tagInterracial LoveWhite Slaves of Eban Ch. 02

White Slaves of Eban Ch. 02


Jeff stepped on the scale and starred down at the little black needle until it finally stopped in the middle. His eyes strained as he read one hundred and fifty-five pounds. He'd lost about fifteen pounds since arriving on the resort Island. It had been three long agonizing months. He wondered where the time went.

It wasn't as if they weren't feeding him enough. It's just that his thoughts were on Katie every hour of the day. To make matters worse last week, they served him with his final divorce papers at the beginning of the week.

His good friend, Bobby informed him that it was just another step in the process of employment at Eban. Bobby said that most of the women were put out as they called it shortly after their divorces became finalized from the states. Bobby said the resorts attorney's worked night and day keeping things in legal prospective at the resort.

Jeff spent the past three months being schooled and taught the rules of the Island. They also had him working on the grounds of the resort. Trimming trees and shrubs and manicuring the walkways. Jeff was beginning to feel like a gardener rather than someone who worked at an exclusive resort for blacks.

Jeff walked into his bathroom and rubbed his bald head. Even his eyebrows were shaven smooth as a baby's ass. Katie would hardly recognize him if at all in his present appearance. Every one of the eunuchs'' looked similar without their body hair.

Jeff reached down and rubbed his hand along one of his smooth shaven legs. He was feeling for any stubble that weren't allowed. Jeff starred at the reflection of his limp cock. He looked like a young boy without any pubic hair.

They finally informed him yesterday that he'd be working his first day right inside the resort itself. Bobby clued him in on every little detail about working inside the resort area where both guests' and the white women were.

Jeff turned around and twisted his waist. He was trying to get a peek at the tattoo on one of his ass cheeks. It was simply a four inch letter of an E which stood for Eban. Directly inside the letter E was the numbers in which Jeff was now identified with at Eban. It was the numbers four zero seventy-three.

Bobby had his own number tattooed on his ass cheek as well of the others. Bobby said that he could easily have it removed once they're employment was up with the resort.

Jeff hadn't seen any of the women since he arrived at the Island except from a distance when he was pruning shrubs near the outdoor pool. He'd hope he'd get a glimpse of Katie but Bobby said that she wouldn't have been working yet.

Jeff heard different stories from the other eunuchs'. Jeff heard that they kept the women on valium and other sedatives. Bobby said their doctors were pros at keeping a good healthy appearing balance in their systems.

They topped that off by giving them sexual stimulants to enhance their sexual appetite. Bobby told him how they trained them to think that black men were gods' gift to white women.

Jeff had a hard time dealing with those kinds of thoughts. He couldn't imagine Katie acting like she was eager to have sex with another man let alone a black man. Bobby told him not to be surprised if they ever crossed paths and he saw her acting strange.

There was a big joke among the eunuchs'' on how the women acting like those wives in that movie where they were all robots and did whatever their husbands desired of them. In this case it would be the black clients who would benefit from their services.

Jeff had been given something new to wear for his first day working in the resort itself. Unlike the simple Lone Ranger style mask he wore while working around the complex. They gave him what resembled a bondage hook made of spandex.

It fit tight around his head and had a small cut-out for his mouth but there were two snaps on either side where a variety of attachments could be used by the clients or staff as Bobby mentioned. It had ears sticking up like a dogs. It had two small holes below his nose so he could breath.

There were holes for his eyes but were covered with a special screen material. A person couldn't actually see his eyes, only the black screen material. Jeff had tried it on and he laughed when he saw his reflection in the mirror. He looked like a man's body with a fly head.

Jeff laughed at the shoes he had to wear while working inside the resort. They were made out of soft leather with extremely pointed toes. They resembled those silly looking things you would see one of those Elves' wearing during the holidays. The only exception was that they were black in color and not green.

There was a bell attached to each shoe that made that silly jingle each time he walked. Bobby said they wanted the eunuchs' to appear as silly looking as possible.

Last but not least was the leather harness he would have to wear while at work. It reminded Jeff of a large dog harness. It fit over his shoulders and crossed his back. It strapped around his stomach and there was a hook on his back to attach a leash or anything else as Bobby mentioned.

Bobby had frightened Jeff the night before when he told him about the bondage stage. Bobby said that eunuchs'' were picked at random and never knew if they would be performing on that dreaded stage.

Bobby explained that a few of the white women were specially trained in the art of bondage games. A person never knew what to expect in that place. Jeff tried to ask questions about that stage but Bobby wouldn't talk about it. Jeff was dressed and ready for his first day working inside the resort. Bobby was assigned to work with him the first three months. Jeff studied a layout of the interior of the complex the night before with Bobby.

There were so many area's and rules to remember. Bobby said they'd start off working the casino serving drinks. Bobby kept warning Jeff to never speak to any of the white women. He especially made it clear to never give anyone his real name.

Bobby was a good coach and Jeff was glad he got teamed up with the man. They had become good friends since the day he arrived. Bobby kept repeating himself about another strict rule they have at the resort.

This rule applied for the purpose of ever crossing paths with Katie Bobby repeatedly preached to him that he should never try to speak to her or give her any hints that it was him under that mask. Bobby said it wasn't uncommon to run into the ex's or work with a client that the ex might be entertaining.

Jeff kept thinking about that statement that Bobby made. The comment about seeing the ex white she entertained a client. Jeff wanted specifics.

"What do you mean exactly when you say entertaining a client?"

Bobby tried to avoid the question but finally laid it out plan and simple. "You might get to witness your ex getting banged by a black dude."

"What do I do? How should I react?"

"You do nothing! You react like its nothing! Do you understand?"

Jeff gulped and shook his head that he understood. Bobby even tried to ease his pain by telling him about the times he saw his ex getting banged. Bobby said it didn't bother him anymore because he knew that she would be doing it regardless if he saw her or not.

That still wasn't much comfort for Jeff to know that Katie would be having sex with so many black men. He still wouldn't accept the fact that she would even do it.

Bobby and Jeff made their way across the court yard following a narrow brick paved walkway. Jeff was listening to the sound of their feet clanging with every step making Jeff laugh as they got closer to the actual resort itself.

Bobby stopped just a few feet outside the building. He turned to Jeff and pointed his finger at him.

"Your not suppose to laugh once your inside the building. Do you remember reading that in the rule book?"

"OK. I remember it."

"Good, because there are going to be other men inside just like you and you're going to hear a lot of those bells. Just follow me and remember to never stare at anyone."

Jeff followed Bobby into the building. It was only a service door. They walked down a hallway that took them directly into the main lobby. It was huge. Jeff gazed up at the ceiling which must have been four stories tall.

The lobby was filled with black people. There were mostly men but Jeff saw a few well dressed black women. A few were seated in a lounge in the center. There were check-in desks along the back wall being serviced by black men in suites.

Bobby pointed to a eunuch pulling a cart full of luggage. "We get to do that on occasion too."

Jeff watched the man as he walked toward an elevator with the large luggage cart. His feet clanged with every step he took with the cart.

Jeff looked around as they walked across the room. They stopped a couple times being polite as they allowed a couple black guys walk past them. That was one of the rules.

Jeff leaned his head toward Bobby and whispered. "I don't see any white women yet."

"You will shortly. You just don't see that many in the lobby. People are usually coming or going from here."

Jeff knew there were many private planes that landing on the island daily. The clients came from across the globe. All of the clients had the same things in common. They were black. They were very wealthy and they came here to relax and play. Jeff tried counting the people walking around until he lost count somewhere after one hundred.

There were two hallways coming up. Bobby stopped dead in his tracks and pointed at the one on the left.

"You'll want to avoid walking down there no matter what time of day. That's the direction where they have the bondage stage I told you about."

Jeff was concerned as he asked. "Aren't we allowed to go that way or something?"

Bobby grabbed his shoulder and replied. "You just don't want to go that way unless you can avoid it. You see, they sometimes grab us at random as we walk by that theater where they have the bondage show."

Jeff nervously replied. "I guess I won't be going down that hallway anytime soon."

Bobby added. "They know we try to avoid going that way on purpose so they troll the resort looking for eunuchs' to send down there. That's what I meant about keeping busy while you're working."

They took the opposite hallway and passed the elevators. Jeff saw his first white woman standing next to a black guy as they waited for an elevator. She was a redhead and was dressed in platform heels. She wore a very revealing pink dress which barely covered her ass.

Jeff noticed the black guy held his arm around her waist as he stood whispering into the woman's ear. She was smiling as she starred down at the floor as they passed them. Jeff couldn't help but notice when the black guy lowered his hand to her shapely ass while they walked into the elevator.

The only thing going through Jeff's mind was the fact that she was once married to one of the other eunuchs'. They kept walking and another couple walked around the corner ahead of them.

This was a petite blonde walking arm and arm with a tall slim black guy. Jeff starred at this couple because she was holding a leash with her right hand. It was attached to a eunuch who was walking slightly ahead and along side her.

Jeff waited until they walked past them and asked in a whisper. "Why is she holding the leash?"

Bobby laughed in a low tone chuckle before replying. "A few of the clients get their kicks by selecting one of us to be their personal servant. That poor guy will probably spend hours waiting on them hand and foot. He might even have to spend the night watching them fuck!"

Jeff held his breath as a large group of people approached them. There were several black men all well dressed. They were all accompanied by white women. Some were holding their hands and others had their arms around the ladies.

There were four eunuchs' walking ahead of them all held by leashes. Jeff was quickly looking the women over to see if any of them were Katie. The women were gorgeous! They were all scantly clad in tight fitting dresses. One of the black men was pointing at Him and Bobby.

"There's a couple more! Why don't we hook them up and bring them along."

Jeff felt his heart racing wondering what they were going to do.

"No man, we got enough of them already. Two more will just get in the way."

The black men all laughed as they walked past he and Bobby toward the elevators. Jeff felt a bit of relief. They got far enough away where they wouldn't hear Jeff speak.

"What do you think that guy had in mind for us Bobby?"

"Who knows? I guess we'll never know for sure."

Bobby added. "I've worked with groups like that on many occasions. It's not so bad. All you have to do most of the time is serving them drinks and wait on the hand and foot."

Jeff kept starring toward Bobby's black hood as he spoke. "Is that all?"

Bobby replied. "I'll tell you about one guy that made me sit next to the bed all night long while he banged this tiny little brunette. He kept telling me to watch what he was going to do next and commented on how good it felt. You know things like that."

Bobby kept walking until the passed the casino doors. They slowed down than stopped.

"This is where we'll be working today."

Jeff saw rows slot machines up front with the tables toward the back. It was crowded inside. Jeff saw white women being escorted by black men all over the place. There was one couple toward the right that Jeff focused on the most. The woman looked a lot like Katie but it wasn't her.

She was sitting on a black guys lap while he played a machine. She held a leash attached to a eunuch. That poor guy just stood there probably bored as hell while they had fun with the slots.

Bobby nudged his shoulder. "Let's go back and pick up our trays and get to work."

Jeff followed Bobby back to a tiny room. They picked up these huge serving trays and Jeff followed him to yet another area where he saw a couple guys mixing drinks and putting them on a counter to be picked up.

"Just fill your tray with an assortment of stuff like you see me doing and just like they do at any other casino or club. Make sure you get three or four of those coffees too."

Jeff followed Bobby back out into the casino. Bobby stopped and whispered to Jeff. "You go in that direction and I'll go this way. Just come back here once you start running out of a variety of things and fill up again.

Jeff had one more question. "Bobby? What if I run into someone like we saw in the hallway and they want me to go with them?"

"If that happens to either one of us than I'll see you back at our barracks whenever!"

Jeff was still nervous as he asked another question. "What if they take me back to a suite?"

Bobby stopped and took his time and replied. "There is a station on every floor where you can mix drinks. You'll find eunuch at each station that will mix drinks for you. If they order food than you just walk down to the kitchen and pick it up where I showed you on the map."

Jeff never felt as nervous as Bobby started to walk away in the other direction. Jeff took a deep breath and started to make his way across the casino floor with the tray in hand.


(Hi Everyone, Sorry I'm so late getting the next chapter over here. I posted it on my story site and forgot about here! Anyway, Enjoy it!)

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