tagLoving WivesWhite Silk Gloves

White Silk Gloves


I did nothing but tease him all night. From the moment he came home and showered and dress for our fancy gala out tonight.

I was all dressed and ready and waiting for him with my long coat on, so he didn't know what I was wearing. All he seen was me in my black coat, and my white silky gloves.

I decided to wear a long red gown tonight. I thought it would look good on my BBW body. It was fitted tight and low cut and barely covered my full 44c breast. It had a long slit up one leg, and you could see my white garter stocking leg peeking out with my silver heels. The dress had no sleeves so I decided to wear long white silk gloves. Over the gloves I wore my diamond tennis bracelet and my rings.

From the looks I got when my husband helped me take off my coat, I know I looked hot and sexy. I felt it also. All night long I flirted and laughed and had fun. My husband doesn't dance, but that didn't stop me. A few men came over and asked me to dance and my husband said to go and have fun, and that's just what I did.

As I dance, my husband didn't take his eyes off of me. He was sipping his drink and watching my every move. He seen when the man I was dancing with was rubbing his hands on my back, going lower and lower. He seen how the man kept pulling me closer and closer and you didn't know where my body stopped and his began.

In between dances I kept going over to my husband and touching his body. Putting my gloved hands around him and whispering in his ear. "Do you see how they are touching me?" "Do you see how they try not to look down my gown?"

I rub my gloved hands down the inside of his suit, I can feel his heat of his body. I press my breast closer to his back, letting him feel my nipples getting harder.

I go back and flirt some more. His eyes never leaving me. My hands stray on my dance partners back. Going lower and lower, gently rubbing as I do. My partners hips grinding into me, letting me feel his hardness, his mouth close to my ear, whispering to me, your driving me nuts, can't you feel how hard you have me? I pat his cock as I leave the dance floor making my way to the ladies room.

As soon as I walk into the ladies room, I feel someone right behind me. I am thinking its my dance partner. I don't have much of a chance as I am pushed into the first open stall. The door is closed and locked behind us.

His hands are on my body, just moving slowly all over. Feeling the side of my breast, down to my hips. His breath is on my neck behind me. I lean into him.

Then I hear my husbands voice in my ear. Your driving me crazy all night with those silk gloves. I loved how you rubbed your dance partners with them, its so very erotic, he was whispering in my ear.

I run my gloved hands down his body, slowly, stopping at his nipples. Caressing them thru his shirt. I feel them getting stiffer as I pinch them. I open a few buttons on his shirt so he could really feel how silky my gloves are.

My hands roam lower and lower, his breathing getting deeper and deeper.

I unbuckle his pants and pull his zipper down slowly. I just touch the outline of his cock thru his briefs. I feel him grow. Just running my hand up and down his shaft, cupping his balls. I hear him moan softly. His hands on my body, just touching my back.

As I reach into his briefs, he lets out a long deep moan. I wrap my silky gloved hand around his cock, and slowly start to caress him. Not too tightly, so this way he can feel how good my gloves feel. I pump him a few times, and I take my other hand and cup his balls. I have them both in my hands. I feel how they are filling up, as I jerk on his hard cock.

Your hands feel great, I have never felt anything like it with the gloves on, he tells me. Jerk me harder baby, he moans. By now I am jerking his cock harder and faster, still with my other hand on his balls. He has his head thrown back and his eyes closed. I am watching his face as I give him a silky hand job. The pleasure I see there, all from me.

I can tell he wants to shoot his load, so I jerk faster and faster, you can feel the heat from my gloves, from the pace. Your hands are incredible, he tells me. Don't stop baby, make me cum.

I am squeezing his balls and jerking his cock, faster and faster. Then he erupts on my silky gloved hand. I pump his cock until every drop is out. Squeezing the last bit of it off the tip. I rub my gloves with his cum on it over the head of his cock, and let it dry in.

He is fixing up his clothes as we leave the ladies room, and I am taking off my gloves. He tells me, we have got to buy you more of those gloves.

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