tagLoving WivesWho Can You Really Trust?

Who Can You Really Trust?


This is a pay-back story. There is vanilla sex, oral, ass play, pee, voyeurism, exhibitionism, reluctance and bondage. Choosing a category was difficult. If there were a category called "Pay-Back" or "Retribution" this story would belong there. Please remember, this IS fiction.

Society tells us that ministers can and should be trusted. My parents taught that same message. They trusted the minister of the church I went to when I was a kid. When I got married and we established our home we attended quite a few churches before we found one where I felt like I could really trust the minister.

Like everyone else I had read the news reports about Jimmy Swagart and a few other ministers who couldn't be trusted. I found a minister I liked and trusted.

Ann and I married in 1984. We moved to Los Angeles and eight months later we bought a home in the suburbs. Three blocks from our home was the church. Reverend Mike Thompson was the minister. Mike was five years older than me, married, and loved basketball. We played often on the court that was part of the church parking lot.

Ann liked Betsy, Mike's wife, and they spent lots of time together too. I never worried about anything when Ann and Betsy were together. At a party they would self limit themselves to two glasses of wine, nothing stronger and not a drop more. Mike and I limited ourselves to two or three beers. During an evening at home when we had them come for dinner the same limits were observed.

Our sex lives seemed wonderful to me. We got together, Ann and I, about five times a week. Nothing too kinky but enjoyable for both of us. There were some minor disagreements about sex, preferences Ann called them. By the time we had been married ten years I had mostly stopped thinking about the things she didn't want me to do. She hated it if I came in her mouth. She believed that sperm belonged down there, to make babies. We had agreed to have at least one child but it hadn't happened yet. Her anus was off limits. No touching and certainly no penetration. Her kisses were heaven. I loved spending hours kissing her.

One day in 1994 I came home from work and saw a red ribbon on the front door. I went in and the house was decorated for a celebration. Rev. Mike and Betsy were there and when I walked in they congratulated me.

"For what?" I asked.

"You're gonna be a Dad!" Ann said.

I looked around for her and found her standing in a baggy blouse and pants. Her first maternity outfit. I took her in my arms and we celebrated. She didn't really need the maternity clothes but she wanted to wear them.

We went to the doctor appointments together. When she started to show I began a nightly ritual of rubbing lotion all over her belly and then all over her body. The sex changed. Her body didn't bend the way it had and we tried and used different positions. Life was good.

One weekend in her forth month we went to a concert at Universal Studios. We got home late and went right to bed. I spooned up behind Ann and we fell asleep.

A scream woke me up. It was Ann. I threw back the covers and she was covered in blood from the waist down. I called for the paramedics and I called Mike and Betsy. They arrived at the same time. Mike and Betsy in robes and the paramedics in their red truck. The paramedics checked Ann and cleaned her up before transporting her to the hospital. I followed in my car with Mike driving. Betsy stayed at our house and cleaned up the mess.

The doctors gave Ann a good examination and declared that she had experienced a spontaneous natural abortion. She spent twenty-four hours in the hospital and was released. Our lives changed.

Ann went into depression. She spent lots of time by herself in our bedroom. She didn't want to go anywhere. She went to work but they almost let her go because she was missing so many days. She didn't even want to go to church services. She went during the week and sat alone in the chapel for hours. Our sex life was effectively over. She didn't even want me in the same bed with her.

I talked with Mike and Betsy about it and they told me she would get better. "Give her some time," they said. Six months I slept in the guest bedroom. No sex, no kisses, not even a spoken "I love you."

I was going crazy. I talked again with Mike. He advised having a counseling session with us, as a couple. I agreed. He called Ann and they set an appointment. Mike cautioned me that the process could take a while but that he was sure she would recover.

We met with Mike once a week. She started smiling and went to church on Sundays. She resumed cooking and taking care of the house and herself. I was happy to see progress.

I was starved for affection. I kept lying to myself that it was coming. Just be patient, I told myself, soon she'll be back.

On a Saturday we were at Mike and Betsy's backyard for a B-B-Q. Betsy was in the house and Mike was at the B-B-Q grill. Betsy called for assistance. I got up, said I'd help her and went inside. Ann was standing beside Mike as I went inside.

Betsy had loaded a big platter with salad stuff and another with the plates and silverware for our meal.

"Take your pick, I can't carry both."

"OK. I'll take the plates and stuff. They're heavier."

"Thank you," she said and planted a kiss on my cheek. Something snapped. A kiss. The first kiss in months! I returned it, but not on her cheek. I kissed her on her mouth. I took her in my arms and gave her the kiss I wanted to give Ann. She melted. She did not resist but she didn't return the kiss.

Suddenly I realized what I was doing and I backed off.

"Oh Betsy, please forgive me. I haven't had a kiss in months and when you kissed me I just lost it. I'm sorry. I don't know what else to say."

She stepped closer and said, "I understand the stress you feel. I accept your apology. Nothing will ever be said about that kiss. Never. Now take the plates and let's have a B-B-Q."

When we got home that evening I was still thinking about that kiss. I wanted to kiss Ann. She was sitting on the couch watching something on TV. I sat near her and asked if we could talk.

She shut off the TV and faced me.

"I miss you."

"I'm right here."

"I disagree. You haven't been right here in months. I think I have been patient. I sleep in the guest bedroom, not our bedroom. I cook my own dinner almost every night. I haven't complained. Now I want you to know how I feel."

"OK. How do you feel?"

"I miss you. I miss kissing you, holding you, showing you physical affection. I miss sex."

"I don't want sex! Sex is for making babies and I won't ever have babies!"

"The doctors said you could get pregnant again. They said there was a good chance you could carry a baby to term and have a healthy baby, if you wanted."

"I still wake up seeing all that blood and seeing the look of the faces of the men who came in and touched me. That's never happening again."

"Are you telling me that we aren't ever having sex again?"

"No. You want sex with me? Get fixed. No more sperm are going up inside me. Ever!"

"I'll go tomorrow, no, tomorrow is Sunday. I'll go Monday! What about kissing and sleeping in the same bed?"

"When there are no more sperm you can have a million kisses and sleep with me anytime. Is that fair enough?"

"OK. Kisses don't make babies, why wait for those?"

"Every time you have ever kissed me I have wanted you inside me. I am crazy wanting you, right now! I can't do it!"

"OK. On Monday I'm being fixed."

"I want to go with you to the appointment."


We turned the TV on and didn't watch for almost an hour. We didn't go to church on Sunday. I worked in the garage and Ann did stuff in the house.

At eight Monday morning I was at work and called three doctors from our medical plan about getting a vasectomy. The third one could get me in at 11:45. He told me that when I arrived I should already be shaved and have someone else to drive me home.

I told my supervisor I had a doctor appointment and I needed to be gone the rest of the day. He asked if I was sick. I said no, the appointment was preventive medicine. He wished me well and I was gone.

Ann shaved my genitals using a new razor and shaving gel. It was the first time she had seen me naked since the night of the paramedics. As she shaved I watched and by the time she was done I was as hard as a steel rod.

Ann used a wet wash cloth to clean me and she held my erection in her hand. She tossed the cloth in the sink and suddenly took my cock in her mouth. In seconds of her sucking and using her tongue I came!

"Ann, I'm cumming!"

She didn't pull back she sucked harder. I filled her mouth with stream after stream of sperm. She swallowed none of them. She gripped my cock so hard I thought I would die as she turned her head and spit my juices into the toilet. Then she took more until I was dry. She looked up at me as my cock wilted in her hand.

"I will never spit like that again. If you want I'll suck you every day for a year to make up for doing without for so long."

I agreed that would be a great year. We got dressed and at 11:30 we were sitting the doctor's waiting room. Ann watched as the doctor did his work. She asked how soon we could be sure there were no sperm.

"It takes one hundred ejaculations after the surgery before we are sure there are no sperm left in the ejaculate." He said.

"OK." Ann said.

I thought, 'One hundred!' That could take a long time!

"The doctor cautioned against having any ejaculations for twenty-four hours."

We went home and Ann tucked me into our bed to take a nap. I slept and dreamed of her body. When I got up she had a nice dinner ready and after dinner we went for a drive to the beach and we watched the ocean for a while and we held hands. Ann drove us home and she slept near me in our bed.

At work the next day I got a call at eleven. It was Ann.

"Can you take a late lunch?"

"What time do you have in mind?"

"The surgery was over at twelve-ten. How about twelve thirty?"


"Two blocks from your office is a motel. I'll bring lunch and meet you there. Room 28."

"I'll be there."

I knocked on room 28 and Ann opened the door. I don't know who closed the door or where my clothes went. She rolled a condom onto my hard cock and she sucked me dry. Ann slowly pulled the condom off my cock and tied a knot in it. Then she took a magic marker out of her purse and wrote the number "1" on the condom. She put it in a plastic bag and showed it to me.

"When I put number one hundred in the bag my pussy is yours. I want that soon. So don't think of basketball or anything with Mike for the next few days."

I agreed with a smile on my face. We had a great lunch and Ann gave me a special dessert. She lie back on the motel bed and let me eat her to a wild orgasm. I went back to work with the taste of Ann still in my mouth. I also took two condoms so that if I masturbated I could deposit those in the bag when I got home.

In the next thirteen days I was sucked and handed more that I imagined I would ever be. I ate more Ann pussy than I had in ten years. As number one hundred was tied in a knot it was seven-thirty on a Saturday morning. I was shrinking from number one-hundred and Ann slipped my cock back into her mouth, bareback! I hardened; she pushed me onto my back and climbed on.

Her hips straddled mine and she guided me home. She was wet and I smoothly probed her depths as deep as I had even been.

"Oh God! Thank you for this! Thank you for filling me up! Thank you..."

Every time she said Thank you she raised up and when she said what she was thankful for she sat down hard with my cock inside her. It was easily the most grateful fuck ever. I rolled her onto her back and held her legs as I drove deep into her.

She pulled her legs up by her shoulders as I kept pistoning into her. I watched as she wiggled and put her arms and shoulders on the other side of her knees, trapping her knees behind her shoulders! I could hold back no more! Pulse after pulse of my juice entered her.

For seconds I waited, until I knew I was done. I took her hands and held them off to the sides of her, firmly trapping her legs so her pussy was fully exposed to me and wide open.

I put my mouth on her and licked and probed her open, well fucked pussy.

"Oh Honey! That feels so good. I have missed your lovin. I am yours!"

Not long after she said, "Oh! Oh! Oh my God! I'm cumming again!"

Every day and every night for weeks we made a mess of our bed. Ann bought some new sheets so we could change sheets often. After about ten wonderful days and nights Ann stopped wearing panties.

"They just get in the way of our fun!"

We had dinner with Mike and Betsy late in August. It was hot and the wind was out of the desert so it was hot and very dry. Both women were dressed in sundresses. Modest but still a lot of skin showing. Mike and I were cooking and the women were bringing things out to the patio table. Ann tripped and fell, dropping a tray of crackers on the patio and upending her in such a way that her bare ass and pussy were exposed. I quickly helped her up and nothing was said about the incident. I knew that Mike and Betsy had seen her exposed. I didn't know what they would think of Ann going without panties. I liked it, but only when it was something only I knew about.

Nothing was said while the four of us were together. Two weeks later Mike and I were alone shooting hoops at the church and Mike asked, "I don't want to intrude in your marriage but I'm very curious. When Ann fell a couple weeks ago Betsy noticed she wasn't wearing any panties. Is that normal for her?"

"Not before, but lately yes."


"Before I got a vasectomy. Now she loves having bareback sex because there's nothing to worry about. She told me she quit wearing panties because they slow down our action."

"My. That's a big shift from months ago, isn't it?"

"She told me last week that now that she won't ever have babies she sees sex as for fun only."

"That's a pretty normal reaction to taking steps to make sure you don't become parents but I thought you both wanted kids."

"When Ann miscarried and was seen and cleaned up by the paramedics, doctors, and Betsy she decided she never wanted to run the risk of pregnancy again. I guess it was too painful and too embarrassing."

"Are you OK with that?"

"Maybe in a year or so we will decide to adopt. What about you and Betsy? Are you guys ever going the parenthood path?"

"I was injured in high school and that ended my possibility of being a Dad. Betsy only has one ovary so her odds were really low from the start. We both accept it as God's will and we minister to all the families and children around us."

"I guess neither of us will be babysitting for the other in the near future."

It was getting dark enough that we couldn't see the hoop or the ball very well, so we quit for the night and went home.

Betsy and Ann had been shopping while we played basketball. Over dinner Ann shared with me that Betsy had shared with her that Mike had lost both testicles in an accident and that she had only one ovary. The same things that Mike had told me. I didn't let on that Mike had told me. I didn't deny it, I just didn't confirm it. I had a carnal thought about having sex with Betsy, since there was no danger of her having a baby that looked like me, but I dismissed the thought: first because Mike was my best friend, second because Ann would kill me, third because Mike would kill me, and forth because they all trusted me not to even think like that.

Our lives were lots of fun, trips, dinners and small parties with other couples. Other childless couples. We established a new life focused on having fun and not focused on making babies.

Sometime in November while we were having dinner with two other childless couples the conversation turned to fidelity. One of the wives told her story. Her first husband had a vasectomy and made it mean that since he wasn't, and couldn't be, fathering babies it wasn't infidelity to have sex with other women. She caught her husband and a woman he worked with in bed naked and "screwing." That ended their marriage. Her new husband stood by her action and her belief that her Ex had committed adultery. Most everyone at the party voiced agreement. I hadn't even thought about those implications to getting a vasectomy so I agreed but didn't say much.

On our way home from the party Ann asked, "Have you thought about having sex with other women?"

"Seriously? No. When would I have time? I'm dividing my time as it is. I work forty to fifty hours a week. I'm in bed with you sixty to seventy hours a week. We have dinner, clean the house and change sheets about seventeen hours a week. Add in the ten showers I take a week and I barely have time to drive to and from work."

"But, if you had time, you might fool around?"

"Has it looked to you like you aren't satisfying me? Have I stopped paying attention to you? Have I stopped shaving twice a day? What is your first hint that I'm looking around?"

"You're right. I'm sorry. When Carolyn shared about her ex getting a vasectomy and then using it as an excuse to screw around I just went a little nutty for a while."

At home we went in the back door, took off all our clothes and dropped them in the washing machine. I loaded in the soap and started it running. We walked through the house naked and into our bedroom.

"How do you want me, Mister?" Ann asked. Every once in a while, usually after returning home from a party, Ann played the pick up. My horney slut for the evening.

"Come here." I said it low and menacing. She came and stood in front of me.

My index finger found her slit and slid in. I found her wet and hot.

"Spread your legs a little."

As she complied I dropped to my knee and inserted two fingers up inside her pussy. She moaned and said, "Oh baby, you're good!"

My thumb pressed above her clit and I noticed she was freshly shaved. Not in the ten minutes we had been home, but earlier tonight. I twisted my fingers in her and used my knuckles to apply pressure up against her clit area.

When her juices ran down the back of my hand I stopped.

"You're wet enough for me now. Put your hands on the bed."

"Are you going to be in me from behind?"

"Yes. That is a slut's favorite position, isn't it?"

"Yes! I love being taken that way! Especially by big men like you!"

To my knowledge Ann had never been in bed with anyone but me. This was just our fun game. I entered her and we took a long time before either of us came. We had both been a little disappointed at the volume decrease in my output after the vasectomy. I had also been disappointed at how sore my balls got if I came more than twice a day. She loved the feeling of my juices dripping out of her after I withdrew. On that night I came and nothing came back out after I came. She didn't say anything about it.

We snuggled together and soon fell asleep. At five in the morning the sky was just beginning to lighten. I got up, peed, came back to bed and saw Ann had tossed off the covers in her sleep. Her legs were spread. I lay down with my face in her pussy. I wanted an early breakfast and she looked open for business. I licked her and tasted us. Within seconds she was wet again and squirming, pushing her pussy against my mouth. I licked with more intensity and Ann moaned. Her hands held my head. As her passion rose she started adding commentary.

"Oh Mister, you love pussy! You can eat me anytime! Put your tongue in me. Yes! Just like that!"

Ann's hips rose up from the bed and I put my hands under her ass holding it up for me. She was very close.

I pulled my face back a little. "Slut, do you want to cum on my face or with my cock in you?"

"I want you to suck me and then I'll suck you!"

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