White Wife


"I love to watch you fuck. I love to hear the little sounds that you make when we get closer to cumming. I would love to watch another guy fuck you so I could take in the whole picture. When I'm part of it, it's just not the same."

"How would you know?"

"You know that's about all that I think about. If I had a more demanding job I'm not sure that I could do it because all I think about is you, your beautiful body, your gorgeous face, your perky boobs, your snatch that is without equal on the planet. That's what I think about."

We kept moving slowly. We each adjusted and altered our paces. She just kept getting wetter and wetter. "Emily, I'm not kidding when I tell you I'm sure you are the greatest fuck on earth. I really mean it."

"Jake, baby," she gasped, "you're so sweet but every adult who is healthy or not bound by some religious prohibition fucks. They fuck just like we do. They fuck like we are fucking now. Some more often than others and some more intently but trust me, they all fuck."

He smiled at her use of the word "fuck." Until a year ago she hardly ever cursed and never used the "f" word. Now when they were making love she used it a lot because she knew how hot Jake got when she talked dirty.

"I don't think so." Jake said. She was about to pull his semen right through him but he held back as best he could. "It's not me. I'm pretty average. It's you. You know you're extraordinarily beautiful. You know you come every time and most women can't say that. You know you could always go for more when I'm empty and exhausted. No, my love it is you. I think you know it."

That must have taken her over the edge. "Fuck me Jake. Pound me. Tear my pussy up. Fill me up. Never stop, never stop, never stop." she screamed as she had a huge orgasm.

Of course, he was so close that he did all of those things she asked him to do to her.

Before Jake drifted off to sleep he said, "Emily, I want what's best for you. I want you to be sexually satisfied like no woman has ever been. I want you to experience variety of every kind imaginable."

"You're all I need my love."

"Maybe that's what you think now. But if you won't do it for yourself. I mean if you won't fuck other guys for you," I paused then said something that I never had said before, "Emily, then do it for me."

There was dead silence from her side. I'm not even sure that she was breathing. Finally, in a soft voice she said, "I'll think about it," as she slightly wiggled her bare ass against his still wet cock.

Chapter two

The next morning at the Daniels house was like most week day mornings. The kids were getting ready for school and screaming, "who took my . . . I can't find my . . . where's my . . . " Nobody paid any attention to them. And, like magic what was missing was found just in the nick of time. While Jake was in the shower getting ready for work, Emily was in the kitchen cooking breakfast wearing just an old thin bathrobe. She turned on the radio in the kitchen and listened to the local news/talk station. She couldn't have been more surprised when she heard.

"Last night after a valiant try, our Thunderbirds fell to the Albany Patroons by a score of 95 to 88. They were ahead by ten points at the half but during the second half the team from Albany outscored the locals by 17 points. Better luck next time SkyRockeets against the team from Ft. Sill Oklahoma."

Emily was confused. Jake had told that the Thunderbirds had won. Then she recalled that he seemed confused when she asked him who won the game? What the hell was going on? She wondered. Had he even gone to the game? She was kidding last night about him cheating on her but now she wasn't so sure. However, no man who had climaxed in a woman earlier could have done what he did to her in their bed last night. Something was funny about the game last night.

Within a few minutes, the kids were seated at the kitchen table inhaling their breakfasts. Jake came in the kitchen and went straight for the coffee maker. She came up behind him and pressed against his back. Through the thin bathrobe he could feel her pointy nipples and pubic bone. He felt a stirring in his crotch.

"Jake honey, I heard on the radio that the Thunderbirds lost last night. I thought you said they won."

He turned around and said, "Yeah I forgot."

"Jake, something happened at the game last night. I don't know what but I hope you will tell me. Something did happen didn't it?" She asked seriously.

What could he tell her? "Emily I ran into that guy from work, you know him, Clyde Monroe. Anyway, he has floor seats and is treated like a king. I knew he didn't make anymore money than I make so I talked about it with him at halftime. What he told me was un-fucking believable."

"Jake, the kids." She warned trying to bring the language back to morning in the kitchen appropriate.

"Anyway. After what he told me I admit I don't have a clue what happened during the second half. I don't even remember driving home."

"Well, I think it is safe to say that whatever you learned from Clyde turned you on. Right?"

"That's fair to say."

"So tell me about it," She implored.

"Not now. I've got to run. You've got to change and get the kids to school. If you want we can talk about it tonight."

"If I want? What do you think? Is the pope a Catholic?"

Jake went to work. Emily changed and drove the kids to school but only after begging the minivan to start. It groaned and groaned before catching.

Jake was sitting on the bench in front of his locker when he heard behind him, "Hey buddy, some game, huh?"

"Hello, Clyde. Yeah, some game. I got my ass in a sling though because of the game. When I got home Emily asked me who won and, can you believe it, it couldn't remember but I told her we did."

"Oh shit. And, I guess by now she knows that we lost?"

"You got it. Anyway, she wondered how I couldn't remember who won so I told her that after we had our food and talk during halftime, I didn't remember anything."

"No shit. I didn't get the impression that you had much interest in what I told you last night," said Clyde as he took the coveralls from his locker.

"Oh I was interested all right. You just caught me by surprise. You confided in me, Clyde, and now I'll confide in you. We've both got to get to work but let's meet up for the morning break and find a quiet place where we can continue our conversation in private."

"See you at ten," were Clyde's parting words as he closed the grey door to his locker.

Emily took her job as a homemaker very seriously. She went through the newspaper and clipped coupons. She was aware of every special. She was able to stretch the food budget about as far as it could be stretched but it took time. She watched the water, electricity and gas bills like a professional manager. Their home may have been five degrees too hot in the summer and five degrees too cold in the winter but the savings were incredible. She would never turn on the sprinkling system to water the lawn until the sun had set. Because of her efforts, on Jake's salary they lived about as well as one could imagine.

The tract house that had been their home for five years was in a good section of town. She didn't live more than ten minutes from her folks, her sister or Jake's mom. She wished they could have a new car. Both of the cars they drove were old clunkers but new cars were just too expensive. Emily knew they would have to keep them going for another two years until their savings had accumulated.

At ten, Clyde and Jake carried their coffee cups to a table under a white umbrella. It seemed as if each was waiting for the other to start talking as they sipped from their steaming cups.

"So you were interested?" Asked Clyde.

"More than you can imagine. Look, Clyde, I don't know how to say this but for a couple of years now, all I've been able to think about is Emily with other guys. I thought I was a pervet until I discovered that many men feel the same way I do. Hell, if she didn't look like she does, if she wasn't as sexy as she is and if she wasn't they hottest piece of ass alive, maybe I would feel different."

"Wow man! That's not what you said last night."

"I know it isn't. I didn't want you to think I was an asshole . . . "

Before he could finish, Clyde cut in and said, "You an asshole? After what I told what does that make me?"

"Sorry. Look, I don't think I'm any different than most men, most people, we have our private thoughts that we hope won't ever be discovered. I'm sure most people can say that. My most secret thoughts have become an obsession. I didn't want you to know that," Jake said.

"So, let me ask you Jake. Does Emily know about your thoughts, your fantasies?"

"Oh yeah. She knows everything. I wasn't ever going to tell her what I was thinking but she knows me pretty well and about a year ago she got it out of me. The shit hit the fan. She was really pissed. She thought I was tired of her and wanted different pussy. It took the longest time to convince her that wasn't it at all. She was way more than enough for me, for any man for that matter. After a while she came to accept my newly revealed thinking and played along with me. Now, every time we make love I talk about her with other guys."

"Jake, it seems to me like what I told you about last night would be perfect. Not a chance of losing her to some guy she falls in love with. Just pure, raw sex. More than either of you can imagine."

"Clyde, I'm sure you're right, I just don't see anyway to make it happen. Emily is about the most scheduled person I know. There aren't very many minutes during the day that she doesn't have planned. Also, her folks, her sister and my mom live here. Hell, Clyde were just a small town of less than 100,000. Even when you add in the Moorehead popultion its less than 200,000."

"Don't you think we didn't think about all of that. Our situation isn't that much different than yours. We have kids and a ton of relatives here. Most everybody knows everybody. Hell, Jake, I know that. Look man, the apartment building is in a part of town most of the people I know, and for that matter you and Emily know, seldom visit. Also, the apartments that the players and the staff have are in the back. The am rents them all. Your wife can park right there and no one would ever know she was there."

"She's still very busy. I just don't see anyway this can work even if she were willing which I'm sure she won't be."

Clyde laughed and said, "Maybe Emily could get by on a little less sleep. When Liz goes to the apartment it is usually from oh, say, eleven until about two in the morning. Sometimes she drops by during the day but only for an hour or so. I'm sure, if you are both willing, we can make this happen. Are you willing, Jake?"

"Let's say that I am. I don't see what difference that makes. She won't do it. I'm sure about that." However, when he remember what she said last night, "I'll think about it," he was less sure than he let on to Clyde.

"Look man, if you're interested let me have Liz give her a call. I know they're not best friends or anything but they know each other. Maybe another woman could help."

"Don't do anything until I talk with her. This morning we left it that I would tell her what you and I talked about after the kids go to bed.

That afternoon when it was time to get the kids from school, Emily Daniels inserted the key in the ignition of the five year old mini van and turned it. She wasn't surprised to hear just a groan as the starter tried to turn over but couldn't. "Shit," she said mad at herself because she knew this was coming. Swearing wasn't part of her life except recently and only when she and Jake were making love but this would make things difficult for her afternoon. It was her turn to pick up her own children and two of her neighbor's kids. Now, she would probably be late.

Emily, really short for Patricia, had just turned 34 and had been married nearly half of her life. Her oldest was a son named Derrick, he was almost 14. His sister, Jane, was eight and they attended different schools so she had two pickups a few miles apart.

She flipped open her cell phone and called the corner gas station to see if they could get her started. In Fargo, North Dakota, that's they way it's done. In ten minutes the car had been jumped. Pat, the mechanic/attendant, sort of a do everything guy, had warned her she needed a new battery and to drop by when she could. He was smiling and openly starring at her. She didn't really mind, it had been like that since she turned 16 years old. Men, nearly all men when they were in her presence, weren't very cleaver about concealing their considerable interest in her. Who could blame them. She was unusually beautiful. A perfect figure if you don't require enormous boobs. Her's were 34B which seemed proportional to her 5' 5" frame that carried 115 pounds on it. As perfect as her body was it was her breathtakingly beautiful face that made all men, and not just a few women, take a second look the first time they saw her. Today her dark blonde hair was in a pony tail just like she wore in High School.

Her day had been a busy one but that wasn't unusual. After she married Jake, they agreed that she should stay home and take care of the house and the children when they came. Jake had a job at the University, like many people in town and didn't make much money but enough for them to get by on if they were careful. Besides, they both reasoned, if they paid for all of the things she did such as cleaning the house, shopping for the family, cooking the meals, running the kids to school and other activities as well as paying all the bills, her value to the house would be as great or greater than Jake's.

As she ran her errands, she couldn't get the thought out of her mind of Jake not even knowing who won the basketball game last night and his ardor in the bedroom were, in some way, connected. She couldn't wait to hear his explanation.

Also, throughout the day she kept remembering the last words she quietly spoke to her husband before drifting off to sleep: "I'll think about it." The words were innocent enough taken out of context but in context the four words could have profound meaning. Was she serious? She asked herself. Maybe, just maybe, for the first time in the last year since Jake had brought up his crazy ideas, she was serious. However, they lived in Fargo. They knew everyone. She was as involved as a wife and mother could possibly be in the community. Therefore, it didn't really matter if she was serious or not because nothing like what Jake wanted to happen could happen in Fargo, could it?

That night after eating a dinner of a tuna noodle casserole, doing the dishes, making sure that the kids homework assignments had been completed and watching a television program together it was time for the youngsters to turn in. Emily and Jake stayed in the family room and continued to watch television after Derrick and Jane went to bed.

"Honey," Emily said, "would you like me to pour us each a glass of wine?"

"What?" Jake asked not sure that he understood her because they never drank wine except on special occasions.

"A glass of wine. Want one?" She didn't wait for his answer she padded barefoot to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of medium quality red wine, opened it and poured two water glasses almost full.

"What's with the wine?"

"I don't know. I think we have a lot to talk about. I thought it might help us relax. We do have a lot to talk about don't we honey?" She asked seriously as she handed him the glass and settled next to him on the sofa with her legs tucked under her.

"Yeah, I guess, we have a lot to talk about. Where should we start?"

"Don't ask me. You're the one who told me that something Clyde discussed with you last night about blew your mind. What did he tell you?"

Jake didn't say anything. He just sipped the red wine from his glass and recalled everything that Clyde had told him last night and what he had suggested about Emily. Jake wondered if he should tell her everything or should he just tell her bits and pieces of the conversation. Emily saw that Jake was thinking about how to answer her question and decided to give him time, so she wisely remained quiet and drank from her glass.

Finally, the waiting was over, Jake couldn't postpone telling the love of his life what he had learned at the CBA basketball game last night. He decided to tell her everything even though he was very concerned about her reaction. "Okay, here goes. Well I told you that Clyde and I met at halftime and sat at a table in a corner and talked. I asked him how in the world he could afford the best seats in the auditorium and attend every home game. Like you said, what I learned, did about blow my mind. Anyway, he told me that he and Liz had attended the first game of the season. They sat close to where I always sit up higher and across from the Thunderbird bench in the nose bleed section. During the game he thought that he saw, more than once, players on the bench point in their direction and then turn and say something to another player seated next to them. He didn't pay any attention to it and didn't say anything to Liz." Jake took another sip of wine.

Emily was paying close attention to everything her husband said and encouraged him to continue. "Go on. Tell me everything."

"Well it was after the game and just as they were about to leave the auditorium that a young, friendly trainer caught up with them and asked if he could talk with them for a minute. Both Liz and Clyde couldn't imagine what the young man wanted and thought that he must have mistaken them for another couple. But it wasn't a mistake. Anyway, he pulled them away from the exiting crowd and told them what was on his mind. He explained that the players weren't paid much money for a season. The team provided them with just a two person studio apartment. None of the players or the staff had their wives or girlfriends in town. Well you can imagine how confused both Liz an Clyde were. The trainer hadn't told them anything that most Thunderbird fans didn't already know."

"Yeah," said Emily, "even I know all of that and I've only been to two or three games with you."

"Well, Clyde went on to tell me, some of the players noticed Liz in the stands and thought she was attractive."

"He told them that?" asked Emily.

"Yeah and then a lot more. He said that the players get lonely. All of them were big deals in college and had all the pussy they could handle. I'll tell you just like he told me as best I can remember," said Jake.

"Please. Just tell me what he told you. You don't have to edit anything that he said. I want to know everything."

"The trainer just came right out with it. He told Liz and Clyde that they players wanted to get to know Liz very well for the rest of the season. It was sort of a perk for the players and something to keep them happy. He told Clyde that if they could work things out with his pretty wife he would be comped the best seats, parking and food and drinks for the entire season."

Emily didn't know how to react to what she had just been told. "So, Jake, let me get this straight. You're saying that one of the players saw Liz, liked her and wanted her to be his mistress?"

"No, that's not it at all. All of the players and the staff wanted to get to know her. Of course we know that means get to fuck her."

"How many players are there?"

"When the roster is full there are ten. Three on the coaching staff."

"That's just the most unbelievable thing I've ever heard. I don't know Liz well but I can't imagine her doing something like that. Maybe I'm assuming too much but I guess Clyde and Liz went along with the trainer's suggestion."

"They did. Clyde says it's the best thing that ever happened to them."

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