White Slavery


That answered Dave's thoughts. The auctioneer held Monica's hand while he spun her around. She was doing rather well in those high heels they put on her. Her legs looked a mile long in them. She bent down as the audience gasped once her perfect round ass was in full view.

"Just look at this fine white ass folks, have you ever seen such a finer specimen like this one?"

Monica was almost touching her ankles so there was no need for the auctioneer to spread her cheeks apart. Her pouting pussy lips was in plan view as the camera panned in for a nice shot. The auctioneer helped Monica straighten up and turned her around flicking her nipples with his hands.

"Just look at these folks, they remind me of rip red cherries."

He squeezed on breast in his hand showing the audience that they were real and not silicone.

"They are one hundred percent natural, folks. She's never been breed before and almost a virgin."

He kind of laughed to himself and made a gesture like Monica wouldn't hear him and leaned away and forward saying.

"Our staff says her husband is only four inches long! How is that for an almost virgin cow...Huh?

The place filled with laughter. Dave's face got red as a beet as the other husband's starred at him.

"Yes folks, this is our only natural brunette for the sale this evening and perhaps the finest looking bitch of them all. Just imagine if you may how your black bulls are going to droll over this young fine specimen."

The auctioneer held up her left hand as the camera panned in for a close shot of her fingers.

"Look here folks, she already removed her wedding rings for her new owner."

He pointed out her ring finger saying. "You can see her rings were recently removed by the slight tan mark on her finger."

The auctioneer lowered her hand but still held onto her as he started the bidding.

"Let's get started for this attractive brunette and give me the first bid of two million dollars!"

Dave was surprised, he always started with one million but there were hands raised everywhere as the auctioneer kept asking for higher bids. They were up to eighteen million now and there were still hands being raised to bid on Monica.

Dave had tingles everywhere as the bidding reached twenty-nine million dollars. One of the helpers was waiving his hand from the seats until he got the auctioneers attention. The auctioneer waived for him to come forward where they whispered for almost two minutes.

Dave had no idea what was wrong or what maybe going on as Monica stood naked waiting to be sold. They finally broke up their little meeting as the auctioneer cleared his throat and addressed the crowd.

"I have a special request by a bidder this evening, folks. Thos of you that have been to our auctions in the past know that we sometimes get requests to sell the husband along with the cow. We have one of those requests here tonight that would like to purchase them both."

Dave's eyes widened by this time as the other husband's turned to stare at him.

"Will somebody bring up the young fellow up to the stage for me please."

Dave almost had a heart attack right than and there as the two hooding men motioned for him to stand up. Dave stood and worked his way down the bleachers as the two big men held onto his arms as they walked him up to the stage.

They kept hold of his arms about twenty feet from Monica as the auctioneer waited than turned toward the crowd again and continued.

"Here we are, folks. The husband!"

Everyone laughed loud and Dave felt like crawling under the stage if he could.

"I hope this doesn't discourage any of you from bidding on this fine looking specimen. We're going to start the bidding right where we left off. You have a choice of taking the husband with the cow or opting out on him."

Dave was standing just slights to the left and behind of Monica. She never turned her head to even look at him once as the auctioneer started the bidding again. He got a faint sniff of Monica's perfume from his spot. It was driving him insane.

"I have thirty million dollars, folks. Who'll give me thirty-one?"

Dave just stood there and closed his eyes until the bidding was all over and done.

"I have thirty-five million.....Going Once.....Twice.......Sold to the man in the back row." The two men held Dave until Monica was escorted off the stage. Dave was taken out the side door and lead up to the office. He was taken to the Traders office where he was waiting for Dave.

"It looks like you earned a lot of money tonight my friend. I have here, fourteen million dollars. It looks like the bidder bought you along with your cow tonight. I'm holding onto your money until you have fulfilled your obligation with the bidder. You will be paid in cash at the time of your release."

Dave just starred at him not knowing what he should do next.

"I'm giving you forty-eight hours to get your business together and report to the international airport terminal at three in the afternoon on Monday. You'll be met there by a person that will give you a plane ticket where you will meet up with your new owner."

Dave stuttered saying. "Can I speak to my wife before I leave tonight?"

The Trader just starred at Dave for a second than opened a drawer and took out a white envelope containing Monica's wedding rings.

"You better take these and put them in a safe place for now and we expect you to be at the airport at three sharp."

Dave never got an answer to his question about speaking to Monica as the two men escorted him out of the office and into the parking area. Dave felt so empty hearted as he turned the key starting the car. He looked over at the empty seat wondering if they made a wise choice.

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