tagInterracial LoveWhitewash League Ch. 01

Whitewash League Ch. 01


Author's Note: The characters of Wonder Negress, Oreo Girl, and The Massa were first introduced in the story Whitewash High Ch. 8 as cosplay characters. Ebony Angel makes her 'superheroine' debut here but her secret identity will debut in a future chapter of Whitewash High. This series reimagines them as actual heroes and villains in a depraved superhero world.


High above the skies of Ebony City, our two intrepid heroines patrolled for evil doers. In gleaming costumes that barely restrained their impressive physiques, white hair as pure as the driven snow, and white lipstick to contrast with their ebony skin, they looked the part of dutiful protectors of the city.

Today was a special day. The greatest supervillain the city ever saw, The Massa, was being released on good behavior. Both heroines were on high alert for his evil, wicked ways, as open sexuality was at the lowest point in months.

"I heard the judge presiding over the case was a black woman," Wonder Negress said, flying through the air like a jet.

"Typical, couldn't keep her legs closed," Oreo Girl commented.

"You're one to talk. How long were you sucking him off in the dirty alleyway before I showed up?"

"I wasn't sucking off his magnificent cock...I was searching for deadly weapons...alright, I was sucking him off. But don't you go playing miss goody too-shoes with me. You've been counting the days since his release."

"Can't deny that. I hope we catch him before he causes too much trouble. Too many rookies on the team now. They won't be able to handle all of him alone."

"You're a slut, you know that, right?"

"Please, I have standards. Only the thickest, whitest cock for me. The Massa has the biggest."

"Why do we always have to lock him up?" Oreo Girl asked.

"Cause he can't stop raping all the other Negresses on the streets. He bred a dozen girls before we were able to quench his thirst the last time."

"I know that. I mean why do we keep releasing him?"

"Ask the judge. He always finds a way to get off."

Both women flew through the skies, waiting for a call from their HQ about any disturbance in the city. They couldn't just show up at the prison and tail him. It'd be considered harassment. He did his time and was a free man. There was also the problem of all his pheromones. One sniff made a normal black girl weak in the knees, begging to suck him off until their skin was painted white. The superheroines had a higher resistance to them but even they would succumb overtime when in his glorious presence.

It took a combined effort from the pair to quench his lust, fucking him in a dirty alleyway for twenty-four straight hours. The coverage was fed live on Ebony City TV. Both girls got a medal and keys to the city for their heroic bravery at stopping the brutish white villain. But all the cum they ingested left a deep yearning inside their body for more.


"Dammit, they didn't put cream in my coffee again," the young girl said.

Eighteen and fresh out of superheroine school, the Ebony Angel sighed and whimpered at not getting the perfect morning coffee for her first day as an official superheroine.

"I bet they don't fuck up Wonder Negress' coffee," she pouted, walking off down the street.

Her ruby spandex costume was tight against her lithe, schoolgirl frame. Long, chocolate legs were left bare. Hair still in pigtails, and a simple bandana mask over her eyes, she looked more like a Japanese hentai star than a superheroine. It was the costume provided for her, and she was determined to show her worth even if it left nothing to the imagination.

Suddenly, the special wristwatch she wore began to buzz.

"Ebony Angel here."

"We have reports of The Massa in your area. Reports indicate he is breeding again. Locate and observe him until Wonder Negress and Oreo Girl can arrive to subdue him. Do not, I repeat, do not attempt to apprehend him yourself."

The message ended with a 3D image popping up to display his reported whereabouts.

"Alright! First day to be a hero!" she yelled out. "I'll show how good I can be. Who needs Wonder Negress and Oreo Girl when the Ebony Angel is on the scene?!"

With a hop, skip and a jump, she was off flying through the sky towards the destination. Within minutes, the young girl found the location. Her eyes were directed towards the mass of people gathered along the mouth of an alleyway. Screams of passion echoed in the air, filling up the young heroine's head with lewd words.

Gracefully touching down, she observed the carnal scene before her. A half-dozen black women were left unconscious on the dirty streets, cum leaking out of their pussy and ass. One of them spasmed from the shock of being bred. The man was bent over, pushing another woman against the building's brick wall. The sound of balls smacking skin filled the air, creating an erotic crescendo with the woman's pants of lust and his primal grunts of dominance.

"Unhand that woman, evil doer!" the young superheroine said in a perky tone. "Your raping and breeding days are over with."

The white man was a bestial creature. Ripped muscles covered a bulky, wide frame. Not a single blemish adorned pure ivory skin. It looked like he bathed in milk with how creamy the skin glistened from the exertions of sex. And the cock between his legs was like a tree trunk. Ebony Angel did not know how it fit within the girl without doing permanent damage.

"I said unhand her," she screamed, dashing forward to throw a hard punch at the supervillain.


The fist that connected wasn't Ebony's but the Massa's. She flew through the air, ricocheted off the side of the building and bounced into the crowd. Boos and jeers erupted, mocking the girl's debut performance.

"No fair," she groaned. "You're supposed to come quietly..."

The girl picked herself up off the street in time to hear the woman scream in unearthly pleasure. Sperm gushed out of her cunt, pooling on the ground. A sweet aroma filled the immediate surroundings. It smelled like roses to Ebony.

"Dammit, why am I getting wet," she said in despair. "I won't let this beast defeat me."

Walking forward, hips swaying, the rookie got within punching distance of the Massa. Being closer made the smell stronger, emanating from the man's cock fluids.

"Your raping days are done, villain!" she said again like a comic book hero.


This time she never got to throw a punch before her body hit the wall. A strong hand squeezed her throat, and the massive cock rubbed up against her flat stomach.

"Okay, okay you win. Just let me go, okay? I'm new. It's my first day. Please?" she tried to beg like a spoiled kid caught doing something naughty.

Sperm traced along the spandex uniform, seeping through the material to be absorbed by her skin.

"Shit, what kind of crazy cum do you have? They never told me about you in heroine school. Crackers are not supposed to be this tough," she squealed in dismay. "Why is my body so hot? Dammit, what did you do to me, monster?"

The Massa didn't reply with words but with actions. Holding the girl's arms above her head with one hand, and lifting her ass with the other, he speared her virgin pussy against the brick wall.


The entire ivory shaft couldn't fit inside the heroine's virgin cunt. She was too short, making her canal a lot smaller than Wonder Negress' or Oreo Girl's. Still, The Massa made do.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" the heroine kept saying like a broken record.

All the precum infected her brain, melting her ability to fight back against the powerful man. Thoughts of fucking and servicing the superior being infiltrated and reprogrammed all the academy conditioning.

"Didn't we tell everyone not to apprehend him alone?" Oreo Girl said, looking down on the pornographic scene.

"Yep..." Wonder Negress replied.

"You're seriously fingering yourself at a moment like this?"

"I've got to get myself ready. Do you know how sore I got the last time without warming up? I was still a virgin when he first bred me. Besides, you're one to talk with three fingers in your snatch right now."

"Fine, we'll let the girl be cannon fodder. One less load now will make him easier to wear out later. Serves the girl right for not being a team player."

The two primo heroines looked on lustfully as their protégé got fucked senseless. Tongue hanging out, drooling all over herself, panting like a bitch in heat, the Ebony Angel was getting the whitewashing they were all warned about in superheroine academy.

"More...More...More..." she spoke.

Every thought in her brain turned to sex, to breeding, to getting her womb and eggs fertilized by the white man's superior sperm. Her flat belly needed to be bloated with a white baby. The girl got her kinky wish as a flood of delicious sperm splattered against her greedy womb walls. Just like the women before her, a primal, unearthly moan pierced the sound barrier before she was dropped on the dirty ground in a spasming, orgasming mess.

"Remember when we were that young and stupid?" Oreo Girl asked.

"Wasn't that long ago, actually."

"It wasn't?"

"Nope. You gave birth a month ago. He got us pregnant last year."

"Oh, right. I guess I thought it was longer. My abs came back right away...Your kid stuck on your tits like a vacuum?"

"Yep, just like his dad," Wonder Negress commented, adjusting her top. "Shall we take care of business?"

Both women floated down and landed gracefully behind The Massa. Their hooker heels clicked onto the hard cement. Ebony Angel was too busy fingering herself like an oversexed nympho to care that her backup arrived. The Massa sniffed the air. Lips parted in a perfect smile.

"Wonder Negress and Oreo Girl. I was beginning to wonder if you forgot the date of my release," he said.

Turning around, his giant cock swung out. Even after breeding with so many women, it was thick, hard, and oh so delightful to gaze upon for the two horny superheroines.

"We'd never forget Massa's release date. But are you going to be a good father and come home to visit your kids?" Oreo Girl said, hands on her hips in a defiant pose.

"Do I look like a nigger to you? Of course I'll be visiting my children. Soon enough half of the city will be filled with my children." He pointed to Oreo Girl's tits. "You're leaking. I hope you've been feeding him enough."

"Dammit, and I just got this costume back from the cleaner," she commented.

"Enough talk, Massa. We're here to bring you back to justice for raping more innocent Negro women. Come quietly and we won't hurt you," Wonder Negress interrupted.

"Nice hairstyle, Wonder Negress. Did you dye it white just for me?"

The superheroine beamed happily at the complement.

"You noticed. See, I told you he'd notice we dyed our hairs for him," she said happily to Oreo Girl.

"Seriously? Of course he'd notice. What black girl doesn't have black hair? We stick out more than a blonde chink. Jeez, you're like a love struck teenager."

"Says the girl fingering herself like a deviant as her colleague was raped."

"Ladies, ladies, your cat fighting over me is hot but the cameras are rolling. The news vans are here. I've been looking forward to another twenty-four hour breeding session with you. Why do you think I caused all this chaos?"

"You did this for us?" Oreo Girl asked. "And they say romance is dead. You could have sent flowers though. You wouldn't go to jail that way."

"Maybe I wanted to breed you in jail. Conjugal visits. I'm a kinky guy."

"Come on, Wonder Negress. Let's take care of business and put him away again...Wonder Negress? OMG, girlfriend. And you complained about me fingering myself. You're now drinking your own tit milk."

"I can't help it. Massa makes me so hot and horny. Can't you smell the air? His musk is making me need release."

"That's right, Wonder Negress. Be a good black bitch and come crawling over here. I read every single letter you sent me in the joint. Such sweet words you had for me."

"You wrote him?" Oreo Girl said, palming her face in embarrassment. "I thought we agreed not to do that."

"I couldn't help it. Do you know how lonely I was as a single mother? My man was in the slammer."

"I got your letters as well, Oreo Girl."

"Bitch," Wonder Negress snapped.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm a hypocrite. I wanted his massive cock all to myself."

"Sharing is caring. Your city has been segregated for too long. I've got to personally bring some diversity to the streets."

He motioned them forward with a single finger. Triumphantly he stood before them and the audience of onlookers and cameras. This was being broadcast live on Ebony TV. Reaction to the event was immediate and swift. Online, numerous social justice activists decried the treatment of the man. As a minority in the city, he shouldn't have his cultural beliefs persecuted by a privileged society. Others were not as kind, wanting him locked away or exiled back to his own city. 'If we let one in, more will come. It'll be the end of our society. Diversity is code for black genocide.' The social justice warriors of the blog-o-sphere put all their massive megaphones on high blast in support of the man.

Wonder Negress and Oreo Girl swayed their hips from side-to-side seductively, flanking the man on both sides. Their hands rubbed his muscular body. Everyone watching on TV could see the lust in their eyes as the two symbols of freedom and justice gave into their taboo desires to breed with the man a second time. No resistance, no fighting, their costumed bodies put on a display to keep the man rock hard to breed their fertile wombs.

"We wanted to look good for you, Massa," Oreo Girl said. "I'll admit the hair coloring and lipstick were her idea, but I didn't put up a fight against it. Have you been working out while you were locked away?"

"Only thing to do in prison was pumping iron and fucking."

"Gapping open the holes of black twinks? Did they doll themselves up for you?" Wonder Negress asked, jealous.

"I'm not a faggot. The gay white prisoners took care of that. I had a judge to take care of," he told the girls, happily molesting their stunning bodies through their costumes. "It wasn't hard putting a bun in her oven. All your letters had me edging every day. Hubby was shooting blanks so she made a deal with me. I make her a mother and she'd let me go free."

"Massa is such a bull. I should be jealous and angry at you for knocking up dozens of women but I can't stop dripping at the thought of you fucking other black bitches," Oreo Girl commented.

Her crotch was wet and the costume dug into her naked pussy. She wanted to make sure nothing stopped his cock from filling her full. Wonder Negress squatted down, putting her arm next to his massive endowment. The superheroine knew full well the cameras were watching. The angle was designed to let all the cuckolds at home know how thick the white man was. His bull cock was as thick as her forearm. Veins covered it, pumping the powerful organ with the blood and energy needed to whitewash and ruin any black pussy it conquered.

Wonder Negress sniffed the white cock, drooling uncontrollably. Two girls were not enough to satiate this beast. What they accomplished before was luck. She could feel he came back stronger, hungrier, hornier to conquer and breed every black woman in the city worth breeding. Deep down, the thought made her heart flutter and her pussy wet.

Oreo Girl's lips hovered over his, teasing him, keeping him on edge. She kept the tempo slow, kept the audience on the edge of their seats. The moment their lips touched, hearts broke in millions of TV homes. The once great pillar of ebony justice and freedom became lover to a beast, a barbarian savage. The other pillar greedily slurped on the head of his mighty cock, worshiping him like a deity. Slowly, inch by inch, Wonder Negress consumed the giant organ down her throat. It took every ounce of strength and superheroine might to let her nose touch the tip of his pelvis. Over two feet of cock snaked its way down her throat and into her stomach. Easy access to fill the tank full of sperm.

"Look at that nigger bitch suck you down, Massa. We're so sorry we didn't visit you in prison. Can you forgive us? Can you give us another child? Our super bodies were bred and trained to be breeders for a powerful white man. It should be obvious to anyone watching why. Just your scent makes us go wild with lust."

Ivory painted lips hovered an inch from his ear. The words were for his ears only. Every word came out in a moan as he fingered her horny cunt, shoving thick, cock-like fingers into her love tunnel.

"You've got a lot of making up to me. For starters, after I breed your fertile wombs again and again, that spasming super slut at my feet is going to be trained by you both to gain a little stamina. You should be ashamed to call her a heroine."

"You're right, Massa. We've been lax in our training. We've been...FUCK!...complacent since you were in jail. Fuck, Massa, you're going to make me cum. Can I cum, Massa? Have I been a good girl? May I cum for you?" she pleaded in orgasmic agony.

Holding her by the throat, choking the life essence from its ebony shell, he nodded with a smile. The Massa was in control, in command. Choking her was a show of dominance, letting the black heroine's shoulder angel be stabbed in the back by the shoulder devil. The one percent of fight gone. Any sliver of resistance would be terminated with prejudice in her breeder brain.

Oreo Girl shuddered and orgasmed from the chokehold. Incomprehensible words sputtered out of quivering lips. Everyone watching on TV and the internet either got a boner from being collectively cuckolded, or vented their frustration on the blog-o-sphere. Of course none of them had the guts to actually put themselves in harm's way to protect their city and culture from the invading white man.

This entire time Wonder Negress had been milking the ivory python dry. Cum gushed out of her nose and mouth, her stomach hitting capacity long ago. Eyes rolled back in her head from the delight of drinking down so much superior cum. The taste of it, even the feel of it soaking into her skin, made the heroine feel stronger. Pulling the large, bendy cock free, she slapped it across her face to put on a show for the audience.

The TV cameras arrived so quickly because the two superheroines had called them. This was all part of their plan, unbeknown to The Massa. Both gave birth to the supervillain's children on the same day, in the same hospital, and were put in the same rooms.

The first couple months of pregnancy had been difficult. Fans and supporters called for the abortion of the demon children. They believed it to be an abomination for a pure, black woman to carry the child of a dirty white man, a cracker. But each passing day made their maternal instincts kick in. They could feel the life grow inside them. A superior life. Months of talking, debate, and discussion led them to one happy conclusion. They wanted to share their joy with the city. They wanted to help whitewash the city and make it great again.

Wonder Negress pulled down her top to show off leaking udders. Delicious milk dripped from overly sensitive nipples. Breast feeding was a long process as their son was as greedy as his father. She presented herself to him, proudly, showing off to the world the proper place of a black woman in the new world order they sought to create. She might be a superheroine but when with her Massa she was a breeder.

He greedily sucked on the chocolate tits, slurping down as much motherly milk as possible. In jail, meals were basic and tasteless. While kinky, breastmilk was as good as cow's milk from the grocery store. The only difference for him was its warmth. He preferred milk cold.

"You're still rock hard, Massa. I'm so happy you didn't lose a step while in jail. Fucking the judge kept you sharp," Wonder Negress gasped out. "Shit...my tits are so sore. I swear I don't try and save any milk. I just keep producing so much."

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