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My younger half-sister Maddi had just turned 18 the day before and was still recovering from her wild party last night. She and several girlfriends were crashed out on the floor of her room. Good thing mom wasn't due home from her business trip until later tonight, or the crazy party would have never happened. I heard Maddi fucking in her room last night and knew some of her girlfriends had fucked other guys in other parts of the house too. It was cool though, cause I ended up with Tina, one of Maddi's high school girlfriends and had shown her how much fun eight inches of college cock can be. And she had tons of fun with it. We fucked three times and she swallowed some of my cum; not too bad for a high school girl. She had left earlier this morning and I was in the shower cleaning off our dried up sex. I heard some of Maddi's friends leaving downstairs as I walked down the upstairs hallway wearing only a towel around my waist. Maddi's door was open so I looked in to see who was left from last night. Well, Maddi and Jenny, her best friend, were the only two left and they were both naked and pulling on bikini bottoms as I stood there and watched. They saw me watching and it didn't bother them in the least. I had seen Maddi naked many times and she was very comfortable with me seeing her. Jenny too for that matter.

"Morning girls," I called in.

"Hi Big Rod," Maddi called back. She had started calling me that ever since she had seen my big hard dick several years ago after she caught me jerking off to porn in my room.

"Morning Hot Rod," said her friend Jenny, smiling at the sight of my hard body. She had started calling me that after we had ended up together at one of my frat parties last year. We have fucked several times since then and she loves my hot cock.

"You girls have fun last night?"

"Hell yeah," they both stated, as they finished pulling up their bikini bottoms. Their young titties were still naked and I eyed them both lustfully. I think they were taking their time finding their small bikinis tops and teasing my cock under my towel. It was working too, cause it was starting to grow.

"How was Tina," asked Maddi, with a big knowing smile on her face?

"She was great. A real party girl."

"I know. A real sophomore slut," said Maddi. "She reminds me of me at that age. Ha."

"Yeah, just like me too," echoed Jenny, laughing. "Though we started as freshmen. Ha."

"Ha, ain't that the truth," agreed Maddi. She had found her top and eyed me closely as I watched her pulling it on, a naughty smile on her face. My dick was rock hard now and they both saw it. They giggled to each other and finished putting their tops on. They gathered up some towels and turned to leave for the pool downstairs. I stood there in the doorway as Jenny passed, she smiled up at me and reached out to give my cock a squeeze.

"See ya Hot Rod."

Maddi brushed passed me next and she too gave my hard on a big squeeze. She lingered a bit, jacking it up and down some, and winked up at me.

"Should I call Tina and have her come back to take care of this Big Rod?"

"That'd be great, but I got some things to do. Thanks though," I told her, sounding dejected. "Hey, if Darrell stops by tell him I had to do some errands and I'll meet him and the boys later this afternoon at the field." Darrell and I played baseball and had practice at 4pm this afternoon.

"Sure thing stud. Have fun." Maddi caught up with Jenny and they went downstairs to the pool out back. I went into my room, which overlooked the pool area and heard the girls giggling through my open window about getting laid last night. I jerked of to the sight of these two hotties in thong bikinis oiling each other up and laying facedown on the lounges with their tight asses naked under the hot late morning sun.

I should probably tell you how hot these two high school seniors are. My half-sister Maddi is about 5'-6" and weighs about 105. She has a tight tanned body, 34C titties, straight dirty blonde hair, dark blue eyes, and a killer smile. Right now her sexy ass was exposed in her leopard print thong side-tie bikini, the top untied and the strings lying next to her sides. Her best friend Jenny was a little taller and weighed maybe 115. Her tight ass body was tanned too; she had 36D titties with hard pointy nipples, and had brunette hair to her shoulder blades. She was wearing a red thong bikini and she also had the top untied. She had a lower back tattoo in a complex design and she told me that if you looked closely you could make out the words "Fuck Me" in the design. Both girls had started having sex in the eighth grade and had turned into real sluts by the time they entered high school, each having fucked about a half dozen guys by the start of the first day of high school.

It should be no wonder cause my gorgeous mom was pretty wild too, my dad having divorced her six years ago after catching her with his boss and a client. She dresses sexy and does not look anything like her 37 years, having a fucking tight body that makes her look 27 instead. My friends are always coming onto to her and I've heard she has given in to a few of them, though I've never caught her...yet. She's always working during the day at an insurance company, going out with the younger girls in the office for happy hour, and partying at clubs on the weekend. She frequently brings strangers home, always younger guys, and we can hear her fucking them all night long. So having my half-sister turn into a slut too isn't so hard to imagine.

I stood there, naked and fisting a raging hard on, watching first Maddi oil up Jenny's back, legs, and ass, then Jenny oil up Maddi the same way. They both lay down on their stomachs and soaked up the sun's rays. I stroked away and was close to cumming when the door bell rang. Damn, it was probably Darrell already. I walked out into the hallway and looked down at the front door to see Darrell peering inside and several other friends behind him. I was about to call down and tell him I'd meet him later when I saw Maddi through the living room's sliding glass door hurrying inside holding her untied top to her boobs to answer the doorbell.

She smiled when she saw it was Darrell and waved with one hand at the boys on the porch, trying her best not to lose her top with the other one. She had met Darrell a few times before, but had never hung out with us. I should tell you Darrell is a 20 year old black guy and his 4 friends were all from our college and black too. Shit, Maddi didn't care who saw her nearly naked. She opened the door and said hello to the gang standing there, oogling her hard body on display.

"Hi boys, what's up," she asked, smiling at all the college boys?

"Is Rod home Maddi? We're supposed to pick him up so we can hang out before practice later," asked Darrell, as his eyes wandering down to her small thong bottoms. He smiled and licked his lips.

"No, he left about five minutes ago," she told him, thinking I had already gone. "He said he'd meet you at practice later." She stood there with one hand on the door and the other barely covering her titties, enjoying the lustful stares of the boys.

"Okay, cool. What you doing sexy girl?"

"Oh just tanning with my friend Jenny out back. Recovering from my 18th birthday party last night."

"Shit girl, you had a party and didn't invite us? We would have been here in a flash to help you party right," Darrell joked with her.

"Oh, we partied right boys, don't worry about us high school girls," she shot back, laughing.

"Yeah right. How much fun could it have been without us," Darrell challenged?

"Well, we all got drunk, wild and naked. So you tell me how fun you could have made it."

"I gotta better idea," he told her.

"Yeah? What's that?"

"We'll show you how much fun it would have been right now. We'll have a small birthday party with you and your friend out by the pool. You game sexy little girl?"

Well I thought for sure Maddi would back down and end their teasing talk right there. To the best of my knowledge she had never fucked a black guy before, let alone partied with five black guys. I though she'd make some dumb remark about being tired or her friend wouldn't want to, but she shocked me and Darrell too, I think.

"Well, come on then boys. Follow me and let's get the party started." She turned from the door and walked back to the sliding glass door, discarding her bikini top along the way with a strippers flare. She stopped at the back door, turned to the boys staring at her in disbelief, and jiggled her naked boobs at them, saying "come on". The boys were inside in no time following her outside to the pool area. I watched them go out back and I hurried back to my bedroom window to listen and watch.

"Hey Jenny," Maddi called over to her friend laying on her stomach with her top untied. "These boys wanna party with us. Whatta say girl, wanna party some more?"

Jenny leaned up onto her elbows, exposing her tits nearly to her nipples and turned to look at her topless friend and the five black guys following her outside. She smiled at the sight of Maddi's naked titties and the five sex hungry black guys, eyeing her nearly naked body. She turned over to sit on the lounge chair, forgetting her top too, and leaned back to show off her titties for the boys.

"Oh hell yeah I do. Who are your friends Maddi?"

"This is Rod's friend Darrell and these are his friends. I don't know their names. They say they can show us how much more fun our party last night could have been if they were there."

"Oh really? Well this should be interesting," she said standing up and walking over to Darrell with her naked boobs wiggling. She stopped with her tits rubbing against his tee shirt and he just stood there, shocked at her brazenness.

"Hi Darrell," she said, looking up at his tall frame with these fluttering innocent eyes. "I'm Jenny." She started pulling his t-shirt up and off his chest to reveal his ripped muscles and strong arms. She ran her hands over his hard chest and licked his nipple. "So you wanna party with us little old high school girls, eh?"

"Oh yeah baby girl. We'll show you some fun." Darrell pulled her tight to his body and kissed her deep and wet. She responded like the horny slut she is and kissed him back, running her hands down his back and grabbed his ass. He did the same to her and squeezed her naked cheeks in both hands.

Meanwhile, Maddi stood in the middle of the other 4 black guys, showing off her titties some more, and told them to get naked. "We party naked boys, so get those dicks out."

They all started stripping and soon Maddi had four hard black dicks poking at her. She skimmed her thong bottoms off and grabbed two of the closest cocks to stroke them. And they weren't small boy dicks, these were all at least ten inches long and rock hard. Maddi was mesmerized by all that hard man meat before her. The boys started groping her titties and rubbing her ass. Soon she dropped to her knees and sucked in the big dick in front of her, never letting go of the other two in her hands. She bobbed up and down on the pole, before switching dicks and sucking in another black cock. She jerked on the ones she wasn't sucking and rotated dicks every ten seconds or so, eventually sucking each and every one in turn. The boys were reaching down to play with her tits and her nipples were hard as pebbles. After sucking each dick about three times Maddi started to concentrate on the longest one, about 12 inches, and was trying to deep throat it. No way, I thought, my own dick hard and in my hand again, she'll never swallow all that black meat.

"Go baby, swallow my cock," the guy encouraged her. "Get it all in there."

Well, she doubled her efforts and soon had the whole fucking pole in her throat, her nose tickling his pubic hairs. One of his friends had pulled up a patio chair behind him and he sat down, with Maddi following him on her knees into his lap never losing an inch of cock in her mouth. Another guy got her up onto her knees and positioned himself behind her. He grabbed one of her hips and rubbed his big cock up and down her pussy slit coating his cock head with her dripping juices. He soon drove his whole ten inches into her snatch and she screamed around the fat dick in her mouth. Her eyes wide in shock at the pounding she was getting. She pulled off the soaked pole of the guy she was sucking, fisted his dick, and looked back at the muscled black college stud fucking her.

"Oh fuck yeah. God you're huge. Pound me baby, pound my pussy hard," she said.

"Oh yeah little girl, you like that big black cock?"

"Oh fuck yeah I do. It feels so fucking good. Fuck me hard baby, hard." Well he started ramming home again and again, her titties shacking with each thrust. His big cock buried deep in her pussy.

"Suck me slut," commanded the guy whose cock she was fisting. Maddi turned back to his hard soaking wet pole and bobbed all the way to its base on the first suck. The other two guys were groping her swinging tits and rubbing her lower back and ass.

Jenny had by this time, pulled off Darrell's shorts and had his huge 14" black cock in both her hands, staring down at the monster. Darrell had her thong bottoms off and was playing with her big boobs. She soon dropped down and started licking his cock up one side and down the other, coating his ebony dong with her saliva. All the while running her hands over his swinging balls, massaging them. She next took his massive head into her mouth and suctioned her cheeks around it. I knew from experience that Jenny could suck cock. And Darrell was finding out now. She pumped his shaft and sucked his head, twisting her mouth and tongue around his rim. Darrell grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth, working his pole into her throat and pulling back out. Jenny loved cock and didn't want it leaving her mouth.

"Oh shit girl, I'm gonna cum. Take it all baby, swallow my load," he instructed her. Darrell started tensing up and soon I saw his jerks of spasming orgasm and knew Jenny was getting a mouthful of hot sticky seed. And she pulled his dick out of her mouth where the last jets hit her in the tongue and chin, dripping onto her big boobs. She jerked his cock clean of cum and licked his massive head of all the remnants of the hot juice.

"Shit Darrell that was hot. You came so much and it tastes so good," she said still licking his head and fisting his pole. "It's fucking huge baby. I want this monster cock fucking me. You wanna fuck me?"

"Fuck yeah I do baby girl. I wanna fuck you good. Come over here." He led her by the hand to the end of a lounge chair and sat down, his dick still hard and huge. He turned her around, facing away from him, and told her to sit on his dick. She smiled big, turned, and reached between her legs to find his pole with one hand, lowering her pussy to his fat head. She placed it at her wet lips and sat down, sliding half his pole into her cunt. Darrell grabbed her hips to steady her and she bounced on his cock. She glanced over at Maddi getting fucked and sucking a big dick and smiled.

"Maddi, you fucking little slut," she called out laughing. "Is two all you can handle?"

Maddi looked up from sucking cock and turned to her friend, "for now you whore. Is one big cock all you can handle?"

"Nope," she replied. "One of you guys, bring me another cock." Immediately, one of the guys playing with Maddi's titties ran over to Jenny and thrust his big black cock into her face. "Nice," she said.

She leaned forward while riding Darrell's monster dick, her pussy lips clinging to his shaft, and sucked in another big cock. Pumping his shaft and sucking his head, Jenny went to work making another dick shoot its cream into her mouth. And it didn't take long. "Next", she cried out to the other guy whose dick hadn't gotten wet yet. He ran over and Jenny starting sucking him too. The whole time Darrell pumped up into her pussy with his massive pole, lasting longer after his earlier cum.

Maddi was still getting drilled from behind and had the other dick lodged down her throat. She pulled off, glanced at Jenny servicing two cocks now, and told her boys to switch. The three of them went over to the other lounge chair next to Jenny and Maddi had the guy who had been fucking her kneel at the head of the chair and the other guy lay down. Maddi climbed on top of the guy laying down, grabbed his hard black cock, and sat down all the way on it. She bounced up and down on his shiny pole, while leaning forward to suck off the other guy. Once she got her rhyme going, she stopped sucking dick long enough to tell the guy standing there that Jenny had finished with, to use some lotion and get his cock into her ass. He looked stunned for like a second, found the lotion and squirted it onto his now hardening cock. He worked it in with one hand and squirted some on my half-sisters exposed ass with the other. Holy shit, I thought, she's gonna take three hung black guys at the same time. I'd never seen a chick take on three guys at once, and here was my slutty high school sister about to get triple penetrated in my own back yard. And by three black guys no less!!!

Well, the guy gets his cock lubed up good and works an oily finger into Maddi's ass. He's hard enough now and climbs up onto the lounge chair and puts his cock head at her brown eye. The other guys stop and wait until their buddy gets his cock into her ass. It takes about a dozen thrusts before he's buried in her butt and she's moaning around the cock stuck in her mouth. Soon all three guys are plowing into her hard and she's just screaming out passed the meat stick she's sucking. Jenny by now has finished off both guys and has more cum dripping from her mouth, and now her wet pussy too. She sees Maddi at work and smiles.

"Go you fucking slut. Get those blacks boys off. What a fucking black cock slut you've become Maddi," Jenny yells at her. She walks naked over to her purse and fishes out her cell phone with camera. She starts pointing it at the foursome fucking on the lounge and takes about a dozen shots of her friend getting black dick in every hole. I guess she wants proof of what Maddi can do. The other two guys are stroking up their huge cocks now as they watch Maddi getting royally fucked by their buddies. And then I hear it.....

"Hello, I'm home. Anybody here?"

Shit. It's my mom. She must be home early from her trip. I don't say a word and cautiously walk out into the upstairs hallway naked and hard. I steal a glance over the railing into the living room below and see my sexy ass mom in a see-thru business blouse with camisole underneath, a short black business skirt and tall high heels at the ends of her bare legs. She's walking towards the back of the house and the open screen door leading to outside.

"Where the hell is everybo........ What the fuck!!!!!!", she said to herself.

I saw her standing at the back door watching her daughter getting fucked by three huge black cocks. She didn't move. She must have been so shocked at the wild ass sight in her back yard. Maddi taking on three black boys, two others are sitting close by watching and fisting massive cocks of their own, and Jenny, naked and taking pictures of Maddi with her camera phone. Mom didn't move though. She stayed right there watching those hung boys give it to her daughter. She started rubbing her hard nipples and I knew she was excited. Knew she wanted to rush out there and join them.

"God Darrell's got a huge cock," I heard her say to herself. I saw her hike her skirt up to her waist and expose her black lace g-string. One hand rubbed her nipple and the other snaked into her panties and rubbed her clit. She was hot for some black cocks I guess. Ha. Go mom, I thought.

I go back quietly into my room and watch my sister from the window. She's getting worked hard and soon has three loads of cum shooting at her from all angles. She's moaning and pumping her hips back against the two spurting cocks, as she jerks on the shooting cock in her face.

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