tagAnalWho Could Resist Dr. Marti?

Who Could Resist Dr. Marti?


"You may enter the room now, sir."

A pause.


I was off in my own little world, oblivious of the kind voice speaking to me.

"I'm sorry," I offered, snapping back into the current reality. My eyes focused on the receptionist, a warm, middle-aged woman, smiling understandably at me.

"Martha's ready for you now," she motioned to the open examining room as an elderly woman stepped out and offered her goodbyes to the doctor. She proceeded to the reception desk as I stood to make my way from the waiting room.

"Thank you. I'm sorry about that. I've just been very preoccupied lately."

The receptionist gave me another warm smile

"Hi Martha," I offered, smiling at the doctor as I entered the room.

"Hi, Dan," Martha returned, "I'll be just a minute. Please have a seat."

I sat on the adjustment table as Martha left the room and closed the door. I heard some garbled conversation taking place between the receptionist, the doctor and her recently completed session patient as I removed the set of keys from my front pocket and placed them on the counter. Turning towards the door, I heard some laughter as the woman was apparently leaving. I removed my eye glasses, placed them on the counter next to my keys and returned to the examining table and took a seat. Just then, the door opened and Martha walked in.

"Hello, Dan. How are you?" she smiled.

This was the highlight of my visit...always was; probably always will be. There she stood in the doorway, looking like a statuesque goddess. Although she didn't have much endowment, in terms of breast size, she still looked good consistently. Martha appeared to be in her mid-to-late thirties. She stood at about five feet, six inches tall. Martha was skinny, but had meat on her bones in all the right places and she had curves and legs to boot. I loved looking her over, like salivating eye candy. Martha's shoulder length mid-toned brown hair was straight and hung nicely, framing her chiseled square line jaw face. Her inviting smile gave a welcoming glow to her soothing brown eyes. Martha's neck was slender and long and gave way to her square shoulders, like her jaw line. Following down her long slender torso, were a set of incredibly perfect curvaceous hips and long, thin toned legs. I admired the fact that Martha always wore loose-fitting button down shirts and extremely tight chino pants that hugged every curve of her lower half.

I smiled, looking up at her toned figure as she closed the door behind her.

"I'm fine. And yourself?"

"Pretty well. Things are busy around here, as usual."

"I can imagine, but I do like coming here as your last appointment, so I get special treatment," I winked at her.

Martha smirked and took hold of my shoulder as she guided me to lie on the table.

"How has your back been this past month or so?"

"Oh, it's been all right. A few twinges here and there, but for the most part, it's been much better."

"Good. Good to hear," Martha replied.

Not only did I like seeing her for her no-nonsense natural beauty, but Martha had a great way of personally connecting with her clients as people, not just as patients. The fact that she insisted on everyone calling her by her first name and not by 'Doctor,' or some other formality spoke volumes in my estimation of her friendly, laid-back caliber. I had been seeing Martha now for just over a year and was continually amazed at her continued cheeriness and demeanor, not to mention her perfect bodily structure. What I really loved to see is her backside. Man, oh man, when she bent over, it was like looking at a piece of heaven. Martha's ass was as tight as they come with perfection written all over it. Although she was well into her thirties, she had the body and the ass of a twenty year old college gal. Her ass was the perfect handful shape and protruded just enough as if to say to the interested eye, "go ahead a grab hold." Tight and firm are not adequate descriptors of her hind side, but her taught seat is exactly that: tight, firm and undeniably squeezable.

Martha's healing hands went to work on my shoulders as she massaged and pushed into my muscles, working them into quick submission. I was like putty in her hands, as the old saying goes. With each grinding rub, I was falling deeper into submission as my body seemed to melt into the structure of the chiropractic table.

I recalled one instance that just about took my breath away that I witnessed during a previous visit. While I was waiting to be called into the examination room, Martha came briskly out of the room and jogged over to a bookshelf on the opposite side of the waiting room. She bent over to get a manual from the lower shelf and my eyes about popped out of their sockets. As she bent down, Martha's ass formed a perfect double-U shape as her pants hugged her seat in skin-tight fashion. As many tricky women do, Martha wore thong underwear to hide any potential panty lines. Per my own personal fantasy, she was wearing exactly that and as she leaned forward, the waist band of her thong, a fire-engine red satin color, rode up nicely above her pants' slim waist line. My God, her ass was tight. I remember growing numb in disbelief as she turned around and barely caught my heavy stare. Making split-second eye contact with her, I looked away as she said, "Oh, hi there, Dan!" Although I didn't at all mind the position I was in at the time, seeing the remarkable site I had just seen, I also felt about two inches tall for almost getting caught.

"How does that feel?" Martha asked, snapping me back into the present moment.

"Fantastic," I murmured.

"Good. Now turn over on your stomach."

Obediently, I rolled over and placed my face into the void of the table and rested, taking a few deep breaths as her hands went to work on the back of my neck and down my back. She paused every few inches to work-out some tight knots every now and then as our conversation continued.

"So, what's new with you?" she asked.

"Not much; same old stuff," I replied.

We talked about my job and the weather, along with some upcoming road trip plans that I had made with some friends. Most of it was the usual small talk that we usually carry on together, nothing out of the ordinary. Of course, this is when the atmosphere in the room changed dramatically.

"How's everything with you?" I asked.

"Pretty good."

"How are things at the house?"

There was an unusual delay in response, so I waited a couple of moments and asked, "Martha?" I didn't feel her touch on my back any longer.

There was no answer. I got a little concerned, so I rolled over and looked about the room. She was in the far corner of the room with her face buried in her hands.

"Oh my God, Martha--Is everything okay?"

She whimpered a bit and shook her head in response. I was shocked to see her in this state and for a quick moment, I had no idea what to say. I slid off the table and calmly approached her quivering body as she hid her eyes in her hands. When I got closer, she moved her fingers away from her eyes, still covering her nose. Martha's beautiful brown eyes were filled with tears.

Instinctively, I grabbed some tissues from the corner counter and offered them to her.

"Thanks very much," she smiled briefly, sniffling.

"Do you want a hug or something?"

"Sure. I'll always take one of those," as she wiped her nose.

We embraced for a short while and I remained silent.

"You are so sweet. Thank you," she whispered.

Quickly, Martha composed herself, dried her eyes quickly and asked me to stay in the room. Walking over to the door, she opened it slowly and I heard her say to the receptionist that she could go home for the evening and that we'd be okay alone.

"Good night," I heard Martha say as she closed the door again.

Our eyes met and I locked onto hers as she approached me.

"I'm so sorry."

"Please don't be," I offered sheepishly, still not knowing what to say.

"Thanks. It's just that my husband walked out on me recently and I haven't been very strong ever since."

"I understand," I offered, moving towards her again, "I am so sorry, Martha," embracing her thin frame, pulling her firmly towards mine.

"Please, call me Marti."


"Thank you," she whimpered again, her sobs beginning to quake as I held on to her.

"It'll be okay. Everything will be okay," I whispered, stroking her soft brown hair.

I could not believe what was taking place here. I never thought I'd ever get this close to her...not now, not ever. Martha's scent was amazing. Her hair smelled like a spring garden, rich with flowers and fresh air. I pulled her even closer, breathing in her beauty, wrapping my arms around her slender waist.

"Is there anything I can do?" I offered.

Martha's tears seemed to let up a bit as silence filled the room. An awkward pause followed suit.

"Actually...yes, there is...if you're up for it," she hesitated.

"Sure. What is it?"

She pulled back from my embrace, as her eyes searched mine.

"It's been so long," she explained, "Make me feel like a woman again?"

Her doe eyes, eager for a response, looked deeply into my surprised eyes, with immense hope.

"Oh, wow. Really?"

"Yes," she nodded her head affirmatively with quick speed.

"Wow...I'm stunned...yes, of co—"I was unable to finish my sentence, as her mouth hungrily met mine. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her face towards me. Our tongues swirled around one another's as my heart raced. I reached out and held her face, wiping away her recent tears. Smoothing over her silky hair, I caressed her face and neck as our mouths continued to dance together. Her grip around me strengthened as I felt her body rub against mine in intimate fashion. My hands were moving down her torso now, massaging her back as we reached and tugged for one another. Coming up for air, I stepped back and looked at her. With reckless abandon, I calmly looked her up and down, now suddenly not ashamed of my gawking eye motions, admiring her every sensual curve.

"I can't believe it. I've wanted you for so long now."

"I know, I know...and now, you can have me. I want you to take me like no other," she explained, as she cocked an eyebrow at me, smiling devilishly.

"Oh, Marti!" I pulled her close again, meeting her kiss with mine. Our lips washed over each others like long lost friends reuniting for the first time in years. As I caressed her neck again, her breathing began noticeable as my hands moved up and down her soft skin, pausing to accelerate her erogenous areas.

Simultaneously, she started to loosen her clothes, as she pulled her blouse free from her tight-fitting pants and kicked off her sandals. I followed her lead and pulled my shirt free and removed my shoes as well. I began unbuttoning her blouse as she worked on my jeans, undoing my belt and zipping down my fly. Marti's hands flowed down my chest as she stooped to her knees, finishing her mission of loosening my pants. With one quick motion, she had my jeans down to my ankles and was eye balling the growing bulge in my boxers.

"Ooh, I can't wait," she sighed, rubbing my hardening cock through the thin material of my shorts. With each of her passing teases, my member throbbed to attention, thickening with blood as she continued caressing it. Marti looked up at me with quickening desire as I pulled my boxers down over my elongated staff. My cock jumped into instant view and flopped in front of her pretty face as she looked beyond my hard flesh and met my awe-taken gaze and locked on me. She then looked down and focused on the rod of meat in front of her.

"Oh my..." with a quick envelopment, she had my dick buried fully into her awaiting mouth and was sucking me to no end. Up and down her head bopped--slurping up her new saliva, as she moved around the length of my thickening tool. I had to close my eyes and concentrate on my breathing to not loose control too quickly as she worked my penis in and out of her wet mouth. Her tongue swirled around my staff, feeling like soft velvet as she stroked over and around my sensitive member, taking in all of the inches. My dick felt like it was going to explode inside her hungry mouth as she moved, pulling me closer and deeper into her experimenting eager oral cavity. I felt my threshold approaching too quickly for my own good that I pulled my throbbing dick from her soft confines and lifted her to her feet. Marti's eyes widened in curiosity, following my lead, she stood before me.

"Too much?" she asked coolly.

"Yeah, you could say that," I smiled.

She smiled in return and awaited my next move.

"Lay down on the bench," I instructed. As her frame rested coyly on the massage table, I pulled on her pant legs and her chinos peeled away from her toned long legs. She pulled her legs free as her enviable loins, wrapped in her thin strip of thong material rested before me, calling to me in a language that all men inherently understand.

"My God, you are gorgeous."

Marti blushed and smiled at me genuinely as my eyes took a walk all over her toned figure. Her hips were amazing to look at. The only visual deviance was that of her smooth stomach and cute belly button. Her long, thin legs moved up towards her lovely crotch, calling my eye to her delectable mound. She silently lay in front of me, watching me take all of her natural beauty in through my wandering eyes. I reached down and rubbed my hands over her long legs and moved into her inner thighs as she quivered slightly with my touch. Her skin was perfectly soft and smooth as I glided over her flawless skin and pushed up towards her honey pot. As my touch circled her private entry way through the silky fabric, she cooed in response. As I pressed harder against her mound, she sighed and threw her head back as I rubbed.

"Oooh, yes, that feels good," Marti closed her eyes and sighed.

I hovered over her and grabbed the ends of thong on the sides of her hips and pulled her sexy undergarments down past her knees, peeling them away from her calves in the process. She kicked them off and smiled at me widely as I grinned back at her, positioning myself between her long outstretching legs.

Marti's pussy looked like a tight wrapped package. Her outer lips surrounded her awaiting taught-opened slit with the elegance of a rare flower. Since she was shaved clean, I could see every detail of each fold. Her outer skin edges were tan, almost brown in color, giving way to an incredible ochre pink color of her inner talent. I pulled her outer lips back, exposing her very private entrance. Her clit was firm and pulsating as her juices glistened elegantly, dripping without hesitation from her sexy inner gash. As I pulled her lips further apart, her dark opening summoned me to lick her senseless.

"I'm going to eat your pretty little pussy," I announced, diving deeper in between her.

"Nice!" she giggled as my face approached her tight slit.

I licked, sucked and slurped on her tight folds for what seemed hours on end as she writhed in pleasure below my probing tongue and mouth. She tasted pretty good as I pulled on her outer lips with my lip-covered teeth. Her breathing had become erratic now as she moved below me. Her motions simply encouraged me to dive into her stronger and deeper as she bucked her hips back towards my willing mouth. I pulled her outer lips back, stretching her opening more fully. Her entry oozed with her primal juices as her heavy musk scent filled the air space. I went to town, running my tongue up and down her tightness, pausing to drill my tongue into her wet cavern. She clawed at the back of my head, pulling my face closer to her intimate garden as I drove further into her. I ran my eager tongue up and down her folds and slipped it inside, tickling her inner labia as my saliva mixed readily with her female juice. The scene was incredible as her pussy pulsated in front of me. I wanted to catch every single detail as I lapped and sucked on her, wanting to do nothing more than completely lick her dry.

"Oh my God, that feels so fucking good!" Marti called as I continued slurping inside of her, swallowing her juice with glee.

Slightly pinching her engorged clit in between my top lip and my tongue, she went reeling with pleasure as I pulled and tugged gently on her pleasure button. Her hips were beyond bunting and bucking, as they were now grinding against my oral probes. "Are you ready for me to put my cock in you?" I asked.

"Yes!" she purred.

I pulled back and placed my hard dick in my hand and knelt in front of her to impale her tight beauty.

Marti gasped as I placed my mushroom head against her outer lips, about ready to tease her beyond compare. As I slapped my dick against her mound, she sat up unexpectedly, with a look of worry on her face.

"What's the matter, baby?"

"Um, sorry...do you have a condom?"

"Nope, sorry, I don't...but don't worry...I don't fuck around," trying to return to slapping my tool against her pussy.

"I trust you...it's just that I'm pretty sure I'm ovulating."

"Oh, I see...Well, what do we do?"

"Ah...shit...I don't know."

"Damn, I was hoping to slide this in you."

"Me too, more than you know," Marti panted.

Just then, her face lit up.

"What's up?"

"You could always stick your cock in my ass."

"Really?" my mouth was salivating immediately.

"Sure. That is, of course, that you'd like it."

"Like it? I'd love it!"

"I thought so," she replied slyly.

"What do you mean?"

"I've seen the way you check out my ass."

"Well, I admit, you have one incredible looking ass."


"Now, the question is, will you like it?"

"I love getting my ass fucked. It's been a long time, so you'll have to get me nice and ready."

"Of course."

"Great, as long as you do, I'm certain to cum."

"Now, roll over and show me that tight ass!"

Marti quickly rolled over and got on her hands and knees and pointed her tight ass to the sky as I knelt down in front of her. As expected, her ass looked incredible firm and tight as she arched her back, stuck her hams out and awaited my arrival. Her bum protruded perfectly beyond her slim back as her hips rounded out the obscene picture before me. Her globes were separated in a perfect two piece pie as the upside-down perfect heart-shaped form stretched before me.

My cock sprung into over arching action at the sight of her picture perfect rear. I couldn't wait to nail her, but I reminded myself of the importance of getting her ready so she would be ensured of a rocketing cum fest. I owed her that. I owed us both that. Make her feel like a woman was exactly what I planned and hoped to do.

I knelt down between her toned legs and spread her legs apart a bit to expose her tight cherry asshole. There it was before me, like a soft starburst, surrounded by firm flawless flesh. Her rosebud was clean and bright pink, puckered like a mouth ready to be kissed.

"I'm going to rim you like never before!" I exclaimed, placing my slippery tongue on the button of her backdoor.

"Fuck yeah!" Marti sighed as I pressed into her, pulling her ass apart. Her tight bung hole quaked and expanded briefly with my stretch motion. As I licked her anus, I tasted the scent of her last meal and relished in the saltiness of her hole. Even though most people are repulsed by this, I found it incredible and couldn't wait to open her further. Concentrating on her taint, I licked up and down her tight passage, alternating from the bottom split of her vaginal canal to the top end of her ass cleft. Her tight globes surrounded my chin and cheeks and pushed warmly against my oral motion, pulling me closer, teasing me to go deeper inside.

"Oh, oooh, that feels so nice!" I heard her cry as I sucked on the opening of her anus, pulling on the delicate flesh with my departing suck. I pressed on and pushed her ass globes apart further now, exposing more of her crack. I was able to lick up and down her dirty slit now, encasing her tight puckered hole as I washed up and down Marti's incredibly narrow cleavage, sucking and kissing each single increment of skin between her two intimate openings.

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