tagInterracial LoveWhite Mom, Pierced by Black?

White Mom, Pierced by Black?


Here is another comparatively tame interracial experience that I thought I would share with you. From these events you can start to see how a white southern wife and mom could end up in an inevitable spiral toward becoming sexually obsessed with black men.

My first sexual experience with black men was letting three black men fondle and kiss my breasts while my husband Bob watched and took pictures. That experience only left both of us wanting more. Bob spent endless hours looking at interracial porn online, and now he had some pictures of his own. He loved to look at the pictures he took of the black men's hands on my large soft milky white breasts. Meanwhile, I fantasized about black men fucking me every time Bob and I had sex.

On the way home from work every day Bob passed a Tattoo studio and piercing shop. This shop was sort of special in that it was in a mostly black part of town and had a mostly black staff and clientele. One day while taking to me on his cell phone while driving home Bob asked me if I wanted to go to this Tattoo studio and piercing shop to see about getting my nipples pierced. I told Bob I wasn't interested in getting my nipples pierced. Then Bob told me the real reason he wanted me to go, he said he the staff there is all black men. Now I knew what Bob was up to, he wanted to have another chance to see and take pictures of a black man handling my white breasts. I still told him I wasn't interested in getting my nipples pierced. Bob pleaded with me "just let the black guy show you what he would do, you don't need to actually have it done, just chicken out at the last minute." That sounded like a reasonable plan to me, one that would allow me to have another black man touch my body, something I now desperately craved.

Saturday morning arrived and I squeezed my body into my size 16 jeans, tucked my somewhat saggy but all-natural 44DD breasts into a white satin under wire bra, I slipped on a tight white t-shirt over that, and I chose a casual pair of brown leather sandals with a medium heel. Bob grabbed his digital camera and we headed into town. When we arrived at the studio I asked Bob if he was sure we should do this, he replied that it was too late to back down now.

When we entered the studio we were greeted by a young black man that didn't look to be more that 18 or 19. Bob explained to him that I was interested in getting my nipples pierced. "Ok" he replied, "I'll take you back to see Ahmed." We followed the young man to the back of the large open room, divided only by four foot high cubicle walls. We got to the back of the room and the young man said "Ahmed, these fine people are interested in nipple piercing today."

"Ahmed is my name" he said as he shook Bob's hand and then mine. Ahmed was about six feet tall, was fit looking, he had a little bit of a beer belly, and he had very dark skin. "Have a seat, so is it both of you or just one of you?"

"No, it's just my wife today." Bob responded.

Ahmed then laughed a little, "That's cool, the price is $90.00 and it includes two barbells, how's that?"

"That sounds great" I then asked Ahmed if he could show me exactly what he was going to do because I still wasn't sure I wanted to go through with it.

"Sure, if you take off your shirt I will show you."

While I was taking my shirt off Bob asked Ahmed if it was ok to take pictures, Ahmed said it would be ok, but he looked a little confused as to why Bob would even want to take pictures. "My bra too" I asked looking at Ahmed, he nodded in the affirmative. Now I was sitting in front of Ahmed bare from the waist up. As the rosy cheeks in the pictures would later reveal, I could feel my face getting red hot. I looked over my shoulder and could see black men starting to gawk over the cubicle walls trying to get a look at my big white tits. There were probably 14 people there, and all of them black except for Bob and me, and about ten of them were men.

Ahmed then spoke, "ok, looks like we have plenty to work with." He gently grabbed my fairly large left nipple with his thumb and index finger and started to explain what he was going to do.

I didn't listen to a word, I was alternately looking down at his black fingers slightly pulling on my nipple, and up at his liquid dark eyes and full lips. Meanwhile Bob was moving all around us snapping picture after picture. Bob looked like a real asshole taking all those pictures, Ahmed even looked up from me a couple of times to give Bob some looks that bordered on disgust. Ahmed the took the full weight of my right breast under his left hand and started gently pulling on the nipple with his right hand, all the while explaining something. Watching those large dark black hands touch my pale white flesh was a turn on I can't express in words. At one point we looked into each others eyes, and at that point I think he knew how turned on I was. Ahmed was mostly professional in demeanor, but he did compliment my tits, calling them "gorgeous." When he finished his explanation Ahmed said "Alright, give me a few moments to get my stuff ready and we will have you finished and out of here in 15 minutes."

"I'm sorry; I don't think I can go through with it. Bob give Ahmed a consultation fee and let me think about this some more." Ahmed looked disappointed as I put my bra and t-shirt back on, Bob gave him some cash and we started to leave.

Ahmed caught us and handed me his card and said "let me know if you want to go ahead with it, or if you need another consultation."

"Absolutely," I said.

When we got in the truck to leave Bob told me to unbutton my jeans. Then he stuck his fingers in my pussy and said "Just as I thought, your pussy is soaked. You wont be happy till you fuck one of them will you?"

"Come on," I replied, "let's just go home."

I think Bob then knew that I wouldn't be satisfied with tit teasing games any longer. The inevitable next step would be to have a black man have his way with every inch of me. That's what Bob wanted to see, it's what I wanted to do.

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