tagLoving WivesWhite Silk Ch. 6

White Silk Ch. 6


It wasn't long after my encounter with Carol that Cindy and I were invited to a party at Carol's house. There were about thirty guests at the party, some neighbors of Jim and Carol's and others that they knew from work and everyone was having a good time. It was kind of funny to me how Jim was trying to act as if had hadn't had sex with Cindy and Carol was acting like she didn't have sex with me and I was acting I like I hadn't had sex with Carol and Cindy was acting like she hadn't had sex with either Carol or Jim.

Cindy and I were the only ones who knew the whole truth and every time she looked at me we both started to laugh. As the party went on I noticed a very attractive red head sitting on the sofa. The thing that rally captured me was the innocent look she had. She had her hair up in a bun and was wearing a dress the buttoned all the way up to her neck. You could tell by looking at her that she had nicely shaped breasts but she showed no cleavage and her dress hung to just below her knees but her calves and ankles were very nicely shaped. With the horn rimmed glasses she was wearing she reminded me of a Librarian.

The red head was sitting with a man I figured to be her husband and he seemed to consider himself to be the life of the party, or at least the life of the small group of people sitting around him in the living room. Most of the guests had spread out throughout the house and out onto the deck. From where I was standing I could see Cindy and Carol talking out on the deck, but I didn't care about them at the moment, I was more interested in the red head.

A little later as I returned from the kitchen with a cold beer I saw Carol talking to the red head and then the two of them went out to the deck where it appeared that Carol was introducing the red head to Cindy. I lost track of them for a while then suddenly Carol appeared standing next to me. She put her hand on my arm and speaking through her teeth so that no one would be able to tell what she was saying to me said, "I really enjoyed our afternoon together. We'll have to do it again some time." Then she moved on.

I watched Carol walk away then looked around to discover that the red head was back sitting next to her husband.

A couple of hours later as the party was breaking up Carol and Jim's dog came running into the house and the red head who had just stood up from the sofa squatted down to pet the dog giving me a great view of her thighs and the crotch of her panties. I was beginning to get aroused at the sight of her creamy thighs and the white strip of cotton between her legs when Cindy kissed me on the cheek and said, "Enjoying the view? She is very attractive isn't she?"

I said, "Yes, she is and I have to admit I think she is very sexy even if she dresses like a librarian."

Cindy said, "I agree, she is sexy in an innocent way. I'll bet your thinking about how much you'd like to have sex with her, aren't you? Well forget it."

I said, "Would it bother you if I said I did want to have sex with her?"

Cindy said, "Not really."

"It wouldn't? Then why did you tell me to forget it."

Cindy said, "Just because you might want to fuck her doesn't mean that she would want to fuck you."

"Well, that is true. But, would you mind if I tried?"

"Don't waste your time."

I said, "What do you mean?"

"I'll explain it to you later."

I turned back to look at the red head again just in time to get one last glimpse of her panties as she stood up again. Then I turned to Cindy and said, "Let's go."

We thanked Jim and Carol on the way out and didn't say another word until we were in the car. I could see that Cindy had something on her mind but she either wasn't going to tell me about it or wasn't ready to tell me. Finally my curiosity got the better of me and I asked her what was on her mind.

Cindy played dumb. "What are you talking about?"

"I can tell by the look on your face that you have something on your mind. You know you are going to tell me about it sooner or later so why not just tell me now?"

Cindy said, "All right. A couple of days ago Carol told me about a woman she met at work. Her name is Bonnie. She said that they had stopped for drinks after work with several other people but in the end Carol and Bonnie were the last two at the table.

"Carol said that at first Bonnie was very shy and demure, but after a few drinks she opened up a bit, and after a few more drinks Carol got Bonnie to talk about her sex life. Bonnie told Carol that she had always been somewhat submissive when it came to sex. She said that her husband has a very dominating personality and it carried over to their lovemaking.

"Carol then said that because Bonnie admitted being submissive it gave her the idea that she might be able to seduce Bonnie. Carol said that she asked Bonnie straight out if she had ever had sex with another woman. Bonnie told her that when she was in college she had sex with her roommate once. She told Carol that her roommate was a lesbian and had pushed her into having sex. Bonnie said that she just kind of let it happen. Carol asked her if she liked it and Bonnie told her that she didn't like being dominated that way by another woman.

"Carol asked her if she had ever thought about having sex with another woman again and Bonnie told her that she has often thought about it. Carol said that she hinted that she would be interested in having sex with Bonnie but Bonnie told her that she wouldn't do that. Bonnie said that she didn't mind being dominated in bed by her husband but when she fantasizes about having sex with another woman she is the dominant one. Bonnie said that she could tell that Carol was experienced and would most likely want to be the aggressor. Then Bonnie told Carol, 'If I ever have sex with another woman it will have to fit my fantasy. I want to seduce a woman that is curious about having sex with a woman but has never done it and is just a little timid about doing it. Then I could be in control. We would go at my pace and I would tell her what to do. I always get very hot when I think about that.'

"Carol told Bonnie she was disappointed because she found her very attractive but she had a possible solution for making Bonnie's fantasy come true, if she was interested. Of course Bonnie was interested. Carol told her that she had a friend that she was sure was curious about what it would be like to have sex with another woman, but would never attempt to make it happen on her own. She told Bonnie that the only reason that she hadn't tried to seduce her friend is that they had been friends for so long that she didn't want to jeopardize the friendship by introducing sex into the relationship. Carol said that Bonnie was very interested and asked a lot of questions about her friend."

While I found this story to be interesting and a little arousing I couldn't see that it was going anywhere. I asked Cindy, "Well what happened? Did Bonnie and this friend of Carol's get together?"

Cindy said, "Not yet. Bonnie told Carol she would like to meet her friend and Carol told her she would arrange it."

I said, "Well, did they meet yet?"

"Yes. Carol introduced them at the party tonight. It may interest you to know that Bonnie happens to be the red head your were drooling over."

"Wha... What? That was Bonnie?" Now my cock began to rise very quickly.

"I guess by now that you have figured out who Carol's friend is."

Actually it didn't occur to me until Cindy asked the question. "You?"

"That's right."

"You said that Carol told her that you were curious and inexperienced? But you're not, inexperienced that is."

"Well Bonnie doesn't know that and I am not going to tell her. I think it will be fun to let her seduce me."

I said, "Do you think she'll go through with it?"

"She already started. At the party after Carol introduced us, Bonnie and I walked around outside for a while just chatting and then we stopped out by the garden, out of sight of the house and Bonnie took my hands in hers and told me that she would like to take me out to dinner next week and asked if I would like that. I told her I would like it very much and said that Tuesday would be good because you were going to be out of town that night. Then Bonnie said, 'It's a date then," and she gave me a quick kissed on the cheek."

I couldn't believe it. That beautiful, sexy, innocent looking red head wanted to seduce my wife and if things worked out right I would be able to watch.

Tuesday evening when I got home from work Cindy was already preparing for her date with Bonnie. I watched as Cindy shaved her legs and trimmed her beautiful soft bush. After her shower, Cindy sat nude in front of the mirror fixing her hair and putting on her makeup. Cindy selected a sexy black bra and panty set and black thigh high stockings. Just before she pulled her panties on Cindy rubbed a tiny drop of cologne into her pubic hair. Over her black underwear Cindy wore a black spaghetti strap cocktail dress that displayed both her breasts and legs beautifully. The total package was perfect for what she was trying to achieve. While her appearance did not say, 'Fuck Me' it did say, 'if you want me I am worth the effort.'

At seven o'clock that evening I headed upstairs as Bonnie came to pick Cindy up. I watched from the bedroom window as the two of them got into Bonnie's car and drove off. I only got a brief look at Bonnie but I could see that even though she was taking my wife out on a date and had intentions of seducing her afterward (I assumed), Bonnie was still dressed like a librarian, albeit the sexiest librarian I had ever seen.

As the car disappeared from site I sat down to ponder what might happen later. Hopefully Bonnie would come home with Cindy and the two of them would come up to the bedroom for some fun.

Although they were gone only three hours it was a long wait. Cindy and Bonnie returned at 10:15 and to my delight Bonnie came into the house with Cindy. I could hear the two of them talking downstairs. Cindy fixed them both a drink and they sat talking about the meal they had just eaten, the restaurant, and made some jokes about the waiter that served them. The conversation went on like this for a while then Cindy asked Bonnie if she would like to see the rest of the house. As soon as I heard that I got into my box in the closet and waited. It was another ten minutes before I heard them coming up the stairs. Cindy began the tour of the upstairs at the other end of the hall making our bedroom the last stop.

When they came into the bedroom Bonnie was complementing Cindy on how she had decorated the house. Bonnie turned to face Cindy and said, "You have lovely home and you are a beautiful woman."

This complement seemed to embarrass Cindy, or was she just acting? Then Bonnie said, "Would it be all right if I kissed you?"

Cindy managed to act as though she was a bit uncomfortable as she replied, "I guess so."

Bonnie moved closer to Cindy and very gently kissed her on the lips and being encouraged when Cindy didn't pull back she kissed her again. Bonnie then ran her tongue across Cindy's lips, and then took Cindy in her arms and gave her a very passionate kiss which Cindy responded to with her own passion. Bonnie said, "Do you want me to make love to you?"

Cindy said, "I don't know."

Bonnie kissed her again and repeated the question. Cindy said, "I guess so."

Bonnie moved her hands down Cindy's back until she was cupping her buttocks and she pulled Cindy tightly against her as they kissed again. Bonnie again asked Cindy, "Do you want me to make love to you?"

This time Cindy said, "Yes I do. I want you to make love to me."

Bonnie said, "Do you want me to suck your nipples and squeeze your breasts?"


"Do you want me to lick your cunt then stick my tongue inside you?"

"Yes. Yes, I do."

Bonnie said, "Okay, I will do all of that to you and more. But first you have to show me how much you want me."

"What do you want me to do?"

Bonnie said, "First I want you to help me take my dress off." Then she turned so that Cindy could pull the zipper down. Once the zipper was opened Cindy slipped the dress off Bonnie's shoulders and let it slide down her body. Then Cindy helped Bonnie step out of the dress.

Next Bonnie said, "Now remove my bra. Cindy unhooked the bra in the back and helped Bonnie remove it. Then Bonnie turned to face Cindy and said, "Now I would like you to kiss my breasts."

Cindy hesitated just a few seconds then she took Bonnie's right breast in her hand and began to kiss and like it. When she sucked the nipple into her mouth, Bonnie bent her head back and closed her eyes. After Cindy had given both of Bonnie's breasts the same treatment Bonnie said, "Do you like my panties, they are pretty aren't they."

Cindy said, "Yes they are very pretty." Bonnie's panties were a shear white and showed off a large patch of red pubic hair.

Bonnie took Cindy's hand and pressed it against her panties between her legs and said, "Feel how wet my panties are. I am so wet because my pussy is so excited about what you are going to do to me next. I want you to take my panties off now and press them against you face so you can smell how aroused I am."

Cindy did as Bonnie told her. She pulled the panties down Bonnie's legs and help her step out of them. The Cindy held them against her nose and inhaled.

While Cindy continued to caress her face with the panties, Bonnie walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. Then she told Cindy to come over and kneel down on the floor at her feet. When Cindy did this Bonnie spread her legs so that Cindy was only two feet from her pussy. Bonnie said, "Do you think I have a pretty pussy?" As she asked this she reached out with both hands and began to gently caress the sides of Cindy's head and played with her ears.

Cindy said, "It's beautiful."

"Would you like to kiss it?"

"I guess so."

Bonnie pulled Cindy's head forward so that she was now only inches from her pussy and said, I think you really do want to kiss it don't you? You want to stick you tongue in my wet cunt don't you?"

Cindy said, "Yes I do. I want to suck on your cunt."

Bonnie began to gently massage the back of Cindy's head with her finger tips as she said, "Okay Cindy. You have my permission to suck on my pussy."

Cindy leaned forward and pressed her lips against Bonnie's labia and pressed her tongue inside Bonnie's pussy. As Cindy's tongue action began to have an effect on Bonnie she began to massage Cindy's head harder while pulling Cindy's face more tightly against her pussy.

As Bonnie began to approach her orgasm I lost control of mine and shot a load in my pants. As my cock was still pulsing I could hear Bonnie moaning. When it was over, Bonnie pulled Cindy up off the floor and kissed her on the mouth. Then she said, "Now I know why you seemed to enjoy eating me so much. I taste good don't I?"

It was amazing to me to hear to this librarian like woman talking this way to my wife. I was loving it.

Cindy was now standing in front of Bonnie, who was still sitting on the bed. Bonnie slid her hands up under Cindy's dress and began massaging her ass. Cindy stood there with her eyes closed and enjoyed the sensations she was getting from Bonnie's hands.

Next, Bonnie pulled Cindy's panties down and let them drop to Cindy's ankles. When Cindy stepped out of her panties Bonnie told her to slowly lift her dress so that Bonnie could see her pussy. Once Cindy had her dress high enough to expose her pussy, Bonnie moved forward a little as if she was about to kiss it but she stopped. Bonnie sat for more than a minute and did nothing. Finally she said, "I can't do it."

Cindy said, "What?"

"I can't do it. I thought I could. I wanted to but I can't."

"You can't what?"

"I can't kiss your pussy. I thought I could go through with this. I wanted to be the dominant one and that I could be in control but I can't do this." Bonnie started to cry.

Cindy moved away front the bed and said, "It's okay. Why don't you lie down for a few minutes and pull yourself together."

Bonnie said, "Okay, thanks," then she got up on the bed. Cindy walked over to the closet and looked directly into my spy hole and winked at me, then got undressed except for her thigh highs and bra. Cindy went over and climbed onto the bed and said to Bonnie, "Do you remember what you said earlier?"


"You said, that if I did what you wanted me to do you would do all that and more to me."

"I know I said that but I just can't go through with it."

Cindy got up and swung one leg over Bonnie and said, "You can and you will." Then Cindy moved so that her pussy was directly over Bonnie's face and said, "Okay Bonnie, I want you to lick my cunt and do it now."

There was no hesitation in Bonnie now. She immediately lifted her head up and began to lick Cindy's pussy. As Cindy lowered herself more I could see Bonnie's tongue slipping inside Cindy's pussy.

Cindy began to grind her pussy into Bonnie's mouth and said, "Do you like eating my cunt now?"

Bonnie said, "Yes I do."

"I guess you just aren't that good at being dominant are you?"

"No. I guess I am not."

"Good, then from now on I give the orders. Is that okay with you?"

"Yes. I'll do what ever you say."

"Okay then. I want you to suck my cunt till I have an orgasm, then I will give you a surprise."

Bonnie was into it now. She was doing everything she could to give pleasure to Cindy. I guess she needed to be dominated. When Cindy had her orgasm Bonnie just kept on licking and sucking on her pussy. After a while Cindy told her to stop so they could talk. Bonnie moved so that she was resting her head on Cindy's chest and she began to suck on Cindy's nipples as Cindy talked.

Cindy said, "I may as well tell you that this wasn't my first time with another woman. Carol told me about you so I decided to let you seduce me but you only half finished the job so I had to take over. Does that upset you?"

"It bothers me that I wasn't able to go through with my plan. But I am glad that you forced me to finish it."

"It's not finished yet."

"It's not? What do you mean?"

"You need to be dominated so that is what I am going to do. Is that okay with you?"


"That's good because it really wouldn't have mattered if it wasn't okay with you. Would it bother you if someone watched you having sex?"

"Like who?"

"Anyone. Your husband, my husband, some other guy. Would that bother you."

Bonnie said, "I guess that would depend on the circumstances."

"Other than what you did tonight, have you ever cheated on your husband?"


"Have you ever wanted to?"


"When my husband saw you at Carol's party last week he thought you were very sexy. He even got a peak up your skirt and saw your panties when you were petting Carol's dog. He told me that he thought you were very hot and that he would love to fuck you. How would you feel about letting him fuck you?"

"I don't know if I could do that."

"What if I told you that I wanted you to fuck my husband so that I could watch and that if you said no that I would never make love to you again."

I couldn't believe what Cindy was doing to this woman. She was coercing her into having sex with me. All I knew was that I hoped it would work.

Bonnie said, "I guess if it is something you really want me to do. You would want to watch him do me? Why?"

"It would only be fair. After all he watched me making love to you?"

Bonnie looked shocked. "What do you mean? He watched us?"

Cindy said, "Yes he watched." Then Cindy told me to come out from my hiding place in the closet.

When I stepped into the living room Bonnie just stared at me in shock as Cindy introduced us. "Bonnie, I'd like you to meet my husband George."

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