tagInterracial LoveWhitewash High Ch. 05

Whitewash High Ch. 05


The daylight sun broke the serene dream. An orgy of fit, firm, female bodies wrapped all over the young, virile white man. Black and yellow lips sucking, licking, caressing all over his muscular, dominant physique. It was only half a dream though as two of the women have already done the duty on multiple times. The third girl? Despite the crazy act, Nik was caught up dreaming about the Asian gym owner, literally.

It was the first day of classes that came and hit the teacher like a blunt hammer. Of course hammers are blunt but it is the openness of what Michelle, Valerie and even the other black staff warned him about. He was the enemy, a white face in a sea of blackness. The only person who stood out through race was a lighter-skinned Goth girl who had to be mixed race. Everyone else looked like a normal mix of high school students: cheerleaders and jocks, nerds and otakus, fat and thin. The same could be said about their ability to listen to authority.

"Good morning class. I'm your new history teacher, Mr. Knight. I'm sure we'll all have a fun year if we do our best."

It was a corny opener but he figured it was best to go with corny than crack the whip at the start. Learn the lay of the land first before sending in the heavy guns.

"What kind of history are you going to teach us, Mistah Cracka-man," the Goth girl said in a mocking tone. "How your mom gets ganged by black guys for free?"

It was a rough crowd but Nik kept his composure. Everyone laughed at the racial remark, as well as the jocks high fiving the comment.

"This country's history is what I'll be teaching you. And if you're going to talk shit like that, your mom must have lots of experience in that capacity as well," he replied sternly, staring down the girl.

She didn't waver, staring right back for a solid moment without a reply. First day, first class, first minute, and Nik was in a psychological battle with a student. Neither broke eye contact until someone else throwing a paper ball called Nik's attention away, a draw to start the battle over control of the classroom.

The following class was no better, or the third, leaving Nik in an exhausted state leading into lunch. Walking into the staff room, a once vigorous body plopped on an open chair in embarrassment.

"Rough day, huh?" one of the teachers said.

"Yeah, should have expected it but it was worse than I thought."

"Any fights break out? Someone pull a knife?" Mrs. Latrell asked.

"Nope, just a lot of noise, a lot of ignoring, and a lot of cracker...sorry, cracka comments."

"Last year the new guy had to handle two students shiving another. Gang stuff. It's a good first day for you so far. I told you the other day, Mr. Knight, if you can get them to find London on a map it is a victory."

Nik shrugged as he opened up his lunch. Valerie had prepared it for him as a combination apology for not being around during the week, and romantic gesture for her man. It might have only been a simple sandwich but it was the thought that counted.

"You know, there is a betting pool on you," Mr. Léger said. "The most optimistic gives you two weeks."

"And the most pessimistic?" Nik asked before taking a bite.

"End of today...not looking good so far is it?"

The comment stung. Yes, the morning was hard, but he was not going to turn and run. This betting pool only hardened his resolve.

"Not going to happen. I'll survive that pool."

"We heard it all before," he said, shrugging.

Michelle walked in, heels clicking, and took her seat next to Nik.

"My, Mr. Knight, you look beat. First day that hard for you?"

Before he could answer, Mr. Léger interrupted. "Now if you looked like Mrs. Jackson here, maybe you'd be able to handle the year easier...or you might end up like the teacher from years ago."

"Huh? Way too much info at one time. What happened two years ago?" Nik asked in shock.

"One of the female teachers became the school bicycle if you get my drift. Shame, really. We don't get a lot of young, black female teachers. Guess the temptation was too much for her."

"Am I sitting here looking like an old hag," Michelle commented with a huff.

"You're married, but don't forget for a moment the boys don't look at you," Mr. Léger replied. Picking up his garbage, the man walked off. "For the record, I've got you at a week before bolting."

The lunch went by quickly, too quickly, as Nik had to bow out early to go change. The afternoons were all gym periods. At the very least this should have been an easier time, and it was for about five minutes. The teacher figured an easy game of basketball would make the class go by smoothly, flatten out the wrinkles from earlier as some of the same students in his history class were also in his gym class.

What he got was a trip to the emergency room. A bad block by a member of the basketball team led to another student getting a smack to the face. In turn a scuffle broke out, a knife was drawn out of nowhere, and Nik now had a long gash on his stomach from trying to disarm the student. After the cops arrived...they were on speed dial...he was in the back of an ambulance to the nearest hospital.


"Great first day...I've got a new nickname and I've been stabbed...guess Mrs. Latrell was an hour early in her belief it'd be a good day..." Nik commented to himself in the hospital examination room.

If there was a perk of getting stabbed it was his rep went up. He could see the looks on some of the student's faces that he was not just some showpiece, some affirmative-action hire. Despite the wound, the student was subdued single handedly and held down until the cops showed up. This was the jungle, the law of the jungle, and this crazy situation made a point of who was going to be the new king.

Another benefit was seeing the look of concern on the faces of Michelle and Valerie. The other teachers poked their heads out in an act of boredom as this was not a rare situation. But he could see his two bitches wanted to say something more than a standard 'are you okay'.

"I want to be with you right now, Massa," Michelle sent with a teary emoticon.

"I knew you were a bull, taking care of that thug so easily," Valerie posted with a wink.

This was all in a group chat room Michelle setup for them right after the incident.

"How would you enjoy two hot nurses taking care of your wounds, hero?" Michelle teased him.

"I'd enjoy it very much if you two were the nurses. How is everything at school?"

"Valerie is stuck in a meeting with the cops, and all the students were sent home early out of procedure. It happens a lot, Massa. You'll have a meeting with them as well when you're done at the hospital."

"I'm lucky I didn't get stabbed fully. He was stronger than he looked and flailed that knife around like a machete."

"You're the school's white knight, saving all those students. They better be grateful. I know if I was 18 again, I'd show you how thankful I'd be."

As Nik texted away, the doctor finally arrived for the examination.

"Got to go, babe. Doctor arrived."

She was gorgeous. The long, white doctor's jacket floated over the biggest rack he saw. Brown skin teased the contrast of colors, and a pair of slender glasses gave off a sultry vixen mystique. It was obvious the woman was of Indian decent, especially the moment she talked. The accent just drove the virile man wild.

"Mr. Knight is it?" she asked, smiling politely.

Sitting down next to him on the chair, legs crossed to show off a bare thigh, male biology took over as a tent began to form in Nik's pants.

"That's me, Dr...Dr?"

"Rai. I'm going to need you to take your shirt off to examine that wound. It doesn't look that bad for a tough guy like you but it'll take some stiches, and we need to worry about possible infection."

Nik did as he was told, slowly taking the shirt off and being careful not to brush the wound. Touching it hurt, and he didn't feel like experiencing anymore pain. The young teacher didn't see it but Dr. Rai was licking her lips at the sight of chiseled abs being shown off. Her pussy lips couldn't help get wet at the thought of working her healing touch on someone worth her time.

"So you work at the local high school?" she asked, trying to act professional.

"Yeah, first day too. Hoping it is not a trend."

"Oh? Call me lucky then. I was about to go off my shift and head home when I got the call to come see you. I don't tend to see many patients like you."

The Indian doctor's English was highly accented. She obviously had come over off the plane from India. Compassionate hands worked on cleaning the wound gently, while also allowing her the opportunity to run curious fingers over his stomach. This was a moment that made her happy to be a doctor. So many patients were fat, out-of-shape, normal, but now she got to work on an Adonis.

Dr. Rai had a kinky fantasy, one that involved her being the personal healer to a world class soldier. Combining a needy cunt that wanted to milk the man dry and her medical skills to keep him healed at full efficiency, what sexual woman wouldn't want a job like that?

"A little something for the pain," she said, winking playfully.

Next, she took out a staple gun. When Nik raised his arm to give her better room, those firm muscles moved around and put on a show for the hot doctor.

"You must work out a lot to have a body like this?"

"I try to go often but sometimes life tries and keeps me away...like this."


"Well, it's making my job quiet enjoyable right now," she flirted.


"Seeing someone?" she continued



"It is a bit complicated to explain."

Dr. Rai got bolder, letting her free hand drop to his quad muscle to hold on for support. A large amount of cleavage was amply showing itself off, looking so delicious and squeezable. They were like udders, begging to be sucked for delicious milk. Nik immediately stared down the glorious abyss and started popping a bigger hard on.

"I always have this effect on a lot of my patients, but you're the only one to reciprocate the feeling," she commented and pointed down.

Her crotch was wet, so wet it bled through her tight skirt. Teasing the hot, white stud she lifted the skirt up slowly, wanting to make him hurt in a good way. The pants looked too tight for the python growing quickly.

"I'd be a bad doctor if I didn't take care of all your pain."

Putting down the staple gun, Dr. Rai snuggled up to Nik on the table. A finger ran over the bulge, tormenting it like a rat in a cage. Nik tried to reciprocate the affection but got a playful slap on his hand.

"No, I'm still on duty, stud. I can't let anyone know what I'm about to do."

The zipper came down slowly. A hand slithered inside to get more intimate with the white python, teasing it through the underwear now. Nik did as he was told; only keeping an arm around her waist to help support the ravishing doctor.

"This cock is so huge. Your girlfriend must worship you like a god."

Soft cheeks caressed the man's face. No kisses were produced but the eroticism just kept making the man grow bigger. The forbidden, taboo place helped tremendously. By the time Dr. Rai pulled out his massive piece of fuckmeat it was hard as a rock and ready to blow.

She still used only one hand. Slow, soft strokes slid from base to tip. Fingers sailed along the skin, caressing it, worshiping it, pampering it. It was a new sensation. Nik was always used to being in control, having to be in control. All the girls he was ever with, before this increasing harem, couldn't seduce an incubus. He had to do all the work, all the advances, all the moves. But this woman showed a long forgotten feminine art.

He wanted so badly to kiss her, to touch her, to fuck her, but every time lips shot forward to sneak a kiss she smiled as she pulled away just enough to escape the touch. It was a calculated escape, one meant to continue the erotic flirtation, the hope, rather than stop the person cold. Every time she escaped by a centimeter she'd always lean back in, an erotic game of cat and mouse.

"You're going to cum for me big boy? Going to splatter all your seed into my hand like a naughty boy?" she whispered into his ear.

"Fuck, this feel so good. I'm going to blow so soon."

"Gush in my hand. Show me what your girlfriend gets to eat every day. I could always use another shot of protein to keep me strong for when I save lives."

Finally the naughty doctor gave me a kiss. Their lips met, fireworks exploded, and a hydrant of cum exploded into her hand. She cupped it in a way to keep a lot of the sperm safe, but there was so much some still found a way to pour onto the floor, leaking through thin fingers. The kiss was simple, soft, tender, and only for a second. It was the ultimate slow burn of eroticism. The shudder from cumming left Nik dazed but euphoric, as if he were high on drugs.

With a calm, cool demeanor, Dr. Rai licked the sperm from her hand as if she were a cat, never breaking eye contact with the white hunk she just jerked off in the examination room. A long tongue stuck out to slurp up the delicious seed, and it took all her willpower to not push him over and ride him dry like white studs should be rode.

"Don't do anything very strenuous and that wound will heal in a week. I'll book a follow-up appointment to make sure it is healed completely." She took a card from her jacket and handed it to Nik. Her cell number was on it. "I'll make it a private session so I can give you a physical as well, big guy."

On the drive back home, Nik was smiling like the proverbial cat that ate the canary. Two black bitches were at home deeply in love with him, an Asian sensation that was one street away from being a stalker, and now a hot, doctor of Kama Sutra. A knife wound was more than ample compensation to the cosmos for hitting the royal flush.


Thanks to school ending early because of the knifing incident, Michelle took the opportunity to drive across town to grab some personal belongings for her work apartment. The lusty vixen wanted to take good care of her man tonight, dote on him like a faithful wife. Thoughts of what to wear, what to cook, what to watch or do were thought up, discarded, rethought and so on. It felt good to Michelle. With her husband, none of this thought was put into anything. It was all going through the motions. She honestly hoped whatever she eventually decided to do would make Nik happy, and would make her sad if he was disappointed.

The moment she opened the door voices pierced her ear drum. The sounds of moans and groans came from the upstairs bedroom. She thought it was some tramp he brought home to get his jollies with, not that she cared, but then something about the voices peaked her curiosity.

"Your ass is too loose. Have you been cheating on me?" the masculine voice said through powerful grunts. "Or have you been using your toys too much since I've been away on business?"

Each step closer to the pornographic sounds helped clue her into what was actually going on. Camera out, and with as much stealth as her powerful frame would allow, Michelle slowly opened the door to the bedroom to peek inside and record the festivities.

"You better not be cheating on me, boy, or I'll keep my fat cock away from you for a week. I know you'll be hurting like a drug addict for my white cock."

Both of their backs were turned to the door but it was obvious what was happening. Michelle's husband was taking it from behind, hard, from a giant white cock that would put porn stars to shame. She did not know who the guy was but he had that stereotypical swimmer body a lot of gay men have in the movie biz.

The camera recorded everything. Every slur, every moan, every call out to pound his twink ass harder, was caught in HD. Just like a ninja she escaped from the carnal scene, making a beeline to her car to get away without hubby finding out she knew.

Michelle didn't care her husband was gay. It was actually a relief to her. Their marriage was a sham, and even though she cheated constantly it'd have still hurt her female pride if he had done the same. How could she be mad when he wasn't even sexually attracted to women?

Nik questioned why the two of them never did it, ever. All she could say was a marriage of convenience, a financial benefit to both parties. But this was not Europe circa 1150. This was not a political alliance between countries. It all made sense now, even the moments when she clearly knew he heard her racially provocative pornos. How could he get mad at her when he enjoyed the same treatment? Why would he want to fuck her when he was gay?

But cheating came with risks. Michelle became used to the posh life her husband provided, all at the cost of playing an escort once or twice a month. If he knew, or cared, about her exploits then it'd be an easy divorce and she'd have to get used to a teacher's salary. Looking at the couple minutes of footage again, lips pursed in happiness. He now had more to lose than her if this became known to his bosses.

Laughter filled the car before the engine restarted. Driving off, her original plans now changed, thoughts of celebrating came to the forefront. The car drove straight to an expensive restaurant, one that Nik said he always wanted to try, and flashed the platinum card. Two birds with one stone. A fabulous meal to help cheer up her Massa, and a celebration of her long-term financial security. It was going to be a great night after a worrisome day.

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