tagGay MaleWho knew I'd like facials?

Who knew I'd like facials?


I never thought it would happen to me, but I'm glad that it did!

Let me start off by saying that I was the kind of guy who loved to meet all the ladies in college. It was fun to meet, and be with so many different types of women, the kid in the candy store thing!

I sort out the babes who looked good and knew it. The would show off what they had and it was my job to pay attention. From that group of babes I wanted the ones with the nicest lips. The ones who couldn't go a day without wrapping her lips around my salami.

Yep, those were the days!

After college I became a married guy and I'm now in my late 40's, a professional business man. I've been married for a long time and enjoy being married. I'm Joe average, six foot tall, 175, silver hair, and I live in the heartland, the Midwest.

A twist of sorts occurred in the past few years! I still sort out blow jobs, but I now wanted to be the one wrapping my lips around a fat salami!

I got interested in men just a few years ago, it started by looking at regular porn sights. I became interested in seeing blow jobs and the explosion of jizz that followed. I found it very "hot" to see a great blow job on a nicely shaped big fat cock.

I would watch these videos or look at those photos and think how wonderful it looked. The woman was always shown with a large rod in her mouth and finally a hot cum covered face at the end. I would get very hard just looking at those photos.

Finally one day I hit a "Men's" site by mistake and as I was there I found that I was hard just looking at those long fat cocks. It was right at that moment that I realized what I found so hot over the last few months. It wasn't the women, it was the idea of having a big fat cock shoot its warm load all over my face. Clearly that was a fantasy and not about to happen, or was it?

In the following weeks I started chatting with a few local guys. One guy sent me his photo and it hit the spot. He was in good shape and his cock was nice and thick. He had a larger head and his balls hung low, he promised a large load if we ever met.

Finally one day we met at his home for lunch. He met me at the door and we shook hands and smiled. He greeted me with a nice "hello" and I did the same. His body was in good shape and he had in his shorts just what I was looking for.

We made it up the stairs to his bedroom and as I sat on the end of the bed he took off his shirt and shorts!! He asked me to kneel on the floor which I did very quickly. His cock was only half hard at that point but it was twice as thick as mine. The cock head was very large and very red in color, it was leaking fluid. He waved his cock in front of my face running it over my lips and touching the tip of my nose with it's head. I know that he saw mw licking my lips as I looked at it's size, I was nervous.

When he asked me to open my mouth I didn't hesitate. I opened my mouth and he slid his cock in all the way. He told me to let it sit for a moment just to get used to the feeling of it. I started to move my tongue along the bottom and he held my head and started to FF me.

His cock swelled and grew to a size that I've not seen before, probably 8 inches and thick. He pumped it in and out of my mouth and I used my tongue to lick it the entire time. It felt almost silky and it slid over my now puffy lips.

I wondered what I looked like from his view point. I was on my knees, which now were sore, with this man sliding his rather large shaft in my mouth. My lips were stretched, my tongue wagging, and I kept my focus on his face.

He became very vocal calling me a cock sucker and telling me how good I was. For the record I was about to cum in my pants when he announced that he was ready to shoot. He groaned and moaned as he pulled his cock out and shot all over my face. So of this large load landed on my business shirt and it was very warm and very wet. As he promised it was a large hot load!

So here I sat with a big fat cock near my nose and a very warm load all over my face. It was a much larger load than I shoot and it was very warm as it sat on my face and business shirt. I opened my mouth and ran my tongue over my lips catching as much of his goo as possible, it was dreamy! If he wasn't watching I would have used my finger to wipe my face and eat the rest, I liked the taste!

I came at the same time and left a sizable wet spot on my tan pants. He used his cock to rub the cum all over my face, I was in heaven. He finished by putting his wet cock back into my mouth and asking me to clean him off.

It was a great lunch, I thanked him and left.

I wish I could find another more regular guy to meet, it was simply the best.

True story and we have met once since that day!

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by Anonymous

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by 69stroker6903/26/18

I'd love one

Yes, I crave a facial, being covered in cum but I have a problem. I love sucking cock, feeling it grow as a result of my kissing, licking, sucking. I love even more the reward of having my mouth andmore...

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by Anonymous10/26/17


I didn't realise how erotic it felt having warm , thick cum slowly sliding down my face until it happened to me when I was 25 ... I'd been meeting men for sex ( usually sucking them off , but occasionallymore...

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