tagSci-Fi & FantasyWho Let the Cat on the Bed

Who Let the Cat on the Bed


Everyone and everything in this story was over eighteen years old at the time of writing.


His wife slept next to him every night. And his wife's cat slept curled up on the end of the bed by her feet. The cat was black, which made a big difference, because each night around 3:00 am the man would wake up in a pleasant daze and listen for a while to his beautiful young wife's peaceful breathing, except that when ever he glanced at the end of the bed, the cat sitting calmly looking at him. And without fail each night, when he glanced to the end of the bed, that black cat placidly staring, he spooked with a jolt to his heart. He often imagined her chuckling at him about the fright he got!

"Damn cat!" he hissed. "Get out!" he forcefully whispered. "Shoo!"

Tonight he got up and closed the door quietly behind the cat as she darted out of the run in a huff. In the morning he told his wife that the cat was not to sleep in the room any more.

"But honey, she'll be lonely! It's dark and scary in the rest of the house!" his wife pleaded as she brushed her teeth. Foam from the toothpaste dribbled down on the thin white shirt she wore to bed. A good bit younger than the man, she looked sexy even with her pillow matted hair and the dried drool. Her bosom was large and firm in the morning, the tips forming two widespread dark circles under the worn fabric. Her hips were thin, but her ass was round and plump, like a firm peach. He secretly wanted to put it in her butt, but he had always been afraid to even bring it up. The thought of it gave him an erection. Meanwhile, his wife was still pleading the cat's cause: "Don't be mean. The little kitty likes to sleep with us. Anyway, she is guarding us."

He stopped shaving for a second. "That makes no sense. 'Guarding us'? What are you talking about?"

"From the Elves!" The buxom, drowsy wife slurred through the toothpaste, spitting it on him in gobs, and she began to laugh. "They will pillage and plunder if she is not on guard."

"The cat sleeps out!" the man said with finality, and the issue was closed.


He woke at 2:30 to the cat scratching on the bedroom door, but he gave a little hiss and she desisted reluctantly. He began to drift off, and had a funny dream:

Like insects swarming the wall of a diner kitchen, beautiful glistening tiny little people began clawing their way up onto the bed in scores. They had silvery smooth skin, glossy in the moonlight filtering in from the window. Hand over hand they pulled themselves up the hanging sheets and blankets, crowding in waves upon the bed, all peering at him and his wife, laughing, babbling, and pointing.

Except it was not a dream. He knew this when the hundred or so four inch tall people yanked the sheets off him and his wife in a concerted effort of the crowd. He panicked and tried to thrash about, but he was already held down by tiny naked silver aphrodites, their breasts bouncing as grappled him to the bed with hundreds of silken threads. They gave off a musky odor like orange peel as they cavorted around and over him, trussing him neatly and then, with long fingernails, shredding off his boxer shorts to expose his privates, sunny side up.

Next to him, he could see his wife, similarly held down by golden little Adonis's smelling faintly of cloves, with their tiny little peckers swinging to and fro. They trussed her neatly, and with little knives, shredded her cotton nighties away. As she thrashed and kicked, they slowly hog tied her feet to her hands. But they had to fight to do it! The exertion brought their tiny little peckers to rigid attention, and the silver women pinioning me with thread cooed and giggled at what they witnessed. All the while, scream though he might, not a sound magically escaped his or his wife's mouth.

So there he was, surrounded by a crowd of elves, just as his wife had warned, and he thought he could feel the heat of her angry stare warming his cheek. She was on her side facing him, her bent rump poking away from him, her face, lovely even in anger and fear, nuzzled near his own cheek. He lay, his hands tied tightly to the bed board over his shoulders, his feet tied tightly together with a particularly thick and long woven rope of silken threads. All around him now the little people congregated, encircling him and his wife, like spectators around a ring. Several women elves with gossamer black wings flew up to the ceiling, carrying between them the heavy rope. On the ceiling he could see several pale golden men crawling like geckos, slowly spinning a large screw into a rafter above the bed. The rope was deftly fastened to the screw, and the gecko elves continued to circle, tightening the rope like a winch.

Sure enough, the man's legs slowly rose into the air as all the little spectators, silver women and gold men, free as sparrows in their glistening birthday suits, cheered. The man forgot about his wife trussed next to him in a very compromising position, and worried about himself.

Up and up they winched his feet, and his legs followed, and his hips, so that when they stopped lifting him, his dangle was dangling down just inches from his face. Worse still, in all the chaos of the evening, he must have been stimulated a bit by all the nubile nakedness, the smells of orange and clove, and a little drop of dew hung on the tip of his cock, poised right over his lower lip.

A gaggle of silvery girls, boobs bouncing, screamed and broke away from the main pack. The other women grabbed at them to keep them back, but they would not be stopped and vied to clamber back up on the man's chest, then pushing and jockeying, three of them jumped on his face, then leapt up to grab the dangling cock in a tight embrace. One, the most nimble, hands straddling his glans, pulled herself face first into the drop, her mouth open to receive it in rapture. He could see as she hung that even her little smooth pussy was excited by the game, and the miniscule lips quivered above his head as the elf drank deeply of his juice. Then another knocked her off and assumed the same position, her pendulous breasts and plumper pussy quivering in turn as she pulled herself up with her tiny hands wrapped tight on the edges of his glans. Then she swung her feet up for purchase and let one hand go free. With this hand she deftly rubbed the very tip of his cock as she probed with her tongue into his opening to search for more juice. As her ministrations increased in speed, the cock stiffened and lengthened, bringing her jiggling derriere down slowly towards his face, until her silver cheeks squeezed the tip of his nose. This is where the orange spice originated!

He was about to take a big sniff when he realized everything had gone quiet. His wife next to him, trussed as she was, no longer struggled, and seemed dazed and half-asleep. But the elven spectators had definitely become quiet, and were clearly waiting for something. Meanwhile the girl above him had been knocked down in turn by a feisty little elf, who sprung up on his nose in her place. She, not content with licking, hugged tight to the tip of his hanging rod and, pursing her lips, pressed her mouth to the little opening and began to suck with all her might. Only she did not hear the three tiny men clamber onto the bed.

These three were new altogether. They were silver, and slender, and definitely male. They stood a little bigger than the others, perhaps six inches tall, but what made them stand out, or up rather, were the humongous packages they borer between their little legs. There dicks were almost as big as his own, and their hairless sacks and balls were bigger, making them look like little horny characters of men. The spectators, hushed, opened up the circle as the three little men did stretching calisthenics, pulling one another's arm and legs, limbering up. For what?!

One of the new elf-men, warmed up and stiffly at attention, like a gymnast ready for his competition, lay quickly on the bed next to the man's young wife, his stiff dick obscenely large comparatively, and sticking straight up like a pole. The other two burrowed under the slender wife, and began pushing her up into a crouch, so her butt stuck straight up in the air, her back arched down to the bed, and her face, pushed sideways, was pressed against her husband's cheek in a cozy sleepy kiss. As she was lifted over the lying man, he began to pump his hips, humping the air like a dog in heat, until she was in position above him, whereupon he entered her suddenly, he with a grunt, and her with a yelp. But she stayed half asleep as though by magic, only groaning now and again, and grimacing a bit. Then, a second mounted her from behind while the first pumped her from below. The one above, braced a hand on either side of her firm rump, and used his prick as a prying rod to get to the spot that the husband had never had the guts to probe. Soon he was in, pumping away, with a look of pure rapture across his teeny sweaty face.

With each double pump stretching her out to the limit, her lips smacked against the husband's cheek in a kiss, until, that is, the third well endowed elf waltzed over to stand wedged between the nuptial couple. As she kissed her husband with each pump of the others, he slowly fed his erect cock into her mouth, first pressing it to her lips, then *pump* between her lips, then *pump* in with the tip, then *pump* in past the glans, then *pump* all the way! So that his hips pressed her lips, and his balls hung down slapping her cheek. Then, as though this was not enough humiliation for the husband, the little man stretched out a leg and straddled his head, dipping his balls in the husband's mouth while he fucked the wife's mouth. The firm hairless balls smelled of cloves, and he curiously could feel his own cock continue to stiffen, still sucked by the teensy sprite above his head.

As the crescendo built, the little men pumped harder, but the crowd, cheering them on a moment before, again grew restive. The door opened again, and the man could feel the crowd fall back from his posterior section rather than see them. A hush of awe, then something ponderous and large crawled its way up on the bed below him.

Suddenly he felt a rush of fear and apprehension mingling with his curious pleasures. A hundred tiny hands pried his hanging buttocks apart. Little fingers ran round his rim, and a few adventurous ones went where the man felt they had no business, dipping in and out, pinching and squeezing.

Then the probing fingers backed away, but the prying hands remained in place. A large finger, large for these tiny elves, traced deep in his exposed crack from stem towards stern, until he felt a whole hand forcing its way through his closed thighs. When it came out through the other side, he could just glimpse it: a little tarnished golden hand, a bit wrinkled, the size of a dog's paw, peeped out from his closed legs and grabbed the base of his penis, holding on tight, and the little gold forearm pressed against his testicles. Then he heard someone spit, and sure enough the little golden troll who he could not see hocked spit on the man's anus amidst laughter and dancing erupting in the crowd.

The man felt a hard tip pressed to his virgin hole, and he heard the troll grunt in satisfaction. The pressure traveled through from the anus to the balls, where the little forearm pressed them down, and the little hand re-gripped the man's cock to brace for a massive thrust.

At the same moment two other things were happening. Next to him, the three well-hung elves increased their humping. They were almost ready to blow, and fill his wife up with fragrant seed from their oversized nuts. Their eyes were glazed over as the rhythm increased, and they were grunting in unison with his wife's groans. Then the cat jumped into the room.

When she leapt through the door and onto the bed, the crowd evaporated! The little people ran to and fro in a panic, screaming and pounding their breasts, scrambling for safety. For the cat, the black minx, was striking out left and right, scratching and biting. The three fucking elves, who had at that moment reached fruition, pulled out in mid ejaculation, spurting thick hot silver liquid all over the man and his moaning wife. They to ran for cover.

In the confusion, the troll, unfazed, continue on his mission pushing and straining to get deeper, and the man felt himself inexorably stretched. Then in a flash, the black cat whipped the troll out with his head in her teeth. In two swallows she ate him whole.

The cat, cool as could be, then sat on the bed and cleaned herself off, licking here, licking there, as though nothing had happened, and the husband and wife, covered in clove smelling golden goo, lay tied like trussed hogs.

But not for long. When the kitty was done preening herself, she went over to the wife and, with her sandpaper tongue, licked her clean from top to bottom, gnawing through the silken bonds as she went. And the man's wife promptly rolled over and began to snore.

The the cat jumped on the man's chest and began to lick him, first his chest, then his face, cleaning him up with her tickling tongue. She stopped, and with a mischievous smile, showed the man her teeth as though to say "who didn't want me on the bed?" Then, still showing those white canines, she turned her head up towards his dangling dick, and licked her lips. As she stretched out to nibble, the man cringed, but when he next looked, not a cat but a glossy cat-sized woman, black as the cat had been, stood where the cat had been.

She wove her red sandpaper tongue over her glistening red lips, and began to lick and lick. And the man swelled and swelled, wishing he could take a more active part, but thoroughly restrained by the silken ropes and threads. He could feel her purring, and the vibration was transmitted down her probing licking tongue, driving him on. Then with a burst, she finished him off, and his seed ran down her chin onto his below. She then turned back into a cat, finished cleaning up, and bite through his ropes, setting him free.

Then the little black cat pranced to the edge of the bed, and without a look back at the the man and his wife, lay down and purred her way to sleep.

In the morning, the man's wife said she had had a dirty dream. She also remarked that her husband looked happy as a fucked clam. Her husband noted she too looked happy, having had her clam fucked. And the cat got to sleep on the bed.

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