White Wife Black Balled


Telling his wife that he needed to review the case they would be observing, Marc said that he would join her later that evening. She gave a sigh of relief, took a shower, then went to bed, alone.


When Dex called that following morning Michelle explained why she could not get out of going to the luncheon. But, that her husband would be out of town all of Wednesday and most of Thursday.

"No shit, bitch. We can party all day tomorrow an' on inta Thursday mornin'. I like it. Give any staff you have the two days off. I'll be there at nine tomorrow mornin' with two other guys. We'll start the party with your first three way. We gonna fill every one of your white holes with black cock... at the same time." With that he laughed and terminated the call.

Wednesday morning about 8:45 am, Dex called Michelle, "You alone, bitch.?"

"Ah, yes."

Get all your clothes off and them long blonde locks in a pony tail. Get your collar and leash on. That's an' your wedding rings are all I want you wearin'. Then unlock the front door. Be on your knees, the grip of the leash held up for me when we come through the door. What's the gate code?" She realized that he would be there in about fifteen or twenty minutes. So, she immediately began preparing herself for his arrival.

As Dex and two of his clients approached the front gates to the Jacobson residence, he chuckled to himself, thinking, "Damn, I'm gettin' good at this . One little doctor's wife fell in record time. I wonder if the dumb bitch has any sisters? Anyway, she'll get her first threesome today. Then I'll call about ten more of my clients and a couple of my women. .. This bitch will pull a twelve black man train this afternoon. Then, she'll wake up tomorrow knowing that she has really been black balled." He laughed to himself as he punched in the gate code and watched the gates swing open.

Dex drove his car through the gates still patting himself on the back. What he and the other two men in the car did not notice was the Mercedes sedan, SUV and the furniture van parked about one hundred yards from the Jacobson driveway. Also, neither Dex nor Michelle were aware that on the previous Saturday night, Sharon, Marc's sister was in the dining room at the hotel with her husband and another couple celebrating the two husband's birthday's. That Sharon had borrowed her brother's high end digital camera so she would be sure to get good pictures in the subdued lighting, without a flash. When she stood up to get all three people and the cake in the picture, she noticed Michelle and Dex on the dance floor. After taking several pictures, Sharon excused herself to go to the restrooms. Aware that she would need to the pass the dance floor on her way to the restrooms, she paused to get several shots of her sister-in-law dancing closely with a man not her husband. She also took the opportunity to follow Dex and Michelle out behind the kitchen. There she proceeded to take more than forty very reveling and identifying shots of Dex burying himself deep into Michelle's body. She also took about five minutes of video.

The next day, when Sharon came to return the camera, it did not bother her a bit that her sister-in-law decided to go for a swim. As soon as Michelle had left the room, Sharon showed her brother the pictures and video of Michelle and Dex. Marc looked them over, feeling like he had just had the breath knocked out of him. He choked out a "thank you" to Sharon and told her to keep it between them. That her would take it from there. When Michelle returned, Marc and Sharon were discussing the upside down condition of Sharon's home. They had paid almost six hundred thousand for it. Now, it was worth a little over three hunderd thousand and they owed four hundred thousand. Michelle, who did not at all like her sister-in-law, breezed right by them. Sharon thought, "I know you don't like me, slut. But, rest assured, the feeling is mutual."

Once Michelle was in the pool, Marc said, "I'll get my lawyer and C.P.A. on it, sis. You and Tom have made that house a comfortable home for your family. Let's see what we can do to keep you all in there." Referring to the pictures and video in the camera, "And sis, I'll handle this... I'll keep you informed of what I do about it. And Sharon? Remember, just between you and I, right now."

Sharon gave her brother a little smile, "Should I tell Megan? You know this is the opportunity she has been waiting for to happen."

Marc gave his sister a responding smile, "Yeah, you're right about that. I should have married her instead of Michelle. Anyway, I'll call her at the right time. Now, I have to talk to someone before I do anything."

"Tony Corttini?"

Marc smiled big, now. "Yeah sis, you know how it works."

"You two go back to your sand box days. Anytime either of you ever had a problem like this or got into any trouble, you'd go to the other first. Most of the time you were in it together. But, before you did anything or talked to anybody, even our parents, you'd talk it over with Tony. What's he doing now?"

"He's an engineer for one of the world's major mining companies, rare earth's, I think. But, I know that they still have their family ties. I'll ask him what they do when one of their women pulls something like this..."

Sharon gazed at her brother, "I can only imagine from the novels I've read and movies that I've watched. But, I know you well enough, Marc. It won't be a simple divorce."

"We have a prenup... But sis, you know I don't want the publicity, or the B.S. that would come with divorce."

After Sharon had gone, Marc checked to make sure Michelle was still in the pool. Then he went in to his study and called his old school buddy, best man at his wedding and another person Michelle could not stand to be around. She viewed Tony as just too "middle class." Marc had never told his wife that The Corttini's existed on the periphery of an international mafia family. Primarily into smuggling, they moved just about anything of value. To include guns, drugs and humans of all skin colors and ethic backgrounds. Within a hour after talking it over with Tony, Marc was contacted by one Floyd Wallace, known as Wally, a high ranking member of the family. Wally immediately placed taps on the home phone and Michelle's cell phone. He then sent in two of the family's top investigators. The trip to observe the surgery was a set up to catch Michelle and Dex in the act.


Marc sat in his car with Megan, Michelle's twin sister, watching a lap top computer and waiting for Dex to show. They were on the home security company's website watching Michelle, wearing only a dog collar and leash, take her place at the unlocked front door, as instructed. In their planning sessions with Wally, they had all agreed that they would wait until all three black men were involved with their triple penetration of Michelle before they moved in.

It hurt Marc to watch as his wife was led like a bitch dog into the living room. After making her crawl across the room and beg, each black man planted his cock her in every orifice. When they finished, Dex shoved a butt plug in her ass and a dildo in her pussy. He turned to the others and said, "That'll keep her good and lubricated for our triple dip." Then turning back to Michelle, "Which we are gonna do in your marital bed, bitch. After this, there will be no doubt in your mind who owns your tight white ass." On her hands and knees, Michelle waddled down the hall, obediently leading the three black men into her bedroom.


Wally Wallace, half English, half Italian and all mafia was in charge of the family's human trafficking operation. He was about to give Marc, Megan and Michelle a good example of one of the ways that this particular mafia family handle an unfaithful wife, including anyone found with her. Tony's father, although not a member of the mafia, maintained a close friendship with the Don, who was Tony's godfather. So, the problems of a old friend of Tony's was to be handled like a problem within the family. Nothing was to be spared to bring it to a desired conclusion, swiftly.

To the sounds of Michelle screaming, "Yes, do it to it. Fuck that pussy and ass. Ram it those big black rods in there." the entourage moved down the hall to the master bedroom. Wally assigned a specific target to each of the three men carrying bear load tranquilizer dart guns. Michelle was quiet, now that a big black cock had been rammed down her throat.

The three men were the first to enter the bedroom. They swiftly shot a dart into each of the black men. As the others filed into the room, the man pumping Michelle's ass with what appeared to be at least a ten inch cock, stumbled to his feet and faced the group. Seconds later his legs gave out and he slumped to the floor, unconscious. The man with his cock in Michelle's month tried to stand up on the bed. Only to fall back against the head board, unconscious. Michelle jumped off Dex and onto the floor, moving to the far wall. Dex could only raise up on his elbows. Then, fall back, unconscious. Michelle, a person that had spent most of her life in control of everything and everybody around her, did not know what to do or say. All she knew for sure was that she had been caught fucking three black men in their master bedroom. That she stood nude on one said of the room, with her husband, twin sister and five men that she didn't recognize on the other side by the only exit door. The whole group's attention now fixed on her.

Wally turned to a tall, slender black man, "Tyrone, bring her over here." Then turning to the other men, "Bring the crates into the living room. Then in here one at a time."

Tyrone brought Michelle to the group and drew out a roll of duct tape.. She had turned on the tears, but they had little or no effect on anyone conscious. As Tyrone began to tape her right hand, Marc drew up her left hand. Megan produced a little spray bottle of liquid soap, spraying Michelle's ring finger. Marc slipped the rings off Michelle's finger and release her left hand. Tyrone wasted no time in taping it to her right hand. Megan sprayed her own ring finger and Marc slipped the wedding rings on to the proper place.

Megan squealed in delight and folded herself up against Marc, who wrapped his arm around her. She giggled, then said, "I knew that all I had to do was wait and your ego would screw it up for you." Then as Zeke stepped forward to check out Michelle for a breeder cow, Megan continued, "I just knew that all things come to those who wait. So coordinated, it just all came together so nicely. Last week the P.I. that Marc hired for me brought pictures and videos of my loving husband getting it on with a little twit from his office. It turns out that they have been doing it for almost a year. So, when Marc sent me those pictures and short video that Sharon took last Saturday night, well, I just thought, what a super opportunity." At this point Michelle realized that her husband knew what she was doing with Dex since the first time. She gasped then shed real tears, which again had little or no effect on those around her.

Zeke, who had run his black fingers over Michelle's whole upper body and was now fondling her breasts, said, "Knowin' that her sister has already bore twins makes this one a great potential breeder. Blonde hair, blue eyes, strong body. Yeah, I'll bet I kin git three or four litters outta her. Four ta six in a litter. Maybe even a couple o' custom jobs. Yeah Wally, you make sure she didn't pickup any STD's from the niggers she's been fuckin' an' I'll give you twenty five, no thirty percent more than you could get at any auction." Then he erupted into a robust laughter.

As Michelle watched the two men bring in the first crate, then begin to tape the legs, angles and wrists of the black men, the realization of what was happening came home to roost. She managed a whimper, Marc honey, no, please, I'm your wife. Please Markie, pleeease..."

Megan gave her sister the most wicked smirk Michelle had ever seen from Megan.. The one Michelle thought to be accepting, submissive, gullible. Her smirk gone, Megan's expression turned stone cold, "I don't know who you are, slut. " Holding up her left hand, Megan continued, "You see? I am now Doctor Marcus Jacobson's loving wife, Michelle. Herbie, Megan's husband is off to New York for some company affair. He took his mistress with him. When he returns tomorrow morning, he will find a divorce packet waiting for him on the kitchen table and no wife or twins. His now ex-wife, or more specifically, a look-a-like, boarded a plane yesterday and flew out west, somewhere, using Megan's I.D. Then she'll fly back a brunette using her own I.D." She turned to Wally, "I thought that blonde wig and blue contacts really made her look like me. Fooled airport security." Then turning back to her sister, she said, "And, I'm sure you are wondering what happened to the twins? Well, in the divorce packet Herbie will find a DNA report and a custody statement. You see, Megan gave custody of the twins to their biological father and his wife Michelle, that's me!!" Another wicked smirk from the new Michelle. She continued, "The thing is, Marc and I have been having sex since the first day I met him. He took my virginity. When the two of us went to that AMA convention, we shared one room as husband and wife. He then soo scientifically knocked me up with the twins." She grasped her rings and said, "It's all working out. The twins will be raised by their biological parents and my dear former sister, during our anniversary cruise through Europe we intend to make me very pregnant, again." She giggled some more as a piece of tape was placed over her sister's mouth. Then one of the men took a light load dart and stuck it in the nude sister's shoulder. He then cupped her breasts to prevent the unconscious woman from falling to the floor.

As they continued to put the three black men into the crates and haul them out to the van, Wally and Zeke discussed prices. All three would make good breeding bulls, but Wally felt that Dex could be a good worker in procurement, once he had some slave training. Wally turned to Marc and said, "As we discussed last night, you get half the net from all this. To include what Zeke here pays and the value of Dexter's operation."

Mark pulled out a business card from his shirt pocket. It had his sister and brother-in-law's names and address on the back, including his brother-in-law's cell phone.. Handing it to Wally, Marc said, "Wally, you have accomplished exactly what I wanted done here today. But, I don't want any of the proceeds from my former wife. So, pay off these people's mortgage in a way that doesn't raise any eye brows or create any tax consequences and we'll call it even, OK?"

Wally took the card and placed it in his wallet. Smiled and said, "That's a deal, doctor. OK, we can do that. This is your sister and her husband, isn't it? You know that the Don thinks a lot of you. Now, I know why. He told me that when money was needed during med school and your internship, he was ready with an open check book. Same with Tony. He is very proud of both of you and quite satisfied with his investment. He told me that everybody in your family is to be treated like they are part of our family. So, both of you keep that in mind. Anybody gives you guys any shit, just call us, we'll take care of it."

About that time two of Wally's men came in the bedroom carrying two unconscious women. Placing them on the bed, one of the men pull out an envelop from his cargo pocket and handed it to Wally and said, "Like usual, boss, we dropped the kid off with Rose.."

Wally took the envelop and counted out five stacks of one thousand dollar each on the bed next to one of the women. He then counted out two stacks of ten thousand dollars each and said, "Rose pays top dollar for the kids of a sports figure, especially when there mother is white. Most of the time the kid is illegitimate, anyway. Rose is one of your clients, isn't she, Zeke?"

"You got that right, Wally. She has some big time contacts in the adoption racket. Pays top dollar and gets top dollar."

Wally picked up the stacks of one thousand dollars and handed one to each of his men as a bonus. Then he picked up one of the remaining stacks of bills and handed it to Marc. Shoving the other stack into his pocket, he said, "Spending money for your trip to Europe. At the current exchange rate, you'll need it."

Absent mindedly, Marc took the money a shoved it into his pocket. While Wally and Marc were dealing with the cash, Zeke was checking out the new arrivals. He looked toward Wally and said, "Tellya what my man, I'll take all three women if they don't have any permanent S.T.D.'s. I'll take the ball players, too. They make good breeding bulls if they haven't fucked themselves up with steroids, or caught somethin' permanent. We'll talk later about that nigger that arranged this whole thing."

The New Michelle giggled and said, "Breeding cows and bulls. Is that all they are now? Is that what you call them?"

Zeke bellowed his hearty laugh, then said, "That's right missy. On the surface, we are a cattle and dairy heifer ranch. So, all of our correspondence and conversations haveta support our image We also breed and train huntin' dogs. That's why I kin use words like litter."

With the three black men loaded into the truck, one of Wally's men asked him if he wanted a crate for each of the women. He replied, "Nah, one should do. It's not that far." He turned to Marc and Michelle. Shaking Marc's hand he said, "It was nice doin' business with you Doctor Jacobson." The he addressed Michelle, "It was certainly nice to meet you, Michelle Jacobson."

Michelle beamed, "Yes, thank you and it was nice to meet you too, Mister Wallace. You and your men are certainly good at what you do..."


When Marc returned from bringing the front gates closed, Michelle had roast beef sandwiches and red wine on the table. Marc sat down at the table and said, "When the cook is here you will have to break her in slowly to the fact that you know your way around the kitchen. Your sister barely how to make coffee and didn't want to know how to do much of anything else. And, by the way, around the house I called her Mickie. She didn't like it much. But, she liked the life style to much to gripe about something like that."

Michelle laughed and said, "I don't mind it if you call me Mickie, in fact, I kinda like it. Annd, I like calling you by your full name, Marcus." He gave her a little smile, preferring to be called by his full name. She continued, "As far as cooking for the family, I would prefer to do it all. However, that's totally up to you. Maybe I'll tell her that I'm taking a cooking course and that I will cook for special occasions, or something like that."

Marc chuckled and said, "Yeah, that might work. Like I said, we have a cook because your sister couldn't and wouldn't have any part of it. We have a weekly maid service, too."

Michelle looked at her husband, and before she took another bite of her sandwich, said, "Now that's something we can do without. I can handle cleaning this place. I might get some help a couple of times a year for a deep cleaning, but the daily thing, I can handle that."

He finished his sandwich, took a generous sip of wine, stood up and said, "That's OK by me. I've got to get back to the office. There's a couple of patients we need to check in on this afternoon. I should be back around five or six. I have a few items I'd like you to accomplish today. One, The upper shelf of the entry closet has all our family photo albums and related info. Then the top album in the box, inside the front cover should have a list of computer files, mypictures and the like, where we keep quite a bit on the computer. Go through them all, you are Michelle, now. Look at it all through her eyes. Then make a list of questions for me and we'll discuss it when I get home. My mom's going to know immediately, so we'll haveta let her in on the whole thing. She doesn't have to know that we sold your sister into slavery, but anyway, you might have some questions she can answer for you. Second thing is, I want you to call the travel agency and make sure everything is in order. Especially the two nights in Budapest at the end of the trip. The only way Ed will give me the time off for this trip is if I visit one of his med-school professors. The guy is Hungarian, and retired to a suburb of the city. Apparently, he is still involved in medicine at their central hospital. Make sure the hotel is five star and can provide us with a reputable translator and guide." Marc dug the cash Wally had given him out of his pocket and counted out five thousand dollars. "Go to the airport and get Euros with this. I'll keep the remainder in my suitcase." Shoving the cash back into his pocket, he continued, "Call my sister and arrange dinner tomorrow or Friday. Those two are the only people that should hear the whole story. Lastly, my dear wife..." Michelle's eyes lit up. He continued, "I want you to call anywhere you want for dinner reservations like seven thirty, eight o'clock for you and I. Then, and then Mickie, I am going to bring you home into our bed.., and fuck your lights out." He ended with a big smile.

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