tagInterracial LoveWhitewash High Ch. 17

Whitewash High Ch. 17


It had been a couple days since Suzy's brutal beating. Nik tried to keep his mind off of it. Work and grading assignments didn't help. Gale was too close to the situation to talk to. Valerie and Michelle wanted Nik to distance himself from the entire affair. He called Maya, needing to see her, needing help to relieve feeling helpless and keep focused on more positive situations.

That phone call was an hour ago, and now Nik sat in the large, lavish bedroom of Dr. Rai's house. The building was located on the outskirts of the city, far away from the grime of the inner city hospital she worked at. The bed was bigger than a king size, almost like an elevated floor with sheets and pillows on top. Candles were lit around the room, and the faint smell of cinnamon filled the air.

Without a word, Maya walked out of the private bathroom in a purple and red traditional saree. It flowed around her frame majestically, especially when she walked seductively, shaking her hips with every step. It was like the overworked, overstressed doctor transformed herself into Indian royalty.

Before he arrived, she challenged him to a small contest of will. If he couldn't last five minutes of teasing without jizzing her clothing, he could have his way with her body without a single complaint or powerplay. So Nik sat on the bed, naked, with his muscles shining in the faint candlelight.

Maya sat on Nik's lap on her bed. She ground her hips lustfully, pushing her clothed pussy all over his huge bulge. She wanted to tease his cock, to get his blood pumping so much that all he would think about is letting loose and using her holes to get relief, physically and mentally. He'd lose the bet, but she doubt she'd care while being fucked senseless by him.

Both of her hands rubbed his naked chest. They caressed slowly, passionately, molding into his chiseled chest. The moment he tried to speak, she immediately put a finger to his lips.

"Just enjoy, Rajah. Your time will come. Just enjoy your colonial doctor do her duty as a proper Indian woman," she told him.

Maya teased her Rajah by slipping her finger into his mouth, juxtaposing their roles. The entire time her hips worked their magic, grinding into his crotch. The cock's foreskin rubbed back and forth against the soft material of the saree. She wanted to make sure her Rajah was properly respected by submitting to him officially, like any colonial woman should to their white, imperial superior.

Although not sporting the cut, fitness model look like Gale or Valerie, her brown body still held its own against the rest of the population. A lot of yoga helped keep her agile and flexible, showing off a few naughty tricks. Still grinding, she raised one leg straight up in the air perfectly, letting it bend at the knee to rest over his shoulder.

"How does it feel to have your Punjabi bitch do all the work, Rajah? You like it when I tease and torment you? The other girls just take it all from you, don't they? But I've got you wrapped around my finger, pushing your buttons differently. So tell me, are you going to cum for me, Rajah? Or can you hold out for five more minutes to ruin my holes?"

Without standing up, she turned around on his lap, letting her ass twist over the thick, pulsating shaft. Slowly, she hotdogged herself on it, letting the entire length slide through her covered ass.

"Are you going to treat me the same as Gale or Valerie or Michelle? Who is your favorite, Rajah? What home cooking is your favorite? Chicken, curry or rice? Or maybe you're waiting to fuck all four of us in the same night?"

The entire time she talked dirty to Nik, she smiled and bit her lip sensually. It was fun teasing him, and even more exciting he didn't let his ego pop from letting the woman do some of the heavy lifting. Her pussy leaked so much. She knew he'd last the next four minutes. Secretly, she watched some of his films. Part of her got jealous of the girls he fucked on screen, but another part couldn't help but be proud she had this white stud pounding her womb for pleasure, instead of business.

"I'm a proud woman, Rajah, but when you fucked me in that park, I couldn't stop thinking about being used again. It made my pussy quake. Maybe I'm an exhibitionist? You can tell me in three minutes when the timer goes off. What kind of dirty, naughty, nasty things are you going to say to me?" she asked, twisting back around so her bent legs rested on the bed beside him.

Leaning in, she tongued his ear, ran smooth fingers through his hair, and moaned deeply. Nik sat there and took it all. It was her simple request. Last a set amount of time without saying a word or making a move. If not for his pornstar past, he'd have popped quickly, she was so sure of her abilities. Rai hit his kinks, pushed his buttons, and did her best to make him cum all over her dress.

"Two minutes, Rajah. You've got four women to worship you in a private harem. How many more are you going to add? One? Two? Twenty? What is going to happen when you have more girls than hours in the day? Will you give us a schedule to lez out with each other? I bet you know a trick or two from your pornstar days to satisfy all of us. I'm a simple Indian woman, Rajah. I need your imperial cock in my colonial holes. I'll tell you a special secret, Rajah. I'm sterile, sadly. So you can cum in me as many times as you want without fear of getting me pregnant. You can dump a galleon of cum in my womb and plug me up for a week and no naan will be cooking in my oven."

An alarm went off from a phone on the bed. Dr. Rai leaned over and turned it off.

"Looks like my time is up," she smiled, putting a finger to his lips.

Nik immediately sucked on the finger. Lips trailed up the long digit, along the arm and to her awaiting neck. He bit into her brown skin like a vampire thirsting for a meal out of torpor.

"Shit, that feels too good, Rajah," Rai moaned out, wrapping her arms around his broad, muscular shoulders.

Nik stood up, casually carrying the horny doctor in his strong arms. Just as quickly, he twisted around and slammed her down onto the bed, mounting her.

"I'm going to call you my colonial whore, Maya," he told her, staring into the woman's longing eyes. "I'm going to use your brown body like a Hindu fucksleeve. We're going to write a new edition of the Kama Sutra. And the entire time you're going to be the naughty bitch you've been power bottoming me as."

His experienced hands rubbed her large bust through the silky dress. They groped and molested the brown woman's body, putting her on notice that anything she did would be reciprocated doubly.

"You and Valerie can have fun trying to see who is the Domme of the group. Gale doesn't care as long as she can eat my ass without restraint, and Michelle is a good house Negress who does what she is told without complaint. I want to fuck you with Valerie one of these nights, and watch the fireworks explode at who is more dominant. You two bitches play your power games with each other, but I know when I slap my cock against your faces, those lips open up naturally to do what you were born for."

Dr. Rai was about to say something but Nik put a finger to her lips, and then slide the finger inside her mouth to suck on it. His other hand slipped inside the dress, pushing two fingers into a broken dam pussy.

"You're a wet bitch. You're running like the Bramaputra. You can be a good bitch and moan for me as I finger you. Don't be shy. I'm just getting your pussy ready before I slam my cock inside you. Since you told me you're barren, I'll have to colonize your womb daily so you never forget who your Rajah is," he whispered in her ear.

Maya bucked her hips against his invading fingers. Nik still didn't unwrap his package, choosing to finger her still fully clothed.

"You might be thinking, Maya, why haven't I ripped your clothing off like a man possessed? The answer is simple. I'm going to glaze you white while you wear it. I'm going to fuck all three of your holes, make you gag and spit up on yourself, and take a picture for posterity to show the other girls what a proper, whitewashed bitch you are. Nakedness is boring. Seeing you defiled from my handiwork in your traditional clothing will get me hard in an instant to do it again. All that will be missing is the other girls to embrace you as one of them officially. I'm sure Gale will be eager to force fuck your face over my cock, and spit in your eye socket to break you in properly when that night first comes."

Nik didn't hold back this time. Unlike in the hospital, the diner bathroom, or the park, he went total 'Rajah' on her. He let the Punjabi doctor have fun being the aggressor, and truth be told he enjoys a woman with an aggressive streak. But now was the proper time to put Dr. Rai into her proper place.

The doctor tried to speak again, but Nik shoved a second finger down her throat. He used it like he would on Gale, testing and probing her deepthroating skill. She gagged, and began to cry. A long tear streaked down smooth, brown skin, and ruined her makeup.

"That's a good bitch. You want it this rough, don't you? You want to be used like a cheap whore opening her legs up on the streets of Calcutta for a white administrator."

The last sentence wasn't a question but a statement.

"Gag for me Maya. I'm going to push your buttons to the breaking point. I want to learn your kinks, needs and desires as a proper Rajah should."

Despite the harsh speech, he smiled brightly. Maybe Maya was as depraved and nasty as Gale, or maybe she was on the other spectrum and needed a softer touch. Either way, he was in control and would find out. She didn't object, push him away, or give any other sign of disapproval or distress. Experienced eyes watched for them, knowing when to stop immediately if he pushed into a no-go area.

But Maya smiled during the abuse, or tried to smile from having her throat fucked by two fingers. Her eyes watered uncontrollably, inexperienced in the rough oral treatment. She made a mental note to get more private time with Nik to show her the ropes. For now, she accepted her role from the deal to take the reciprocation in stride. Although, a dirty thought flashed in her head to grind her moist pussy in his face next time they made a bet.

"Fuck, Maya, my cock is so hard right now. I might pop inside your Punjabi cunt after a few strokes. It took all my will to not bust all over your body as you slid that fine ass along my ivory shaft."

Nik stopped finger fucking her face and flipped the Punjabi doctor onto her stomach. Tits smooshed onto the bed, she could feel him tug the saree up to get at her ass. It bunched up, and wasn't exactly a stylish look, but the sudden pain of his cock gaping open her butthole ended that line of thinking.

"FUCK!" she yelled out.

Fingers grabbed onto her long hair, ten of them, and yanked her back to display those impressive yoga skills. Her hair strained painfully from the pulling, but her ass took the hardest pounding, literally and metaphorically. He knew he couldn't fit every inch inside the woman's ass, but he gave it every shot. Copious amounts of spit oozed into the gaping hole, helping the fat organ glide and slide in without a problem.

"You're going to sleep in this whore dress, Maya. I'm going to cum in and on you, so you can feel my seed lather your skin like beauty cream as you sleep. You want to tease me like a dirty bitch, I'll make you finally feel like one."

Maya grunted in pleasure, her ass finally feeling good. Fingers dug into the sheets, and she could feel her asshole full of goo. The squelching sound echoed in the bedroom. It made everything lewdly. After a couple minutes, Nik pulled out and knelt down by her face. She didn't need to be told, her instinct kicked in and an inviting tongue rolled out. Still holding her hair, he gladly face fucked her for real. Maya gargled, choked, gagged, all those lovely, nasty sounds as spit slopped onto the bed and her dress.

This wasn't a romantic blowjob, or even a kinky, light-hearted deepthroating. This was a brutal, domineering facefucking to give the colonial doctor the kind of whitewashing of her dreams. If she wasn't so willing, it'd be like a horny soldier raping one of the locals after a night on the town. He paid zero care to her pleasure, using that sloppy mouth as a sleeve to masturbate into.

Each grunt animalistic, and each yank of the hair made his muscles pop out. Without warning he shot a galleon of jizz down her throat, but kept on thrusting. It only caused more choking and coughing, until the good doctor hacked the sperm up onto her ruined saree. Eyes watered and red, fingers rubbing her face, Maya tried to keep her composure once Nik pulled out.

"Fuck, Rajah...I don't know if I can keep this up," she admitted, gasping for air. "How do the others handle it?"

"Gale puts on a smile, Michelle goes ahegao, and Valerie spits in my face until I take the spit and shove it down her throat. All varied."

"Gale is a loon, and Valerie must be brave to think you won't slap her back."

Nik sat down next to Maya, groping her tits through the ruined, damp, cum stained saree.

"Sometimes I do, and it only makes her purr more."

Maya coughed up more spunk, choosing to drool it out onto her lap. She followed Nik's orders. The saree did not come cheap, and she didn't think it'd be easy to wash it all out, if he even allowed her to. She had a suspicion he wanted the dress kept ruined, to wear later and instantly feel colonized. Thinking about it sent a shiver down her spine, and moistened her pussy.

"So, Rajah, are you finished? Or are you going to keep on fucking me, my Imperial savior? Which wife am I? The first of the house? Or do I have the dishonor of being the last?" she playfully pouted.

"Polygamy is illegal. I can call you a wife in spirit. Living with four beautiful women is not against the law though."

"Don't ruin the fun, Rajah, by bringing realism into this. Go with the flow."

Out of instinct, she stroked off his slimy cock. Even after cumming, the flaccid shaft was still so thick and long. It oozed vitality and strength. Her medical brain fantasised she'd give birth to a strong, dominant child if she had the ability to get pregnant. No doubt the others would have to make up for her one failing. Although, a child between Nik and Gale concerned Maya, wondering how burnt of a mother Gale would be.

Dr. Rai gasped, startled, as Nik pushed her over. Looking up at the ceiling, she winced as he entered her cunt again. Biting her lip, she could feel his strong hands on her hips as he thrust away inside her, long into the night.


Amanda walked out of the dirty porno shop on wobbly legs. Her face streaked mascara and sperm. Another expensive suit looked like it cleaned up a porno set of sperm from the floor. Fake glasses sat on her face, broken. But the black lawyer smiled, getting into her expensive sports car.

"So much cracker cock tonight. You're more popular than ever. They can't help but love a sexy sistah like you," she told herself in the rear view mirror. "I've got so much of it in my pussy. It's going to be dripping out of me for days. Good thing you got used to the plug, girlfriend, or else Mr. Killjoy might wonder why the bedding is wet. Not like he'd notice anyways. You know what you need to do? Bring some crackers home. That would be so dangerous. Rent a bus and bring a load of them over to fuck you senseless. Shit, this is making me wet again," she lamented, rubbing her sore pussy.

"Fuck, what now?" she cursed, hearing the car cell ring. "Yeah? I'm kinda busy right now."

"Too busy to be doing your job?" Jerome asked

"I already did my job, dear husband. I've been your errand girl all week. I'm trying to enjoy my vanilla shake in peace."

"I need you to go to the jail again now. Our special client needs another errand delivered. Pick up the package at his safe house."

"Again? I don't want to have anything to do with that nigger. Him breathing near my car devalues it."

"I'm not asking, I'm telling, Amanda. I'll see you at the office later."

"Love you too, dear husband...asshole," she cursed at the dial tone. "Amanda go fetch this, Amanda go file that. I'm an accomplished trial lawyer. I should break out on my own. Be my own woman. I don't need him to tell me what to do."

Amanda saw a couple white men walk out of the porno shop. They didn't see her, but she could see the magazines they held. White is Right Productions. Being a proud black woman, just thinking the name made her sick. But it also made her pussy tingle. Even when Jerome cared about sex in the past, it didn't come close to the same loving feeling she felt in the gloryhole. All those white boys pawing at her, it made a woman feel special.

"Nothing in the rules about me doing some side work," she mused, licking her lips.


Gale racked the weight. Valerie shook her head, annoyed.

"I told you I could lift it. Chink one, nigger zero," she teased Valerie.

"I'm still stronger than you," Valerie shot back.

"Well duh. You're taller. You've got more muscle stretched along those bones. And you weigh more than me."

Gale and Valerie stared each other down. The tension could be cut with a knife, and then electrocute you from all the electricity. They fronted off, tit to tit. Unlike other gyms, Gale's already had the street rep that the owner was a certified wacko. None of the other patrons paid any attention, even though Gale had on a gym outfit that could be considered scandalous. Her sports bra was a White is Right Productions special, with logo and cover girls. Matching shorts had 'White Owned' and an arrow pointing down towards the crotch area, printed on both sides.

Valerie didn't care because unknown to Gale, she had a similar outfit at home, she kept privately for around the house. Still, Valerie did wonder how Gale kept the lights on and make a profit. Even the hint of racism killed a business, yet she remained afloat and affluent. Maybe there were still active connections with the story Nik told her before?

"So, Valley, you going to compete? I need some competition. It is getting boring winning everything," Gale bragged, adjusting her bra.

"You want me to put you in your place?"

"You could never do that, but I need a rival outside my weight class. I'm perfection, didn't you read the awards?"

"Yes, Gale, it is impressive you got perfect tens in a competition," Valerie huffed, annoyed.

"Try five in a row."

"Pride comes before the fall, Gale," Valerie warned. "Don't complain when I win my division."

"No, not at all. I won't complain a second. What I will do is kneel before Daddy, trophy in hand and tongue out, ready to accept his reward. Don't you want to make him proud of you too? Be real nigger breeding stock for him?" Gale teased, running a finger across Valerie's large tits.

"For a moment, I thought you were romantic and not demented. I'll compete, and I'll win. Massa will reward me his own way. You couldn't hope to milk him dry enough to not get it up for my perfect body," Valerie said, confidently.

Gale smirked, then went over to grab a set of weights.

"We'll see, nigger. Daddy will have two trophies on his mantle."

Valerie smiled. Despite Gale's attitude towards her, they shared the same common love. In her own way, she thought Gale was warming up to her as a friendly rival to share Nik instead of a cold enemy keep away.

Valerie grabbed a different set of weights and mimicked Gale's movements.

"Perfection," Val said.

"Perfection," Gale replied.


Nik woke up the next morning, tired and exhausted. He lost count the number hours he fucked Maya. The ruined saree laid out on the bedroom floor, and the sound of a shower running hummed in the background. Standing up, nude, he looked out the window to stare at the sunrise.

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