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Who Is That


The room was dark with just a bit of light allowing me see your body beside me. The covers were up to your chin and your beautiful face was outlined in the dim light. Your hair cascaded over your pillow and I watched you breath.

My hand glided over and softly pulled the light sheet down until it revealed the fullness of your breasts in the summer warmth. The sheet rested just below the points of your hips. My fingers skimmed gently over your soft skin and your nipples. Your hands were lying at your sides as I moved my fingers onto each erect nipple. They stood out firmly and with each touch they were getting harder. You were somewhat awake now but being still and enjoying the stimulation. I moved to your ear and told you to put your arms up over your head. You lifted each arm, placing them near the top of the bed with each hand gripping a metal bar of the headboard. With your arms in this position, your breasts were pulled up higher and my mouth dropped to one nipple and began to suck and lick it. My other hand reached down between your legs and a finger gently rubbed between the folds. As soon as you felt my hand enter you, you opened your legs for me. My mouth sucked and licked the hard nipple and my hand worked deeply into you. I then pulled my finger out of you and brought it to your other hard nipple. I smeared the juice on your nipple as I continued to lick the other one.

"My tits feel so good," you said as I moved my mouth from one to the other and back again. You moaned from the sensation. I pulled my mouth away from your tits and got on my knees beside your face. With my hand in your silky dark hair I pulled your face to me. I watched as your mouth opened and pulled me inside. Your tongue worked the head of my cock and it felt incredible.

As you continued, I reached down and pushed 2 fingers into your cunt. Your clit was swollen as I rubbed it with each stroke causing you to open your mouth briefly and say, "Yes, rub my clit like that." I pushed my cock back through your wet lips and felt the magic of your mouth.

Your face was turned to the side as I kept stroking between your lips. Your hips moved urgently on my fingers. The feelings were so totally sexual and you were completely overcome by the erotic moment. Your tits were being licked and pulled as you felt my hand inside you as you sucked me. But somewhere in your mind it didn't make sense. I was kneeling beside your head and fingering you but how was I also tonguing your nipples so deliciously? It all felt so good...so sensual but it didn't make sense. Your body was so aroused yet somewhere you needed to know how this was all happening at the same time. You couldn't move your head from my hand's tight grip on your hair as I was pushing through your lips and into your mouth. You wanted to look down at your body but were unable to do so.

Then you realized that you felt short curly hair against your chest as the mouth on your nipples inflamed your tits even more. My hair was longer and finer. It was another person...a person with thick coarse hair...another man.

I looked down into your eyes and saw this realization in them. I pulled my hard cock out of your mouth and you looked at me, "Who is it?"

I looked down and said, "He is going to eat you while you suck me." I moved my cock back to your mouth as the man positioned himself between your opened legs and began to lick you. The mouth drove into you and teased your clit. The feeling was overpowering as I moved into your mouth once again and took a hard nipple and pinched it. You were sucking me with a lust-filled frenzy as you were being eaten. Your hips rose up off the mattress as I watched you being taken by that probing mouth and tongue.

Again, I pulled out of your mouth and pushed the man off you. Momentarily you were empty and your head lifted to see who he was. His hands found your tits as I plunged my cock into you. Your legs were opened and pulled back as I drove deep into you. Then suddenly, I pulled out again and the other man immediately got between your spread legs and filled you with his cock as you began to suck me again. Your hands reached down and took his hips and pulled him into you. Again, you took my cock in your mouth and sucked it and tasted your own juice.

You looked up at me and said, "I'm going to cum on his cock. Oh yes I'm cumming." You gasped for air as he fucked you through your orgasm. Your body stiffened and you moaned and cried out loud as he kept you there. Then you looked up at me and said, "Get in me. I need your cock inside me. Fuck me."

I pushed him away and got between your legs as you took all of me in with one hard push. Almost immediately you were cumming again on my cock. Cumming and moaning and holding onto me and shoving your wet cunt up at my cock. "I'm cumming again," you trembled as I fired my cock at you. I took your shoulders and pulled you up to a half sitting position with my cock still buried deeply inside you. As I did this he slipped behind you and I let you fall back onto him. Your head rested on his chest and his hands were holding your big tits from behind and pulling at your nipples. Your body was still cumming and the sensations were exquisite. You looked up at me as your body convulsed and then I started to fill you with cum. I kept deep inside you as we ground our bodies together, crushing your clit between us as the deep sensations ripped through us. Then the last of the orgasms and spasms ended and I released your legs.

But he hadn't cum yet and he pushed you forward onto your hands and knees and entered you from behind. You moved your head down to the bed and lifted your ass to receive him. He fucked you hard and deep and despite your two previous orgasms, you were totally captivated by these erotic sensations. When he finished fucking you and shooting cum inside your welcoming cunt, you were so overwhelmed from the sexual bliss of the moment that you drifted off with your ass still up and your knees under you as cum dripped onto the sheets.

When your eyes opened, I was holding you in my arms. You looked around and saw no one. You looked at me and said, "Who was that." I smiled and pulled your full lips down onto my swelling cock.

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