tagLoving WivesWhite Silk Ch. 4

White Silk Ch. 4


For the next couple of days I could tell that Cindy was wrestling with her conscience over this matter. We didn’t talk much during that time. Things began to change that Thursday night when we went to bed. I was lying on my side and Cindy snuggled up against my back. I turned to kiss her goodnight but instead of getting the light brush of her lips against mine, Cindy slipped her tongue in my mouth and we were soon making love. There was more passion in out love making that night than there had been in months. That night was the first time that Cindy gave me oral sex since the night she had sex with Carol. It was also the first time she let me taste her honey in that same time period.

After we had both climaxed Cindy whispered the only words she said during our whole love making session. “I love you.” Then she rolled over and went to sleep.

Friday morning as I was getting ready for work I could sense that Cindy was in better spirits than she had been in quit some time. She didn’t mention anything about our love making from the previous night but I was sure that had something to do with her improved mood. As I headed out the door for work Cindy gave me a big kiss and said, “I love you.”

I said, “I love you too.”

I got home about seven o’clock that evening and Cindy had dinner waiting for me. After dinner Cindy disappeared upstairs and about a half hour later called for me to come up.
When I walked into the bedroom Cindy was lying on the bed wearing only the white bra and panties that she had only worn twice before. I could sense that something important was about to happen.

Cindy told me to get undressed and join her on the bed. I striped to my jockey shorts and started to climb onto the bed. Cindy stopped me by saying, “Lose the shorts too, we need to talk.”

That statement puzzled me, but I did as I was told and got on the bed next to her.

Cindy said, “I want to talk about what you said the other night, about not feeling miserable because I enjoyed the things I had done. We you just saying that to make me feel better at the time or did you really mean it?”

I said, “Of course I meant it. We both enjoyed what happened but then you felt guilty about it. You shouldn’t.”

“I don’t think I do anymore. I thought a lot about what you said and realized that you were right. I was upset with myself for enjoying things I didn’t think I should enjoy.
Yesterday I decided that I was going to stop feeling bad and just accept the fact that I had enjoyed the sex and that was all right. That’s why I was able to relax and enjoy making love to you for the first time in the last few months.”

I said, “I am glad that you were able to resolve things for yourself. Now what does this mean for our future? Are we going to continue the way we have been going lately or expand our sexual horizons a little?”

Cindy said, “Last night when I we went to bed I had decided that I would just take things as they come. Not to press anything, just wait and see what happens. But them something happened to change my mind about that.”

“You mean the hot sex we had got you excited about maybe experimenting a little?”

“Not exactly, but that might have had something to do with it. Last night I had a dream about having sex with Carol. When I woke up I couldn’t remember the details of the dream but it left me not only feeling comfortable about having had sex with her, but also left me with the feeling that I want to do it again.”

“Really? You just want to get your hands on her bald pussy again.”

“That’s not exactly it. I have been thinking about this all day. I want to make love to her. I want to kiss her on the lips and put my tongue in her month, I want to suck on her breasts and have her suck on mine. I want to taste her pussy again. Is it wrong to feel this way? And how do you feel about this? Does it upset you that I have such a strong urge to have sex with a woman?”

I said, “Do you want to have sex with her more that you do with me?”

“No. I’m not a lesbian. I am not in love with Carol. It’s just that she opened me up to the experience of making love to another woman, but it was just a sample I think. I need to experience it completely. Would you mind if I did that?”

“How could I object to you exploring your sexuality with Carol when the idea of you having sex with her so obviously arouses me?” As I said this I pointed at my erection.
“When did you hope to do this?”

“Tomorrow. I called Carol from work and asked her if she would go shopping with me tomorrow. At some point during the day I will invite her to come over to the house tomorrow night.”

“She’s married isn’t she? She may not be able to come over tomorrow night.”

“I know, but I hope she will. If she does come over you are welcome to watch as long as Carol doesn’t know you are here.”

“I would love to watch. I can fix the closet the same way I had it last time. Now I am as excited as you are.”

Cindy smiled at me then bent over and took my stiff cock into her mouth. We made love slowly. As I was taking long strokes in and out of Cindy’s dripping pussy and was beginning to feel the build up to my climax Cindy whispered in my ear, “Did you mean it when you said you wouldn’t mind if I got fucked by a strange cock once in a while?”

I was so close to orgasm that I could hardly talk but I managed to say, “Yes, I meant it.”

Cindy stuck her tongue in my ear then said, “Do you want me to do that?”

“Yes. I want you to fuck other men sometimes.”

“If I do will you eat my messy pussy afterward?”

“Yes, I’ll eat your messy pussy.”

That was all I could take. I blasted my load into Cindy, which seemed to trigger her orgasm. Afterward we were both exhausted and quickly fell asleep.

Carol came by and picked Cindy up to go shopping around one o’clock Saturday afternoon. The whole time she was gone I wondered if Cindy was arranging for Carol to come over that night.

At four o’clock I heard Carol’s car pull into the driveway so I ran upstairs so that Carol wouldn’t know I was home. I stayed near the top of the stairs so that I could hopefully
Hear their conversation when they came into the house. Actually I was not only able to hear them I was also able to see them by peeking over the stair rail. They were in the living room and Cindy was put her shopping bags on the sofa and Carol was talking about some outfit she liked in one of the stores but she decided to wait and see if it would go on sale in a couple of weeks.

As Cindy turned to face Carol, Carol said, “I am real glad you called me to go shopping with you. I haven’t seen you in so long that I was worried that I scared you away.”

Cindy said, “You didn’t scare me, I scared myself.”

“Well it was great seeing you again. Let’s get together again soon.”

“Well actually I was wondering if you could come over tonight, that is if you’re not doing anything.”

“Jim said something about going to a movie tonight. Why, what did you have in mind?”

“George is out of town and I’ll be alone tonight.”

“To hell with the movies, what time do you want me here?”

“About eight.”

Suddenly Carol took Cindy’s head in her hands and kissed her full on the lips and said, “I just make to make sure that we are both thinking of the same way about tonight. Are we?”

Cindy said, “Yes.”

Carol turned to leave and said, I’ll see you at eight.”

At eight o’clock I was waiting to get in my box in the closet again. Cindy already had a chilled a bottle of wine waiting by the bed and she was downstairs waiting for Carol to arrive.

As soon as I heard the doorbell I got into position and waited. Cindy brought Carol straight upstairs and into the bedroom. Carol sat on the love seat as Cindy poured a glass of wine for them both. Cindy joined Carol on the love seat and handed her a glass and said, “I’d like to make a toast to a wonderful evening.” Then she tapped her glass against Carol’s and they both drank.

They drank their wine a talked a little about their shopping trip that afternoon then Cindy
Leaned over and kissed Carol lightly on the lips. Cindy then kissed her again with a little more force and continued kissing her as she increased her passion. Soon they were giving each other deep tongue kisses. It surprised me that I was getting so aroused just watching them kiss.

The kissing went on for a long time, as it didn’t appear that either woman was in a hurry. In time Carol asked Cindy to stand in front of her. When she did, Carol said, “I want you to take your panties off and give them to me.”

Cindy reached up under her dress and slowly pulled down the black satin panties she was wearing and removed them. She handed them to Carol. Carol looked at the panties and felt the gusset then said, “I see you are already wet.” Then Carol held the panties up to her face and inhaled. While holding Cindy’s panties against her cheek, Carol said, “Now I want to see that beautiful soft triangle of hair you have. Please lift your dress up slowly and let me see that hair.

Cindy did as requested. She lifted her dress slowly exposing her thigh high stockings, then the bare flesh of her upper thighs, her vulva and finally the triangle of downy soft black hair.

Carol was staring intently at the fluffy triangle. After several seconds she said, “Jim would be extremely jealous of me right now.”

Cindy asked, “He would be jealous if he knew you were with me?”

“No. I mean that I am the one that is going to enjoy you tonight not him. He would love to get in that beautiful pussy of yours.”

“How do you know that?”

“Because he told me.”

“When did he say that?”

“A couple of months ago when I was telling him about your soft pubic hair.”

“You told him about that? Does he know what we are doing?”

“He doesn’t know what we are doing. Jim knows I screw around some but he doesn’t know that I sometimes like to play with other women. He doesn’t need to know everything.”

“Then how did my pubic hair happen to come up in a conversation with your husband.”

“He was looking in a men’s magazine and he showed me a nude picture of a girl and then commented on how soft her pubic hair looked. I told him I knew someone that had softer hair that that. He wanted to know who so I told him.”

“Didn’t he wonder how you knew?”

“Of course. I told him we showered together at the health club a couple of times. Then he told me that he always thought you were hot. He said he has wanted to fuck you ever since he got a peek under you dress at a party.”

Cindy said, “What party? When?”

“It was about a year ago. Remember the party at the community center? Jim said that he was sitting in a lawn chair below the wooden deck that runs around the clubhouse. You were on the deck talking to some people and you leaned against the railing just above Jim. Jim said that for ten minutes he had a perfect view up your skirt. He said you were wearing thong panties and you were making his mouth water.”

Cindy let her dress drop back into place and she sat down on the chair facing Carol. Cindy said, “He told you that. He actually told you that I made his mouth water and he told you that he wanted to fuck me?”

“Yes. That’s what he told me.”

“He talks to you that way?”

“Well I talk the same way to him. If I see some hot guy I’ll point him out to Jim and tell him I’d like to fuck that guy. Jim and I don’t have a lot of rules about who we can fuck and who we can’t.”

Cindy’s next question surprised me. She said, “So, would you have a rule against Jim fucking me?”

“No. Would you like him to fuck you?”

“I don’t know. Maybe.”

“If you would, I can set it up.”

“I don’t want you to tell him I want him to fuck me.”

“I’d be more subtle than that. If you are interested, just tell me the next time George is going to be out of town and we can arrange for you and Jim to accidentally meet someplace. That would be funny wouldn’t it, Jim and I fucking the girl?”

Cindy said, “I’ll let you know. Now how about you giving me your panties.”

Carol striped off her panties and handed them to Cindy. Cindy felt them and said, “You are pretty wet too. Why don’t we get undressed and get in bed.”

As I watched the two of them take their dress off I thought about the conversation that just had. Carol’s husband wants to fuck my wife and she may want him to do it. Then I considered how I felt about that possibility and decided that I liked it.

Once on the bed Cindy took control. She took the upper position and began kissing Carol on the mouth and face and down the neck. With both hands she fondled Carol’s breasts and she kissed and licked her way down to the nipples. Cindy spent a lot of time licking and sucking Carol’s nipples and it was obvious from the sounds Carol was making that she was enjoying the attention.

After several minutes of this Cindy stopped and asked Carol to suck on her nipples, which Carol gladly did. Then Carol moved down and buried her face in Cindy’s triangle. When Carol finally worked her way down to Cindy’s pussy and began licking and sucking there, Cindy responded by humping her pussy against Carol’s mouth. Between attacks on Cindy’s pussy Carol began her dirty talk again. “How does it feel to have your cunt sucked by a woman? Does my tongue feel like a little cock when I fuck you with it?”

Then Cindy stared talking dirty too. “I love having a woman suck my cunt. Especially the way you do it. Is Jim as good a cunt sucked as you? Would he really enjoy sucking my cunt? Would he like the way I taste?”

Carol responded, “So you are thinking about fucking my husband. Would you like me to set it up so he will fuck you?”

Cindy said, “Yes. I definitely want Jim to fuck me. I wan his cock inside my cunt. I want him to shoot his load in me.”

Carol said, “I’ll let you fuck my husband on two conditions. First, you have to suck on my cunt and give me a big fucking orgasm and second you have to let me fuck your husband.”

That was a nice surprise. Carol wanted to have sex with me.

Cindy said, “I am going to suck your cunt and make you have an orgasm and you can fuck George anytime you want… Oh God that feels good. I’m cumin. Ooooh.”

As soon as Cindy’s orgasm was over Carol moved up the bed and straddled Cindy’s head and lowered her pussy to Cindy’s waiting mouth. Cindy worked on Carol’s pussy while Carol made moaning noises in her throat and occasionally talked dirty, “That’s right suck my clit. Make me cum baby. Your tongue feels so good in my cunt…”

After Cindy made Carol climax they lay next to each other and kissed and cuddled for a while then started up the passion again. This time they curled into the sixty-nine position and sucked on each other pussy both of them attaining orgasm at almost the same time.

Afterward Cindy stood naked and watched as Carol dressed. Carol, instead of putting on her panties, put Cindy’s on instead. “I want these to help me remember tonight. When she was completely dressed Carol dropped to her knees in front of Cindy and pressed her face into Cindy’s pubic hair then slid down a little lower and place a kiss on Cindy’s pussy lips.

Cindy, still in the nude walked Carol downstairs and to the door. I heard Carol say, “Let me know when you want to set you up with Jim. I’ll make it happen for you.”

“I think I can set you up with George when ever you want. We will have to get together and do this again real soon.”

Carol said, “Absolutely. And I have a couple of other girl friends that would love to met you.”

Cindy said, “I’d like that.”

It seemed like no sooner than I hear the front door close than Cindy was back in the bedroom. She asked me if I enjoyed the show, and I told her it was great.

I took Cindy to the bed and entered her almost immediately as my need for release was to great to spend any time on fore play, and besides, Cindy had already had more than enough foreplay.

As I was humping my painfully hard cock into Cindy she asked, “Did it bother you to hear me planning to have sex with Carol’s husband?”

“No. I got really hot listening to the two of you talking about it. How do you really feel about me fucking Carol?”

“I would love you to do it.”

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