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White Top For Black Bottoms


I honestly think here is some truth in the saying that opposites attract. How else would you explain some of the weird and sexy people I hook up with? Achilles Charles Berenson is the name. My nickname is A.C. Who am I? A big and tall young Black man living in the City of Toronto, Province of Ontario. And I am one hundred percent bisexual. I do it with guys and women. Actually, make that hot guys and hot women. No ugly people please, thank you very much. It's my way of doing things. And I apologize for it the day after never. I study business management at the University of Toronto, and I like to keep busy in the summertime. The City is hot, take it in any sense you can think of. And I'm absolutely loving it.

These days, I've been getting so much booty, I think my dick might fall off. I've been having that much fun of the sexual kind. My last truly memorable female conquest was this sexy, forty-something Arab woman named Sara Mohammed. She's from the United Arab Emirates and works as a teacher in the big City. A five-foot-ten, black-haired, bronze-skinned and brown-eyed Arabian beauty with a curvy body, large breasts and big round booty. The first time I saw her, she simply took my breath away. A lot of folks in Canada think Arab women are all conservative and shy. I happen to know better. All women are freaky. Zero exceptions. I don't care what race or religion they are. Well, I guessed right about Sara Mohammed. Man, this Arab chick was a real sex freak. We had a lot of fun together in my apartment in the City of Brampton.

I learned a bit about her before we hooked up. Sara is married to the Imam of the local Muslim community. And she's got two sons by him. Yet she's out there cruising the malls of Toronto for some hot action. Women are such sluts, man. It's not even funny. Well, I gave Sara the action she desperately needed. I'm a generous sort, you know. I don't hold back the dick. It's just the way I get down. You can ask almost anyone from the Greater Toronto Area. Odds are they've heard of me. I play Varsity Soccer for the University of Toronto so my face is well-known around town. Why, just last week I banged Ashley Winston, this chubby, blonde-haired White chick at a Second Cup restaurant near downtown Toronto. I did her in the men's room during her lunch break. Am I cool or what?

I met someone else whom I found interesting. This tall and almost ridiculously good-looking Asian guy named Jacob Yamamoto. He's half Japanese and half Scottish, I think. He's visiting my hometown of Toronto from his native City of Vancouver and has been trolling the queer spots for some action. Jacob has a thing for Black guys. Well, I happen to be a handsome brother who doesn't discriminate when it comes to hot sex. I will fuck anything that moves. It's my nature. The way I see it, you only live once. I don't want to wake up one day and discover that I'm an old man with many regrets. I'm a man of action. And sex is a sport for me. I like the thrill of the hunt. Women and men can sense it. That's why they come to me.

Jacob and I had a good time together. Asian guys suck the best dick. Jacob definitely didn't disappoint me in that area. Well, that was cool but the most fun I've had was with this Irish guy named Sean Mitchell. I met him at a shopping center in the City of Ajax. I am sometimes baffled by how many women and men walk up to me wanting to sex me down. A six-foot-three, 240-pound, ruggedly handsome Black male like myself tends to stand out in most places. Yet in Canada, there's no shortage of people wanting to do me. That's why I love Toronto. The only place that's more fun would have to be New York City. I intend to go back to NYC this summer. I've got family in the Flat Bush area. Anyhow, where was I? Oh, yes. I was telling you about the fun I had with Sean Mitchell, the horny Irishman I met in Ajax.

When you're gay or bisexual, you possess a certain sixth sense that helps you detect other people who are also gay or bisexual. I saw Sean at the mall and knew he was queer the moment our eyes met. He was walking around holding hands with this chubby Hispanic chick named Maria Fernandez or something. I sort of knew her from the University of Toronto. So I went over to their side of the food court and said hello. Sean's eyes remained riveted on me the whole time I chatted with Maria. The Irishman looked at me the way a hungry man looks at fast food. I sat down with them and learned a bit more about them. Sean recently moved to Toronto from the Irish town of Galway. He was working as a sales clerk with Sports Check. And Maria considered herself lucky to have met him. A lot of Hispanic women seem to like them White dudes. If Maria knew what Sean really was, she might revise her opinion of him. Well, I won't be the one to tell her.

Sean slipped me his number discreetly while Sara went to the ladies room. I took it from him and smiled. The next time I saw him, we hooked up in his apartment in the City of Ajax. I called Sean up and asked him if he wanted to get down and dirty. What do you think he said? I was at his apartment in a flash. As soon as I got inside, Sean and I got down and dirty. The Irishman didn't waste any time getting naked. He had an okay body. Standing around five-foot-nine, slim, with spiky brown hair, green eyes and alabaster skin. He looked okay. I on the other hand looked spectacular. I've got the body of a professional football player and the face of a male model. Holler!

Sean knelt before me and busied himself sucking my long and thick Black cock. I groaned in pleasure as he went to work on me. He was a really good cock sucker. In no time he had me hard as hell. Then, we started fucking. I got on all fours and spread my ass cheeks for Sean. I love getting fucked in the ass. Yes, I am a Bottom. And I am a bisexual Black man. Got a problem with that? Sean certainly didn't. The Irishman got behind me, and inserted his dick into my ass. And just like that, he started fucking me. Sean pumped his dick into my ass, fucking me real hard. I stroked my cock as Sean fucked me, working his dick deep into my asshole. I love getting fucked in the ass. Especially by a big White dick. Oh, yeah. Nothing like it.

Sean and I did our thing. We went at it like this for quite some time. I laid on my back with my legs in the air while he pumped his dick into my ass. A big and tall Black man getting fucked in the ass by a horny Irishman. Definitely not something you see every day. I screamed as Sean fucked me. His big White cock filled my Black ass and I loved every second of it. I love getting fucked in the ass. It makes me feel absolutely wonderful. The deliciously hot pain is almost addictive. Sean fucked me hard, slamming his dick deep into my asshole. I screamed in pain and pleasure. Don't take my word for it, guys and ladies. Try it yourself sometime. Just remember to use condoms and plenty of lubricant. After this memorable fuck session, Sean and I showered together. Then I left his apartment. There are so many sexy ladies and hot men in Toronto. And most of them want to do me. Lucky me!

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