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Who Knows What Evil Lurks


No sex in this story (and yes, I'm aware it's Literotica).


They say drinking too much alcohol can kill you; but Jason Tyler is fairly certain that the third beer he drank that night saved his life. Jason's wife Alexis was out of town on business and Jason drowned his loneliness in bad TV and good beer; something he rarely did if Alexis was home. The third beer must have filled his bladder because he usually slept through the night without waking, but on this night he woke up to empty his bladder.

He looked at the clock on the nightstand, it was two in the morning and one of the neighbor's dogs was barking; probably the Kline's since their dog was always kept in an outside kennel. Jason wondered what was the point of having a pet if it was kept locked up all the time; probably just another point of contention, one of many, between Sal and Mary Kline.

Jason sat on the edge of the bed stretching his bad knee and was just standing up when his ears caught another strange sound. Unless his ears were playing tricks on him his back door just made the squeak it makes when it's opened too slowly. Jason's hair stood up on the back of his head. He decided to play it safe and quickly went to the closet; hidden over the door was his old Winchester 12 gauge pump shotgun.

Jason's father was a cop back in the seventies and once told Jason what he was taught back at the police academy. When entering an building late at night, the first thing you do is jack a round in the chamber of your shotgun; it's a sound meant to drive fear into the hearts of any bad guys lurking within. Jason's dad may be old school, but this seemed like good advice given the present situation. Although Jason couldn't remember the last time he was this scared, he did his best to steady his nerves, went to the bedroom door, pumped the first of the three double-aught buck shells into the chamber, then yelled down the stairs with a bit of false bravado, "Hey fucker - come on up, got a little surprise for ya."

The next sound Jason heard was the screen door slamming. Jason ran to the back bedroom and looked out the window. Just at that moment someone was climbing over the backyard fence. It was clear out, two nights before the full moon so although Jason couldn't make out any features, it was obviously a man trying to hop the fence, but he dropped something. Shit, was it a gun? It sure looked like a handgun that the guy stuck back in his pocket before hopping over the fence.

By now the neighbor's dog was going nuts and the Kline's back porch light came on. Unfortunately, the light didn't help identify who was running down the alley. Jason went back into their bedroom and picked up the phone.

"911, state your emergency."

"Someone just broke into my house, he left and is running away."

"Are you in any danger?"

"No, I don't think so. But the guy is running away, maybe you can catch him."

The conversation between Jason and the dispatcher quickly went downhill from there with Jason wanting the police to respond immediately in the hope of catching the guy and the dispatcher explaining it might take some time since he was no longer in danger and there were other priorities just then. Jason knew he crossed the line when he asked the dispatcher if those priorities included stopping for a donut and coffee before coming to his house.


Two miles away Sandy Mason was sitting in his parked car trying to catch his breath. How could everything go so wrong? He had spent the past week preparing for last night; scoping out the surrounding area, mapping out where to park the car to cause the least suspicion, the best route to take walking to and from the Tyler house. He knew about that damn dog in the neighbor's yard. For that very reason he walked through the alley at two AM for the past three nights just to make the barking a routine. The lack of sleep was starting to affect his thinking and performance at work. Damn!

It wasn't easy to plan and execute (nice word!) the perfect murder. This was Sandy's best option for doing away with Jason Tyler. Sandy wondered how disappointed Alexis would be when she returned home from her business trip to find she's still married to that bastard. Alexis wouldn't show it in any outward sign, she's too good an actress.

Over the past six months, ever since he was transferred into Alexis' department, Alexis has acted like she wasn't even interested in a relationship with Sandy, but all the signs were there. The way Alexis smiled when she walked through the department, Sandy knew a secret part of that smile was just for him. And now all the hard work they had put into this night was down the tubes. Sandy had other options for getting rid of Jason, but they would take more time and Sandy was tired of the long wait until he and Alexis could be together.

Sandy rubbed himself as he sat in the car thinking back to the first time he saw Alexis. It was in a staff meeting and Alexis sat in the chair right next to him. Her skirt came up a little as she sat, just enough to show four or five inches of her thigh before she pulled her skirt back down. She smiled right at him, extended her hand and introduced herself, "Hi, I'm Alexis Tyler." Just like that!

Then last month he found her in the break room eating her lunch with Susan Oster. He asked if he could join them and Alexis said, "yes, please do" in that sweet voice of hers as she smiled at him again. Alexis continued to talk to Susan, but Sandy knew that the words were meant for his benefit.

Alexis was laughing when she told Susan, "I sometimes envy you Susan, being single that is, I've tried to train Jason for the past twenty years and just this morning I practically fell into the bowl because he left the seat up again. My fault for trying to sit down without turning the light on." Susan's response was to bemoan her latest experience with a guy from the online dating service. Susan and Alexis laughed at each other's story, but Sandy knew Alexis was being subtle and actually telling him how much she wanted to get rid of Jason.

Sandy held the key to the Tyler home in his hand. He thought back to that morning when she left it on her desk; clearly an invitation for him to take it and get it duplicated. She was expecting his report on the Graves' audit that morning; when he walked into her cubicle to drop off the report, there were her keys, just sitting there. He grabbed the keys, made an excuse to the department receptionist about an emergency and ran down to the hardware store to have the house key duplicated. It wasn't difficult to tell which was a house key on the ring.

It took less than a half-hour to get the duplicate, he walked in the office, but Alexis was already back from her meeting. Now what? He knew he couldn't just drop off the keys at her desk, that would imply a conspiracy between them and Sandy had watched enough police dramas to know that was dangerous. What to do, what to do? Finally, the solution occurred to him. He rushed down to the parking garage and threw the keys just under Alexis' Honda near the driver's side door. Problem solved.

Sandy's mind returned to the present, but as he continued to rub his crotch the images playing through his head started to fade. Just before he came in his pants he was startled by headlights reflecting off his rearview mirror. Sandy slumped down in his seat as the car passed. He rose up just in time to see it was a police cruiser. His heart rate increased, it took another ten minutes before he calmed down, started the car and drove to his apartment.


Two officers arrived at the Tyler residence an hour after the 911 call to have a look around and take a report. Officers Jones and Sheppard were polite, but cold with little, if any, sympathy for Jason's situation. As they looked around the property with their flashlights the only item of notice was the fact the back door had not been jimmied in any way. Jason was certain he had checked all the doors before he went to bed, but it was obvious the police were skeptical. They finished their report and started out the front door; as Jason was shutting the door he heard Officer Jones say, "Well Peter, I could use a donut and a cup of coffee, it's been almost an hour since my last donut - how about you?" Officer Sheppard laughed loud enough that he might have woke any neighbors still asleep.

Jason was too wired by now to get back to sleep, so he made a pot of coffee and spent the next three hours getting some paperwork done. At seven he called his wife to say good morning; he decided not to freak Alexis out about the break-in; he'd tell her when she got home this evening, her flight was scheduled to land at six-thirty and she had driven herself to the airport. When eight AM rolled around he called his boss to let him know he wouldn't be in that day and why. He called a locksmith to have the locks changed and install a couple door alarms. He and Alexis would have to decide on whether they'd install a home security system.

The locksmith showed up and was finished before one and with nothing else to do Jason went into the office for the rest of the day. Kevin Smith, Jason's boss, had already told the others in the office about the break-in at the Tyler residence, so the first hour was taken up by his co-workers wanting to discuss it. Jason was finally able to settle things down and get a few hours of work done.


Alexis stood staring at the door; her key didn't work. This day was just getting worse and she was teed off. The entire trip to Portland was unnecessary, caused by the incompetence of that asshole Sandy Mason. His report on the Graves' audit was filled with so many errors, errors put to rest by Donald Grave's documentation; such incompetence would be reported to the department manager on Friday. Two days away from her husband and her home because Mason couldn't or didn't take the time to check his figures. Donald Graves answered every one of her questions with documentation how the Portland office was in compliance with all of the company's financial policies. She felt fortunate that Donald didn't get too defensive or upset with the visit and that she was able to catch the earlier shuttle from Portland.

Being the problem solver she is, Alexis walked around to the back door and tried the key in the lock; again, nothing. A moment of panic attack hit her. Just a couple weeks ago she and Jason were watching that Richard Geer - Diane Lane movie "Unfaithful" on cable. They looked forward to it because their two "free pass" actors were together in the same movie, the free pass meant if either of them were in a situation where they could have sex with the respective actor/actress, they could go for it without recrimination. They had free pass musicians and sports stars, too. Alexis' were Keith Urban and James Harden, Jason's were Joan Jett (he heard she was gay, but this was fantasy after all so it didn't matter) and Kerri Walsh Jennings.

So (spoiler alert) in the movie Diane Lane has an affair with some young French guy and when Richard Geer finds out, he accosts the guy and accidently kills him. After the movie Jason told Alexis that if she ever cheated with anyone other than her three "free passes" not to expect him to fight for her, he'd just change the locks and have her served. Now Alexis is faced with part one of his threat even though she couldn't imagine why since she hadn't done anything to warrant it.

Alexis pulled out her phone and called Jason. Luckily, Jason picked up on the second ring and just as he was starting to say, "Hello, love" he got cut off.

"Jason, what the hell is going on? My key doesn't work in the locks at home."

Jason was caught off guard and said the first thing that came to his mind, which wasn't the most intelligent thing he could have said given the situation. "Alexis, I thought you were coming in on the six-thirty flight."

"What the hell does that have to do with the fact I can't get in the house? Why are the locks changed?"

"I'll be home in twenty minutes. I am so sorry. I'll explain when I get there. Hold on, love."

"Well hurry, because I have to pee and my bladder is making me angry."

Jason kept apologizing into the phone as he grabbed his keys and raced out the door, Alexis had already hung up on him. A few traffic laws were broken, but Jason was home within the promised twenty minutes. He ran to the front door and had it open as Alexis exited her car; she gave him her "angry" look but still kissed him before moving past him to head to the parlor room. Jason went back to her car to get her suitcase and briefcase. He had one of Alexis' favorite ales poured and waiting for her as she walked into the kitchen. Seeing her husband with a sheepish smile and the peace offering made her smile back. She wrapped her arms around her best friend and gave him a kiss.

"OK, now tell me what's going on with the locks."

Jason told Alexis about the break-in and everything that happened since then. Alexis was shocked that she came so close to losing the love of her life. Tears ran down her cheeks at the mere thought of a life without this special man. She ended up apologizing to him for being so angry earlier on the phone. The question whether to install a security system was answered by Alexis immediately.

"Damn right we're putting in a security system. Katie is coming home from school next weekend and there's no way I'm having her placed in danger."


When Alexis parked in the underground parking garage Friday morning she made certain she followed her new routine. Before she exited the door, she placed the key ring in the side pocket of her purse. Ever since she lost her keys last month she made certain the keys were secure; it had taken her over an hour to find the keys and then only after Susan walked with her re-tracing her steps from that morning. She could have sworn she threw the keys on her desk, but she was late to her morning meeting because of an accident on Third Avenue and barely had time to pick up the Harrison file before rushing to the meeting. When she returned from that meeting she searched her coat pockets, under the desk, the conference room she just left, even the trash can before Susan came in because she heard Alexis swearing under her breath; Susan helped her find them under the car.

Alexis used the button on the door to lock the car; Jason taught her to do this after he read an internet article about crooks hanging out in parking lots with a devise that could intercept the key-fob's signal to lock and alarm cars. According to the article the devise could then re-create the car's unique signal so the crooks could unlock and steal anything left inside. The article suggested this could have been the method used to enter the car of that Spokane woman who was later found raped and strangled in Idaho. The theory was the rapist-murderer hid in the back seat and surprised the woman when she returned to her car. Alexis thought maybe this was a bit paranoid, but that was before someone with a gun tried to break into their home. Now she was thinking that maybe a little paranoia was a good thing.

Alexis walked through the department and passed Sandy Mason's cubicle. He happened to be facing the hallway at that moment and she could feel his eyes on her. The small hairs on the back of Alexis' neck stood on end, the guy just gave her the creeps. The new hire showed up one morning about six months ago and the staff meeting was ready to start when she entered the conference room; there was one chair left around the table and the new guy was in a chair next to it staring at her. She had no choice but to sit next to him. As she sat down he had the nerve to try and look up her skirt, she adjusted her skirt as quickly as possible but then his eyes only went up as far as her breasts. Alexis refrained from saying, "Hey, up here." Instead she stuck her hand in front of his face and with an evil grin introduced herself.

A couple weeks ago Sandy actually interrupted a conversation Alexis was having with Susan in the break room. He was polite enough to ask if he could sit at their table and neither Alexis or Susan had the nerve to tell him to get lost, one or the other of them politely said, "OK", then did their best to ignore him and carry on with their conversation. It took them a minute to realize the creep was eavesdropping; they were laughing about something Alexis said about Jason's one bad habit when they looked over to see Sandy grinning at her.

Alexis made an appointment to see her manager Hank Dolan that afternoon to discuss Sandy Mason's incompetence and possible harassment. With any luck Sandy Mason would get reassigned or better yet, fired.


Friday night Sandy was sitting in front of his large screen TV watching movies of Alexis Tyler that Sandy made with his smart phone. The technology today was just amazing. Back in high school he got caught by a teacher when he was following one of the cheerleaders up the stairs with his bulky camera. If they didn't want him to film up their skirts, why did they wear them so short? The vice-principal had the nerve to blame him for filming in a public space for what was obviously a ploy by the cheerleader to be filmed. None of it made sense to Sandy. He was suspended for three days, but he ended up being expelled when someone discovered his website with the other movies and photos he had taken. Once they saw the website it only took them a few minutes to discover how he obtained the movies from inside the girls' locker room. Sandy was fifteen when he was arrested and he got lucky. His parents hired a great attorney who fought hard to prevent Sandy from having to register as a sex offender, Sandy got off with a three-year suspended sentence and his arrest record was expunged when he turned nineteen.

Sandy rubbed his cock through his pants as he stared at the screen. It wasn't a sin if he didn't actually touch the flesh of his penis. Most of the images were taken at the office. Alexis in the conference room, at her cubicle, a couple as she stood in line across the street at the Starbucks. But one of his favorites was coming up, his cock got harder in anticipation, he did his best to hold off his orgasm until the image came on the screen. It was sweet agony, a thirty second short of Alexis running down the park path in her jogging outfit; if only he had a way to blur out her husband from the movie. Sandy decided to spend Saturday looking for an editing program to remove Jason Tyler's image from this movie. Of course, the program would be unnecessary as soon as Jason Tyler was dead, then he will be able to take all the movies he wants of Alexis when they're together.

Ah, but here's the scene that will take him over the top, it does every time. Sandy's drone is moving over the alley in back of the Tyler home, it hovers for a second as the 'pilot' gets his bearings, then crosses over the fence of the Tyler yard. There she is, Alexis is sunbathing in her back yard and she's not wearing her top. Her perfect breasts are right out in the open, for a good twenty seconds Sandy leaves the drone hanging over Alexis, she's wearing earbuds and doesn't hear the drone. Alexis looks up, lifts the sunglasses off her eyes and sits up. The drone doesn't record the sound of Alexis' scream. This is the moment Sandy waits for every time he watches the movie, Alexis is too shocked at first to cover her breasts; after she realizes what's happening, she stands up, still bare breasted and points up at the drone. As Alexis looks up at the drone; their eyes seem to meet and Sandy cums in his pants.

The anger Sandy feels in the next scene of the movie is almost enough to ruin the afterglow of his orgasm. When Sandy originally filmed this scene he was rubbing himself while watching the live feed. He came that time just like every subsequent time he watched Alexis' bouncing breasts and those beautiful eyes. In his stupor he left the drone hovering over the Tyler yard. Jason Tyler comes out of the house with a shotgun and starts to aim at the drone. Sandy yanked the controls just before Jason pulled the trigger and luckily the drone wasn't hit. Sandy thought about turning Jason in to the authorities because it's against the FAA regulations to shoot at a drone, even if it's hovering over and taking pictures of your property. Sandy didn't call the FAA because he didn't know if they could trace the call to him.

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