tagLoving WivesWho are You? I'm Batman.

Who are You? I'm Batman.


Halloween... it was Kevin's favorite time of year and Holiday. Not so much Karen's, his wife of 7 years. I mean, sure it was fun when they 1st met, going to parties, decorating the house and buying sexy costumes, but now into her thirties, Karen just didn't want to be bothered. It's not that she didn't like Halloween, she loved it, but just not the work that went into it, and so she left that stuff to Kevin.

"I think we should get one of those giant gargoyles to put on the front porch this year!" Kevin burst out as he came from the basement with a box full of decorations.

"Oh you and your spending money on silly things!" Karen quipped. "It will scare the kids!" she added with a laugh.

Karen supported Kevin in all that he did. He was handsome, built like a linebacker and very successful. They had made a wonderful life for themselves and were trying to start a family.

Karen watched Kevin out the window as he hung cobwebs and other fun decorations around the yard. He really had a boyish charm about him. He stopped only for a second to meet the mailman and grab the Saturday mail. He shuffled through it and then paused on one piece and then headed straight for the door looking very excited.

"Hey look at this!" he had a postcard sized paper in his hand that was adorned with all sorts of ghosts and goblins.

"What'cha got there honey?" Karen asked.

"Remember Rob from my office? He and Kelly are throwing a Halloween bash next weekend and he invited us!"

Karen had a feeling... "Are costumes mandatory?" she asked with a depressed sigh.

Kevin studied the invitation, mouthing as he read. "Yup! Costumes are a must!" he sounded so thrilled. "Come on babe, what's the point of a Halloween party if you don't wear a costume?!" He could see from the look on his wife's face that she was less than eager to go. He didn't push the issue.

As the week wore on, Kevin mentioned the party a few more times. He was really excited to go, and Karen did agree that they should go. Kevin needed to mingle with work friends more and he needed to get out and have a night out, but why did it have to be a costume party?

Karen could go as anything she wanted. She had a perfect body, long brown hair. She could pass as anything sexy. That was part of Kevin's of the allure for Kevin. Getting his hot wife out there to show off to his buddies. She just wasn't up for it this year.

"Honey?" she asked with a hesitant tone.

"What's up?" he asked back.

"Would you totally hate me if I didn't go to the party Saturday?" she curled her bottom lip. "I want you to go and enjoy yourself, but I just don't feel like going through the whole costume thing at the last minute. I promise I'll make it up to you when you get home. Maybe I can dig out my cheerleader outfit and we can have our own costume party when you get back" she said with a sly smile as she put her hands on Kevin's shoulders and gave him a rub.

She could see from his expression that Kevin was devastated and it broke her heart to see him that way. They argued a bit and then Kevin realized he just wasn't going to win this one.

He ended it with "Fine... stay home. I am going and having a good time. I will just tell everyone you were sick... or something" and the conversation was ended.

After work on Friday Kevin stopped at the Halloween Annex and picked up a costume. The pickings were slim and he settled on a Batman costume. It was pretty cool looking actually.

"Gonna be a lot of Batmen out there this Halloween" the cashier chuckled. "This is the fifth one of these we've sold tonight!" she added.

"Great." Kevin thought to himself.

Oh well he only needed it for one night and one party so originality wasn't important. The next afternoon he showered and got dressed in the get up. Karen lay on the bed in her sweats with a magazine and watched and chuckled.

"You don't know what your missing babe!" he said as he admired himself in the mirror.

"I know, I know" she whined. "I feel terrible, but I hope you understand. I promise, next outing your work has, I will be there with bells on!" she exclaimed.

"Well, how do I look?" Kevin asked as he turned around.

"Sexy!" she said as she scooted the edge of the bed. "Gosh, could these pants be any tighter?" she laughed.

"Well, they're supposed to be silly. Haven't you ever seen Batman?" he asked.

"You look great baby, I just don't want any of the women there to be checking out that bulge in your pants!" she joked as she rubbed her hand over his shorts as if it were a genie lamp.

"Well if you keep doing that it will be unavoidable!" he said as he felt his cock start to swell.

"Alrighty, I'm off. Shouldn't be too late, most of these people are stiffs anyway"

Kevin said as he gave Karen a quick kiss.

"I'll be here waiting sweetie." Karen said as the door closed behind him.

Peace and quiet at last. She took a seat on the couch and flipped the T.V. on.

When Kevin arrived at the party, he was blown away. Rob and Kelly had gone all out on this party.

"Must have cost them a fortune" he murmured to himself as he made his way up the dimly lit porch.

"Kevin!!" he heard shouted from behind the screen door. It was Rob and a house full of other guests.

"Any trouble finding us?" Kelly asked.

Kevin spoke from behind his mask. "Aside from trying to drive with this mask on and parking down the street a ways, not at all." He answered as he made his way inside.

Based on the number of cars on the street, Kevin knew there was going to be quite a crowd and boy was he right. Music was pumping and people were dressed as all sorts of things. Fortunately he hadn't bumped into any "other" Batmen yet. He was determined to have a good time, but it would be hard without his beautiful wife by his side.

"Where's the wife?" Rob asked.

Kevin already had an answer on deck.

"Oh her sister had a crisis at work and was desperate for a babysitter and Karen drew the short straw." He said as if he almost believed his own story.

"Awww..." came from Kelly, who was quite the sexy cowgirl. "I was so hoping to finally meet her too"

She was cute when she pouted with her braids and painted on freckles. Rob was dressed as a Football player which Kevin found so typical.

"Well, come on man, we've got a poker game going down in the "man cave" with your name on it" and he led Kevin to a stairway.

Back at home, Karen flipped through the channels. She was restless now. There was nothing on. Maybe she just should have gone. She went and poured herself a glass of wine hoping to relax and loosen up. She started to read her magazine again and then threw it down again out of boredom. She was thinking about Kevin and his costume and wondering if he was having a good time. Or what if he was having too good of a time? She wrestled with these thoughts. She decided to pull out her college cheerleading uniform since she planned to surprise Kevin when he returned home. She hadn't worn it in years, but still maintained the same body she had in college so it should fit just fine. She undressed herself and slipped the top over her head. Aside from it being slightly snug, it fit great. Besides all it did was amplify her already perfect boobs. Next were the bloomers. She made a last minute decision to ditch her panties. She figured it would be much sexier with the silky bloomers against her. She slipped the white cheerleading shorts on and twisted and turned in the mirror with her hands on her hips.

"Not bad girl!" she stated out loud. "Still got it."

She then slipped the skirt on and put her hair in pigtails.

"Kevin is going to die when he sees this" she thought.

She did look hot. She found some thick white socks and her white tennis shoes and the outfit was complete. She gave herself another once over and was quite proud. She felt naughty as well which sent a shiver through her body and down into her cheer panties. She was already damp from the thought of being fucked by "Batman" when he got home and now that she was a naughty little cheerleader, the idea was even more exciting.

It was near 11:00 and she texted Kevin to ask how he was doing and when he might be home because she had a surprise for him. Unfortunately there was no reply. She figured the loud music and commotion would make it tough to hear a cell phone anyway. Karen was on her third glass of wine when the clock hit 11:30. She was growing impatient and more horny by the minute. She paced the kitchen and saw the invitation stuck to the refrigerator.

"Hrmmm..." she thought to herself.

She decided she was going to crash the party and surprise Kevin. She had felt guilty all night about sending him alone when she knew how much it meant to him. Besides, she had gone to the trouble of dressing up and let's face it, she looked damn good! She grabbed her coat and the invite with the directions and stopped at the door.

"Damn, my panties." She remembered.

Then, at the risk of wasting time and the fact that she was technically covered, she decided to forge on without them. It was a fifteen minute drive to Rob and Kelly's house.

Back at the party things were in full force. Kevin was now fully into a poker tournament down in Rob's fully finished basement. Cigars were being smoked, bourbon was being drunk and money was flying left and right. Rob never imagined that he'd have such a good time with the actual party going on upstairs. The sound of pulsing music, laughter and feet and heels passing overhead reminded him of how many people were upstairs. Every so often he would hear someone shout out a name as new guest would arrive.

"Your deal!" Rob shouted as Kevin shuffled the cards and began to pass them out.

As Karen arrived to the house she was glad she went with the cheerleader outfit and not something that required heels. She had a small hike to get to the house where she parked. She walked along the line of cars and smiled when she passed Kevin's BMW. He was going to be so happy. The cold air made her shiver as it swooped up her skirt and against her damp panties. She loved the feeling and knew that Rob would be excited to find her that way. She would have a drink or two and then get him out of there to go home and have some real fun.

When she climbed the stairs to the deck it was pretty obvious that the party was at it's peak and the formalities of introductions and doorbell ringing had flown out the window. Some people were on the deck smoking others chatting. The music was cranking and Karen let herself in. She could hardly see anything in the house. Everything was lit by black lights which made her white cheerleader outfit glow.

"God what if my skirt goes up and the wetness shows with this lighting?" she worried.

She would just have to make sure things stayed calm.

She roamed around the enormous house alone looking for Kevin who was still wrapped up in the poker game downstairs. So many people, so many costumes. She saw a Batman costume, but it wasn't the same one Kevin had, this one was pretty cheap and cheesy. She made her way back towards the living room and that's when she saw "her" Batman emerge from the bathroom. She smiled to herself and made her way to him. She studied her man as she walked over and was impressed how much the costume flattered his body, and she was right, his package could be seen from a mile away with those tight shorts on. She approached him from behind and reached up and covered his eyes. He turned around quickly and saw her. He tried to speak but the music was too loud. She stood there with her hands out at her side and turned around with a big smile to get his approval of her costume. A wide smile broke across this stranger's mouth and he made the "shame-shame" motion with his fingers. Karen leaned over to him and gave him a quick kiss. Oddly enough this "other" Batman has virtually the same lip structure and skin tone as Kevin. As they stood in the dark, Karen wrapped herself a bit in Batman's cape to conceal them and took his hand and guided it to the front of her panties. She then quickly moved away and smiled. She could see the bulge in his shorts growing by the second and he grabbed her hand and led her down the hall to where Rob's office was.

Rob had wired his entire house with surround sound speakers. You couldn't get anywhere without the party music following you. It was a neat feature actually. Once in the office, Karen closed the door a bit. It was completely dark in here. She tried to say something to "Kevin" but this Batman character put a finger to her lips.

"Wow" she thought, "Kevin is really into this!" and that excited her even more.

She knew they would have to hurry since they were in an unlocked office at the end of the hall. She sat down on the futon in the office and lifted her skirt. Batman had to feel his way around, but found her soft, silky thighs. He was standing in front of her and she struggled to pull the shorts and tight, stretchy pants over "Kevin's" ass. It didn't help that his cock had swollen completely hard and was making the pants even tighter. Karen reached in and pulled his cock out and slid the pants down half way. She wrapped her hand around his cock and quickly slipped it into her mouth.

She was shocked because there was a ton of pre-cum all over the tip. Kevin did not usually have much pre-cum. He must have been really turned on by this experience. His cock seemed different, but in a good way. It felt fuller or bigger. He smelled good too. She was really enjoying this. She sucked him briefly until every vein in it was bulging at the head was purple with anticipation. She then released him from her mouth.

He leaned down and hooked him finger inside the soaked crotch of her bloomers and pulled them aside. He could smell her scent. She was so ready. The head of his cock rested against her opening. He slowly moved back and forth teasing while letting the head glide over her. Each time he moved her lips parted just a little and the wetness coated the head of his cock. With what little moonlight was allowed into the room, you could see the glistening wetness on his dick. He then moved forward and sank his entire cock deep into Karen's pussy. Instant ecstasy. The fact that she was being fucked with her undies still on excited Karen even more. He could feel her arch her back and throw her head back. Her pussy was being stretched in a way she hadn't felt before. Was it the position they were in? Was it because of the cold, damp fabric had made her tighten up? Whatever it was, it was amazing.

He struggled to maintain balance and he began to slowly rock back and forth. Each time he entered her he went a little deeper. Even with the loud, obnoxious dance music blaring through the house he could hear this beauty moan and whimper. Who was this dirty girl he had just met? Right now, he didn't care. He was too wrapped up in feeling of Karen's tight, silky and extremely wet pussy taking him in deeper and deeper. He held her ankles and increased his rhythm and speed until he was all the way inside. He felt his balls smack against her ass and her pussy was growing warmer and wetter with each motion.

Although he could barely see her, he could tell that she was fast approaching a major orgasm. This notion, plus the constant contractions of her pussy around his cock made it near impossible to hold back any longer. The base of his cock was hitting that special spot on her every time he drove it inside her. Without warning he felt Karen's legs tighten up and her hips started to buck wildly. He put his hands under her ass and pulled her closer to penetrate her as deep as he could. Was it possible for this girl to get any wetter? His queries were soon answered as Karen's orgasm took over and flooded her mind with sensation. Her eyes were closed tight and she tried to gasp for breath as one rush of pleasure after another came over her body. She could feel her juices running down the crack of her ass and on to Rob's couch. She didn't care, in fact the more that ran down the better. She continued to grind her pelvis against this man whom she thought was her husband, and whom she thought was giving her the best fucking of their marriage. The stranger felt like his balls were going to explode and then inevitably the cum started to rise from the base of his cock, almost in slow motion. Karen could feel his cock growing inside her which was a sure indication that he was about to fill her pussy full of warm, sweet cum. For a moment, the Batman character started to back away for he didn't know this woman and it would be crazy to cum inside her, but as he did, Karen wrapped her legs around him and pulled him back in close.

He could see her lips in the deeply lit room and it was quite easy to make out that she said "Cum inside me".

Without a second thought, the first burst of semen exploded out the head of his dick and coated the walls of her pussy. Karen moaned loudly again as she could feel the stream go inside her. She had never felt Kevin cum so hard and so forcefully before. Much to her surprise and delight, the first shot was followed by a second that seemed to have the same force and even better, the same amount of his hot, sticky fluid. Then for what seemed like a marathon, she felt his cock jerk and flex inside her as he kept on cumming and filling her pussy. He never lost his momentum as he continued to move in and out of her making some of the cum drip out and join hers on the couch. Karen had never been this turned on before. What had gotten into Kevin?

"Guess this outfit did the trick!" she thought.

Whatever it was, with the thought of her own juices mixing with what felt like a gallon of cum, it sent her over the edge as a second wave of climaxes rushed through her body. She literally couldn't stop cumming! She couldn't remember having multiple orgasms since college with her vibrator. She shook all over as this man continued to fuck her even as his hard-on was subsiding.

Finally when they had both returned to Earth, he stood up and returned his costume to proper location. He gathered his faculties and turned towards the door.

"Gees! Wait for me honey!"

Karen shouted as she straightened her panties out back over her soaking wet crotch. She stood up, fixed her skirt and ran her hands through her hair. She hoped nobody would notice or be able to tell what had just happened or smell the scent of sex that was under her little skirt. She was glowing, had a bit of sweat on her forehead and her chest and cheeks were flushed. She hurried out the door trying to catch up with her superhero husband who had quite a head start on her. As she followed him she approached the door to the stairs where Kevin's poker game was going on. Just as she picked up the pace to catch up with her lover, Kevin emerged from the stairway. His mask and cape were off.

"Karen!?!" he exclaimed. "You're here!" and he grabbed her and gave her a bear hug. "What an amazing surprise!" he spoke over the music into her ear.

Karen was in shock. She couldn't speak. Frozen. What had just happened? She quickly had to let those thoughts flee and snap out of the trance.

She smiled. "I was bored at home and I knew how bad you wanted me to come. So I dug out this little thing and decided to surprise you."

"Well, mission accomplished!" he shouted as he took a step back and looked her over. He hugged her again and spoke more candidly into her ear. "You look so hot baby... and I know that smell..." he looked at her and smirked. "Someone's feeling a little frisky, aren't they?" he joked.

All she could do was smile as she felt her strange lover's cum leak down into her panties.

Who was that masked man anyway?

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