentlemen on my way.

Shortly after grabbing my seat, a waitress walks in the room. Like the hostess, she's adhering to the theme of the venue, with a mini schoolgirl outfit. She gives a smile on her way in, displaying a set of braces. Clearly just 18 years old.

Other than the braces, she's quite average, with a petite youthful frame. Her white button up shirt is held together with a single button in the middle. Her lack of a bra is obvious as her nipples poke against the thin fabric. Her plaid skirt shows off ample leg above her thigh-high stockings.

She starts speaking Vietnamese before Layla interrupts her.

"English please," she says.

Our waitress makes eye contact with me before resuming, "I am your waitress, Amanda. What can I bring you?"

"You look delicious enough," Layla responds. She walks over to Amanda and reaches a hand up her skirt.

Amanda blushes, but doesn't move, standing like a deer in headlights. The rest of us laugh.

Rocky spits off an order, in Vietnamese. Amanda takes the order and darts for the door.

While the boys set up the karaoke machine, Layla takes a seat on my lap.

"What do you think of our waitress, white boy?" she asks.

"Very pretty, very innocent," I reply.

"Yes," she purrs. "Do you have a schoolgirl fantasy?"

As an English teacher, I was reluctant to admit the truth, but Layla had a way of opening me up.

"I do," I respond.

"Good, me too," Layla says, before joining her long-time friends on the couch.

Amanda returns to the room with a case of Heineken. As she bends over Rocky flips up her skirt giving the room a view of her tiny ass in her white panties. Once again, we all have a laugh at her expense as she stands back up, straightening out her skirt.

She grabs a few bottles and cracks them open. Each of my companions takes the opportunity to give her a little touch as she walks around the room, handing out the beer. Layla takes the farthest, squeezing the girl's ass from behind as she walks past, only reluctantly letting her go as she makes her way to me. Unlike the others, I don't partake, simply enjoying the view and the service.

The karaoke finally begins after our waitress leaves. Rocky and Luke sing in Vietnamese, but the rest of us try our hands at singing English songs. It seems to me that the programmers of the karaoke machine stopped adding songs around 1990, so I'm left singing songs from my dad's era.

After an hour of bad renditions of Billy Joel, and Elton John, our waitress returns to switch out our old case of beer with a new one. As she does, I see Layla approach her. They have a conversation in Vietnamese, with the waitress getting quite animated. Finally, I see Layla reach into her purse and pull out a handful of money. The waitress reluctantly agrees to something.

Layla steals the mic from Rocky mid-song.

"Boys, I have a treat for you tonight," says Layla. "Rocky, punch in 11258."

Rocky complies, and Fever by Peggy Lee flashes on the karaoke screen.

The walking baseline starts up, and Layla saunters towards Amanda in the middle of the room, swaying her hips as she approaches. Layla walks once around Amanda, lightly caressing her shoulders as she does. Amanda looks to the sky, clearly nervous.

The lyrics start. Layla captures the deep, sultry, sound of Peggy Lee perfectly.

'Never know how much I love you'

Layla's hand drifts down Amanda's side.

'Never know how much I care'

Layla grips Amanda's hip.

'When you put your arms around me'

Amanda takes the cue and puts her arms around Layla's neck.

'I get a fever that's so hard to bear'

Layla rolls her hips against Amanda.

'You give me Fever'

And with that, Layla takes a step back and pulls on Amanda shirt. The one single button comes open. Amanda stands there with her shirt open, exposing her tight belly and perky, youthful tits. She doesn't cover herself. She merely stands there, letting us admire her.

The song continues, as she sings, Layla reaches under the shirt and fills her hand with Amanda's tit. She moves with the beat of the song, twerking her nipple with the drop. Amanda lets out a gasp.

As the second verse begins, Layla turns Amanda away from us. In a play on lyrics, Layla forces Amanda to bend over as she sings 'moon lights up the night'. Layla steps to the side of Amanda, giving us all an intimate view. With the lights pointed towards the two women, I can make out the dampness around Amanda's camel toe.

Layla continues to sing, leaving Amanda in that vulnerable position. She dances by herself for a moment, allowing us to gawk at her helpless and humiliated partner. She returns with a touch to Amanda's thigh, and Amanda shudders.

'You give me Fever, when you kiss me, fever when you hold me tight, Fever, in the morning, Fever all through the night"

An instrumental starts, the baseline continuing to walk. As that's happening, Layla pulls down Amanda's panties. We're all now staring at a fully exposed Amanda. Amanda tries to clench but Layla pulls on her butt cheeks, fully exposing her cunt and asshole to us.

After that degradation, Layla allows Amanda to return to a standing position. Her skirt flips back down, hiding her intimate region, which I suspect was a relief for the shy girl.

Layla grabs Amanda's hand and leads her around the room as the lyrics start back up. She starts with Rocky and Luke. Once again, the two boys fondle her, except this time there's no fabric in their way. Four hands roam around her body, squeezing her tits and sticking fingers into her pussy and ass.

Halfway through the verse, Layla leads Amanda to Jericho. Unlike the two punks, Jericho doesn't fondle the girl. Rather he pulls down her skirt, giving us all a clear view of her pussy, which has a tuft of light hair above her tight lips. The schoolgirl was now wearing just an open white shirt and thigh high stockings.

The verse ends and Layla brings Amanda to me. The fourth verse begins.

'Romeo loved Juliet, Juliet she felt the same'

Layla places Amanda on my lap, with her back towards me.

'When he put his arms around her'

I reach around and start to fondle Amanda's small breasts.

'He said "Julie baby you're my flame"'

Layla reaches down and starts to rub Amanda's pussy. Amanda has stopped resisting. Instead, she leans back into me, resting her head on my shoulder.

It's at that time that Layla decided to drop the pretense of singing. She places the mic down beside her and gently grabs Amanda's thighs, just above the knee.

The only sounds in the room are the walking bass from the karaoke machine and the wet smacking of Layla's fingers rubbing Amanda's pussy.

Jericho's two friends, Rocky and Luke, come to catch a closer view of the show. They stand on either side of Amanda. Both of them pull down their pants, revealing their hard Asian cocks two feet in front of my face.

The two boys start stroking. As they do, Layla stops petting Amanda and sticks two fingers inside of her. She starts pumping Amanda in time with the stroking of the two boys.

Amanda is feasting hungry eyes on the meat in front of her.

While stroking his cock with one hand, Luke puts his left hand around Amanda's throat, and moves his cock within inches of her young face. I see a hint of nervousness in her eyes.

Luke starts to pick up the pace of his stroking. Layla does too and starts to pant behind him while plunging her fingers faster and deeper into Amanda.

"Ugh," Luke grunts as and his cum starts shooting onto Amanda's face covering her mouth and eyes.

Rocky follows his friend shooting load after load onto Amanda's tits.

"Oh my god!" Amanda squeals.

The bukkake pushes Amanda over the edge. Layla lets out a cocky smile as she cups the girl's pussy while Amanda bucks her hips.

After she finishes her orgasm, Amanda lays back onto me, clearly exhausted.

While she rests, Layla stands up to retrieve the young girl's panties from the floor. She bunches them up and uses them to wipe her friends' cum off of Amanda's face and body.

"Put these on," Layla orders. "And think of how much of a slut you are for the rest of the day."

"Yes ma'am," Amanda sullenly replies as she takes the sticky panties and pulls them up over her wet sex.

Amanda quickly puts on the rest of her clothes, and then leaves the room like a dog with its tail between its legs. The five of us polish of the rest of our beer and head home.

On the motorbike ride, I need to keep my distance from Jericho. My cock hasn't relaxed since Amanda left the room. My balls are aching from lack of attention. I don't want to poke my poor housemate in the back.

We pull up to the house, and I notice that the living room lights are on. I'm the first to walk through the front door, with Jericho shortly behind me. What we see when we walk in makes us both freeze in our tracks.

Lynn is sprawled out on the living room couch, wearing nothing but a translucent white nightie. The nightie flows from above her chest down to her knees, held up ever so loosely with spaghetti straps over her shoulders. When she sees us, she stands up. Through the nightie, I can make out her areolas and the dark patch of her pubic hair.

She walks toward the hallway. My eyes follow her round ass through the light material. She raises one finger and motions for us to follow. The demure housewife of yesterday has been replaced with a sultry seductress.

Jericho and I can barely keep our jaws off the floor as we follow Lynn to the bedroom. We go through the doorway and see Lynn facing the bed, with her back still to us. She lightly grabs the shoulder straps, moving them to the side, allowing the nightie to slip off her.

Lynn is backlit by the moon through the window. I gawk at the illuminated curves of my friend's wife.

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