tagInterracial LoveWhite Slaves Resort Ch. 01

White Slaves Resort Ch. 01


Authors note: inspired by Karen Kay's stories. Lots of interracial cuckoldry, submission, and humiliation for both husband and wife here. On the other hand, there will be nothing gay, no chastity belts, or "cleanup duties." Spare yourself if you are not into that sort of thing.

The story takes place in 2020, soon after a financial crisis begin a lengthy recession in America, and as the Central African Empire, a loose alliance of warlords which formed in 2015, has taken control of most of the African oil fields.

Cast of characters:

Dana and Elizabeth were best friends in law school. They moved to different cities after graduation and soon lost touch. Three years later, they agree to have dinner after finding themselves living in the same city.

Both women are blond. Dana stands tall at six feet but is relatively flat chested, which her husband Jon doesn't mind; she works out every day and her body is chiseled and athletic. Elizabeth has a more traditional hourglass figure, and has large and firm C-cup breasts; most men who have known her have fantasized about holding them at some point.

Dinner is at a multimillion dollar mansion owned by Elizabeth and her husband Stephen. Jon and Dana's curiosity is piqued: the two of them work long hours in the hopes of being made partners someday and live far more modestly. They ask Stephen and Elizabeth how they came to make so much money so quickly.

ELIZABETH: Do you mind we tell them, dear?

Elizabeth and Stephen exchange glances. Stephen shrugs.

STEPHEN: We might as well.

ELIZABETH: I earned twenty million dollars by being a prostitute for a year.

DANA: A prostitute?!

JON: Twenty million dollars? How in the world did you earn so much?

STEPHEN: Liz spent a year at an upscale resort in the Central African Empire. We were paid twenty million dollars for a year of her services there.

JON: Isn't the CAE one of the poorest countries in the world?

ELIZABETH: Sure, the common people are poor. But with the abundant diamonds and the oil, the leaders of the country are the richest people in the world.

DANA: Upscale resort....I think I remember reading about a sex resort in the papers that has generated a lot of controversy.

ELIZABETH: Most likely it is the same one - the "White Slaves" resort. A popular destination for rich men from all over Africa.

DANA: And you...?

ELIZABETH: I did whatever the clients asked of me.

DANA: Anything?

ELIZABETH: Well, almost. There were some ground rules. I had sex with any client who demanded it. But there were a range of things the clients were not allowed to ask for.

DANA: Weren't you afraid about diseases?

STEPHEN: No. Every man has to go through extensive medical testing before being allowed to be a client of this resort.

DANA: No, really, you had sex with hundreds of men? God, are you okay?

ELIZABETH: Come on Dana, don't be a prude. It wasn't as difficult as you believe it to be. Is it all that different from any other job?

DANA: I don't know...

ELIZABETH: I don't regret it for a moment. Sure, it was a challenge, but now the two of us have got enough money to live luxuriously for the rest of our lives.

JON: And they really paid you all the money they promised?

ELIZABETH: They did. They realize its important to be faithful to their contracts if they want to recruit women for this resort.

STEPHEN: In fact, they deposit the money at a Swiss bank account at the beginning of the year. You sign a separate contract with the bank, which agrees to turn the money over to you within a year.

DANA: And Stephen, you had no objections to this?

STEPHEN: It wasn't ideal, to put it mildly. But given how much money we were going to earn, I agreed.

JON: How did you even arrange this?

STEPHEN: I found out about it from Ngobo, an African a client of the law firm where both of us used to work. He was a spoiled young brat who thought he was better than everyone else in sight. He had come in to the firm to sign some papers for a case his father - who owns a bunch of mines somewhere in east Africa - and he had somehow found out that both me and Elizabeth were getting laid off. I think one of the senior partners had mentioned to him that the firm was laying off all of its junior lawyers.

ELIZABETH: That was at the beginning of the current recession. With the mountain of law debt we had both accumulated, unemployment was a scary prospect.

STEPHEN: As he was leaving, he remarked that my wife was quite beautiful. I was put off by the remark, but I thanked him curtly. He pulled out a brochure out of his bag and gave it to me. "Consider this," he said, "I've been in this place and many of the women there are not nearly so beautiful as your wife." Before I could look at the brochure, he turned and left.

STEPHEN: His remarks did not make sense to me until I read over the brochure later in my office. At first I was angry, but there was nothing I could do: I certainly couldn't complain to the firm that was laying me off about one of its biggest clients. Not if I wanted a good recommendation from them.

ELIZABETH: And I think you were a little excited at the idea, weren't you honey?

(Stephen blushes)

STEPHEN: I hope the two of you don't mind frank talk about sex. There is no other way to tell this story.

DANA: No, not at all. I'm still trying to make sense of it all. Please, tell it like it happened.

JON: I agree...we are all modern people, are we not? Hold nothing back.

STEPHEN: OK. Yes, I was turned on. It was a long brochure, with lots of pictures of buff black men having sex with beautiful, elegant white women. There were lots of first-person testimonials by women from the resort, recounting the sex acts they performed, and the money they earned. I found my thoughts returning to this brochure over and over.

DANA: So what happened next?

STEPHEN: I was walking home one day after a failed job interview, when I walked by an adult store. I saw a DVD in the glass window which showed a a blond woman in a business suit standing next to a young black man with his hand around her. On a whim, I went inside and purchased the movie. I intended it for my own viewing, but Liz came across it in the bags I brought in as I was putting stuff away in the kitchen.

ELIZABETH: I only saw that it was a porn. I popped it in the TV and went to get Stephen from the kitchen. Nothing like a little afternoon sex to spice things up. I told him I had a surprise for him, took his hand, and led him into the living room, where we were both confronted by the the sight of a well-dressed blond, her skirt bunched around her waist, being pounded by an enormous black dick.

DANA: That must have been quite the sight.

ELIZABETH: I was shocked at first at how enormous this dick was. We watched porns together from time to time, but I never saw one this big. I was transfixed. Stephen here was quite embarrassed to see his secret porn on the TV.

DANA: Oh, I imagine. Jon here was really embarrassed when I walked in on him watching an interracial porn last week.

JON: Honey!

ELIZABETH: Oh don't worry Jon, we can all be frank with each other. Its very common for white men to have these fantasies. Plus the two of us are already telling you so much, so it seems unfair for you to be reluctant to hide such things for us, no?

JON: I suppose so. So what happened next?

ELIZABETH: As we stood there, we both found ourselves really turned on.

STEPHEN: We ended up having sex as we watched the video. I took Liz doggy style as we both faced the screen.

ELIZABETH: We didn't say anything after it was done. I think neither of us was ready to talk honestly about being turned on by it, so we simply acted like there was nothing to talk about.

STEPHEN: But when we made love the next time the following day, we watched it again.

ELIZABETH: Yes we did. But are the two of you sure you want to hear this?

Both Dana and Jon nod.

ELIZABETH: OK. Stephen and I were just kissing on the couch. Stephen was making me excited with his gentle kisses, and I found myself reaching for the remote and turning it on again.

STEPHEN: This became a pattern: we would make love on the couch in front of the TV with this video on. After we had watched it four or five times, we started getting new ones from the store.

DANA: Now Liz, did you have any fantasies of interracial sex before this?

ELIZABETH: No, I didn't.

JON: Ever had a black boyfriend?

ELIZABETH: No, never even found myself attracted to black men before.

DANA: Then why were you so turned on at this?

ELIZABETH: It was the power play involved. This enormous muscular and very trashy young black man in his late teens giving a hard pounding to a sophisticated white woman in her thirties. She looked like she could be a successful professional, perhaps a lawyer in my firm. You can see she is in a little bit of pain from trying to fit him in her, but she is also enjoying it. She must be excited at being used and fucked so roughly by a powerful man.

DANA: And what turns you on about this Stephen?

STEPHEN: Its hard to describe the feelings this provokes in me. The thought of a beautiful woman, someone like Liz but a little bit older, someone I might have been interested in if I were single choosing to give herself instead to a young thuggish looking black man - that makes me really jealous. But its a jealousy that somehow leads to being turned on. I can't explain it.

JON: And how did this progress?

STEPHEN: One day, we were visiting my parents; we didn't have our porn tapes. We were both horny and had to resort to dirty talking.

ELIZABETH: We went up to Stephen's old room after the evening with his family was over. We were both very excited, and Stephen had me riding his dick in no time. My thoughts turned to the videos - I kept thinking about that enormously thick black cock pounding a tight pussy, those muscular black hands reaching under he clothes and cupping her bountiful white breasts - when I just blurted out. "You'd love it if you were watching me fuck a black guy right now, wouldn't you?" He didn't reply, but I could feel his dick get very hard inside of me. That was the encouragement I need, so I kept on talking dirty. I said I loved him, but I really wanted to cheat on him with a well hung black man. "It isn't really cheating if you are watching honey, is it?" After I said that, Stephen shot his load inside of me.

STEPHEN: After I came, Liz gave me a loving kiss and went to the bathroom. I found myself replaying her words in my head and getting hard. I took the brochure I was given; a whole month had passed since that day. To be honest, I had brought it along so that I could masturbate while I read it. On a whim, I showed it to Liz when she came out of the bathroom.

ELIZABETH: I remembered Ngobo - I handled a few cases for that brat - and now I found out he was lusting after me the whole time. The little bitch had also told my husband that I should sell my body!

DANA: Were you mad?

ELIZABETH: Very. But then Stephen told me to imagine saying YES to this offer, to imagine myself getting used by many powerful and rich black men, and suddenly, I found myself getting excited.

STEPHEN: We had really intense sex again. From that point on, we would talk dirty about this resort every time we had sex.

JON: How did you go from that to actually going through with it?

ELIZABETH: A couple of months later, the thought did not seems so horrible. We had talked dirty about it so much that it began to seem like something not entirely outside the realm of possibility.

STEPHEN: We had many honest conversations about it. We are both very secure about our marriage, and we love each other very much.

ELIZABETH: I couldn't imagine a life without Stephen.

STEPHEN: But we also accept each other as we are. There is no point in getting angry at each others fetishes.

ELIZABETH: For example, Dana, how do you feel about about Jon's interracial porn?

DANA: Well, I thought about it, and I suppose its not so bad for him to enjoy the things that turn him on.

ELIZABETH: That's a good attitude to have. We feel the same way: we have the fetishes that we have. Where we go with them is up to us.

STEPHEN: A couple of months later some new trouble with our loans came up. Neither of us had found a job due to the recession, and we had two law school debts in addition to a hefty mortgage. We would have had to sell our house and move out just to cover part of the debt.

ELIZABETH: As we were talking about our financial options - moving in with our families, both of us working two crappy jobs to pay the loans - I turned to Stephen and said, "Would it really be so bad if I spent a year at this resort?"

JON: Holy crap. Stephen, that must have been a shock.

STEPHEN: It was, but not entirely unexpected. To be honest, I was thinking the same thing, but was afraid to say it.

ELIZABETH: He just looked at me blankly and I continued. "We both get turned on by the idea. You know our marriage is rock solid and nothing will ever come between us. Is it really so bad if I have a lot of meaningless sex for a year?"

STEPHEN: I thought about how comfortable our life would be with twenty million dollars, and said "Perhaps not so bad. But could you handle it?"

ELIZABETH: I said that I put myself through law school while working part-time; of course I can handle it. But, I added, can you Stephen?

STEPHEN: I said I could. To be honest, I was a little horny at this point, and probably should have thought about this more.

JON: Really? You were uncertain at this stage?

STEPHEN: Yes. I think I could handle the thought of Liz having meaningless sex. But the brochure I got also specified that some clients liked the experience of having the husband there while they had sex wit the wife. That gave me pause.

DANA: Oh my god! That sounds horrible.

JON: So you flew down to the resort too?

STEPHEN: Yes. I had my part to play in Liz's year of whoredom. Some of the clients liked to have me there during their sessions with Liz. It was ...a challenge. But also a turn on.

ELIZABETH: For me as well. A challenge because I hate hurting or humiliating Stephen. A turn on because it made my submission to a powerful black man complete.

STEPHEN: We created Liz's portfolio that very night.

JON: Portfolio?

STEPHEN: Yes. We needed to email an application with pictures of Liz to the White Slaves resort.

ELIZABETH: Honey, why don't you get the pictures and show them to our guests so that they see what you mean?

Stephen walks out of the room and comes back with a folder containing:

- A picture of Elizabeth in a silver evening gown, her blond hair in a bun behind her back.

- A picture of Elizabeth in a little black dress tightly hugging her body, her hair down.

- Elizabeth smiling at the camera in a red cocktail dress, her hair fluttering in the wind.

- A picture of Elizabeth walking in a bikini, taken at the local beach.

- Elizabeth posing sexily in a flight attendant costume. The uniform gives a hint of her abundant top, but no more.

- Elizabeth in semi-transparent lingerie. She is looking at a TV, on which its possible to make out a black man having sex with a white woman. Her hand is inside her panties and her face betrays a look of unadulterated joy.

- A picture of Stephen and Elizabeth at their wedding, the happy bride and groom.

Dana and Jon look the pictures over.

DANA: Holy crap, a wedding picture?

STEPHEN: That was in the brochure - all married applicants must include a wedding picture.

JON: You look very beautiful in these Elizabeth.

ELIZABETH: Thank you Jon.

JON: But no nudes?

STEPHEN: No. We decided our best strategy would be to tease whoever would be looking at them.

DANA: You were right. I can't imagine anyone looking at these pictures without being filled with the desire to posses you Liz.

ELIZABETH: Thank you my dear. We did receive a phone call only several hours after we emailed the pictures. A week later, we were on a plane to Paris, and then to Johannesburg, and soon we walked off the tarmac in the Central African Empire.

JON: So what was it like? Did everything go as you expect? Were there any nasty surprised?

STEPHEN: It seems to be getting late, and this is a long story. Perhaps we'll finish telling you the story the next time the two of you are over.

ELIZABETH: Yes, its been great having the two of you over. To be honest, it feels good to tell this to someone. You were my best friend in law school Dana, and if I was going to tell someone, I'd want it to be you. We absolutely must have you over again, and then we'll tell you how the story continues.

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