tagMatureWho Seduced Who - The First Fuck

Who Seduced Who - The First Fuck


Everyone in this story is above the age of 18.

This is a 100% true story. The only thing changed are the names to protect the identities of both parties involved.


It all started out innocently enough. The first time that I met one of my mom's best friends was on vacation. We had rented out a beach house on Lake Michigan and her friend, Katherine, was coming up to meet us to spend the day at the beach and stay overnight. I was 18 at the time and just about to start my first year of college. I had no idea who this Katherine lady was and really wasn't that interested in meeting her, after all I had a girlfriend at the time.

I woke up early to get to the beach to go for a run before everyone else was up. I had a scholarship to play baseball for a local college and staying in shape was priority number 1 for that summer. I took my time admiring the sun rising over the lake and the sounds of the birds and waves hitting the rocks. By the time I had gotten back, everyone was up and eating breakfast.

My mom yelled for me to shower and get ready to go to the beach as Katherine would be there shortly and she wanted everyone to go together (AKA she wanted me to help carry stuff). I let the warm water run over me and relax the sore muscles after a long run. By the time I had dried off, thrown on some stuff to wear down to the beach, and run upstairs, I only had time to grab a bagel off the counter before we were out the door. However, there was a new car in the driveway this time. I thought, "That has to be Katherine and her kids." Sure enough, she was out there chatting with my mom while her kids ran wildly around the yard. From where I was standing, I couldn't tell much about her. I knew she was relatively short, very tan, and very skinny. Nothing impressive, yet. She was wearing big sunglasses, a long cover up, and a pair of flip flops that showed off some well-manicured toes. I walked down the stairs to introduce myself.

"Hi Katherine, it's nice to meet you. I'm Austin, obviously, the oldest child of my mother," I said with a chuckle. She held out a hand and politely said, "It's very nice to meet you as well. I've heard so many great stories about you with baseball and how well you do in school, and please just call me Kat."

"Well it's nice to know that my ma has a few good things to say about me!" I said as we all had a good laugh together. "Well let's all get headed down to the beach, can you grab the chairs for us Austin?" my mom asked before we all grabbed our stuff and started to walk to the beach. I grabbed the chairs, as well as my sunglasses, and walked behind the rest of the group.

We made it down to the beach in a few minutes, and even though it was barely 9am, you could tell it was going to be a hot day. I set up the chairs, peeled off my shirt and jogged down to the water before anyone had time to suggest another activity. I waded out a few feet and made sure it was deep enough before jumping in and submerging myself totally under the cool water. The water felt great as I popped back up into the harsh sunlight and I swam around for a little bit. After a few minutes of swimming through the waves, I decided it was time to head back in and lay back and relax. I walked back up the beach, dodging the Frisbees being thrown by the younger kids.

As I approached my chair, my jaw nearly hit the hot sand beneath my feet. Sitting there talking to my mom was this woman with just the most incredible body I had ever seen. She was petite, with a very small stomach and thin legs, but her breasts looked giant compared to the rest of her body. It took me a second to realize that this was Kat sitting next to my mom. Kat was the same age as my mom, 48, but her body reminded me of a 20-year-old, not someone approaching 50.

I composed myself quickly and sat down, quickly throwing a towel over my quickly hardening cock. I was able to maintain some small talk, and was able to catch a few nice glimpses of her large breasts under my sunglasses. Now I know women can tell when a man is looking anywhere but their eyes, but frankly, I did not care.

The rest of the day was relatively uneventful. We kept up the small talk in our small group and around 3 we decided it was time to head back for the day. Being out in the sun like that can really wear you out. As we walked back, I wanted to see if her ass was as amazing as her tits. As we walked, I watched as her ass bounced up and down with each step. Lucky for me I was able to hold the chairs in front of me. As soon as we got back, I excused myself to the basement shower and quickly rubbed one out before redressing and heading back upstairs. Despite my hopes, Kat and her children had decided that they were going to head back home instead of staying the night. I figured that would be the last that I would see of her.

About 2 months into my first semester of college, I received a text from my mom. She asked me if I would be able to help Kat out and tutor her kids in math and social studies. She said that she would pay me for my time, but I saw it as a good opportunity for two things. One, I would be able to see Kat again and two, I would be able to gain some experience working with younger children, as I was an elementary education major. I replied to my mom to just give Kat my number and I'd be glad to help her out.

A few nights later, as I lay in bed after a long day of practice and work outs, I received another text. This time it was from a number that I did not know. "Hey Austin, it's Kat. I talked to your mom about possibly helping me by tutoring my boys a little bit this year. I know you're probably very busy, but if you have some time that would be great!"

I quickly replied saying it would be no problem and I could come by the next day after practice. Since it was a Saturday, practice was over before noon and I had the rest of the day to myself. I showered in the locker room after practice and punched in the address to her house. It was a quick 10-minute drive and despite there being no prior hinting at her wanting to sleep with me, I was nervous as could be.

I pulled into her driveway and recognized her car from the beach. I quickly walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. She greeted me at the front door in a loose fitting t-shirt and basketball shorts, not exactly the sexiest thing ever. I entered her house and followed her down to the basement where she had some stuff that she wanted me to look over. Interestingly enough, there were no kids in the house. As if reading my mind Kat said, "The boys are at their dad's house for the weekend. I just wanted to give you a chance to take a look at the material to be sure that you could help them out."

I took a look at the homework and told her that it would be no problem whatsoever. She asked me to sit on the couch with her after I looked over the homework. She was sitting there with her legs crossed, patting the seat next to her. I took a seat and asked her when she wanted me to start with the tutoring. "Anytime you're free you can text me and I'll have them ready to work with you. But I wanted to ask you something else."

"What is it?" I asked. "Well you know I saw you this summer, without your shirt on, and I was wondering... is there any way you could help me get into better shape? I don't want to go to one of those overpriced gyms where I'll probably never end up going, but I want to get rid of some of the fat on my stomach."

"HA," I laughed, but when she didn't laugh with me I added, "Wait, you're serious? Well I didn't see any problem this summer when I saw you in that bikini." Without skipping a beat she pulled her shirt up to reveal her stomach, a little bit of her bra, and a pink thong poking out of the top of her shorts. "See," she said as she jiggled what little fat there was on her stomach, "I could do without these extra pounds right here."

My eyes were glued to the under side of her bra and the top of the little pink thong, but I finally found some words and stated, "Well like I said, I still don't see a problem but if you really want to lose some weight in the stomach area let me give you some ab workouts that you can do right here at home. You'll have abs in no time!"

With that I hopped down onto the floor and showed her some of the different exercises that I did. After showing her a few I asked her to show me that she could do them, so that I was sure that it wasn't anything too difficult for her. She laid down next to me and repeated every exercise I had just shown her. "So how many times a week should I do these?" she asked. "Well I try to get abs in with every workout, so at least 4-5 times a week if you want to see results sooner rather than later," I told her. She told me that she would keep up with these workouts. Lucky for me, I still had on my compression shorts from practice or the hard on that I was sporting would be showing.

I stood up, helped Kat up off the ground and told her that I had better be going. Really I just needed to rub one out. She reassured me that she would keep up the workouts and was looking forward to seeing me again. As I put my shoes on, she stood over me holding the door. As I went to leave she put her arm out. She pulled into a hug and thanked me for everything that I had done for her. I told her that it was no problem and I was glad to help her out.

A week went by and I finally had some time to text Kat and see how she was doing and if her boys needed any tutoring that day. She told me that the boys were out, but that I could come on over to check on her progress. My hands trembled as I read the text. Another one quickly followed, "Give me 10 minutes to shower though, I just got done doing those ab workouts and I'm sore." From out of nowhere, I got the bold idea to reply with.. "Well I'll be glad to give you a massage after that shower, since I am the one who cause this soreness in you ;)" "Sounds good, I'll see you in a bit ;)" she replied. "Holy shit" I thought "Wow, this is unreal."

I walked to my car and started slowly driving over to her house.

When I rang the doorbell this time, I could hear a faint "Hold on, I'll be down in a minute" and a few seconds later I heard the doors unlocking. Inside stood Kat, dressed in a bathrobe. My eyes grew wide, but just a second later she opened up the robe to reveal a sexy pink push up bra and matching pink thong. "I figured this would be the easiest way for you to give me a massage." I couldn't even speak so I just followed her up to her bedroom where she laid down face first on the bed, sans the robe. I crawled up behind her and sat on her back. I slowly started rubbing her shoulders first, then her back. My hands were shaking as I worked around her bra straps. "You can undo that... if you want" Kat whispered. With trembling hands I was able to unhook the bra and continue working on her back. She let out a soft moan and bucked up with her sexy little ass hinting at me to sit up. I sat up and she rolled over. She slid the bra off of her arms and looked straight into my eyes.

I was, once again, tongue tied. Here stood some absolutely magnificent breasts, directly underneath me. On a woman, 30 years my senior, who's also my mom's friend. I had no idea what to do. She grabbed my hands and slowly lead them to her breasts. As I grabbed them, I squeezed the giant soft breasts ever so slightly. She moaned out again, and I knew there was nothing I wanted more than to suck on her tiny little nipples. I lowered my mouth and took one in my mouth and slowly started sucking. Her moaning increased, and my cock was now rock hard. Kat asked, "Have you ever done this before?" I replied, "Yes, this won't be my first time."

"Perfect," was all that she said before grabbing onto the button on my jeans. She undid the button and unzipped the zipper. I stood up and removed my jeans and shirt, leaving me in just my boxers. She walked over and slid down my boxers. Now, I'm not a giant in any way, but she looked at my above average sized cock with wide eyes. She grabbed it and slowly gave it a kiss. She pulled down her thong and said "Right now, I don't want foreplay. I don't want you to go down on me, and I don't want to suck your dick. I just want you to stick that thing in me and fuck me... hard."

I just nodded as she laid back down and spread her legs. There was a small bush there, but I didn't care at that point. I kneeled between her legs and slowly lowered my cock into her. Her pussy was incredibly wet and tight as could be. I slid all 7 inches into her before pulling out. She looked at me with a look of pure lust and growled "fuck me. Now." I wasn't about to argue. I started pumping in and out of her pussy like there was no tomorrow. I knew I couldn't hold on long. This was everything that I could have ever possibly dreamed of. But I also didn't want to let this sexy cougar down with a quick 2 minute fuck session. I held out with every ounce of my strength and refused to let myself cum. A few minutes later she started pushing back and I saw the muscles start to tighten in her body. I knew she was close to cumming so I turned it up to the last notch that I possibly could have. I was driving every inch into her and finally I felt her body completely tense up before she let out a scream that I will never unhear. Her whole body thrashed and her fluids drenched my cock while it was inside her. I couldn't hold back any longer. I pushed all the way back in one final time before letting my cock erupt inside her. I shot one, two, three, loads inside her before I pulled out and shot 4 more onto her big tits.

After we both came down from our incredible orgasms, we looked at each other and just kissed. We laid there kissing and cuddling our naked bodies together. Finally she stood up and I watched as my cum dripped off her tits and out of her pussy onto the carpet beneath her feet. She washed herself off and came back into bed, still completely naked.

"We shouldn't have done that, but damnit if that wasn't exactly what I needed. I haven't gotten laid in years."

That was exactly what I didn't want to hear, it sounded like there might not be another opportunity to fuck this gorgeous woman. But before I could speak she finished with "But there's no way in hell we're not doing that again. And next time, I'll show you some tricks that I've learned with my mouth over the years."

To be continued...

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