tagLesbian SexWhite Out at the Spa Ch. 01

White Out at the Spa Ch. 01


Author's note: This story is total fiction and any resemblance to real people, imagined or virtual is a coincidence.

The story is told through Jessica's perspective.

cast of characters:

Lauri 27, 5ft 7brunette, with an hourglass figure, 36DD breasts with dark wide nipples. She's the youngest of 4 children, the product of second-generation Italian and Jewish parents. Her olive skin and smooth complexion always made her popular with the guys but she had recently all but given up on relationships with men. Lauri works as physical therapist in a sports medicine clinic.

Jessica 32, 5 ft 5 dark brunette with a svelte, hard body from years of training as swimmer.

Dark protruding large nipples highlight her 33 B cup breasts. She has a coffee colored complexion and loves to wear tight jeans and blouses with push up bras. A Latina born in America, but her Dad was from Taipei City in Taiwan and her Mom grew up in Mexico. Her dad used to work for the military and she moved around a lot as a kid. She has beautiful Asian eyes with the high cheekbones of a Mexican woman. Jessica owns a niche catering company that services the entertainment industry.

Lisa 40 5 ft 6, 48DD 24 34 measurements Lisa has strong legs and excellent upper body muscle tone. A natural blonde with a seductive smile and good clear skin, Lisa's huge tits are the result of a very successful surgery that saved her left breast from a tumor. Lisa has an affinity for rescuing animals and has a few dogs that live with her. Since her amazing recovery she has found a very unique way of helping women achieve incredibly huge wet orgasms. She's considering writing a book or making a video to help other women enjoy their natural gifts of sexual enjoyment.


Lauri picked me up after work and we headed east on the expressway out to north end of the island where the vineyards and sod farms were still in hibernation for a few more weeks until the spring. She talked me into taking the weekend off and spending some extra money on us, maybe get pampered with a good massage, hang out late and have some good conversation. Lauri told me she met this hot older woman there last time she visited the spa, who works a therapist and a life coach. My good friend seemed attracted to seeing this coach once again and I was very curious about meeting her also. Lauri's one of my best friends we've been close since meeting at a gym a few years ago. She's a very attractive brunette with an hourglass shape, a firm body from years of swimming and aerobics. She's also a professional physical therapist who knows much about the human body and how to help mend folks who've come through tough surgeries or injuries. She's a good-hearted woman who always seems attracted to the wrong type of guy who ends up hurting her.

Let me see if I can tell the entire story without getting too distracted. I'm Jessica and I'm a few inches shorter than Lauri and although I only work out a few times a week, I've always had a rock hard body with a modest 33B bust line.

I've always admired Lauri's fine figure. She's endowed with a lovely pair of pendulous breasts, with dark protruding nipples that really get me turned on. I don't know if Lauri knows I'm lesbian. I've never really deceived her, but I've never really been totally honest with her either. I've never picked up any signals that she's interested in anything more than a friendship until she told me about Lisa's specialty. So when l we got in the car and she started telling me she'd been having these intense fantasies of making love to a very voluptuous woman, I just listened like a good friend, but soon I was quite aroused and interested. I was intrigued and wanted to meet this woman who'd uncovered all these bisexual thoughts in my friend. Lauri described Lisa's body in such detail I wondered if she'd become sexually intimate with this woman already. Apparently Lisa chose to have a breast augmentation after surgery for a lumpectomy. She was very fortunate they caught the beginning of the cancer in time. Then according to Lauri, a remarkable thing occurred afterwards. Lisa decided to research non-traditional herbs to enhance female orgasm and was able to instruct and assist other women how to enjoy fabulously extended, wet orgasms. Well, Lauri had my attention now and I was very anxious to meet her friend and have my own session with her also!

"Lisa's really helped me when Brad left me for that younger woman a few months ago. I really want to see her on a regular basis, plus she's a fun woman to be around, like you!"

"I think you two will really enjoy one another, but you don't have to get a session or anything, we'll probably just hang out in the evening with her for a few hours one night," and before you knew it we were there parking in the upscale spa next to a few Mercedes and Lexus's.

"Feels like its gonna snow, right?" I mentioned to Lauri.

"Yeah, I think it's supposed to. I hope the heat works really good in these rooms!" She added.

We spent the rest of that Friday just hangin' out and swimming. I'd really never seen Lauri's body in better shape, she must've been workin' out. We had a great meal and then headed to watch a few flicks on the wide screen plasma the hotel spa supplied.

The next morning was, a very gray and cold wintry day. After breakfast, Lauri told me her plans.

"Lisa is going to meet me for a private consult first, Jessi and then I'll call you on my cell and you can come to her room at the end of my session and meet her,"

"That sounds fine with me, I would like get one of her sessions if she's available," Lauri was playing her cards very close and I couldn't really tell if she wanted to involve me in her plans with Lisa, at this time anyway.

I decided to stay in the room and watch some TV until Lauri called me. And if she didn't call after an hour or so, I thought I'd look around, maybe use the sauna or the pool.

Lisa had used her very seductive abilities to get what she wanted from relationships with men, but that didn't always work out the way she wanted so she went back to school and obtained a degree in psychology. A while later her marriage fell apart then she found out she her health was also failing. Fortunately, she's been blessed with several years of perfect health and has not looked back. As Lisa recovered, her interests in staying healthy took her to discover some very rare herbs from South America. She even took a trip into the rain forest and purchased a very controversial herb that was a perfect stimulant for older women. She used the herb on herself along with some tantric exercises in yoga to discover that it seemed to assist in producing a very potent, spurting orgasm. She tried it on several women her age and some even younger and everyone of them, 12 out of 12 women had the identical experience, when they did some of the exercises before taking the herb. There were no side effects for all concerned but the herb was difficult to find and very expensive. Lisa spent six months of her life tracking down a reliable source in Brazil and lined up shipments so she could sell the herb only to her friends and people she trusted. Lisa had always been flirting with being lesbian before all this occurred in her life, but now with her new- found method of achieving an orgasmic level so high and very wet, almost all the women who were involved in her trial group had formed a tight bond. They met once a month and fucked all night long with each other, using every sex toy available to prolong their lustful pleasures. The original large group was comprised of many middle aged women, and Lisa found the group sex thing very superficial and looked forward to meeting some younger women who also needed help. The spa offered her a chance to counsel, and encourage experimentation on an individual basis, of course.

Her sex drive was healthier now than it ever was and her preference for younger women has been undeniably intense. Lisa kept her body in shape all through her earlier ordeals and still possessed a very sensuous body with firm hips and a lovely set of 48DD breasts that were shaped like medium sized melons and capped by wide dark nipples. Lisa loved to keep a small thatch of pubic hair just above her mound. Her thick vulva and extended clitoris was always a treat for experienced lesbians who loved to get her off.

Lauri wore her black sleeveless jumpsuit, which accentuated her lovely pendulous tits. Lauri knew just how to entice another woman with her luscious shape and beautiful personality.

"Hi Lisa Its so good to see you again!"

"Lauri, Please come on in and get comfy, I have some wine or soft drinks if you want some," Lisa offered.

"Lisa I actually came out to the spa with a good friend of mine, Jessica. She's interested in meeting you too, maybe we can all have a drink or a meal together sometime this weekend?"

"Oh that sounds fine, Lauri. Is your friend Jessica as attractive as you are? You look so good in that jumpsuit, it fits you perfectly!" Lisa said, purposely trying to compliment Lauri.

Lauri told me she blushed when Lisa came on to her so quickly, but she told me Lisa's body also turned her on immediately.

Lauri was not surprised to see that Lisa wore an extremely revealing sheer silvery skintight miniskirt with a laced up bodice, which held her huge tits together in a very seductive loose cleavage. Lisa was really into using lots of dark eye make up to highlight her intense sensuality, which always made her seem like an ultra- vixen. Her golden blond hair contrasted nicely with her tanned toned leg muscles and spoke volumes about how much energy she spent working out and staying firm. For a woman of forty, there was not an ounce of visible fat on her.

Lauri helped herself to a half glass of the imported wine. Lisa had brought some of her own incense to create a much sweeter smell than the usual antiseptic smell of even an upscale hotel room.

"Remember when we met in the lounge I was telling you how my sex life with guys was in the dumps because I always seem to pick the wrong guy and follow him around thinking he's really the right one, if only I could fit into his thing..."

"Oh yes, thanks for refreshing my memory Lauri, but how can I help you?" Lisa said crossing her muscular legs and showing Lauri even more skin as her mini hiked up her thighs. Lauri enjoyed the view she had as could see the outline of her nipples through the thin black fabric of her laced up bodice.

"Lately I've found myself admiring women's figures at work and getting very aroused. I've never considered myself bisexual, but now I'm not so sure. And the woman I brought here is someone I've fantasized about quite frequently," Lauri said as she got comfortable on the large hotel couch.

"Lauri, this is very normal first of all. Many women your age may find experimenting with another woman sexually a very enjoyable and rewarding experience!"

"May be you could tell me more about what's going on in you thoughts right now, and remember I'm not going to judge you. I am assuming you came to me

To find some extra pleasure in your sexual life,"

"Well Lisa, after our first meeting by chance out here I was very taken with your personality and how easy you were to share my intimate thoughts and feelings. But after I found myself thinking about your body also, and I, well,

"I think I understand, you don't have much experience being with an older woman do you?'

"Not really,"

"Some of the women who see me just want to talk but many want to try this new herb I am selling along with the exercise regime that will help you enjoy your orgasms a lot more," Lisa told Lauri.

Apparently Lisa has a great affinity for hearing women's stories about their guys and women too. She'd fantasize about her client's sex lives and get herself off later while thinking of those various fantasies. Lisa still had unfulfilled desires to help out a lesbian or bisexual couple and help them achieve something more intense, and then join them in making love together one evening. This continued to be one of her "yets" in her life but the attractive life coach was optimistic it would happen sometime in her life.

"Lisa I've never been with a woman, even as a youngster I never fooled around with my girlfriends sexually. I've always been a good lover with men, but now my mind drifts off to thinking what it feel like being taken by another woman and loved in a different way,"

"Hmmn, do you enjoy playing with yourself and getting yourself off? Lisa asked in a very nonchalant manner. Lauri told me they were facing each other at this point, and Lauri sensed the heat level rise in the room.

"I do enjoy using dildos to get myself off, like most women I always think I can do it better than anyone else," Lauri said, smiling at Lisa.

"You know Lauri, I've always appreciated the finer things in life, like a gourmet meal, a quiet deserted beach to go swimming naked and then to spend an entire night with a beautiful woman to make love with when the sun went down. After analyzing the results of some research on the matter of women, careers and family, I've seen that many younger women your age are so wired up for career paths or family making or both. But many don't have a good grasp on enjoying themselves. There's nothing wrong with starting a family or running a business but if its not allowing you to have real pleasure in your life, what's it all for? If I told you that I could help you to experience an orgasm that would last for as long as 30 minutes and you could have as many as you wanted with out any side effects, wouldn't you want that?

"Yes I would how do you make that happen?" Lauri said, squirming in her seat obviously also getting more aroused by the minute.

"Well the first thing we have to do is get you out of that lovely outfit and onto this couch, totally naked ok?"

Lauri obeyed and slipped out of her revealing jumpsuit allowing her 36DD firm tits to be completely exposed. Her nipples were quite hard already and her moist pussy had oozed their juices all over her panties. Lisa's hand was there just as Lauri removed those cotton panties and the older woman took them up to her face.

"Hmmn, I love your scent," Lisa said inhaling aroma of the wet panties.

"I want you lay back, close your eyes and think of the most erotic thought that comes to mind, don't judge it, just let it sit in your consciousness okay?" Lisa had her own method, which worked just fine for her.

"I want you to know I will not do anything you do not feel comfortable doing so if I you feel the least bit uncomfortable, I want you to stop me okay?"

Lauri nodded in agreement, her eyes closed, she felt completely safe with this beautiful woman. Inside she shivered with excitement and lust at the thought of being taken by a voluptuous vixen as she.

Lauri's thoughts immediately went to Lisa's huge tits and how wonderful they'd feel when suckled. Lauri had thought about those luscious melon in he mouth for weeks and wanted to experience their stiff texture in her mouth.

"Ohmn, that must be a good thought you're thinking there, I see your nipples are very stiff and aroused!" Lisa said lightly. She could tell this was going to be a fun session.

"Lauri, most of this therapy really centers around your ability to visualize yourself enjoying of a totally wet orgasm. If you're not achieving that now, I want you to visualize what it will feel like when you come and a gush of your juices flow from your vagina outward to your lover, whomever that may be. Can you get into that state of mind for me now?"

"Yes, I'm visualizing that now for myself," Lauri stated.

Lisa was very turned on by Lauri's firm body but driven to help achieve that extra special level of orgasmic pleasure so she had Lauri open her eyes and sit upright for a few moments.

First Lisa asked Lauri to sit with her feet on the floor and brought over a very heavy rubber ball and placed the ball between Lauri's knees and told her to squeeze the thick ball as tight as she could to a count of 20. Lisa watched carefully and made sure that the correct muscle groups were being used. Lisa made her take a break and then do 2 more sets of these exercises, watching her attractive body with care. On the final set, Lisa laid on the floor with her face between the ball and Lauri's open labia. As Lauri squeezed the ball and held it tight, Lisa massaged a special region of the young woman's vagina with her index finger.

"How does that feel Lauri?"

"Unnghhh, don' t stop, it feels WONDERFUL!"

"You're already very wet. I want to lick you now, and stimulate your clitoris," Lisa whispered to her.

"Please, yes I love what you're doing!" Lauri was highly aroused but knew her orgasm was not yet close.

Then Lisa took the large ball away which allowed her to have more space between Lauri's creamy thighs. The therapist wanted Lauri to continue to flex her muscles, which she instructed her to do while she positioned her head right under Lauri's pussy. Lisa plied apart Lauri's moist labia and dipped her face into the young woman's cooze to taste her juices for the first time. Her clit felt so good in her mouth, she moaned and fingered her own pussy through her wet panties while she enjoyed Lauri's warm nectar.

"Umnmmnnn, you taste SO good!" Lisa moaned as she enjoyed sucking Lauri's sweet pussy. Lisa just wanted her to get a "feel" for what was coming. She didn't want to leap into serious sucking and fucking right away. There was plenty of time for that, she surmised.

Lisa stood up and slowly undressed right in front of Lauri. Lisa's shape was the absolute definition of a "heavenly body" as its defined in the dictionary.

The extremely voluptuous therapist deliberately undid her laced bodice while she supported her huge breasts with her hands as they came out of the bodice, almost simulating a strip tease act for her new client. All the while she stood there undressing her eyes fixed on Lauri. She undid the mini and it dropped to the floor in a flash, exposing her fine toned body except for her main charm, her very open and exposed golden flower pussy, which was concealed by her black thong. What Lauri couldn't see was that Lisa's fragrant, flowering pussy had spilled a nice amount of its gooey syrup, which saturated the hot woman's thong.

Lisa knelt down in front of Lauri and gently separated her thighs and massaged a region of the young woman's abdomen with two fingers. She rubbed gently and admired Lauri's soft textured skin and firm body.

"Lauri, you've got a very HOT body!" Lisa said coarsely, her lust for this woman growing exponentially by the second.

Lauri looked directly into Lisa's eyes and it seemed as if they really connected for the first time. Lauri reached her hand out to Lisa and pulled her onto the couch next to her. Lisa slipped her hand around Lauri's neck and the two women kissed for the first time, in an embrace the women would never forget.

Lauri hadn't been kissed like this before. She felt something different, something good, something very sensuous and real about what she was doing.

For the first time, she felt totally comfortable with this woman and wanted to explore the sensation to the fullest. They kissed there and caressed each other for quite awhile. Lisa knew it was of the utmost importance to go slow with Lauri, and the therapist was enjoying all of it.

"I'm really attracted to you too, Lisa. I've never seen tits as wondrous as yours!"

"Thank you Lauri, you've got an amazing set of big tits also! I'm very aroused by those lovely extended nipples and firm legs!" Lisa had one more part of the therapy to administer and got up and returned with a small bottle which she handed to Lauri.

"Take a few drops of this herb and place it under your tongue. It has some bitter alcohol based herbs in there and it allows for certain things to occur in our bodies that have been dormant or partially dormant before. In my case, I always had very wet orgasms but now , well, hopefully you'll understand."

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