tagSci-Fi & FantasyWhite Witch Ch. 02

White Witch Ch. 02


The White Witch is the most powerful spell caster on earth, Rachael Aurora and her Apprentice will be pushed to their limits. Satyr, undead, shape shifters, Magic users, and a host of Mythological creatures will befriend her or Attack her which is friend and which is Foe. The fate of all life on the planet hangs on The White Witch finding the Green Mother's Fountain.


Back in my Palm Springs Beach house, I was training Jessica in sword play and and magic defense. We were using all surfaces of the Dojo, as we tumbled jumped and flew about the room. Jessica was not showing any creative uses of what I had shown her. Jessica Rabbit my apprentice, my brother Will, buried deep inside that Toon body. Will had been brilliant, painter, inventor, designer, zero magical talent. He then became obsessed with magic when Mom ended up in stasis, he was begging daily to be my apprentice. So I pushed a shield spell against her legs and she stumbled, "Mistress you said no offensive spells!" In hopes of sparking some of his, well her, buried talents.


"Rae Just transform me I am sure it will get me jump-started." Will had pleaded with me for every day for months . I told him the same thing each day it was only a fifty-fifty possibility. Then came the day he had said, "Tanya is going to make me her apprentice today, she said she had sure way of me becoming a magical being" I cringed, Tanya was known as the novice grinder, only one out of every ten of her apprentices ever lived more than a month and only three of the hundreds had ever become full witches. "Tell me what form it is and I will make you my apprentice." His answer had horrified me "Into the form of a Toon, I decided on Jessica Rabbit, in honor of her sacrifice. Also because I have always wanted to be a woman, and what a woman I would be."

I had been reading Will for the first time ever, He really did wish to be a woman, I wondered why I had never noticed. Just as much as he wanted to learn magic. "Will, I really do not want to lose you, but I shall do this transformation. You will be come my apprentice, but in the transformation you might be gone forever. Well the Toon you picked is a very strong character. These templates are hard to overcome most do not grow any farther than journeyman. You might forget you were ever my brother. The only thing I can be certain is that you will recognize me as your Magical Trainer." Still hard to believe my little brother had wanted to be a woman. His wanting to learn Magic I knew about. I never did more than skim his thoughts since he is family. It's much easier to stay out of peoples heads as it is easy to get overwhelmed. So he became Jessica Rabbit Apprentice to The White Witch. Her Magi power was close to what Mine was as a Novice. It was hard at first watching her be the same kind of slut most of us Novices are. The worst part was there was no flair to her magic just rote repetition. It was another reason why I disliked the use of Avatar Templates, so often they never developed past the base personality.


I laughed and kept up my attack with my katana, "Do not call me Mistress, I am a Magical Trainer. What I said was practice using your shielding magics, not 'use' just defensive magic. Magic can be used many different ways even a healing spell can be offensive, used against a zombie, vampire or even another magic user." Blades clashed and we flipped and flitted about the room blinking and pushing each other to the limit. Would have put Yoda to shame, the only thing missing the buzzing blades. Then I got a psyche-call(telepathic Link) with an emergency tag, from my EX!

Jessica took advantage of my distressed mind, she cast a shield spell in a large phallic shape stuffing my love canal. I was really surprised and aroused at the same time. Then I felt her blade at my throat. I smiled as she cycled the phallus deep inside me. I climaxed as she pinched my clit with her hand, she had dismissed my clothes. "OHHHHH YES, very nice, My apprentice has advanced." I was bedeviled, cumming so hard and wondering what the hell OWEN wanted. It was too annoying, I touched my emergency key, a Silver Goddess arm cuff, charmed with a portal to my sanctum. I sent to Jessica {Well done My student, I have to take this Emergency call from Owen.} I wondered, 'Has my Brother been able to break through the layers of the Avatar' oh how I craved that he had.

Owen that bastard, I still love him, but getting infected by a Satyr on purpose because he felt it would be good for us, OH! {This had Better Be something really BAD Owen, or I will make your existence a true hell.} Since Females got nymph-ed you figure the men would get the satyr or maybe incubus, but they got strength of the wolf, which seemed sort of strange.

Usually Owen was very hard too read, but he was so distressed I knew there was trouble, {I've seen the end of the world Rae, The Green Mothers Fountain is going to be destroyed.} Owen's talent was mostly Psionics, he was very good at Psychometry, Psychokinesis, Psychic Surgery, and sometimes a decent Precog. Though since he was infected with Satyriasis his precognitive ability has really suffered.

The Green Mother's Fountain it is what all life on the planet springs from. But the location is in the Myst, and the Myst is not easily traveled, unless you have the help of the four priestesses. As the keepers of the Myst kept it an unfathomable maze. Oh you can travel the Myst, but very few ever saw any of the treasures of the Myst. Most travel the edges to their destination, It is almost as good as teleportation, takes about 10 seconds to travel to just about any destination. Just needed to avoid exiting into the 'Void'. {That's not possible Owen, the Myst will keep anyone wanting to do Dark Magic, wandering forever.}

{That would be true if the four Priestesses of Gaea were still in the world but they have disappeared.} The priestesses of Gaea were White / North, Red / South, Blue / West, and Yellow / East. Their Crest passed at their death to one of their adherents that was the most deserving according to legend.

{That's not possible Owen, the Crest is passed upon their death to the next inline}, It hit me like a ton of bricks, I knew one that had not died, My Mother she was the Blue Priestess. {They're all in stasis, but to get Mom out of stasis could destroy The Isle of Cali, as well as the west coast of North America.}

Owen seemed to perk up, {May be at least one of the others is in a situation that might be easier to get them out of their stasis.} I pictured Mom in her cocoon of magic.

{But who are the other three, and how do we find them?} puzzled, I felt Jessica nudge in to my mind, she had six of my Martial art students with her, one in her pussy, one in her bum and two trying to stuff their cocks in her mouth as she had her hands wrapped around the last two cocks. {Tanya knows them all she kept telling me it was her destiny to be the next Red Priestess} I was amazed how she was able to send this with all she was feeling, though she sure was powered up. Goddess the thought of being like that had me to the point of spurting myself, hadn't felt like that since I was an Apprentice. I wanted to be there as well.

Owen suggested, {I would be happy to pop in and fill in for a bit.} I could feel his lecherous intentions, and I so wanted to say yes. But I still felt so betrayed by him. {I would rather do it with my students than have you here, contact Tanya, you two seem to get along okay.}

Owen asked, {Should I bring her over, after I fill her in.} I laughed as I ported back to the Dojo, Owen always seemed to make that phrase sound so dirty. {Yes going to need all the help we can get, so you can come along as well.} I was already out of my clothes and not really thinking about my ex anymore. {Oh I'll definitely cum...} I blocked the rest, all I knew was I wanted some of what my Apprentice was getting. I called out "Dan, Mark and Rainier, come fill your Sensi now." Those were the two that had been getting a hand job and the more endowed of the two at Jessica's mouth.

I felt the mirthful thoughts of my Apprentice, {Well Sis I was wondering how long you would hold out originally I got them here to all service you. The emergency sort of through a wrench into my plans.} I was stunned {SIS!, you remember I thought you were lost for ever. Oh Will I am so sorry.} Jessica's tone changed became dominant {NOT Will any more, and never be sorry. I am so happy to be your Apprentice. I guess I should stop Topping Mistress, though you look so hot with three cocks in you.} I orgasmed Jessica had done something to me, My orgasms were coming faster and harder. The climaxes were stacking and getting better then another cock was in my face and my hands were placed on the other two. {Not Mistress, I am your Magic Trainer, never a Mistress.}

"See guys told you, your Sensi is a bigger slut than me. So never a Mistress, you wish to be my Happy slut?" Jessica was going slow I could tell. The feeling of being Dominated felt so good, and I climaxed in a series of orgasms harder than ever before. I was unsure how we could continue, but I yearned to be controlled, {Yes Mistress, but how will this work Mistress?} I remembered when Will had asked me about the books I was always reading, Slave Girl of Gor, Kijara of Gor, and Dancer of Gor, I have the others as well. I had made costumes for those books, drew the tattoo on my thigh, practiced doing the things written in those books and my dear brother played Master for me. My body quivered as the chaining orgasms continued as i felt every bit of me stuffed so full two cocks trying to get down my throat. Was Jessica remembering, it would be so nice to have my Master back.

Jessica answered, "Just enjoy it my slut. No more powering up from Ley Lines for you by the way. No more panties and your skirt will be six inches shorter. As for your top I am thinking a sheer silk blouse no buttons. Have a nice treat for you as well fetish heel Ballet boots so you'll be four inches taller." My orgasms chained as Mistress had laid down the law. I was glowing as they all came on me or in me at once. I took so much power in I passed out.

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