tagErotic HorrorWho Killed Lois Laynes?

Who Killed Lois Laynes?


The harsh blare of a siren woke the residents of Lover's Lane up. It was early in the morning the day after Halloween, and in a nearby alley between Mini Bowl and Lou's Package Store, the battered body of Lois Laynes lay sprawled on the pavement. She had been murdered in cold blood overnight, and her partially clad body was found with several knife wounds and vicious bruises. After searching the small cape where she lived with her sister and mother, the police had found a "little black book" which in the case of Lois, wasn't so little.

From the plethora of scribblings and notes on the margins, the officers found three names that were the most frequent: Billy Gargler, Eddie Layton, and Matt Fink. All were local men that had a poor track record and were known to butt heads with The Law from time to time. However, none emerged as a clear suspect. Plans were immediately made to search for the three men and interview them.

Unfortunately, Lois had lived a rather harsh life. Her parents had divorced when she was the tender age of ten, and things had proceeded downhill from there. A combination of the wrong crowd, Lois' experimentation with drugs and booze, and her endless desire to replace the missing father figure in her life had lead to multiple arrests, two DUI citations, and finally in her dropping out of school and going from one menial job to another. At the time of her death she had been working as a bagger at Shop and Save, where ironically she had met all three men the police circled in her "little black book." Even more strange was the fact that on Halloween, the day of her murder, Lois had been visited by all three suspects...

* * * * *

Lois stretched out on her oversized water bed. It was beastly hot on the second floor of her mom's tiny cape, and she had stripped to a tiny bra and crotchless panties in anticipation of Billy Gargler arriving. The Skater Dude was only 18 to her 22, but there was something about the younger man she found utterly fascinating. He was impossibly gangly, 6 feet of solid muscle, and had the most gorgeous blue eyes. They had gotten arrested together, thrown in a cell together, and constantly shot up together. He was the closest she'd ever had to a boyfriend, even though they basically got together for quick, clandestine sex.

Billy had the biggest cock she had ever seen, about 6 inches soft and nearly 9 fully hard. He was a crack addict and she supported him whenever she could, although her measly salary at Shop and Save was barely sufficient to feed a starving bird. As was part of their plan, Lois had a couple of twenty dollar bills laid out on her dresser. She was as horny as a jackrabbit, and hadn't had sex in three days, a very long time for the insatiable 22 year old.

A door slammed downstairs and Lois sighed with relief. Her mother and sister had gone to visit friends for the day and wouldn't be back until well after dark. Lois had told Billy to just come upstairs, and that she would be "ready for him." She heard the stairs creak as she idly fingered her crotch. Finally, a very familiar face peered into the poorly lighted room.

"Lois.....Oh, here you are!" Billy's face lit up at the sight of the gorgeous blond bombshell in front of him. Lois had sparkling blue eyes, a perfect nose, and ample breasts. He legs were thin and perfectly proportioned to her five foot six frame, and she smelled vaguely like a French Whorehouse.

"I missed you." Lois undid the clasps of her bra with deliberate slowness. Her tits, barely contained by the teal fabric, stood out in all their glory.

Billy let out a high pitched whistle. "You are really ready for me." He came over to the side of the bed and pulled off his baggy t-shirt. Lois drank in his sexy chest with the scary knife tattoo prominently etched near his left nipple. Then, she ran her hands over Billy's belt buckle, finally undoing the clasp and letting his oversized pants fall to the ground. A nine inch cock bounced out of his green plaid boxer shorts like a starved baby stork searching for food. Lois immediately took his fuckstick down her throat, gagging all the way but determined. Billy moaned and grunted as Lois deep throated him with utter abandon.

"That's it bitch, that's it...suck my cock, suck my cock."

Lois hated it when Billy called her a "bitch" but there wasn't much she could do about it. Half the time he was so high on crack she ignored his endless stream of obscenities anyway. She tried to forget his hurtful words and concentrated on the thick shaft in her mouth. Billy's moans got higher and higher pitched as Lois alternated deep suction with virtuosic tongue work. She ran her hands up the back of his boxers and inserted a couple of fingers up his butt to get him to come faster. Billy screamed and shouted so loudly Lois was worried the neighbors could hear him.


Billy started shooting off like a geyser. At the same time, Lois swallowed every drop, delighting in the bitter almond taste of her partner's cum. All too soon it was over. Her abuser pulled out of her mouth, and Lois sank back on the bed, back to the world of dull reality. It was then that Billy noticed the two twenty dollar bills on the dresser.

"What? Only 40 bucks?? That's not enough and YOU KNOW IT!"

Lois forced herself upright with agonizing slowness. Her voice would barely come out. "I-I don't have any more...I can't get anymore..."

"IT'S NOT ENOUGH!!!" Billy slapped Lois across the face so violently her head banged against the headboard. As she writhed in pain, he quickly picked up his clothes and ran out. The next thirty minutes were a blur for Lois as she tried to regain normal functioning. At some point, she managed to crawl off the bed to retrieve a locked box she had hidden in the closet. Lois opened it quickly, anxious to see the object of her desire. There it was, her dad's best pistol he had given her mother a long time ago "for protection." Lois ran her fingers against the rounded barrel, the cocked trigger. It would be all so easy, she thought, all so easy...

A car door slamming outside brought her back to reality. Eddie Layton was coming, and Eddie would fulfill her need to be fucked. Lois hastily put the pistol back in the box and shoved it under the bed. She then tried to mask the black and blue marks on her face with Cover Up. In the dim light of the room, she figured Eddie would barely notice.

At 38, Eddie was old enough to be her father, and that was part of the problem. Lois let him boss her around way too much, and had a hard time refusing him. Eddie spent most of his money on booze, and constantly was getting into one sordid business deal after another. His latest venture was a pyramid scheme to make enough money to buy a yacht. Of course, it would never work, but Lois knew better than to dampen Eddie's enthusiasm.

As she lay on the bed expectantly, the house suddenly became very quiet. Hadn't she heard Eddie slam the car door a few moments ago? "Eddie? Eddie? Is that you?"

The only response was the ticking of a cuckoo clock in the hallway and the loud beating of her heart. As Lois stared at the doorway to her room, a shiny silver object made its way inside. A thin shiny object, with a sharp edge....it was a butcher knife!!


Lois screamed like a banshee and jumped off the bed. At the same time, Eddie entered the room triumphantly. He was dressed as Zorro, and the knife was part of his costume!

"BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Billy grinned at the shocked Lois. "Fooled you, huh?"

"You fucker!!" Lois was furious. "That's a real knife!"

"Yeah, it is, feel it!" Eddie drew the knife along Lois' right cheek.

Lois recoiled and got back on the bed. "Get that away from me and take that silly costume off."

"Guess I can manage that..."

Billy hoisted his black shirt off and got out of his skin tight pants. He tossed off his Zorro mask and kicked off his boots. Now he was naked save a pair of tight white boxer shorts and they were bulging with his eight inch endowment. Billy walked over to Lois proudly, poking his massive hard on out of the fly slit of his shorts. She quickly gripped the waistband of his boxers and drew them off his hairy legs. Then she kicked off her panties and undid her bra. Eddie forced her on the bed and entered her roughly, with one quick thrust.


Lois screamed in a mixture of pleasure and pain as Eddie fucked her like a man possessed. Their bodies came together with audible slaps. At first, the feeling of Eddie's thick cock in her pussy was a turn on for Lois. Then, his thrusts became more and more painful, kind of like that sharp twinge as the needle enters a vein during a blood test.

"Ed-d-i-e-e" Lois wailed. "You're hurting me!"

"I'm almost there, I'm almost there," Eddie completely ignored her. Just as Lois almost blacked out from the pain, Eddie let out a blood chilling shriek.


He spasmed inside Lois a good seven times before collapsing on the bed. At that exact moment, his beeper went off on the floor. After glancing at it for one second, Eddie picked up his clothes in alarm.

"Sorry babe, that's my agent."

"Eddiiieeeeeeee." Lois spoke in a drawn out whisper. "Could you hug me? Please hug meeee."

But Eddie was gone. Only the high pitched squeaks of the hall cuckoo clock answered her request.

Lois cried herself into oblivion. The tears felt like little knives against her cheeks. Mercifully, sleep overtook her after a few minutes. In the only dream she would remember later, a long black vehicle was careening down a lonely street. The driver spoke in a strange monotone. "And on the left, we are approaching the grave of a Miss Lois Laynes."

Lois awoke with a start. Someone was banging on the door downstairs. She quickly remembered Matt Fink was supposed to stop by. He was a 20 year old drifter that had just rolled into her life like a wave whipped up by the wind. Matt had no money, smelled like a mixture of cigarette smoke and onions, and liked his sex quick and rough. But he was also very handsome in a "bad boy" kind of way, and Lois quickly succumbed to his boyish charm.

Lois put her panties back on, but remained topless as she went down the stairs. It had gotten dark outside, and she opened the door with a mixture of uncertainty and trepidation. Matt pushed the heavy wooden door in roughly, and walked past Lois in obvious annoyance.

"About time you answered the door!!! I've been knocking for ten minutes!"

"I was asleep." Lois didn't know what else to say.

"I thought we were going to the Halloween party at Gotham's." Matt stared at her with daggers.

"Well, I thought we could go later...I'm....you know....." Lois faltered.

"In the mood?" Matt grinned.

"Yeah." Lois managed a smile.

Matt didn't respond but quickly went up the stairs. Lois followed him, suddenly noticing a small bag under his left arm. She didn't say anything about it, figuring she could ask him later in the bedroom. Once inside, Matt immediately started taking off his clothes. When he got down to his blue boxer briefs, Lois got on her knees and sensuously lowered them. As she was about to take his fat 6 incher in her mouth, Matt quickly pushed her onto the bed and turned her over on her stomach.

"MATT!! WHAT ARE YOU?" Lois was panicking.

"I'm going to take your butt. What do you think?"

Lois let out a blood curdling scream but it was no use. With a loud grunt, Matt entered her butt with one cruel thrust. Lois felt like a red hot poker was being forced up her ass. She almost blacked out as Matt plowed in an out of her butt like a madman.

"AIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I can't take it! I can't take it!"

"You have to take it...now fuck!"

Matt was sweating and swearing as his loins slapped against Lois' cheeks. Although he tried to hold back, the feeling of Lois' tight butt against his cock was just too much. With one final thrust, Matt let out a loud bellow.


Matt came a good eight times, shooting his cream into Lois' sore butt. As his dick came out of her ass with a loud "plop", Lois tried to roll over onto her stomach. She was very surprised Matt held her down, at the same time reaching into the bag Lois had spotted earlier.

"Matt what are you..."

Her response was cut off by the sharp pain of a whip cracking against her back. She tried to push Matt away, but he was relentless. Blow after blow rained upon her neck, back, and legs as Matt whipped his love slave, smirking with every new injury. Lois lost track of time as cried out pitifully in a mixture of pain and embarrassment. She ultimately blacked out, remembering Matt's mean chortling as she lost consciousness...

* * * * *

Lois woke up with a start. It was 9 o'clock and her mother and sister would be coming home soon. Her back was so sore she could barely move, but she managed to get off the bed and check her cell phone messages. Sure enough, the one she was hoping for was there. Her "Secret Admirer" wanted to meet her at 1 AM, in the alley between Mini Bowl and Lou's Package Store. Lois had many secret admirers, but she was reasonably certain she knew who this one was. She would have to be careful to cover up the fresh scars on her neck and legs, as well as the finger marks on her cheek. Lois figured the alley was so dark her secret admirer wouldn't even notice. Before she got dressed in a flimsy long dress with no bra, Lois managed to make one last entry in her diary:

Please release me....

Please release me....

Please release me....

Please release me....

Please relea

Her pencil suddenly snapped from the force she had been exerting on it. Lois left her diary out on her dresser, something told her there was no need to hide it anymore, then departed into the cool Halloween night....

* * * * *

The day after Halloween was a busy one for the police. They had managed to find Billy Gargler, Matt Fink, and Eddie Layton, but their thorough questioning of all three men had yielded little. Each had denied ever being in the Laynes residence and only Matt admitted a "slight" relationship with the deceased. Then, the police had an idea. They would invite the suspects to the Laynes' residence, under the pretense of Lois' mother picking them out as being in the home or not. The police had been very careful with the suspects, telling them nothing about the crime itself. For all the three men knew, Lois could have died in her home. As part of their master scheme, the police never revealed exactly where Lois lived. The instructions simply were "meet us at the Laynes' at 8:00 PM." They figured if any of the men showed up at Lois' house at that given time, it would just further implicate them as liars and possible suspects.

* * * * *

At exactly 8 PM, Eddie Layton emerged from the shadows into a vast parking lot. High above his head, the garish neon sign MINI BOWL illuminated the darkness. Suddenly, three policemen surrounded Eddie, quickly handcuffing him.

"You're under arrest for the murder of Lois Laynes!"

* * * * *

Why did the police suspect Eddie? Do you agree? The answer will be posted after the Halloween Contest is over in the Author's Hangout forum. Happy sleuthing!!


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