tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersWho Changed More? (Humor)

Who Changed More? (Humor)


"Of course we shouldn't have tried the magic mushrooms, but please stop complaining, my dear husband. The magic mushrooms changed me too. In fact, Pat, I think they changed me more than they changed you."

"Are you nuts, Carol? Completely nuts? They changed me into a girl, for gosh sakes, and also made me 4 inches shorter. Now I have girl tits! They just made you into a sexier girl."

"Calm down, Pat. You changed into a girl, while I was already one. You are right, that is sure a change. And you are right that you now are 4 inches shorter, only 5'5" now. But I am now 8 inches taller than I was - now I am 5'10". So we are even. In one way you changed more, but in the other way I changed more."

"But, but, but, now I have tits. I used to be flat chested."

"True. B cups, I'd say. And that sure does follow from you being a girl, so it does not seem fair to count your new tits as a separate change from you turning into a girl. However, its am improvement over your old chest isn't it? Do you like it when I do this?" (She licks, kisses and then sucks on his tits.) Pat pants. "You really, really like it, don't you? Admit it." She stops, although keeping one hand on each nipple.

Gradually Pat's breathing slows down. "Carol, you are distracting me terribly - I can't think straight. The issue we were discussing is, "Who changed more", not whether I like having my new tits sucked. I do, of course it feels great. The point is that I now have girl tits, while you have had girl tits all along."

"True - you went from flat to B cup. But I went from an A cup to a D cup. So I changed more than you did in the chest department. Three sizes to your two. I'm up by one as far as who changed more."

"But, but -- OK. But my cock is now a clit - it shrank roughly 6 inches. Did your clit grow more than 6 inches?"

"Of course not, no. But I think it did grow a bit. Let me find out." (Carol grabs Pat and kisses him, rubs her own clit with one hand while rubbing on Pat's tits with the other. After a few minutes Carol comes, and then comes again. After she calms down, she looks down, and resumes the conversation.) "I'd say my clit grew roughly ½ an inch. You win this round. This makes us even so far as changes go."

Carol continued: "But the fact that I came while kissing you, a pretty girl, while I was sucking on your tits - I orgasmed while making love your new body - means I have changed. I used to like only guys, but now a girl made me come. How about you, Pat - do you still find me attractive, or have you changed in terms of your sexual preferences? Do you like boys now?"

"No - I still like girls. Only girls. In fact, I find you even more attractive than I used to, what with your tall curvy body, D cup chest, your blond hair...."

"Good point. My hair color changed while yours did not. And the fact that I now like girls while you have not changed makes me 2 ahead of you in the change department."

"But, but -- I guess you are right. And you came 2 times a few minutes ago - you never used to have multiple orgasms before. That is another change for you."

"Good point, Pat. But let's see whether I can give you multiple orgasms too." She gently pushes him back onto the bed, kisses him and rubs his clit until he comes, then goes down on him until he comes again, and then mounts him and kisses him, rubs her tits on his tits and her pussy on his pussy until he comes a third time."

"You came 3 times, Pat, instead of only one like you used to, but I will generously only count that as one change. We each changed in this regard, so I am still up by 2 in terms of changes."

"I'm not going to complain about this change. But now I am going to have to fight off unwelcome advances from guys. That is a huge change, and one that I don't like."

"True. But now I am a blond 5' 10" gorgeous sexbomb with D cup tits, curves to die for, etc. You are really a nice looking girl, but I am going to have to fight off many more guys than you ever will, while in the past I never had to very often. I think we are even on this one - although I will bet you that I will have to fight off more guys than you will."

Pat looks at Carol, up and down. "No bet."

"Right, and I'm still up by 2 on you."

"But, but.... you have always liked being a girl. You liked the gender of your body. And so did I. By that I mean I liked being a guy. Being in a body I do not like as much is a change for me."

"How do you know you don't like being a girl? You have not really tried it yet - you might like it even more than you liked being a guy, even more than I do, so that does not count yet. Besides, let me remind you how much you liked it a few minutes ago." She rubs his clit. He starts panting. "Remember how you just came three times? Is this so bad? Should I stop? Look at us in the mirror - do you like what you see? What you feel? Are you happy being a girl? If not, I can stop rubbing."

"Ok, OK, I like the sex more and I might even like my new body more overall. You're just not playing fair, rubbing on me like that!"

Carol goes down on his tits again. After a few minutes Pat says, "I admit it. I like my new chest more."

Then Carol says; "But I like my old chest more. You have normal sized tits, like I used to, but mind are huge. So I am really up by 3 in the change department."

(Defeated) " OK, I admit it, Carol. You changed more than I did."

"In fact, Pat, you have always loved huge tits - while I did not and still don't. Do you want to exchange bodies?"


"There is one kind of magic mushroom we did not try yet. The body swap mushroom. Do you want to swap bodies permanently?"

"I, I, don't know."

"Do you want to be a 5'5", pretty girl, with a nice but ordinary build, or a 5'10" buxom blond sex goddess? I would rather be the normal girl. You will never be a normal guy again, so the question is: do you want to be a normal looking girl, or a sex goddess?"


Readers: please vote! Should Pat agree to the switch? I will abide by your wishes!

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