White Mother and Black Thug


One day, Karim came home soon but didn't find his mother home. The doubt still played in his mind and he decided to go check Jamal's house.

As he was nearing the window to Jamal's bedroom he heard the unmistakable sound of a woman's moans. Years later he would sit in the psychiatrist's office and relate what he saw in the following manner... My world came to a halt when I peered through that thug's bedroom window. There on the ground I found my dear mother on all fours all naked her thighs wide apart moaning a deep moan from her chest. Behind her, like a king like a stallion, the muscular black stud Jamal was mounting my mother like a horse mounts a mare, like a bull breeds a cow. Jamal, the thug was fucking my mother's cunt with his 12 inch cock aggressively. He was holding her with her breasts as he mounted and fucked her. I didn't believe what I heard. My mother was begging this black man that was fucking her cunt to fuck her harder, to give her his precious cock, to give her his hot boiling cum.

Like animals, their black and white bodies heaved in sexual frenzy until Jamal bellowed like a bull, the light shining on his gorgeous muscular pecs, biceps and abs. His big balls were shaking as his cock engorged inside my mom's fertile womb and he deposited his seed deep inside her cunt, a place reserved only for dad. How could mom do that to dad, the best man in the world? He has never treated her wrong. Now I see that what they say in the porn stories is true, a big cock is more precious to a married mother than her husband and his life. No woman can resist a muscular body and a big cock like Jamal's.

After they finished, I saw the trail of cum form mom's hole as Jamal went to clean himself.

I hid behind the wall until my mom went back to our house and after a few minutes I followed her so she wouldn't suspect anything. As the days passed and mom began to spend more time at Jamal's house even when dad was home, I felt that dad began to understand the horrible truth that was happening. And I understand why he did not do anything to stop it. A few weeks earlier, we witnessed how Jamal and his gang beat up a white man to an inch of his life because he asked them to lower the music level. Dad knew that in this lawless neighborhood if he tries to confront Jamal he will probably end up dead.

Every time mom went to Jamal, I saw my proud father dying inside a little, blaming my mom with his eyes, how she can betray him like that. She made him a cuckold although he hasn't seen it in his own eyes; she crushed his manhood and everything he was working for.

Dad even began to suspect that mom was paying Jamal for his services. That was very degrading and humiliating for him as a man for my mother to pay money to a black man to fuck her while he is present. He felt useless and weak but he didn't talk for the fear of Jamal and his gang doing something to me or him.

The evil thug Jamal would sometimes taunt my decent proud father. He would walk out of the house while mom is there totally naked to show my dad his huge thick black cock. Dad would lower his head in shame and Jamal would laugh evilly at the sight.

One day, Jamal decided to play the game openly. He decided to fuck my mom in our house while dad was there. He was testing the honor of my dad and how much would he endure when his dignity is humiliated.

I arrived with dad that day at 4 in the afternoon and we went inside. Dad looked around but he didn't find my mom. Going up the stairs to the second floor, dad froze as he heard the clear sound of sexual action and moaning coming from his own bedroom.

Regaining his composition he decided to make sure once and for all if what he thinks is true is happening. Opening the door slowly, he was met with the glaring gaze of Jamal as he was pounding into mom's cunt right on the marital bed of dad and mom. Dad did not say a word and mom did not even see him. He just closed the door and went down to the living room.

Only a coward would do that. My dad saw my mom getting fucked by another man and he did not dare to say a word or to take action, maybe he is not the hero that all the village thought of him anymore. But on the other hand maybe he was trying to protect me and himself from the rage of the alpha male in the house, Jamal. I waited with dad in the living room for two hours as moans and screams and nasty words came from my mom and Jamal. I saw some tears beginning to form in dad's eyes but he suppressed them. After two hours, the sounds went quiet, I followed dad to the master bedroom and we found mom sleeping in Jamal's arms with his big black snake lying on her white inner thigh still oozing cum and her pussy looked freshly fucked.

Dad closed the door on the man and woman and decided to spend the night in the guest room.

For the next few months, that was our life with Jamal fucking mom and dad not saying a word. Dad was grateful that none of Jamal's gang came to our house and it seemed that Jamal was the only man fucking mom.

The shock came three months later when mom and Jamal came hand in hand to deliver the news to dad that mom was pregnant. Dad's world crumbled around him. How could this happen he asked. I thought you were on the pill. Jamal asked me to stop taking it my mom replied.

Dad did not know what to do. My mom was pregnant with a black man, a thug's baby under his roof. He didn't know what to think of himself as a man anymore. Leaving the house for a few days, dad came back obedient to Jamal and acceptive of the new situation.

He had to sacrifice to keep us all safe. The next few months saw my mom's belly getting bigger with Jamal's twin children. And Jamal kept taking money from dad for his own pleasure: to buy weed and alcohol and other stuff.

At this stage, dad knew that saying no was not the answer. One bullet and he could be dead.

Dad witnessed the birth of mom and Jamal's two children in complete shame and humiliation especially in the hospital where everyone knew that he is not the father of the children.

A few months later, Jamal took mom with him and left town leaving dad a destroyed man, a shell of the proud man he used to be. And all of that because of 12 inches of black cock.

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Y’all fucking retarded as fuck

If some bitch ass convict starts living next door and you don’t know why they were in prison or maybe they were in for drugs or some shit and the neighborhood doesn’t have a shotgun in every housemore...

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by Anonymous02/20/18

Hey rednecks,...

...it's a fantasy, idiot! You're too stooopid to know it's just writing. Then some comment about you hating blacks and Obama. Man, the composition of this audience. We know who you voted for (IF youmore...

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