tagFetishWho is Peeing Everywhere?

Who is Peeing Everywhere?


My name is Heidi and I share a rented house in a good area with three other girls. We all met each other at university and are now well into our mid-twenties, and starting out on the first rungs of what we hope will be rewarding and well paid professional careers. I have gained a position as an English teacher at a local state comprehensive school, Katie has gained a junior position at a local law firm, Deborah has become a columnist for our local newspaper, and Sarah is now a junior doctor in one of our local hospitals. We all have our own bedrooms but with no lock and keys. The rest of the house - lounge, dining room, kitchen, bathroom - are all shared.

We all get along great. Sometimes one or other of us will bring a guy back, but we are all pretty career focussed right now and not really looking for any long term relationships. Most of the time we are all just girls together, getting along, and understanding and sharing each others' goals in life.

Anyway, that kind of sets the scene. But there has been another interesting development in recent months. There is a phantom pisser amongst us! This phenomenon first manifested itself about six months ago, when Deborah discovered a large puddle on the kitchen floor in the corner, and realised by the smell and colour of it that it was actually pee! Of course, we all went into the kitchen to investigate, and invitably were soon firing questions and interrogating each other. No one else had been in the building, so it had to be the work of one of us. Yet no one showed the slightest sign of guilt, let alone admitted to it. Eventually we had to accept that we weren't going to get any further and just had to clean up the mess.

But it wasn't a one off. A few days later, I myself found a large damp spot on the living room carpet beside one of the armchairs. I touched it with my fingers before raising them towards my nose to smell it. And yes, it was definitely pee. Again, only we four had been in the house so it had to be one of us, so I called in the other girls. But once more, no one looked guilty or admitted to anything.

And this kept happening. Puddles of pee were found all over the place, typically two or three times a week. The bathroom floor was peed on, the hallway carpet, the living room and dining room floors. A couple of times, the hallway wall showed signs of being peed against. The dining room table got peed on. And soon, even our own bedrooms were no longer sacrosanct. All of us at different times discovered that our bedroom carpets had been peed on. Every one of us had our fair share of being the first to spot each of the latest "doings", even though one of the girls must herself have been the culprit.

We all pretty much reacted with disgust, but I know that I actually began to secretly find myself thinking about it and being turned on by the idea of one of the girls doing it. Increasingly, I found myself fantasising about catching the culprit in the act and joining her. I was tempted once or twice to pee somewhere naughty myself, but didn't in case I was caught and blamed for the whole lot! I began searching the net in private, looking in particular for pics of both guys and girls peeing in naughty places. Increasingly, I realised that the idea of peeing where one shouldn't was seriously turning me on, and I yearned to catch the culprit in our house in the act, no longer wishing to expose her but merely to get off on sharing in her secret.

We did in fact come up with a number of theories to explain what was happening, but only two were really in any way plausible. One was that the guilty girl was actually doing it in her sleep, ie sleepwalking. But gradually, this became more and more implausible as well, because it happened at all times of the day and not just at night. And we realised that if someone were doing this in their sleep without any conscious awareness of it, they would likely have been caught in the act in time. But no one ever was. So it became clear to us all that the girl doing this was doing it on purpose, quite deliberately. And we could think of no other motive than that the guilty person did it for pleasure.

This realisation actually seriously turned me on and I really yearned by now to share in the experience with whoever it was. In my most private moments there were times when I couldn't stop thinking about it. Well, eventually, I invested good money in a secret camera set up which I located in my bedroom without telling any of the other girls. Whenever I was out of the room for any length of time, I set it up to record. Sooner or later my bedroom would be peed in again, I figured.

And the other day it finally happened. After being out all day, I discovered a large wet patch at the end of my bed where the carpet had been peed on. So I uploaded my recordings and began to view, fast forwarding for some time as I forced my eyes to remain fixed upon the screen. And then I saw it. I backtracked to the very beginning and watched in normal time. And into view, on the screen, in my bedroom appeared Katie, the budding solicitor, who looked around the room for a brief moment before stepping out of her smart trousers and panties. Naked from the waist down, she lowered herself into a kind of semi-squat near the end of my bed and started to pee all over the carpet! She was grinning with obvious pleasure as she did it, clearly enjoying herself. Once she had finished, she remained in position and began to rub herself to orgasm, which didn't actually take her too long. Then she got dressed, took one last glance at the puddle on the carpet, and chuckled before stepping out of view. Watching this actually turned me on so much that I had to bring myself off right there and then too.

I kept a lid on my secret discovery for a couple of days until Katie and I were alone in the house. She was in her bedroom, when I entered with my laptop, saying that I wanted to show her something. I then showed her the video recording of herself getting off by peeing on my bedroom carpet. Her face went white with shock. She looked mortified, and was stunned into silence, looking too ashamed to even look at me. I tried to reassure her that I had not told the other girls and had no intention of doing so, and that the thought of this kind of thing turned me on a bit too. She still looked ashamed and embarassed, not really crediting the truth of my words.

So I did what I had always planned to do, full bladder at the ready. I told her that it was the kind of thing I had always wanted to do myself but was never brave enough. And that I was now going to prove it to her. So I stepped out of the jeans I was wearing, then lowered my panties, as Katie's eyes widened and her look of shame began to give way to one of aroused curiosity. Then I squatted in the middle of her bedroom, and started to pee right there on her carpet as she watched. And wow, what a turn on! I was pretty full, so the hissing that is so typical of us girls was pretty loud, the sound of it splashing down upon the carpet so utterly erotic. And it felt so damn exhilerating to just be peeing all over Katie's carpet like this. It was just so naughty, and a total thrill.

Katie looked on enthralled, clearly enjoying the show too. And even before I finished, she too was squatting over another part of the carpet, and peeing there as well - two girls peeing together! Total bliss! Especially when we brought ourselves off in front of each other as soon as we'd finished peeing!

I think Katie and I are going to have fun together.

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